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    Bear with your berry ppl , she is not in her senses. She gone mad. She is madly in love with her imaginations. ��������

    #dearfuturelove #hope #love #ceesreposts #berrygonemad second last part.

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    Dear Future love (XV)

    It's a gloomy Friday night. I can't breathe. There are bricks build in my nose , and it looks a cherry. I'm struggling to sleep. My head feels heavy. It seems like there is huge stone placed over it. Stupid nausea . I'm shivering, I wrapped myself in my blanket.

    I was freezing with cold. I was on my left side and then turned to my right. Only then my tiny nose brushed your chest. I looked up to you , then huddled into your arms.
    I folded my hands vertically, my fists overlapping each other and your arms were around me.

    You rested your chin on my head. You were combing my hairs to the side and setting my hairs behind my ears. I kept rubbing my face onto your chest like a restless kid. You started laughing and joked that their is no one inside your heart except me , so I need to stop searching. (Indeed , your heart belongs to me.)

    I looked up at you and then again went back to do what I was doing. It felt so warm in your arms. Your chest was softer than cotton. Your hands around me , makes me feel secured and safe. For me this is my home. This is the perfect place to find peace from your inner chaos.

    You tickled me behind my neck and I moved away. You pulled my cheeks and kissed my forehead. You were glancing me. Moving your fingers around my face. And I joked that you gotta see me all your life , you'll get tired , stop it now. You smiled and said that staring at your blessing makes you no tired.

    " Really! Think again. I can be the punishment for your sin's as well "
    You laughed and said " punishments aren't soo beautiful, and even if they are , I would love to cherish them." I started laughing. And suddenly I realised that I can breathe, the bricks have fallen apart.

    Huh , I can breathe! I started sucking in air. Yay ! And then another nostril got blocked. Ah! Annoying shit! I started mourning like a child. You pressed your finger on my lips , sshhh! I was quite. We were just dwelling in each others eyes. Your eyes were like a whole universe. Looking at them was like stargazing.

    Hazel brown and holding hopes. Your nose touched my nose. Our forehead leaning on each other. You were getting close , I pushed you away and moved back. And DDHHAAMM! I again fell from my bed. Rubbing my elbows and head. Sun rays sneaked in through window. I started laughing and blushing .

    I've promised myself today that the day you'll be here , I'll make you fall from bed ten times , I'll avenge. Coming in my dreams and making me fall from my bed but not coming in my life and making Me fall for you, huh!

    I got up and stretched my hands . Standing on my toes and yawning. I heard you whispering in my ears, " sure ! If that makes you happy I'll surely do that." I started smiling, ✌. And you disappeared. I laughed at my stupid imaginations, blushed at the romantic thoughts and covered my face .

    My future is yet to come. My past has gone. My present is filled with your empty presence , and my lost hopes are again born.

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    I swear I totally gone mad. Control berry control.

    #dearfuturelove #hope #love @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #berrygonemad

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    Dear Future love (XlV)

    It's 10:15 pm , and the dinner is being prepared. I'm not hungry today or maybe my thoughts eat away my hunger. I'm silent by appearance, but there are my thoughts in my head , way too loud. I'm restless , walking from one end of the room to another. And then I sat on my bed. My legs folded in a descent manner , hair open and my hands playing with the edges of my trousers.

    You sneaked in your hands through the gaps between my hands and my waist , you wrapped them tight around it. You rested your chin on my shoulder and tickled me through your nose. I moved away without laughing. Then you tickled me at the back of my neck, I got chills , but still didn't react .

    You were quite and motionless, the only thing I could see you doing was breath. There was complete silence in the room , I could literally hear your heart , beating in a rhythm. That was giving me peace.

    You started setting my hairs back so you could see me , you leaned forward , pulling your tongue out but I didn't laugh. And then you tickled me on my thighs (the place I really can't control my laugh) I screamed and laughed ..... noooo!
    And finally I smiled.

    You asked me why am I so upset, I raised my eyebrows at you and said that you were supposed to ask me this first instead of tickling me around. Your lips smiled and you came close to me and said ' I know your habits , if I do this , you'll be smiling all the time while you explain me what had happened, and I want you to smile instead of cry.'

