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  • pagla_jagay 9w


    If you are not feeling peace with your work.

    If you think,"hmmm!!! something is wrong with that"

    If you think this is not your goal,don't be hesitate,just leave it.

    accept the opportunity and says congratulate to yourself...
    Now, you understand your purpose.


  • husnachikwela 10w


    When starting writting my poems, every one was not in my side. Alot of people speak that I can not be like other writers like ATIENO YOO . Even my mother could not give me her support. She told me to poot in her room at the bed in older told review them, but she could not and ignore them.
    But I could not heard them and stop my hobby. Upto now I have written more than fourty poems and open my three accounts which do me to graw up.
    My first account is @miraquilll
    Second one is @writco.in
    And last one is power poetry.

    Upto now I do not have and book yet. But @hutcheg in #miraquil told me to prepare a document file in older a book to be prepared.
    I am very exited and wait in proud in how my book will be in which shape of cover page and tittle of the book.

  • the_deepminds_sentinel 12w

    Be careful of the decisions you make today, so that they won't lead to your destruction later.

  • stellaire_mystique 30w

    Life mein Sai kya hai galat kya hai ye toh tumhein waqt batayega...
    Par tum sahi life mein ho ya nahi ye toh tum or tumhare halato ko khud hi pehchaanna hoga.

  • thetalkativeboy 38w


    Whether right or wrong,
    taking decision is the need of the moment...!!!


  • nighty 39w

    Choices & Decision

    Making a bad decision is better than making no decision at all, coz it provides a learning opportunity,
    We are all given ideas, gifts to use,
    So you have to decide,you have to choose...

  • light_ofthe_heart 39w

    Sometimes, making decisions can be a hectic process, but it normally turns out alright when you put your faith, truth and sincerity.
    So far, you prayed, wished and hoped for the best. You will definitely see the unbelievable unfolds itself.

    My story:
    I saw him and got carried away with his looks. He was so beautiful if that could be used for a man. His smile was priceless. His voice, thou husky has a way of making me feel butterflies in my stomach. My first sight of him was breathtaking. I instantly told myself, here is my till death do us apart. It was love at first sight.
    Funny enough, I was dressed haphazardly, so I told myself I was going to dress to impress him the next time we met. I called a friend and told him about my crush and my intention. He advised me to keep dressing haphazardly since that was the way he(my crush) first saw me. I didn't like the idea but I decided to take the risk.

    A month passed by, we didn't get to meet. But I prayed every single day to be blessed with his love if at all he was a blessing in my life. Coincidentally, I knew his nephew and things got easier. So, two days after I came back to where we met, we decided to meet together with the nephew and he was together with my crush. Things happened and we talked. It was a faithful and lucky day for me. My crush asked me out and I didn't even think twice accepting his love.

    Fast forward, days passed by and things happened. Some I am not proud of, others I cherish. But the blue day came one evening when we were together, discussing and playing a game(related to health) on my phone. He came across a question on sickle cell. This prompted me to ask him what his genotype was. I asked and he asked about mine. To cut the long story short, we weren't compatible and yes we were head over heels for each other. I was madly in love with him and everything about him.

    Deciding to let go of him was one of the hardest decision I ever had to make, but it sure was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. Who knew how many souls would have been hurt if we decided to stick around??? And most importantly, I would have been hurt and damaged beyond repair.

    For that I am so grateful I took the hard way and got stronger, braver and wiser. It was one hell of a ride, but I got to dive until it became my past. I was literally broken, life was miserable...it still is sometimes, I still do love him and I miss him beyond imagination. I still wish things were different or maybe a miracle might just happen. But yes, I am glad it happened, I am happy I got to love him for that while. Our memory is my gift for the hard decision I made.

    Before making any decision, always weigh the risk and benefit. Then you make your decision wisely.

  • bellemoon99 39w

    #decisionmaking #wod #pod

    Decisions, the choices we make.
    In English you make decisions, you choose a path and create something with it.
    In Spanish you take decisions, you pick them up as tokens from the past.
    Whether we make or take them, they transform us and guide our way.

    The wheel is in our hands, the will on our feet. Tomorrow will be dictated by the steps I take today. Where will I go? What places will I see? My eyes carry landscapes and my ears gorgeous melodies.

    My heart is open to a brand new start, some decisions are hard. Some break you apart. Yet, even when they cut like a page slices the unexpecting finger, they can bring the most beautiful miracles.

