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  • grotesque 25w

    Covid Deaths. Is it?

    My best friend's mother passed away few weeks back due to Covid. I still remember her desperation, her cry to get her mother admitted to a better hospital so that she could be treated! Neither the hospital, nor the system has focussed enough on our health care system! All they want is vote. We are not fools, we are ignorant, basically! Too much privileged as well, till we are not.

    I can't talk to her again with the same passion because my friend is gone. She is locked in some memory of her beloved mother. We all have lost someone or the other and the pain is unbearable to take in. In this world, nothing comes for free. But what about these sufferings and deaths? Just a nature's fault or we all are responsible for it?

    When I heard her voice screaming for her mother, crying like an insane person I didn't know what else to do. Those cry haunts me. It should haunt us. Why it isn't, till now?

    Can you believe we brought this upon us? THIS! A mass murder or what we call it a 'second/third/fourth/nth number of wave of Covid'.

    Keep you hand on your heart and ask yourself, what could you have done better to avoid this? Do you still have any humanity left? Was my best friend's mother's life that cheap? Did it come for free? Or we made it that free?

    If you can sleep at night answering all these properly? If yes then Congratulations! You have some solution to it. Now you know what you have to do. Do it for a better tomorrow. Do it so that you don't have to lose your loved ones! Do it because you still are responsible enough to be alive.

  • kajalpawar2911 30w

    "Why are you watering these flowers with your tears?"

  • justaju 31w

    So are we all just gonna ignore the fact that how unnecessarily rude we were to 2020!
    Now that 2021 is showing it's TRUE colours..


  • human_alpha 32w

    Waking up petrified from this ghastly nightmare
    Helped you escape the assail of the gunmen
    Being shot twice for not abiding the rules of the malefactor
    wrote your name next to mine one last time with my bloodsoaked hands
    Oh how grateful I am of these lawbreakers
    Knowing I saw my amigo one last time
    How I wish this was a dream come true.

    #weekendc #aismbff #deaths #imacg #kindredspirits

    @_ashna_ got ur name for the prompt and I cudnt even tell u tht. Sorry for something really short. And I took ages to write this����. You know my lazy ass.

    P.S ; this was an actual dream and @_ashna_ u were amigo.
    By unknown writer

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  • human_alpha 32w

    You’re never safe from being surprised till you’re dead

    #aismbff #deaths #imacg #kindredspirits.

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  • kauthar 39w


    Who would've thought that
    A flu was gonna be a threat
    That doctors would refuse to treat
    Causing so many deaths

    Who would've thought that
    Our wishes was gonna be a regret
    Causing so long rest
    Cause it was for the best

    Who would've thought that
    It would further require a test,
    disinfect to be able to connect(a metre a part)
    With a mask and so properly dressed

  • _jaja_ 46w


    I'll mourn what we had,
    For indeed, it was beautiful.

    I'll mourn you too,
    Despite your many flaws.

    I'll mourn you
    Like I will what's lost.

    I'll mourn
    Like you're dead to me.


  • krishnakantrai 69w


    अपने पास से गुजरते बेलों को देखा,
    टूट चुके थे वो,
    टूटे तो हम भी थे,
    पहली बार इस मायानगरी के विचित्र खेलों को देखा।

    किसी को बचाव को कराहते नहीं देखा,
    मैं स्तब्ध था, और विस्मित भी,
    क्या मेरी श्रवण-शक्ति भी गई ? 
    क्योंकि पहली बार अपनी ज़मीन पर अपने हीं घर को तैरते देखा।

    विशाल भवनों को एक क्षण में ढहते देखा,
    चहुँ ओर सफेदी किसे नहीं भाता !
    पर पहली बार इस सफेदी में, 
    अपनों को हीं बहते देखा।

    चुनाव प्रचार में नेताओं को चरण वंदना करते देखा,
    सब मिथ्या था,
    मिथक जो कभी टूट नहीं सकता,
    क्योंकि उन्हीं नेताओं को उपाय नहीं बहाने ढूंढ़ते भी देखा।

    मुखर था फिर भी स्वर का विकल्प देखा,
    प्रकृति शांति बहाल करेंगी,
    पर उस इंतज़ार में,
    बेजुबानों को इस कदर उमड़ते कभी नहीं देखा।।

  • kash_meer 73w


    Gar tujhe deakhna hai ki sabar ka piyala kaisa hota hai
    To deakh yahan baap har sham apne bete ki kabar par sota hai
    Ek pyara jisse kehtey ek louta hai
    Yahan din daley or ussey mout aye
    Ab ankhein sukhi hai or ab wo sukhi akhon se hi rota hai
    Ab yahan aesa hi hota hai ab yahan aesa hi hota hai

  • ciara1 73w

    An Anthem For Cursed Youths

    What are the passing days for those who that die as a dog?
    Only the gorilla anger of the weapons.
    Only the blasting riffles hasted that rides with the underdogs,
    They can only patter out their quick orisons,
    No ridicules now for them; no prayers nor blessings,
    Not even no voices of mournings that save the depressings, 
    Demented choirs of wailing drops;
    And the gospel calling out for them from sad bishops.
    What candle sticks would be held to haste them all?
    Not in the hands of the criminals to pick up, nor in the hands of the unjust,
    But let their eyes shine in the spiritual glimmers of sad goodbyes,
    The sad faces of girls pale skins shall be inside their tomb;
    Their smell of flowers stationed in view in memories waiting on the dead to overfly,
    And each of those slow the motion down of guilt, depression and emotion to draw down the length of their blinds.