    I leaned back at you folding my knees and placing my hands at yours. 'You know life's a mess. Things never go like I want them to. I don't have a habit of complaining over little things nor Im a stubborn person. I've always tried my best to be the good girl, to be the most sensible one . But even after all my efforts, people bring out the flaws in me ..... -

    You didn't let me complete , and you said - ' people are shitty, even if you bring the world to them they'll still complaint, don't be bothered about it . And you , my love are flawless, I don't care what they say , nor I'm interested to know their opinions about you. You are the way I want you to , and that's what matters.'

    I was smiling , I was glad and I was happy to know that. But me as person, I'm complicated, it's hard to make me understand the simplest thing , and I again went silent. I was on the verge to cry when mum entered and called me out for dinner. I wasn't in a mood to have dinner with my family, I wanted to be alone for a while.

    And now we were having a conversation.
    'You are supposed to leave now , I'm not thinking about you anymore. '
    You smirked , 'do you really think I'm gonna leave. '
    'Ugh! Fine!'
    I went to the table, and served myself , with little food. My dad asked me to serve more but I didn't want to eat. I came in my room and shut the door so lightly that nobody could hear the hinges collapse.

    You took a feather and started tickling in my ears. I flapped my hands in the air and mum opened the door, she was blank and asked me what was I doing . And now I couldn't say that there was a fly because there was no one buzzing around me accept my not-yet-found-future love.

    I said that I was drying my hands as I just washed them. You were laughing and said that I'm bad at lying. And you said -'You laugh , I'll leave. As simple as that.' I was still quite and started eating , while you stubborn kid started whispering in my ears - 'I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. ' and I could barely control my cheeks from turning pink.

    I was done with my food and then I walked out to keep the plate.i came in and hugged you tight , and I whimpered. You tapped my head and calmed me down , and then I moved back from your body and i smiled, you laughed and said ' mission successful ' I started laughing and then you left.

    I was wiping my tears and smiling when mum came in and asked you okay, and I said I'm completely fine mumma . And then your voice echoed in the walls of my heart , 'All because of me , anytime mum'

    Oh my goodness, day by day I'm getting crazy , honestly this is insane. But I hope that you'll say me the same words as I imagined you saying , you'll love me the same way I thought of , you'll accept me the way I hoped for and you'll be with me the way I prayed .

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    #dearfuturelove #hope #love @miraquill @writersnetwork @shadowofthoughts_ just for you

    #ceesreposts #berrygonemad

    ( imaginations tak theek tha , ajj kal hum baat bhi karne lage hai , Sachi pagla gaye hain ����)

    Yepii 100th post ������

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    Dear Future love (Xll)

    It's a cold Wednesday afternoon. I'm still lying on my bed, head under my pillow . Its a cold day and I'm way too lazy to leave my blanket . I came out of my pillow like a rabbit from its hole and started thinking.

    I felt your finger curling up in my hairs And I turned back at you. You were lying next to me . You had the smile that could light up the whole town . You were looking straight in to my eyes with so much of love that I could easily fall for. I raised my eyebrows at you and you raised yours. I made an expression (my favourite one) and you called me a chipmunk . I started laughing at this and ended up smiling.

    You got up from the bed , you placed your first fingers of both hands on your cheeks and pressed them hard. And when I asked you what are you doing ? You said ' how do you manage to get such cute dimples, I need them too! Maybe I'll get them if I do this! ' I started laughing hard ..... 'you won't !' You placed your fingers down and glanced at me , I was still and you asked me to keep smiling. I kept smiling.

    I kept my hands on my cheeks as my cheeks were aching . You took my hands and placed yours on my face . You kept rubbing your tips on my cheeks and admiring the softness of my skin. You were so close to me But still I felt that you are far . I could touch you but couldn't feel you . I had you next to me But I could barely lie on you .

    I touched your face , and it felt like cotton , your lips were like silk and your eyes had trapped the entire universe in them. Your tiny nose, it forces my finger to pull it hard ..... it turned red ! I laughed 'cute!'

    You were lying on my lap , and my not so long hair brushed your face . You again started playing with my hairs. I don't know why you love them so much. This time you kept curling your fingers in them and my hairs became a bit curly from the ends .

    A lot of my work was pending , paper work , assignments etc. But I was not at all bothered to do them , I was too lazy to get up and get over them. You placed your feets on the ground and headed towards my diary. I asked you,are you going ? Not this early ! And you said - 'get up lazy berry and do your work , I'm always here . Think of me and I'll be there.'

