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  • ashyels 11h

    "When It Fades Away" —Ashyels
    Monday, June 14, 2021

    @ashyels @mirakee
    #mom #death #mother #ashyels

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    When It Fades Away

    When it fades away.
    This heart starts trembling.
    These eyes stop observing.
    And things seem to be disappearing.

    When it fades away.
    These feet can't step forward.
    Though I'm able to run faster.
    This body is just too fragile to move.

    When the moon fades away.
    I promise to get everything done.
    As much and perfect as I can.
    Before I ask to be faded away.

    Monday, June 14, 2021

  • asmita_chakraborty 11h

    Who cares if one more light goes out?
    In a sky of a million stars
    It flickers, flickers ~(One More Light)Song by Linkin Park

    Lubb! Dubb! Lubb! Dubb!
    Thuds the heart desperately
    Pumping the system forcefully
    Struggling to live .

    Untill the tug of breaths cease
    Clutch in the throat
    Absorbs the last sigh,
    Inhibiting Homeostasis.

    Wodges of blood clumping inside viens
    Fades the Auburn blush from faces.
    Last impulse from the synoptic bulbs transmitted.
    Rigor Mortis articulate.

    Rushes the soul in scraps
    From the half parted lips
    A cry left unheard within.
    Out it flies, breaking nexus long made.

    And one more light escapes,
    From it's bony frame.
    Transient in shape,
    Scattering in the nature's escape.

    Smiling at us from distance,
    Wrinkles the clouds to condense
    Each time after the sky grieves
    To have observed our loses.

    Painting the turquoise prism
    With a smirk of
    Yellow, orange and red.


    #rainbow #wod #writersnetwork #death

    @writersnetwork a read?❤️

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  • _himwrites 13h

    #sushantsinghrajput #death #anniversary

    आर्टिस्ट मरा नहीं करते।��

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    कुछ तो बात रही होगी,
    कोई बेवजह रूठ कर नहीं जाता,
    आख़िरी सांस तक कोशिश की होगी,
    इस कदर मजबूर वो उस दिन रहा होगा।

    ख़ैर, जो भी हो, तुम जहां रहना,
    अपने ही आप में रहना, कभी छिछोरे तो
    कभी व्योमकेश के रूप में रूबरू होते रहना।
    दूसरों की प्रवाह में, ख़ुद के वजूद मत खोने देना।


  • juhiyverma_ 1d

    The closer I reach,
    the more undeniable
    it becomes.




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    The closer I reach,
    the more undeniable
    it becomes.



  • auriferous_dreamer_ 1d

    When my oblivious chords hit the black shore of nothing, I felt my disappearing heart once again, beating humanity and tenderness.
    "You didn't do away with?"
    "No, I was here all this time"
    "Why didn't you beat when I needed the fresh blood?"
    "You weren't a human back then"
    "You can take your leave then"
    "No I won't, you are a human now, you have started to feel like a human now"
    "Well, too late Miss, I don't have that lifeless body now, I don't live for your beating anymore, the shore which summoned you is darkness and not light, the waves that are crashing aren't emotions but penalties, let's not suffer together, I free you"

  • abbycollins 1d


    Feeling the most disturbed inside, not knowing where life is taking me and just pretending to smile through the pain because there's no other option right now.

  • miriel_oye 2d

    Dry Eyed

    The sky has a secret message for those who believe in phases. One day you can be full of black clouds that bring you rain and other days, you will be clear and blue.
    Sometimes the sun will sprinkle some orange hue on you, other times it glares a pale yellow of disapproval in your face.
    Mama learnt this the hard way. That life worked in stages. While sometimes it gave reasons to soar wings across the blue expanse, It also sends lightning across grey clouds that burn the wings and remind mere mortals of their place.
    It seemed, from what I recall, that the sky always wept when Mama was alive. When they placed her into calloused hands that only knew how to draw heaps and harvest yams. When she writhed in agony and pushed out a replica of her- dark eyes and matted brown hair. When the hands that caressed her turned and kissed her face with slaps.
    Sometimes, just sometimes, the sun would peek through the darkness and the oranges in our garden would brighten up, but then roaring clouds roll in and choke out thriving seeds of joy and satisfaction.
    Ironic. That the moment Mama faded like stars in broad daylight, the sky watched dry eyed and the sun stayed for longer.

  • cherish312 2d

    Dear Death

    You keep reminding me of my purpose
    You help me face my worst fears
    You make me prepare for my afterlife
    You made me savor all the moments, GOD has given me with my loved ones.


  • ahundredcrownz 2d

    With shutters wide the draft blows dreary
    My eyes do burn from tears so bleary

    The ambiance is thick with fright
    That I should live and die this night

    What life was lived
    Much time was sought
    But often lost in somber thought

    The past yields pain
    The future shelter
    All the while the soul will swelter

    It matters not, the time does come
    My untimely death won't be undone

    The serpent rattles his venomous tongue
    From my darling tree my bones be strung


  • timeofourlives 2d

    In His Last Night

    Don't Go Tonight, For In His Last Night
    Your Face Is All He Craves to see
    Grateful For The Life He Got To Live
    And all the Beautiful Things He Got to see

    Stay Here One More time , For In His Last Night
    His Lips Are Heavy For Words, Leaving His Eyes To Carry The Weight Of A Thousand Words

    Stay Here One More time , For In His Last Night
    You Shall Remind Him Of What It's Like To Fall In Love Over Again,

    For In His Last Night, His Last Words Will Always Be....

