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  • dnswords 5d

    शमशान बोला :--

    आगया सब घुमके ,
    पता हें ना, मेहमान था इस गाव मे !

    आदमी temporary हें , तो घमंड किस बात का ?


  • alecmb 2w

    The Graveyard Keeper
    By: Alecmb

    All of these people dead
    Lying in there darkened dirt bed
    Driving past them day and night
    While minds wander, thoughts take flight
    All of these people dead
    Lying in their darkened dirt bead

    Remembered and forgotten by some
    Most won't visit, they won't come
    They won't be here for when the stories are told
    Nor when the dirt bed turns cold
    But our time too will arrive
    Where we no longer shall be alive

    All of these people dead
    Lying in there darkened dirt bed
    Driving past them day and night
    While minds wander, thoughts take flight
    All of these people dead
    Lying in there darkened dirt bed

    I am the graveyard keeper
    Who wards off the Grim Reaper
    For I am here to listen to the stories of the dead
    And I am here to tend to their cold beds
    All of these people dead
    Lying in their darkened dirt bed

    Will not be and are not


  • carlizah 3w

    Is a disguised

  • alfaaazdilke 3w


    Karoge Yaad Toh Har Baat Yaad Aayegi

    Guzre Hue Waqt Ki Bhi Mulaqat Thaher Jaayegi

    Log Toh Kuch Yaad Nahi Rakhte Hai Aaj-Kal Zamane Mein

    Najane Kal Kise Humari Maut Yaad Aayegi.

  • czarcasm 3w


    I don't know how it started

    This ember in me that promised a fire

    Such encouragement made me want to give it oxygen

    Wanting to bring it to life

    The heat from it I could handle

    For it warmed me more that the tattered shirt around me

    Winter was coming

    The snap of branches as I gathered fuel

    Set my mind at ease

    I knew I wouldn't have to go without one of the few thing that could keep me alive

    The one thing to keep the monsters at bay

    They were already watching me

    At the treeline

    Their hungry eyes made my skin crawl

    But it was the remaining hours of sun left

    That allowed me to move as I was

    Yet when it finally went down

    When the monsters could finally step out of the dark

    I would be in trouble

    You may be wondering why I'm out here

    In the cursed land outside the castle walls

    Why I would be sticking my neck out

    Taunting such monsters

    I had no choice

    Once highly praised by the king himself

    I was exiled

    Thrown outside the very walls that I protected

    And into the mouth of the monster

    An outbreak of Pox had scared everyone

    And they made the rash decision to throw away the only thing to keep them safe

    I looked quickly over my shoulder

    I hadn't much time before they broke the treeline

    And hopefully continued on to the castle

    Already destroyed by the slaughter the day before

    For once the wizard Alenoth heard I was gone

    He hadn't even hesitated to let the monsters in

    Their hissing even curdling my own blood

    But it was their cold eye that scared most

    Dead they stared blankly at you

    Somehow knowing where your every movement took you

    If I hadn't seen it before

    I would have ran away hours ago

    Saliva dropping from needle like teeth

    The characters branded into their skin stood out in a sickly yellow

    A language of the wizard

    It had taken me two days to destroy his lair

    And I had escaped without a mark



    Somehow I had survived his attack

    And now he once again hunted me in my own territory

    I grinned excited and put out the fire

    I would do it the old way

    I grinded out the remaining coal and bended down

    Covering my face in a mixture known for ages by the natives

    I untied my knife and cut my hand

    The smile on my face grew as the demons broke the treeline

    I wouldn't die here

    Not today

    For the wizard wasn't the only one

    With the magic of the ancients

    The smell of their saliva rancid in the air

    Would have made any other person gag

    It was as if they were already dead

    But when I got done with them

    Even the King would regret his disloyalty

  • _princy_ 3w

    I weep with the dead, my darling, asking the reaper, for you.