    You were standing holding my diary and I asked you -' what's with the diary? You said - ' this is the place I belong to, this is where you have preserved me and I rest here . ' I frowned and placed my hands on my heart ' not here '. You said - ' off course there too !'

    And you disappeared. I started yawning and was about to lie down again , but your words didn't leave me alone, so I headed towards my table and did my work.

    It's so weird , how I feel you and I talk to you. It's insane but I think this is what true love is about. Crossing all the lines of insanity.

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    #dearfuturelove #hope #love #ceesreposts @miraquill @writersnetwork

    ( idk y I write this . I'm not a romantic person, but still this is it ��)

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    Dear Future love (Xlll)

    It's a Thursday morning. I'm lying on my bed, staring at clock and listening to its tic tok . My hairs were spread all over my pillow giving fragrance of pink roses . I got up and walked around my house like a dead soul . I'm a bit sad. Being sad is my hobby. I don't talk much if I'm not in a mood. I was quite and lost. I grabbed my black tea and novel , I hate having breakfasts .

    I was lying on the couch like a carefree kid , one leg on the couch and the other on the floor (decent sitting etiquettes are not my cup of tea ) I drifted under the lines in the novel and I felt your chin on my head and your hands around my neck. I looked at your face upside down and you kissed my forehead.

    I was busy reading then I smelled food . You bought the tray closer to me with a sad look on your face. You sat next to me and I pulled your cheeks ...... but you looked away.

    I was silent and then you took my hand in yours, looking straight in to my eyes. "You know that I love you and also that I care for you and for a fact that I'm not here . So till I come to you my love you are supposed to take care of yourself, not be Careless about anything and don't skip meals . I know you land your anger and sadness on food , you don't express your feelings and you stay silent. But don't do this to yourself, for my sake".

    My eyes had tears , they rolled down my cheeks . You placed your hands on my face , your thumb wiped my tears and Your little finger tickled my earlobe. I kissed your palm.

    The touch was fading away , I got up to stop you and I fell down, my novel fell next to me . Ahh ! Again a dream from my short nap.

    Your words echoed in my heart while I made my breakfast. I sat on the table and I heard you saying " that's like my girl ".

    And honey, somewhere under darkness, I still look out for you .
    Somewhere between my breaths , I still hold on to you.
    Somewhere within my soul , I still reach out for you and
    Somewhere between my heart beats, I still count on you.

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    Dear Future love (Xl)

    It's a Saturday evening, I'm standing right in front of the sea. The wind is blowing hard making me tremble on my feet. The sea is fiery , the waves are clashing. The sea is cool , but I'm not feeling cold or maybe I'm imagining your arms around me And feeling the warmth of your body .

    I remember when I came here last night, when the sea was still but I felt my heart pounding. I wasn't getting good vibes . It felt dark. I felt like there is someone inside the still sea who will pull me inside and make me breathless. The sky was dark and the sea was deep . The moon was gloomy and the stars were silent.

    But today it's different though the winds are pushing me back and making me fall..... I feel peace. The waves are rising and my hopes are reviving .

    I was setting back hairs under my hijab , but it seems like you are blowing over them . I felt your cheeks next to my temples and we both were moving with the air.

    Then suddenly I realised that you aren't here, I giggled embarrassingly and tapped my hand on my forehead as people were smiling at me .

    It's strange how I feel you around even if you are not here. But I wish you were here watching the sea with me and falling for me . I wish I could love you to the moon and back . I wish you stay forever with me .

    And honey, I don't believe in making a wish while seeing a falling star or by blowing my fallen eyelashes, as somewhere I strongly believe that you will be here soon.

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    Dear Future Love (lX)

    It's the first week of November, and you are lost like a dream too sweet to remember. I lived under Nostalgia, recollecting my childhood and imagining you around.New year will be knocking my calender soon , and I will still be the same ....... sweet , caring and alone.

    "Normal life" is a metaphor for me. As my life always worked according to the people around. My dreams were manipulated, I was manipulated. Watching me live my life is like watching a puppet show. As just like those puppets, I'm moved and played by the threads of threat and pain . The controller is in the hands of people who are close to me .

    I was just being patient all my life , because that's what I learned from past 19 years. I was taught to adjust , not to be a girl of tantrums , be strong at every point , sacrifice everything I could and keep smiling even if I'm not happy.

