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  • terzarima 18w

    At the end of a storm, all is lost.
    The calm is besmirching,
    The silence is killing.

    Don't know what I am feeling now,
    Even the breeze feels harsh.
    Gnawing and clawing for dear love,
    But, not a soul around.

    I am defeated,
    Standing alone on a cliff of emotions.
    The last step to the hollow,
    The endless chasm of death.
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  • khan_tanzeela 19w



    With you I lost everything.. My Love, my kindness, my care and above all my ability to trust again.

  • james_taumas 23w

    Victorious and defeated

    Trumpets blare
    Guns salute
    Victorious army returns
    Streets laced in celebration
    Flowers at heroes' feet
    Left behind the defeated
    Fertile lands barren
    Homes broken
    Survivors wrapped in trauma
    Children and widows cry
    Young soldiers' graves multiplied.


  • oohloulala 34w

    The beginning of another end

    I break down
    Lose myself
    Then come to the thought that
    I am all i have.
    And If i don't have myself,
    What the fuck do i have left?
    So i brush my tired limbs down
    And i try again.


  • sangeetamagar 34w


    Is this me or everyone out there who is cursed?
    Overwhelmed by the horrors of the world?
    Where I don't feel safe anymore, not with men, or beast, or ghost, or god.
    I wake up with anonymity hanging on my wrecked soul,
    And go to bed with mists of confusion swirling above my world.
    Is this just me or others have eyes on them to see?
    Do they too feel the broken promises?
    And the long queues of empty stomach outside the palace of gold?
    The barbed wire, the destitution, the massacre, infidelity in every corner,
    Am I the lone one who is turning to a machine,
    Or the others have surpassed me?

    Some days you just feel defeated.

  • maitrayee11 35w

    Was passing

    Was passing by the way
    The emptied wallet in the pocket,
    The breeze getting cold and the brain getting old day by day....
    It was the drop of silence,
    And the isolation in the heart,
    Was it this my life? it asked,
    And the answer arrived...
    No to the defeated past ....

  • dandilion_dilema 46w

    What does one do when their creations are destroyed to never be back again. No you don't just let it lie.. You let it fester
    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee
    #hopeless #defeated #confused

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    Reading out of spite. The plot thickens. Every sizzling detail ignites the pages. Facinated by the ability to create All the king's horses and men.. Its title removed and slandered. Edits began. Hastily
    robbing and crusifing the truth and
    justifying irreplicable damages..
    Talent drains in the process. Every emotional release is left slaughtered and spat in chunks to await what comes.. The tale is getting taller and beneath her lies all the bits and pieces of the raw truth. Declining a comment and forever the object of a mad man. It settles it's nerve.
    The reason is unknown. What drove him to commit such a gruesome act. Unresolved issue mock truth
    The matter then dissolves and turns to ash.. Every wish hope dream begining and conclusion matched.
    Forever he would remember. This is what it came to.. Unmerciless death
    for reasons that don't make sense.
    His hands hold the final script. Exactly as he recalls and considers
    So much time was spent to create
    this this.. Attempt . Possession Defeat. Denial. . Up it rears its ugliness . Time and provisions don't matter. It's this that your being sacrificed for.. Your fight is relentless. No. No. I didn't. I wouldn't. Your defense is the
    public sky's. You recoil and revamp.
    Retreating to your chambers. Your exhaustion beyond and chamber of death taunt you. Heavily you fall into the inconvience rooms that are spare. You dwell.
    When you wake. The shame the regret, is stoking you tenderly and lovingly. You feel the love enter your pores. Wait.. Dream? Not even a nightmare. It was reality. Your reality.
    Confusion depletes your appetite and your heavy head returns to the one place where nothinglessness
    is acceptable and rewarded. You are numb, you are noble. You are near.

  • bittersweetserenity 54w

    Watch the world tremble upon you... Imagine the end in a different way#blow it all out like a torch ��

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    Waste Land

    Breathing in the abandoned waste land.
    Breathing out the stuff that I needed.
    This life is overheated and I feel like the world has been defeated..

  • 300roses 54w


    I was defeated.
    Left to fend for myself,
    No one was on my side,
    No one came to my aid,
    No one said a word for me.

    Armed with abundant ammunition,
    she lunged at me with her vicious tongue & attacked me mercilessly with words so harsh,
    Till I was broken & torn to pieces.

    He promised to stand by me & have my back.
    Yet he watched on like a bystander as she charged at me.
    He did not deliver his promise to me.
    I was utterly disappointed.

