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  • __unleasher__ 5d

    You can't win a battle
    Until you have guts,

    You can't be a successful person
    Until you don't make a plan to showcase your talent,
    Around the world and let people realize how cool and talented you are..

    With your art and actions,
    As actions speaks louder than words,
    So make a move to make a name,
    Change that name into a celebrity,
    Convert that celebrity into a brand,
    Or cry later in life,
    As life is yours,
    Time is yours....

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    #Life is yours
    #Time is yours,,
    Afterall your decision is what matters the most..


  • tumaku 2w

    i trust you
    for all my decisions

    those you take
    for your own

  • akshay_vasu 2w

    Those birds sat next to each other even after the thread that was tieing them to each other was severed. When the thread was in place, they always wanted freedom from each other. But when that thread didn't exist between them anymore, each wanted the other one to fly away first so that they would never feel the guilt of leaving the other behind. They stayed in the same place forever, and the thread wasn't needed to make them stay there anymore.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • musingsbyt 3w


    Tough girl in the fast lane
    Upfront, all elegant and glittery
    Somewhere in between, all gassed up and confident
    Deep down, I think I still miss him
    Or maybe not, I do not know
    Goals and dreams all in ink
    I'm happy with him for all I know
    Or am I?
    Hell, I don't know, I would not know
    I believe
    I can be anything I want to be
    I fit into every puzzle and so does my life
    Or maybe not, I do not know
    They say
    When life offers you lemons, make lemonade right?
    So what if I want grape juice instead?
    Fake it till you make it, right?
    Well, what if I'm exhausted
    Sadly, acting takes an awful lot
    Never let them see those tears, right?
    Well, I certainly can't wipe them all by myself
    So what to do?
    I try to keep it all organised
    I hate to lose papers
    But at the end, it jumps all off
    I bet it loves the drama
    Act like I could care less
    But I really wish she would come back
    Try to be fine and make do
    But I wish it could be better
    I would rather cry than smile
    But society forbids that too
    So we act strong
    Trying to forget, it never really goes

    I did this sometime ago
    Swore never to again
    But guess who's telling herself
    "There are no rules to this"
    Just because I didn't keep to my words

  • slaughtered_heart 3w

    Dear past me,

    I know you must be wondering who I am,
    I'm writing this to you to let you know that
    I am the future you and I have suffered the results of your acts, I have been trying to correct everything you did, I have regretted your decisions, but still I don't blame you, I know both you and I have suffered. You are suffering your past and I am suffering yours. I know it's not your mistake either, I know how much pain your past you has suffered and that is why you are reacting in this way. All i request you is not do this, don't punish yourself for the pains the past you suffered, you are not only hurting yourself, you are building a long chain of events that will hurt me(the future you) as well. Just know this, no matter how much you suffer now, you will suffer more later. you will regret more later, you will come to a point that you can't undo all the things you have done unless you can travel through time like I did, even then all you can do is write a letter like this and leave, as you will not have much time because you will disturb the whole universe of its timeline and end up living to lives and suffer twice... Don't do the same mistake again. If you can't learn from your past, atleast learn from your future. It's my only advice.


  • rhythmic_beats 4w

    Let them live in peace and not live in pieces. The mind and soul will always be ignorant about the rule of gender as they feel freedom out of this boundary.

    Maybe it's difficult for us to accept this kind of change but it's more difficult for them when they have to live with opposite personalities at the same time that too for lifetime!

    PS. Don't know if this really fits for the challenge or not.

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    #transgender #societalissues #freedom
    #cage #prison #boy #girl #life #decisions #poetry
    #rhythmic_beats #wod #mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork ♥️

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    Though I have one BODY
    But I'm opposite.
    A boy by SEX
    And a girl by GENDER.
    To whom I should surrender?
    To the hormones; my psychosocial urges?
    Or to the genital organs
    As society would discriminate me
    From a normal human being?