    Those threads behind my back are stitched deep in my backbone. They get tangled when I try to remove them. The threads of threat are tied up in my wrist. The threads at my neck are painful. As I nod my head at everything.......even when I don't agree with it. And I do that just to avoid arguments.

    Naming my pain is tough. As I myself don't know why I feel it. Need a tight hug to fix all my broken pieces which are like mosaics. Nerves are collapsing on each other, as they can't find a route to my heart. Maybe because my heart is lost in the jungle of imaginations.

    Negative impact was always there haunting my mind . Networks of mind are left numb . Neurons which transmit messages are damaged , by betrayal. Nobody ever tried to make an attempt. Nobody made me believe in love . Nobody said that things will be alright, or its just that I don't disclose much.

    Evenings are spent with empty black tea mugs in hands ....... seeing the mint leaves in my mug dry and the last sip of black tea to settle down as residue.

    Noise made by my empty soul was never heard. Neither was it followed. 'Nonsense' was the tag given to it. Now what I'm left with is just not-so-important thoughts and nostalgic imaginations.

    I'm waiting here , still with all hopes and patience. I know you will come and fix my pieces and paste back my torn hopes. And I hope you won't disappoint me.

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    #dearfuturelove #hope #love @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #berrygonemad

    Was gonna stop after this......but I won't for you
    And this is just for you mannuu as you always make me write it

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    Dear Future Love (X)

    It's a calm Monday morning. Sun rays are cold. They lost their brightest shine as the clouds are hindering it. I could see the tree's on the other side of the street dancing a salsa with the air. They are moving , they are happy .

    I rested my hands on the wooden plank placed in my balcony , leaning my head over it I closed my eyes. I felt your hands around my waist and your head over my hairs. You gave me a kiss on my cheeks and your beard was tickling my dimples.

    You wrapped us under a blanket. Warm mugs in our hands. I rested my back on your chest and felt your breaths. Your breaths were making my hairs feel the warmth. I turned back to you resting my chin on my arm. I was glancing at you while you were busy making different weird hairstyles with my split ends.

    You collected them all and giggled saying that my split ends are like a paint brush......you paused. I raised my eyebrows and then you said that they are painting beauty . I smiled at this and you made your back hug tighter .

    We were there , observing the sky. Seeing it change colours even more beautifully than a chameleon. Blue , yellow, orange, red , Pink, purple and then sapphire blue. The full moon was perfect, and we both were counting the grey spots on it.

    We saw the stars twinkling, and you said that they are winking at me , with a insecure frown at your face. I gave back a sarcastic look and said that I will runaway with the moon. You laughed. I laughed. We both loved the moment.

    We made an attempt to count the stars , 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11......we stopped at twelve ...... our fingers were on the same star......and we looked deeply into each others eyes...... lost somewhere or maybe waiting for an answer to spill. You curled up your fingers in mine and bought my hand down. Your palm was warm. My hands looked tiny Infront of yours.

    Your eyes had a lot to say and ask. They were holding on a lot. I turned back to you and whispered bring your heart to my ears. You were quite for a while and then you asked me how much I love you and before I could answer......darkness surrounded us and a bell was ringing hard. I opened my eyes , I was frightened. That was the stupid alarm which rang before I completed my dream. And I was busy admiring the dreamy moments.

    And honey, talking about how much I love you ....... it's beyond the science could imagine and the calculator can calculate. It is something you can't measure and something you can't purchase. It's beyond the universe that can be explored and more than anyone can count.

  • pink_berry 5w

    Dear Future Love (Vlll)

    It's 3:15 am in the night . My window is still open unlike always it's closed. I don't want the sky to follow me , the moon to stare at me and the stars to sneak in my room. My cute little room , cosy enough, Pink walls , Pink wardrobe and white bed.

    You know this is the place where I've spent most of my life. I shared my happiness with the walls , I glared at them with smile. I enclosed my sadness on my wardrobe (I'm tiny enough to sneak in) I remember sitting inside , hugging my knees and weeping. I landed my anger on the doors ..... shutting them hard and my windows were the glass frames which made me fall for the cosmic sky and the fiery sun. The curtains used to be my towel to clean my hands after eating chocolate and even tissue to wipe my tears.

    But I'm gonna leave this all behind one day and as the days pass by I realise that the ' one day ' is not soo far. I have to leave this all behind and soon every moment cherished here or perished here will be a memory.