  • wifey_suicide 3w

    I got a gun pointed at my head, it's not full
    The trigger, I pull
    Empty thoughts make my head explode

  • raman_writes 4w


    ख़ामियाँ किसी की किसी को नहीं मारती ।

    ये बेवफ़ाई है जो जीना हराम कर देती है ।।


  • viyaansh 4w

    No title

    Dil me dard daba k betha hoon....
    Aankhon me aansu chhipake betha hoon ....
    Rone ka bohot mann kar raha hai ....
    Andar andar ghut ghut k mar raha hoon . ....

  • nocturnal_enigma 4w

    * 27.8.2021; 3.36 A.M (Malaysia)

    * 596th post; 82 posts till 678th (Target)

    #Deadly #Dead #Silence #Hangs


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    -angs ~

    Inside my soul, there live deeply buried pangs.
    It's make me want to bare my hidden fangs.
    Inside my body; Heart and soul are gangs.
    It's noisy when the heart-beat keep bangs.
    Inside my mind, words are like boomerangs.
    It's bothersome. While deadly silence hangs.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 6w


    When all the luminosity of this illusive world falls apart,
    I find you in the umbral corner of my splintered heart,
    Beneath the barren sky where breathes not even a single ray of light,
    So that neither my shadow emerges nor my reflection evolves to steal my sight.

    Where my soul stands raw in front of you, in the state of ablution, in the position of Salah,
    The space between my breaths filled with my trembling voice summoning you, "Ya Allah",
    Where It's only you to listen when my feeble body falls in the state of prostrations,
    My tongue ceases, my soul whispers aloud, unveiling the depth of worldly lacerations.

    Where I can fearlessly shed drops of pain through my eyes,
    Seeking a single droplet of your forgiveness, vast oceans of sins that purifies,
    Even when I know no divine voice would ever revert back from the heavens,
    But still I find peace while I pluck the thorns of perplexing questions.

    I plead with you to flatten the accumulated sins at the seashore of my life, the silt,
    At the point of tangency of my forehead and the praying mat, gets dissolved my guilt,
    Where the jars of tales about me being betrayed and hurt, I endeavour to tilt,
    Exhausted I sit spreading my hands to beg, to restore the castles of my peace, I'd built.

    I may be the biggest of sinners this universe can ever hold,
    But your generosity O Lord, is enormous, you're forgiveness is multi - fold,
    The tears that drop forming a pond in my cupped hands with faded lines to pray, to plead,
    Renders solace as they are purest of all the rivers, through the chest of moutains that bleed.


    PS: Salah - Namaz
    Ablution- Act of cleansing one's body n face.
    Prostrations - Bending down to pray in Namaz.

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 6w


    I felt like a withered autumn leaf, flimsy and light,
    The land which my feet weren't kissing, never touched my sight,
    Breeze that blew there had an elegant fragrance, diffused,
    From the flowers I had smelt never, stood confused.

    The place brighter than the sun exhaling moon-like tranquility,
    Descended down my soul bit by bit, drops of serenity,
    With my naked eyes all open, I felt I was put on a blindfold,
    Vaccum brimmed my very existence, no memories I seemed to hold,

    Advanced further, just to feel more of that strange place,
    I realised, I moved in a distict way bearing a divine grace,
    Not only the rivers and passerines there, even I was new,
    Brooks were pure than ever, novice was the zephyr that blew.

    A cradle of snowflakes, quilted with feathers, swaying side by side,
    Near a lustrous stream of honey flowing in shades of gold and bronze, alongside,
    Summoned me and I just slid towards it inquisitive to find what it had,
    My senses spinned a million times in skepticism, I then realised, I was dead.

    I met someone after decades, my womb bore it for birth,
    My newborn who struggled too hard but couldn't make on the Earth,
    I kissed every inch of his tender body and my tears rolled down inadvertently,
    With the firm belief that none could tear us apart, my arms clasped my long lost baby.

    I didn't grieve for I had foregone my body, my life,
    Rather I forgave all the souls at once, got freed from the wordly strife,
    The mother in me thanked the angel of death for that priceless reunion,
    Whom she cursed once for abducting her baby, rendering her motherhood barren.