    From childhood I was fascinated by
    My mom's saree, the colours, the patterns,
    The beauty of variety of dresses
    And ornaments.
    I have seen the night sky draping itself
    With many stars of twinkling colours
    And at last wearing the most
    Precious pendant: the moon!
    I have seen the sky wearing
    Clouds as bangles coloured by
    The magical sun.
    I have seen the sky wearing
    Rainbows as earrings.
    No! I'm not allowed to enjoy this
    Because I'm a boy!

    But how I will convince by SOUL
    Who is ignorant and dumb
    About the stigma called gender?
    I forcefully need to prison my soul
    Behind the bars of societal norms
    That your body is the only thing
    Need to be alive and the freedom
    And state of heart and soul is
    Either neglected or murdered
    Just because you are not allowed
    To do different, to be different
    And feel different.

    I love long hairs which
    Flows like a waterfall
    Around which the butterflies
    Sing their lovely poesies.
    Yes I'm strong and soft hearted
    Just like my mom who becomes
    A warrior and a charming queen
    As the fraction of situation changes.

    What do I do when opposite
    In the me have started a deadly war!
    Who will win the battle?
    Who will lose the battle?
    These thoughts triggers myself a lot
    And my neurons itself gives
    Shock treatments every moment
    When I step out of my room
    And have to live like a puppet.

    The intensifying storm started
    Destroying myself and each day
    New bruises sprouted which was
    Deep and dark as the black holes
    Where no one wants to enter,
    Not even me!

    I couldn't tolerate the same poles
    Of magnet as they constantly
    Repel eachother more stronger each time.

    Finally I removed away all heavy toxic
    Polluting thoughts and succeeded to
    Overcome the storm by transforming
    Myself to a girl as per my soul's need.
    Yes now I'm a perfect deaf to the society
    As my soul no more hears their compulsions
    But my silent, alive and playful smiles
    Are now enough to make a roar
    That keeps on echoing the bravery
    And choice of my decision.

    Now I have became that sky
    Who embraces beauty of
    Both day and night
    Without any limits.

    I may seem like swirling cluster
    Of messed particles
    But don't forget one day
    It transforms to planets,
    Galaxies and universe too!

    After all I have to live my life,
    No one can live my life for me,
    No one can feed my soul with
    Their commands as
    Only universe synchronizes
    With my soul and no one has ever
    Dared to alter the algorithm
    Of the universe!

  • hawking1107 4w


    While going through a quarter life crisis
    You would have taken decisions.
    Decisions that will change your life
    In a way you wouldn't have imagined.

    Decisions that you will look down
    With remorse and repentance.
    Decisions that would lead
    To your downfall for quite some time.

    Looking back you will be ashamed
    Of the decisions that you had made
    Which will fill your soul
    With remorse and repentance.

    But my friend believe me
    It's not the end of it.
    You will rise from the ashes of
    Your past and shine brighter.

    Learning from the decisions
    Decisions that you had made
    Which had filled both your life and you soul
    With remorse and repentance.

  • slaughtered_heart 5w

    Should I fight against death or live with the life?

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    Unable to die because of the responsibilities that I got by birth, unable to live because of the pains I get by people I love...


  • kevindevassy 5w

    Moral of the story : Being God is shitty

    #godlikepowers #choices #decisions #
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee_assistant

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    Think of me as your God. I always give you choices and tell you how you are going to turn out with each of the decisions you make. But you end up taking the wrong decisions time and time again. And you blame me for your fate.


  • girlnextdoor477 6w

    Abandon All Hope

    Being left behind is one of the most gut wrenching feeling to have.
    The abandonment is like a ghost that lingers.
    You try to ignore it, but it only ever gets worse, and you begin to question yourself.

    You attempt to find a solution, but often enough people just assume you’re crazy, so you give up.

    You give everyone excuses on why you’re being distant, but if for only a minute, they would look into your eyes they would see your pain they hold.

    “It’s not you, it’s me” they say, but if that were the case why do they always leave me?
    Not everyone can be wrong, can they?

    You fixate on an idea, an idea of what more can you change about yourself until eventually the person staring back at the mirror is a stranger.

    So maybe they do stay, but is it really you they’re staying for, or is it the persona that you’ve created.