    Not again......my eyes are rolling down crystals to balance with your preciousness. Lashes are dried , they are crisp , there are white salty remains on my cheeks and a tear droplet waiting on the chin to fall on my shirt .

    It's a full moon night . I can see grey scars on the moons face , making it more beautiful. I hope you will see me the same way the poets see the moon . Scars that beautify ; flaws that makes me unique and heart which is ready to sacrifice it's beat to.

    Every time I see couples walking down the lane holding hands , it reminds me of you . The very breathe I take hopes for you . Every beat my heart beats it falls for you . Every blink my lashes make it seeks you . Every time I shiver with cold my hands waits for your warmth and every time darkness surrounds my soul looks out for your light.

  • princessfuzzy 6w

    While wrapping my hands
    Around the ceramic coffee mug,
    I wondered how good
    It would have been
    If I was enfolded,
    Just like the porcelain cup,
    Cosy hands against my skin.

    Stroking the cup's white cheeks
    rather vigorously
    To get myself out of my stupor
    Only hurled me deeper
    to my own dream world,
    This time my thought being
    How pleasant it would feel
    If he caress my not so white cheeks
    The same way.

    I washed my cup,
    Chiding myself
    For being so lovesick
    While other people sing,
    "I'm so sick of this fake love".

    My haiku turn into sonnets
    Limerick into epic poesies
    When it comes to
    Describing my better-half
    Who might not even know my existence.

    I fantasize his face
    As a moon without scars,
    Sun without burns,
    Star that doesn't fade
    Though I myself
    Am imperfect
    With scars, burns
    And one that
    Fades like a miserable candle
    In a world of beautiful damsels...

  • pink_berry 5w

    Dear Future love (Vll)

    Time flies, the month of October is ending . Soon there will be winters here and as always I will still long to play in snow and make a snowman. Last night was terrible, it was worst of all nights . I slept crying . I covered my lips so nobody could hear me cry. My pillow was drenched in tears.

    At times I become so hopeful , I imagine you around me , I smile out of nowhere and I feel myself as a part of you. My hopes are dying , my eyes are bloodshot, my tears dont seek out of my eyes anymore. My poetries are still about, they are always about you. Words in them are waiting for you to give them a meaning. My metaphors are denying your presence. My similes are under ego because of your soul. My personification is jealous of your heart. My diary is sad because I don't write about anything else other than you.

    My heart follows you when you forget your way. My mind messages you when you are sad. My soul hugs you when you fall. My eyes convey you my love and my touch will sweep away the panting darkness in your sleep.

    My arms are always open for you my love. My heart beats for you. It's ready to sacrifice everything but not you. I've lived all my life without love but not anymore. Let your presence quench my thirst for love.

    I pray for you with my weeping eyes , I keep the suicidal thoughts aside by thinking of your life. I'm scared of curses , they wrench my heart . I hope you are blessing for me.....as I have heard and met a lot curses already.

    Honey , my fingers are tired of writing about you. My ink bottle is half filled but it has dried and my quill is stuck in it just like my steadfast believe over you which is stuck in the dry mud of love.

  • pink_berry 6w

    Dear Future love (Vl)

    It's a warm Friday morning. I'm still sleepy. But in order to satisfy the craving of the ground, I need to place my feets on it. I walked down the stairs , reached the kitchen and made my breakfast. A bowl of cornflakes, an oat bar and a cup of black tea.

    I went up in my room which smelled like lavender and cinnamon. I opened the window taking a deep breath and letting the oxygen in which you breathed too,pass through my lungs . The oxygen got exchanged with my heart but I'm waiting for your love to dissolve in my blood .

    My hairs were tickling my cheeks which came off from my messy half tie hairstyle. I kept tucking them behind my ears , but it seems like your imagination is turning into reality for me.
    May be you are thinking about me , maybe you are Imagining my hairs falling on my face.

    Maybe you wish the wish I wish . Maybe you too dream of me when you sleep. Maybe it's not just me praying for you.
    Maybe it's not just me looking forward to meet you . Maybe it's not just me hoping to see you soon. Maybe it's both us falling for each other unknowingly.

    But it's all just 'Maybe's' I'm not sure about the love from your heart.

    My life is full of if's and but's ..... but I want you to turn them into a yeah and yes. My past was a bygone, my present is a fake reality, but I want my future to be proud of all the mess and mistakes I did in my life.