    Today I shape my way, accepting I don't know if my choices are right or wrong... I'll make the most out of them. Enjoy the journey as it is, after all, I can't change the decisions I've made...I can only make better ones next time.

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    My way

    And you? Where will your choices take you?

  • alexi_silver 39w

    Decisions are such fickle creatures,
    We chase them all our lives,
    Hoping against all odds,
    That the ones we catch would prove to be the right ones,
    We work diligently,
    Researching and sweating for the optimum catch,
    And sometimes there is nothing but victory waiting,
    But somedays they turn on us,
    Leaving behind a scar for another day,
    And sometimes we don't survive the hunt at all,

    Everyone is welcome,
    No one is too young or old,
    Gender and race fall away,
    Healthy or not, you're still eligible,
    The hunt has begun,
    Come unprepared with nothing but the stars up above,
    Or come with meticulous knowledge and weapons,
    Take all the time you need,
    Or none at all,
    It doesn't matter,
    The hunt is here,
    And the decisions we capture,
    Could lead to the throne or a grave,
    Destiny awaits,
    And we have no choice,
    But to decide.


  • the_unfiltered_ink 39w

    On this uneven road of life,
    escaping many twists and obstacles,
    I am glad that when the sun set that evening ,
    Illuminating the pre-night sky with dash of pink light, I grabbed my cup of soothing latte,
    Caressed my beautiful diary and hit the power button of my laptop, and the screen grinned and waved a Hi!

    My hands racing on the desperate keys of the computer started crafting a future miracle.
    Even they didn't know what was waiting ahead.
    A person who has so much in head?
    A soul that has been hit so hard?
    Or A writer that aims to light the world with stars, shape the universe with her art ?

    That very evening I completed my first ever blogpost and posted that straightaway on my new blog that was named Emanate Love All Around, for that was exactly what I wanted to do with whatever I had in my heart.

    I wanted to bottle up my emotions, unbox the pains and stir the sufferings , garnish the mix with tons of strength and serve it onto your table: The elixir of Power.

    And I am proud of that wise decision I took. If that evening, I would have lost all of myself in this hoax that I am not good enough and my part cannot change the world, I won't be writing this here.

    I am glad for all the love I receive.

    I am so thankful to God and to all of you that inspire me to write.

    #decisionmaking #wod #pod @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee

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    The Elixir of Power

    I wanted to bottle up my emotions, unbox the pains and stir the sufferings , garnish the mix with tons of strength and serve it onto your table: The elixir of Power.


  • miss_silentlyweird 39w

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    Looking at the ocean again
    Waves will rise and fall,
    Rise and fall it's obtain,
    Oh, a nightmare appalls,

    In life full of dreams,
    The wind blows my beams,
    With hope flown away,
    Night and day,

    Is it my vision blurry?
    Or all I can see in a dream is nightmare flurry?
    I stand amid road of my heart,
    Didn't know what sign should follow to see light,

    I hold tight within my hand,
    Catching decisions of feathers,
    Away and away option flutters,
    Can't I grasp it with a tighter clasp offhand?

    I don't even know just what I'd say,
    When tormented shore of an outcome turns grey,
    Is all that I see or seem,
    A nightmare within a dream?

    #decisionmaking #rewritec
    #wod #pod #mirakee
    @writersbay @mirakee
    Source ��: Universal Art

    I rewrite the poem entitled “A Dream Within a Dream" by EDGAR ALLAN POE. The poem comprises the speaker's profound feelings, anxious state of mind and existential crisis of life and dreams while my poem is about uncertainty in life and decision making. It's most likely same theme with original poem but I rewrite it in what I experiencing right now.

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    Making decisions don't have, lose or win circumstances because in each option you have and chooses you will consistently gain something in return: it's either laments with a lesson or lesson with happiness.


  • delphic_one 39w

    Decisions are made

    We made a decision by choosing money over life. Now, we are destined to be doomed with our greed while nature taking control of its fate.

  • word_s_myth 39w


    I stand at the crossroads of life
    Rethinking all that I came for,
    The choice is endless
    The travelers are many
    Who seek to find answer in this labyrinth.

    I see the Elegance
    blessing it's way to the dawn,
    I see Peace
    creeping on the show of night,
    The Power and majesty
    overcome the day,
    I see the hummingbird
    chirp before the orange sky,
    the impending dusk.

