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  • tistasen 84w


    Stop judging yourself, stop feeling guilty all the times. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Accept the fact that mistakes happen. After all, we all are human beings, and mistakes are part of our lives. No one on this earth has done everything correctly. So, even you have done wrong in your life, and you don’t have to feel guilty every day. You have to rectify these mistakes and try not to repeat it in future. Value your loved ones, support them, accept that you have done wrong things. This is enough for that person who is hurt. If he or she loves you honestly, then they will give you a chance. Respect their decision even if it is against your choice. Don't expect an immediate response, if they understand they will surely response later. This might not apply to all. Everyone has a different story. If anyone does not agree, then it is completely fine. This post is just for them who are living with guilt every day.

  • sapio_before_lust 94w

    অনভিজ্ঞ প্রচেষ্টায় অধম এর ছাত্র জীবন এর দর্শন ফুটিয়ে তুললাম ছন্দের দ্বারা। কোনও প্রকার গাফিলতি হলে বা গুরুচন্ডালি দোষ প্রত্যক্ষ করলে অবশ্যই সংশোধন করে দেবেন।
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    ছাত্রের দুর্গতি

    ভাবিতাম এরা গিয়াছে স্বল্প বয়সে,
    প্রেম সাগরে ভাসিয়া
    তুচ্ছ তাচ্ছিল্য করিয়া দিতাম উড়ায়ে হাসিয়া
    কিন্তু এখন দেখিতেছি,
    এরা গিয়াছে প্রেমের সাগরে ডুবিয়া
    পরিণতি কি হইবে, যাই আমি ভাবিয়া
    ছাত্রের দুর্গতি বসিয়া আমি ভাবি,
    ভাবিতে ভাবিতে আমি, হইয়া গেলাম কবি।

  • chirpersmind 122w

    Good Deeds Forgotten

    Bad deeds done overcome the good ones done earlier,
    Even if you try to mend it with some good ones, the bad still shines brighter.

  • adititarwey 130w

    Dhup mein bhi chaaw ban ke saath nibhaya hai
    Bohot khushkismat ho ki aapke jaise mummy Papa Mene paya hai ...

    ( To all parents in this world )

  • mi_aakash 181w

    Helping Others

    By putting smile on a crying face 
    A smile blooms on my face too 
    By giving shelter to a tired traveller 
    Tiredness of my mind disappears too. 

    By giving water to a thirsty man 
    Desires of my heart are fulfilled 
    By bringing happiness in others life 
    The pitcher of my happiness is filled.

    By encouraging frightened hearts
    All my fears are disappeared
    Giving emotional support to one who is upset 
    All my tensions get cleared. 

    By listening problems of others
    I often forget my troubles
    By solving difficulties of others 
    My problems turn into bubbles.

    Serving others is a noble quality 
    That brings welfare in the society 
    We should share what we have to others
    As it brings out the best in us. 

    Helping others is a great feeling 
    Believe me it’s really amazing 
    When you will help people who are in need
    Satisfaction and happiness will come to you indeed. 

    As volunteering gives us a kind of pleasure 
    That self interest can never offer 
    So help to make this world a better place 
    By putting a smile on someone’s face.