  • pink_berry 6w

    Dear Future love (V)

    It's a cloudy Thursday evening, my heart is heavy today, my mind is numb and my eyes are filling the emptiness with tears. The sky is wearing a blanket of clouds, the sun is behind them playing hide and seek just like "happiness" in my life. Sometimes it makes everything right and sometimes it ruins by being very bright.

    I went to the central park in my locality and sat on a broken chair there. The park is always crowded unlike today there was silence humming in the winds. There were no people their, no kids playing on the see-saw . All I could see was vacant slides and swings. The tree's were leafless, just like me , hopeless. I sat on the swing leaning my head over the chain on the left and lost in my own thoughts.

    My hijab slipped and my hair spilled over my face.
    My eyelashes brushed my hair strands with every blink, while the winds kept tangling them.
    Then I went and lay still over the bed of dried leaves. Feeling the crisp under my neck and listening the crunchy sound. My bloodshot eyes had tears by now but the water line was holding it in . I closed my eyes and the lifeless tears went down my temples and then lost in the beautiful jungle of hairs.

    I opened my eyes staring at the sky , blankly. Wishing for your lap under my head and hands tapping my forehead. I imagined listening to a lullaby by you and slept in the hope to see you on my dreams.

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    #dearfuturelove #start #wod #patternc
    @pink_berry @princessfuzzy you made me want to try it. I know it lacks. But.. : )

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    When the flowers will bloom
    at the darkest corners
    inside your heart.
    I'll fall as rain to make
    them grow like natures own craft.
    I'll fill my poems in a cup
    until it overflows. I'll catch you
    when you'll fall. I might drown
    in your eyes. But I don't know how
    I'll be like in there.
    I need you to tell me how it feels.
    I'll put your name in my sky.
    I'll be your sun. I'll be your rain.
    And I'll be your grace.
    I won't tell you any lies.
    I want to read your mind
    but you know I can't.
    So, ask me as much as you can.
    Tell me how you feel.
    I've heard love is
    complicated. So, I'll not
    try to sort it. for they said
    complications are like phoenix
    rising amongst the ashes.
    And I don't want any
    backlashes. All I want is
    you to show me some signs.
    Don't tell me I'm wrong, just
    teach me the right way.
    Let me in. Like I do.
    My voice is pretty high.
    Burning like fire, I can too cry.
    My shadows are dark,
    but they are always
    supported by the sunrays
    for the lights to pattern a way.
    So, let me wipe your teary eyes.
    I'll be the tittle of rhymes.
    Oh love, nobody matters like you.
    I don't want you to fade away.
    Don't cut me down.

    I'll bring some flowers to
    bloom in the garden,
    Just make sure to pour some
    rain and sunrays equally.
    Whenever it's dark,
    You can count on me.


  • pink_berry 7w

    Dear Future love (lV)

    You know I dreamt about you last night, and guess what we were fighting for an ice-cream. That was a cute dream. I woke up in the morning feeling tired as if I lifted up many dumbles , but it's the same like sleeping with hundreds of thoughts which burden your mind. The day we will meet is not yet here , have some patience love. I was happy to here that ..... but sad too . At times there are soo many thoughts running in my head burning the calories of my past..... I feel exhausted. I need some relief, the relief that the draught lands have after a heavy rain, the relief the clouds have after showering there pain . Something just like this .....and I know this relief lies in your arms, in your love and in your heart. It's strange how I have both the feelings at the same time. I wanna met you , see you , be with you, laugh with you, cry with you and love you, and in the same moment I feel the contrary. I'm way too childish , I'm not sensible and I'm insane too ! I want to be accepted the way I am and not wanna be changed. I wanna walk with you the entire journey crossing every hill and stone . I want my metaphors to memorise you and similes to make you smile . I want my allusions to appear apparent and my pathetic fallacy to fail in front of you . The saying " good things take time " are keeping me alive , but you are taking too long . And it's your fault, and I'm gonna make you regret it through my words , my poetries and my presence off course. I don't regret my past, it was worth facing a heartache , in order to believe in love even stronger and wiser. But honey make my past jealous of my future.

