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  • gamechanger1 16w

    Some deceivers have beautiful looks


  • sevenrings 124w

    / Some ends! /

    They're not deceivers
    who relinquish you.
    It just means that
    their role in your life
    is over.


  • classy_writes 134w

    Forgiving the deceivers is that easy ..??‍♀️

    But remembering them hurt the most ...?


  • dokimbra 149w

    You left me in a spiders web.
    Tangled up and left for dead.
    I didn't get a chance to say,
    a word to you, you went away.

    Alone and caught up in a mess,
    I've never felt this much distress.
    It's way too late to save me now,
    I'm prey to the black widow and
    She will devour.

    So thank you for the love.
    The love I thought we'd grown.
    Now this is the end of everything,
    that I've ever, ever known.

    So farewell deceiver,
    Thief of my heart. Took it
    out and forcefully, ripped it apart.
    Tangled in a spiders web,
    Left alone, left for dead.

  • missery 157w

    A demon in an angel's form

    (Credits to playbuzz for the pic)

    "A demon in an angel's form"

    "You're so kind"

    "Im so happy to meet you"

    "Its so good to be your friend"

    "You're a great person"

    This are the words I hear from everybody but how can they say that's its real
    I'm just a nobody that has a demon deal.

    "You're kind"

    Oh please you don't know me, There's a demon hiding inside me, The girl that is so sweet and kind on the outside is really a demon inside?

    I know you're asking how could that be? Well don't ask me because if you know my reason you wouldn't agree but believe me the future I foresee and see that there are also some demons lurking not only me.

    "Im so happy to meet you"

    Oh believe me, Me too. Im happy to meet you because I know someday you'll be hurting me too...stop pretending like an angel because I know what is true. You are also a part of our demon crew. I know you also want to be lurking why don't you breakthrough?

    If you're asking me how I know who you are let just say I have a demon radar and I realize a demon wasn't far I look at you and realize who you truly are.

    "Its good to be your friend"

    Yeah, I know because you're also a demon don't you dare pretend because if you do this will be your end and hell is where you'll be send.

    If you're telling me that your intention is real well here's the deal I know what you want don't conceal any time here I can reveal..that your real intention is to kill. Hmm unreal.

    "You're a great person"

    Wow! you too you're a great demon, a great prentender that knows its action. A demon who cause destruction for his/her satisfication.

    How funny could this be? You're also a demon like me. How many are we? Some are lurking and some are killing, Some are living and some are dying. Hahaha This is so exciting.

    Peace of advice to some kind humans, be careful on trusting everyone because we demons could be anyone. A friend,lover,or even a society's member. We demons are lurking and searching for somethings that are satisfying and pleasing, If you're wondering why are we doing such things?

    Simply because...

    The future that we foresee has some demons lurking and...the world ending.



  • missery 158w


    In this world where we are living there are monsters called deceivers.

    They deceive everything even such little things they act slowly but wins surely.

    They will do bad things to sometimes gain more things.

    and while their acting a smile their wearing so that suspecting will just be nothing.

    They exsisted because their created to do bad things to destroy the world where we are living.

    They are made by hatred, jealousy, pain, questioning, and every little bad thing...

    The most painful part is why we can't admit it...

    That these monsters called deceievers creator is.....

    Us, Humans.


  • theaccidentalpoet 162w

    #myriad #wordoftheday #pod #darkness #deception #deceivers #comfort #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee

    This poem only portrays what I've felt all this time. The world is full of people who adopt themselves into dishonesty, lying and deception that now, all I find comfort in is the cold room that houses stale air, darkness and the few rays of light that find their way in through the closed curtains.

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    comfort in the darkness in a myriad of deceivers.

    These lines have no purpose,
    These lines have no meaning;
    They only speak on how
    There's comfort in this room with the pain all fleeting.

    A peculiar satisfaction in the darkness,
    In the corner next to the windows looking out to all that gloom;
    Watching as I part myself from the world,
    There's comfort in watching the light peek into this dark room.

    Feeling the embrace of my own shadow
    Cast by sun rays that find their way in;
    The warmest embrace in the life I hold tremblingly in my hands,
    There's comfort in this insanity while I watch the world sin.

    There's comfort in the sound of silence that always screams so loud,
    There's comfort in my touch, by the tips, that freeze my shoulders;
    There's comfort in breathing the stale air that lurks about,
    There's comfort in the darkness in a myriad of deceivers.