    Maybe you’re okay with that, but deep down you’re empty inside.

    Love is like a flower; you can’t just plant it anywhere and hope for it to grow.

    You must find the perfect spot where the soil is turn and its full of nutrients, water, and sunlight.

    But if you put the flower in soil that’s bone dry and forget about it , it will die.
    So you can go through life as a stranger, pretending to be what they want.

    But let me tell you, if you try to force that love, it will never be genuine.
    The love you formed will never grow ,it will slowly dissipate until it’s transformed into something dark.
    It will spread through your body like necrosis.

    Unless you acknowledge it and treat the infection it will continue to spread until it weakens every aspect of you and kills you.

    In life we rarely get a reset button, but I guess that’s what makes love so extraordinary.

    You can’t find great love if you don’t take big risks which means they might abandon you.
    Only you can dictate if they’re worth the risk.

  • shivangij 6w

    It is sometimes harsh to take decisions, sometimes you need to accept flaws and be happy as well as sad within for your decision.

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    I know you don't have to do anything by knowing that. But still I'm like that...
    Are you my other identical twin ��
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    You know what,

    My personality is basically a mix between a needy 5 years old child who can't control her emotions, a teenage rebel who makes poor life decisions and an 85 year old woman with a pain in body, and who is tired enough and looking for a nice nap.


  • a_porcelain 10w

    All we know

    That's the thing with life, we never know if we missed out on something amazing or escaped something horrific, all we know is our next decision


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  • pbwrites101 11w

    Do you know why we are always unable to sort out something bogus as bogus?
    Since we expect it to be right in any case, and it obscures our vision from seeing things.Sometime later, take a stab at scrutinizing our very center convictions, authoritative opinions, goals since that is the place where the unshakable suspicions lie covered up.
    At the point when you hold a philosophical rule and state this is the means by which things ought to be in a perfect world there is a specific presumption behind that articulation.Keep in mind, all our present second thoughts and frustrations were once thought to be promising and charming. However, truly, it came out to be something different.

    Presently what remains is disappointment. Rather than expecting and taking a dream ride in wild minds, consistently comprehend the unavoidable truths that apply to everyone and see what will be the genuine results to a choice made.The more you challenge your fundamental presumptions, the better realities will open to you. Presently you can't be tricked or hoodwinked effectively in light of the fact that you see reality plainly.

    #assumptions #decisions #real #truth #mirakee

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    What we assume and what it is in reality play major role in decision making.

  • nidathinksdeep 12w


    Your future depends mostly on your daily life decisions, so choose everything carefully, as it can affect your future slowly, but in a very huge way.


  • preeti_writes 12w

    My desire of being born as a boy but am happy being a girl now...

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    I wish I were a boy

    I wish I were a boy -
    When my mum, forbids me from hanging out with my friends,
    Keeps me from wearing shirts and body hugging dresses
    Questions me for attending a late night phone calls.

    I wish I were a boy -
    When the society, mocks me for having big dreams,
    Keeps reminding me that I need a man to rely on
    Questions my independence.

    I wish I were a boy -
    When fear grips my heart on being stared by a stranger,
    Keeps me from walking home alone at night, someone
    Questions my character.

    I celebrate I ain't a boy -
    When I prove myself to be worthy being a girl,
    Keep myself going even after falling a thousand times
    Questions the society, their importance and value that they hold in my life.

  • _bonniebrownscribbles_ 12w

    Making permanent decisions over
    temporary feelings is absurdness.


  • stevenlgoosby 14w

    Enlightenment in Defeat

    Broken down by poor decisions outcomes
    Spiralling in a nutshell of disaster
    Allowing my head to fall down to the ground
    my face resibles the concert beneath my feet

    A child who once struggle to understand life
    in youth,now suffocates to understand life as
    an adult
    The passing years have been problem after problem, hurt after hurt, tear after tear, laughter underneath a river of downfalls

    I keep pushing towards enlightenment because to be great after suffering defeat
    is encoded deep down in the matter of my
    I walk in myself because at the end of the day
    that is all that I have, all that I am

    That is all that I am_