  • pink_berry 7w

    Dear Future love (lll)

    Today is no more a today, there are no nows in the present moment. The sun is shinning bright but my soul lost the light. I feel neither bottled up nor I'm at ease. I'm lost somewhere in the triumph of a news. Meeting you was always something I thought of every moment, and now when the moment is here , I'm scared. I don't know why am I scared? But there are few weird intuitions, some very weird thoughts and deep breaths with every blink. I've always kept my hopes high but someway or the other they disappointed me. I kept my hopes , believe , love , life and everything my soul contains at you , and I'm worried. The roses are wilting , they are about to fall.
    I've closed my eyes under a wall. I caged my heart so that it don't love you more. Or maybe I want to love you more. I don't know where my life's gonna take me or what's written in my destiny. I don't know who are you .Though I'm curious to explore your world , take care of your little things , understand you at your worse , be with you at the weakest moment and love you till infinity . My hearts pounding like a launching rocket. My hands are chilled , they are sweating. The adrenaline......Oh my my.....it's more than blood in my body. My soul is standing like a shadow beside me ......! And my heart is out of my body wandering on the streets of love , I hope it met you already and you followed it like the bread crumbs left by Hansel and Gratel to the way back home ; to the way to me . I'll hear the words which linger in your silence, I will read your eyes when covered with fake looks and I will reach to your happiness when you pretend . I tell myself that I'm fine , I'll be okay but I really need you to make me feel fine, make me feel okay .

  • pink_berry 8w

    Dear Future love (II)

    It's a gloomy Wednesday evening, the sky is cloudy . It seems like it's going to rain , I wish you were here. Last night I went to a cafe , it gave me very romantic vibes, though I'm not a romantic person, but seeing the couples around with candles and having dinner was heart warming. The birds are flying over maybe measuring the length of the sky , just like my eyes looking out for you at a crowd full Street. Summers are nearing an end . The tree leaves are losing the green lush , the sky is getting dull and the sun is getting cold .
    I couldn't sleep last night , I don't know why ! Your thoughts were fighting with my sleep and in order to calm them down I splashed my tears on them. I wish I could just ask you when are you coming ? Which day ? Which week ? Which year? Which eternity? I can just ink my emotions, mention you in my poetries without a tag and think of you every second. The night sky is empty without you as a moon . I personify you as everything. My metaphors aren't mesmerising anymore . My alliterations alter after awful agonies, my similes don't make me smile and my hyperboles.......uh.....they are just floating holes . Spring passed by And now summers as well . The winters are here, but where are you ? I long for arms around me , I long for lips to whisper ' I LOVE YOU ' in my ears . I want your eyes to dwell in mine and rest my ears on your chest to hear the rhythm of your heart beat. I love back hugs with coffee mugs and sleeping under rugs. My tears are rolling down my cheeks , they are warm .
    I'm tired of wiping them again and again with my fingers and now it's your turn to dip your tips in my tears. I inked a lot of poetries for you read them before the pages turn brittle. My past was a mess and my future is you . I hope you are a beautiful one .

  • pink_berry 8w

    Dear Future love (I)

    Today the sky appears like azure.
    There are stars to fill the plain and dull sky . There's a crescent moon too ! The clouds seems like cotton candies , they make patterns and shapes of hearts and animals. The sun have set long back behind the horizon just like my hopes to see you before things get worse. I don't know why I miss you soo much even though I don't know you . We never met nor we promised to ! But there is a little intuition which alerts me in my deep sleep, there are thousands of thoughts which keep me awake and a million dreams I long to fulfill. In the darkest hours and in the haunting nights I hug my pillow . I drop my tears on the daintily embroidered cover and they spread far. I weep silently in order to let the sleepers sleep . Autumn's coming and for the first time I'm not excited. Spring passed by me like a stranger and I didn't sense . The birds left their nests and the boughs of the tree's lost the chirping just like my ancient magnificent heart which lost its beat somewhere in the noise of fear . Dad bought a yellow rose for me , with linden and mulberry leaves surrounding it .
    It reminded me of my childhood when I use to crave for such flowers and bouquets . It's been three days and seeing it wilt moment by moment gives my heart a ache . I want our love to be like the dark red Geraniums and like the pink blush Mandevilles , classic , charismatic and full of contentment. You are my future , make me believe in love.

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    #dearfuturelove I shared this thought a couple of years ago. After two years, my superman found me. ���� How did you find yours!? Tag me @ #angelfizz8 and go! ��

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    Love is just a word
    until you find someone
    who gives it definition.
    are you out there!?

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    Dear Future Love

    Feel my love from
    the beauty of nature and
    the genuine smiles of

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