    The painful realisation dawned upon me...
    I had no one, but myself.

    Alone, defeated & disillusioned,
    I tried to pick up the broken pieces & wondered how to fix them up.


  • pratichinayak 58w


    At the present moment not even a single day's a celebration,
    Cuz each day i feel defeated by my vows .
    My vows ain't as big as statue of liberty nor as small as a crap!!!!
    It's just as strong as fire that's being extinguished . And perhaps that's what making me chilled inside so much that when the heat of defeat gets over me .....I START DOWNPOURING

  • _spillingitall_ 59w

    They don't understand the way I feel,
    So many problems but I don't know how to deal !
    They gave me wings to fly,
    But didn't teach me how to soar high.
    I was almost there going to make it,
    But their words ate me, every bit !
    I don't know how to fly anymore,
    How to take the opportunities which knock my door,
    The day I accepted they were right ,
    Was the day I missed my flight :(

    Now , I have just become someone the world wants to see,
    Not the one I wanted to be.


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    Because i miss laughing with the clouds

  • eternityforlife 72w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @raakhaa_ @dimpictionary

    Image credit to the rightful owner

    #mumbai #mumbaiinlockdown #lockdownpoems #lockdownpoetry #defeated #love #life #struggling #fightingit #war #evening

    It's been a long time since we all are in lockdown and being overwhelmed with those days where it was all normal , I wrote this poetry hope everyone will feel it and not just mumbaikars but every Indian out there!! ��

    Aj fir se suraj dhal raha tha,
    kirno ki chadar shahar Par se Khich Raha tha,
    Jaha thi Ek samay Par waqt Ki pabandhi,
    Wahi gadi Ko na thi Aaj koi Jaldi.

    Mithas toh h Aaj bhi Chai me,
    Bas Sirf Woh kursiya akeli reh gayi,
    Jaha na hoti Thi Khatam kabhi baate,
    Us tapri Par thode shabd reh gaye hai adhure.

    Jo chehel Pehel dikhayi Deti Thi Khidkiyon se,
    Kuch gayab si hai Aaj Woh tasveer,
    Kaha tha Usne, koi nahi keh Sakta Mujhe rukne".
    Par Shayad yeh manjar se bhi use Jana tha fir.

    Pohochenge late Daftar, Par bahana usi rail ka denge,
    Rail chute na Isliye platform Ki daud lagayge,
    Har subah sham ka safar hai yaadgaar,
    Bas ab wapas hai us mulakat ka intezar.

    Aur Woh Ufante lehro ko kaise bhule,
    Jise dekhar toh koi bhi admi Shayar ban lega,
    Tukant shabdo Ki Ho Shayad kami,
    Lekin yaaro ke sath Woh mehfil Sikha Deti Thi zeena.

    Barsaat me Kuch talashta hua balkani me tha baitha,
    Kya yehi woh bunde hai jisme humne aasuo ko chupaya ?
    Thi toh Woh wahi par na jane kyu,
    Aaj is nami ne nahi tha chua mera ruh.

    Roz Woh pehchan ke shakle dekha karte the,
    Shayad unme se Kuch Aaj nahi rahe honge,
    ane Par gussa ,pyar bhare muhaware Bolne
    Wahi insaniyat dikhane me piche nahi hatte the.

    Kalam toh mera kafi nahi hoga,
    Yeh kaha aur dekhoge Mumbai ke alava?
    Bas ab nahi Raha ja in vicharo ka yalgar,
    Le chalo Mujhe waha, firse hai mujhe us sham ka intezar.

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    Us sham ka intezar


  • raindropsoncacti 73w

    nights of shapeshift

    I don't feel sorry for myself
    But gosh...
    How much sorrow nights of shapeshift stir.
    They take the things you hold most dear and make them so foreign that they don't feel good, or right, or yours, anymore...

    I tried.
    Found defeat.
    Giving up.
    I retreat.


  • divya_soni 77w

    ख़ुदा से पूछना है
    ये दिल को कब मिलेगी राहत मुझे जानना है
    दर्द भरे नैनों में कब होगी खुशियों का बसेरा मुझे सुनना है
    हारे हुए ये मन में कब होगी हिम्मत की उड़ान मुझे जानना है
    टूट चुके रूह में कब होगी रोशनी की बाहार मुझे सुनना है
    कब हटेंगे ये गम के बादल और आएगी खुशियों की एक नई सौगात मुझे जानना है
    हे ख़ुदा मुझे तुमसे पूछना है
    मुझे तुमसे पूछना है ....