    In The Loving Memory of George Floyd


  • ciara1 73w

    Anthem For Cursed Youths

    Only the gorilla anger of the weapons.
    Only the blasting riffles hasted that rides with the underdogs,
    They can only patter out their quick orisons.


  • grazie 73w


    Body, down on earth
    Wrapped with blood and dust
    And that child calling at his grandparent
    Trying to wake him up
    And this man calling himself a soldier
    Starring at this little baby
    Ist be A Human thn try at MAN
    Fuck your so called patriotism
    You cowards ,
    Come on here is the Murderer
    If no one but this innocent is the witness
    Now Make it the breaking news
    Make it go viral," who is the Murderer "
    You bloodthirsty , wicked, remorseless
    Hell with your word "Democracy"
    Get a life, you, The Real Social Animals...

  • manuhere 74w

    मैं गुज़रना चाहता हूँ बेहद की हद तक
    मुझे आसमाँ और ज़मीन कुछ ज़्यादा चाहिए

    मनु मिश्रा

  • abhi_saxena 79w

    मौत का सौदा

    लगता है अपना ईमान बेचा है उस ख़ुदा ने भी ,
    यूंही नहीं इतनी मौत का वो सौदा कर रहा ।

  • quarantinistani 82w

    Photo Credit & Edit: @photowalala & @dayandnacht
    Title inspired by "Alive Son of Awake" by Ibn Tufail.

    #awake #asleep #dreams #nightmares #lives #deaths #zzz #sleep #mental #fatigue

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    Dead Son of Asleep

    And in my sleep,
    I am wide awake.

    My dreams are vivid,
    my dreams are many.

    I live and die
    a thousand lives,
    each as real as any.
    © Thought Jutsu

  • potentialinfinity 82w

    And Suddenly this fragile Earth's habitat began to shrink...


  • grotesque 86w


    Rokne se toh ruk jaate,
    Par tok ne se rukenge nahi.
    Yeh jo desh mein ho raha
    Use muh pherenge nahi.
    Har ghar ki ek hi hai kahani
    Har ghar sameta ja raha hai.
    Par kuch gharo mein kuch khas hai
    Jo unko alag se ghasita ja raha hai.
    Jo koi puchhe tum kyu ho aisi
    Toh mai bolu aapko zarur dikhega.
    Jo koi puchhe kya hai jo dekhna hai
    Toh main bolu bohot nafrat; bohot nafrat.
    Woh jo tumhare ghar mein the, kiraye pe
    Woh aaj sadak pe hai tumhare nasamjh se.
    Kaisa hai yeh zulm ki humne aankh hi
    Band kar bas TV pe atke huye hai ki aaj
    Kitne maut huye aaj kitne maut huye!
    Arey maut nahi qatl hua hai, insaniyat ki.
    Jo log ghar se beghar huye aur jinko
    Beghar kiya gaya, kya qasoor thi unki.
    Aap mast ghar baithe sochte honge kitna
    So liya, kitna phone pe Instagram kar liya.
    Woh log toh sadiyon se isi aag mein jalte the
    Ki tufaan, bhukamp aur mahamari mein
    Do waqt ke roti kaise milegi? Neend ayegi ya maut?!
    Nahi yeh ittefaq nahi ki aisi shor hai.
    Yeh toh bohot saalon ki gunj hai.
    Aap kabhi sune hi nahi. Maine puchha;
    Aap dekhna chahte ho un logo ki halaat..?
    Aap muskurate kehto ho, aaj nahi aaj nahi.

  • ajaynegi04 87w

    Baksh do na bhagwan

    Aee bhagwan ab to apni rehmat KR dae
    Ab to apne bnye insan pe reham KR dae
    Roo Raha h tooot gya h tera yae insan
    Ab to baksh de hume mere bhagwan

  • poornimagowda 88w

    ಕೊರೋನಾ ಎಂಬ ಮಹಾಮಾರಿ ಬಾರಿಸಿದೆ ಮರಣ ಮೃದಂಗ
    ಈ ಯುಗದಲ್ಲಿ ನವ ರೋಗಗಳಾಡುತ್ತಿವೆ ಚದುರಂಗ

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • yellowroses 97w

    #Earth #Red #Blood #Climate #Cries #Australia #Awaiting #Writersnetwork #Mirakee #Change #Dying #Suffering #Deaths

    Australia has dust storms in NSW making the state pitch black and restricting vison and airways. Melbourne has supercell hail storms damaging and flooding the state. Fire devastation keeps the air unbreathable. The sun has become hotter and burns easier increasing cancer risks. Money is being raised but yet so many have no food or shelter still.... the governments has money yet they aren't correctly distributing it to those in need. Sco Mo still wants to aim for a "balanced," approach but it's too late for that we need climate action now. Suspicions are his own government party is internally arguing at how he's handling our crisis. It's horrible to think all we all can do is nothing and anything we do we don't even know if the money will go to the right people. :(

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    Fearful bleeding earth

    I'm scared for this life
    I'm here our world I feared
    We're all awaiting
    All feeling the tension build and explode
    Broken cycles, broken days
    Why can't our systems change their ways?
    Dust storms of red only one state
    One state of many lay red in blood
    Blood of floods blood of fires
    Our blood is red but our blood is dead
    For the planet is dyed bleeding it dies
    We all sit here helpless in cries
    Australia an example
    Australia a country rich in many
    Now loosing all to many more disasters
    Controlled by a government internally divided
    As a nation we're waiting, for the safety not provided
    Our earth is bleeding and we bleed with it