    I open the windows to my air conditioned room,
    Drizzles of rain smear my suit:
    I've chosen the path untrodden
    To success or failing I know not now,
    Walking on ages of unrecognition
    The first footstep is already a prize.

    #decisionmaking #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • i_write_for_you 39w

    I feel my heart flutter
    when I see you.
    But it decides to pound hard
    when I am with you.


  • unblossomedyet 39w

    Decision Making

    In the dark star studded night,
    Trying to gaze the glittering light
    Millions of thoughts flock my head
    Some come straight from heart, while some sourced out of mind,
    Making me toss and turn, lying on the bed.
    They nudged against ,never listening to one another...
    Trust me, I realised it's another love story,
    Ahhh!!!they too cannot live without each other.
    Heart vs Mind, a known battle of lifetime,
    How to decide is what I ponder and try to gather.

  • hiya04 39w

    //Les routes les plus difficiles
    mènent aux plus belles //

    Six stringed love repose
    In cradle of hers
    His vacant glare dares to prate
    For girls were not meant
    To strum verse of unvoiced words ,
    Anguish of eons
    embeded deep in soul
    Melody was her entity
    Gauge to her decade long wound
    Of spurn and abandoned
    Can she throw away her love
    Only for profuse scars.
    She walks away
    Walks away to her beloved
    Away to faraway land
    Of happiness with her beloved
    She chants verses of her story
    Of life, of magic
    Freed from the cage of society
    They shower her glory
    From far above ,we believe heaven
    For their angel emerged from
    The road less traveled by
    With a profound glow .

    Above French translation:
    the most difficult roads often lead to the most beautiful destinations

    Inspired from **Secret Superstar**
    #pod #wod #writersnetwork #mirakee #decisionmaking
    @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    Can she throw away her love
    For profuse scars .

  • rubiguri 39w

    There was a time I was all alone
    Left to live my life all by my own
    Had turbulence of feelings inside me
    But nobody was there to see
    Life seemed meaningless to me
    Everything appeared mundane to me
    Immense pain was there to feel
    But then I decided to heal
    Holding a pen in my hand
    Made poetry my best friend
    She protects me by acting as my armour
    I feel proud to choose her as my partner
    She has been there always around
    And had never ever let me down.

  • _celena_ 39w

    Why was it so difficult to choose?
    Two roads leading to two paths
    One led to present with a present(gift)
    Other to the future with a hope
    I was hesitant, standing alone
    Thinking, suffering, regreting
    Yet I chose to give up on present
    Chose to suffer on my own
    Sometimes I m unsure of my choice
    Was I selfish or selfless?
    Again why its so difficult to decide?
    Who am I now?
    Maybe a person who is trying to
    Re assemble the pieces left of me....


    #decisionmaking #writersnetwork

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    Was I selfish or selfless?


  • anathreek_jey 39w

    #pod #love #pain @writersnetwork @dhivya_diyal @irreplaceable_10venni @shine_jey

    I was all alone
    With clear and happy mind,
    Expecting no love,
    Yet I love to show Love.

    I traveled along
    The path of family,
    But life will always
    Opens another door unexpectedly,
    The road which I never turned to,
    'The journey of Love '.

    I found it lovely,
    Also scary and dreary,
    Had many conflicts in my mind
    If I take this road.

    I dared to witness
    Beyond my wildest dreams,
    Fell in the path which my parents
    Believed I won't.

    This road is my secret path,
    When none can ever step into
    Or I don't show to anyone.
    Though some may try to peek
    I never revealed a beautiful journey
    That I have ever experienced in my life.

    Wish to travel this journey
    Along with all my loved one,
    And wanna make it a love of heaven,
    Traveling in one path as a family.



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    I traveled along
    The path of family,
    But life will always
    Opens another door unexpectedly,
    The road which I never turned to,
    'The journey of Love '.


  • leena_afsha_ishrot 39w


    That breakup saved me

    For which I crumble into pieces

    I beg for perfect metaphors to fit in

    By removal of two separate catalyst

    I pretend for having my soulmate

    I shake my hands with the wolf

    In the core of my heart, it aches

    //But I gave a deaf ear to it

    I learned to hide tragedy by replacing it with simile//

    Bunch of lies, a handful of evil gesture

    Taught me not to rely upon others, blindly

    Decisions made by destiny

    Made me stronger

    Nowhere in the position to love

    But in the path to find my soul

    I breathe