    - Divya Soni

  • writtendeliraments 81w


    They followed him, the pointing fingers, the inaudible taunts and the tenacious stares
    When he could no longer lock eyes with despair, he shattered the mirrors

    Hatred invaded his mind like a virulent cancer, preyed on his feelings and weakened his heart
    When he could no longer flee the demons in his dreams, he tortured the sleep off his eyes

    He tried to get rid of it but his obsession had already cast a shadow too dark for even the brightess light to defeat.
    When he tried to run from it his dignity was declared as ransom for his freedom

    A radiated future quenched every spark of hope he had nurtured against all odds
    When his conciousness was poisoned, he got not only his senses, but his whole life intoxicated

    He couldn't bear his screams but only they could shield his sanity from the claws of the menacing silence
    When he realised he couldn't make the voices stop, that's when he let the rope snake it's way round his throat.


  • josef_amaro 84w

    Taste Of Defeat

    Salute the moonlight
    A forty to the sky
    Nothing's wrong..
    Yet nothing's right
    Wash down the regrets
    Seventh day this week
    & wake once more
    With all cups empty

    Nose beers for all
    Of those in search of
    Sinners in sick love
    With their poison
    Hitting the slopes
    Eaigth day this week
    The sweet numb
    Fucken taste of defeat


  • mmbftd 91w


    When you begin
    Your anger welling up
    From within
    I don't know where to go
    I want to help
    It's my first reaction
    When you are angry
    Or frustrated
    And you yell out
    In absolute
    Because the world presses down on you
    And me
    In different ways
    And you don't let me help
    So I want to run away
    Or cry
    Because every thing is
    My fault
    And always was
    And always will be
    From the time I was small
    Till this time now
    Being old.
    So. I have learned (although it goes against every single part of me)
    To stay silent
    Or go away from you.
    Because I get angry too
    And I need to remind myself
    How much it affects you
    When I do that to you too.
    Although I rarely get angry with you
    It is life or other people who continue to hurt me
    But I cannot escape them
    I am bound by obligation
    Much like you feel you are to me
    And your silence far outweighs
    And it hurts to never speak or be spoken to
    Now your anger has passed
    As my panic has grown to an undeniable pitch
    Until I spill out of myself
    In tears and choppy
    Barely sustaining breaths.
    So I hide from you
    To allow myself to be possessed
    By the other spirit
    Of chaos
    Created from toxic shame
    Guilt and self-loathing.
    It tells me your life would be so much better
    If I wasn't here-
    And my life would be better
    If I wasn't.
    You and I would be free of this tether...
    But I shush those voices
    As I always have
    As I always will
    From a young girl
    Until now
    An old woman
    with wrinkles mapped out on a face that carries sadness like it is all she has ever known.
    I cry into the silence
    And look around
    As the chaos spirit
    Lessens it's hold
    Around my soul.
    I am alone, and once again-
    Just the way you prefer me.
    And the way I was always shown.

  • jessejamz 93w


    I feel defeated.
    I feel like a shell of myself.
    This is worse than any living hell.
    There is a void in me now that you are gone.
    Nothing feels right everything is wrong.
    Looks like it back to being all alone.
    Self loathing and pity here I come.
    It's ok that's home and where I belong.
    I haven't fell for anyone is so very long.
    But now ima turn my heart into stone.
    Put the idea of love out of my mind.
    Focus on my goals and stay on my grind.
    All my emotions I'm gonna leave behind.
    This is the era when logic prevails.
    The one when acting on emotions fails.
    The one when I no longer wear my heart on my sleeve.
    Time to bottle everything up and not let a single soul in.

  • alwayshungry 94w


    God will sometimes not give you the person that you want,
    But the one you deserve.

  • littlebrokenpieces 98w

    Someday the guilt will
    Totally take over this brain

    The light will be so bright
    That the shadows will be darker
    And the darkness will
    Take over this soul

    Someday the pixellated aura
    Will take over this brightness
    That you perceive as real

    Someday this being will
    Fail to shine
    Cracks will take over
    This thick shell of
    Efforts to fake

    And someday I will
    Decide not to fight anymore
    Someday my being will decide to quit
    And I will agree, with me

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    And someday I will
    Decide not to fight anymore
    Someday my being will decide to quit
    And I will agree, with me