    "For I Will Rather Live A Short Life With You

  • devilfish 3d


    I'm rhymic
    Like a bomb of volatile ticks
    That contort my body like ropes my tendons
    As they rip

    In the manner that my body dances
    Before it breaks
    I could even out each bone
    And assemble a new face

    I'm rhymic
    Grinding against metal shards
    To breathe through a narrow straw
    I don't think I can
    But I move forward because my will
    Will never break
    There's not an ache that could chip my Determined state

    Trying like a newborn baby to supply
    To take to learn to go and get it
    I'm not ashamed of my own face
    I'm ashamed of what it becomes if I poison myself with shame blame
    And a name that is not kind
    I had to learn the hard way
    And I won't complain but time haunts it's empty space
    And if you don't value your worth
    It will snatch away your name
    And your face
    You think it hurts, until you can't scream
    You can't embrace love with a tongue
    Locked in it's place

    Intake the Dewey drops of morning mist
    Let the water wash away the troubles of the day

    As daylight breaks and the leaves uncomfortably shake
    Just remember that the wind will break
    And love will tenderly float like a feather
    Into your heart
    Let my words be the food to your brain
    As a plate and if I may
    Say that I cannot take away your pain
    But I offer you my thoughts
    My love
    And I encourage you
    You're well deserving
    So find what you need
    And please, do fill that space

    -Anthony Aaron Musto

  • bclark2681 3d


    Death seeping through from
    The tip of my grips cigarette
    Feel my lungs selfishly dying
    Inhalation quenches my need
    Feeling the noose of my cancer

  • ashyels 3d

    "Everything Goes Dark" —Ashyels
    Friday, June 11, 2021

    @ashyels @mirakee
    #death #silence #dark #ashyels

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    Everything Goes Dark

    coming somewhere cold.
    where anyone lives in silence.
    neither speak, nor see, even hear.
    in a place full of clay.

    wait. is it a nightmare? 
    nope. it'll no longer be a nightmare.
    everyone. not only just come.
    instead. will live there eventually.

    breathe as much as I could.
    nothing can be undone.
    this body won't move as usual.
    the time when everything goes dark.

    Friday, June 11, 2021

  • jacob_howdagee 4d

    Nature's Sculptor (erosion)

    The erosion of your gravestone

    is a painful reminder

    Of the years that have washed away

    through these eyes

    And the landscapes of our past

    Have changed so much

    that they no longer help

    With keeping my memories intact

    The world we had

    Has crumbled and fallen

    Beneath the sand

    But I'm still sifting through...

    Trying to find my place

    While I'm here without you

    There are two kinds of forever

    The one I feel without you

    and the one where I

    will finally get to be with you

    For you, I can wait forever


  • mr_enigma 4d

    And one day death came,
    Not for me but those i love,
    Snatched them away relentless,
    Then I knew the weigh of unsaid goodbyes,
    The chain of grudge became obsolete,
    All I felt was the void they left behind,
    All I had was the precious memories,
    All I did was ran away from pain,
    But I was not fast enough to outrun,
    And the inevitable engulfed me,
    Shattered me to pieces,
    But then it made a new me,
    The one who was strong enough to endure the woe.


  • fairylit_skies 5d


    TW: Minor Death

    My window was often my refugee,
    from danger and hurt,
    society and life.
    I'd stare at the clouds,
    busily moving around me,
    all equally peculiar,
    yet all so beautiful.

    Until it came to a night,
    my refugee turned into a place of imperilment,
    I couldn't bear to sit at the sill any longer,
    it wasn't that I hated the night skies,
    the void of cerculean was rather comforting;
    It is what laid upon the ether that scared me.

    “Why do you fear the stars?”
    I didn't fear the silver, the small speckles;
    I feared what they represented.
    The stars made the sky imperfect.
    And perfection was the reason I was still alive.
    How could anyone admire the flaws?
    How could people romanticize the idea of glorifying “flaws” ?
    When I was imperfect, people hated me.

    -veeksha //People still hate me//

    #poetry #stars #death #sky @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod #wod

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    i once used to love the stars but then some things and some people changed my mind

  • grim_truth 5d

    I’ve gotten used to death.

    I’ve gotten used to death.

    It sounds a bit odd,
    The thought that I could claim to be used to a concept that seems foreign to others.
    Sometime ago it was like fire in my head and I’d feel hot all over then a numbness will follow.

    Now, it’s nothing.

    Perhaps it’s numbness still,
    May be my body’s way of coping with a painful concept no longer foreign.
    Today I tried to think of what would help,
    Articles I had read.
    How useless it is to blame oneself and try to force the tears from my furious lids.

    So here I stand.

    It’s 2:00am in the morning,
    I’m staring at eyes so red it feels like it belongs to another, and bid the tears welcome as they drag forcefully down my cheeks.
    I’m not sure if I make much sense.
    But I write this with only me in mind.
    Like the selfish person I am.

    20 April, 2020

  • lifeistooochota 5d

    Wo kehta raha mujhse koi baat toh karo,
    Uske marne ke baad sab bat karne lage

  • jyothi630 12w

    The Moon's Glory

    Dark, were the wars she fought

    Bright, were the weaves of her thoughts

    Painted in the warmth of passion

    Soaked in the heat of dejection.

    Vivid were the dreams

    Avid were the hopes

    Brightened by the hues of faith

    Strained by the pulls of fears.

    Dark were those times

    Unheard were her cries

    Slaughtered, was the warmth of the moon

    Red was the stain it borne.


  • kamrie872 114w

    I opened something up that maybe I shouldn't have
    I saw his etches on paper
    Saw his heart scarred
    I wanted to rip myself open though he's already gone
    If I gave myself a papercut with his words
    Maybe I'd heal a little more
    But it's twisted along with the lies he believed
    I have this hope I shared time and time again
    But now it's me who has to fight