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  • murtaza_niyazi 6w

    Me and my physiology

    In the lonely world of mine there lies a hope
    In the empty heart there is a will

    In this world I feel the most lonely
    And that was my choice

    A guyton hall in my hand and a lemon scented candle burning
    Light on dim and i lay on bed
    Flipping through the pages and enjoying the pain i feel

    Ahh a better love story doesn't exist

    no more relationships
    No more guilt
    People left and pushed them further away
    Remeber the axiom of medicine is "i dont care about anyone"

  • brainn 7w


    Blood drops from my eyes and tears flows through my veins as I try to pen out how affected we are by affections.
    We care less we claim
    But no one been so heartless as to loose it's heart.
    Even the Dead could sometimes show compassion.
    I guess Affection is just a curse we all have been cursed with

  • feelings_expressed_1 7w

    Do You Remember???

    Do you remember those old childhood days of your life?

    Just wait, pause and look at your past.

    Remember those cute little beautiful and bright smiles; and now just look at you. Aren't you tired of these fake smiles? I can clearly see the pain hidden behind them.

    Those childhood days when we used to listen to stories at night and laugh at them, and then go to sleep. But now it's changed right? Every night we just keep thinking about our life story and cry, cry and cry, and then finally go to sleep.

    Also remember your childhood friends, the ones with whom you might be having a lot of memories but only few pics. The fun you all had in tutions, schools, gardens and societies.
    (Wow, I like the way you just smiled)
    And what has it turned into now? Just you and your social media friends and your colleagues. Well, it's called luck and true friendship if you're still in touch with your school friends.

    Yo! Wait, what about the pocket money that you used to get and also spend it on your favourite items like chips, biscuits,cookies, and other tasty stuff? But see how times change. Now you do have the money but it's your hardwork that's paying you and feeding you, not your pocket money.

    Remember those days when we used to rush to our parents, cousins, family members or relatives to just grab their phones and play video games? But look at the irony. Now we all have mobile phones but no time to play games.

    Ahhhh!!! Why is it like this as we grow from children to youngsters? Why and how do we forget all the things we used to do on a daily basis? But yup the truth is that whenever you think about this, you just smile and get back to that corner of your brain that has all these memories and these moments captured once and forever.

    All I wanna say to you is that just keep reminding yourself about these thoughts that can make you happy and positive, the way you always were in your childhood and trust me, your life's gonna be amazing.


  • aryanakhan 7w

    Sometimes you can't tell,
    whether you're barely alive or barely dead.
    Lewanai Shpana

  • surajsanu 8w

    Sach mein jindagi kya kya sikhata hei
    Haste hein jab unhone kandho pe humein baithaye the
    Lekin hum rote hein jab hum unko kandho pe uthate hei


  • feelings_expressed_1 8w

    Tutti hui hasi

    Mein aksar haste rehta hu aur iss wajah se logon ko lagta hai ki mujhe rona nahi aata, Par ek baat yaad rakhna humesha,
    Ek tute hue insaan ki hasi se pyaari aur koi cheez nahi hoti.

  • feelings_expressed_1 8w

    Achai aur burai

    Iss duniya mein koi acha ya bura nahi hota Kyunki yeh duniya burai aur achai mein baati hai
    Par sawal yeh hai ki hum kisse apna the hai kyunki ussi se humari pehchan hoti hai.

  • czarcasm 8w


    Little doll upon the wall

    Why do you cry our to me

    Silent the tears that speak your anguish

    I can't understand you

    What is it

    This house looked abandoned

    As I approached in the rain

    Dead silent

    But the feeling of something watching me


    I couldn't stand it

    I know it wasn't the doll watching me

    Her eyes were distant

    As if seeing behind the earthly plane

    As if seeing through me

    It made me want to turn and see what was behind me

    Something told me not to

    Something inside me said run

    Don't look back

    I ran

    Busting through the front door

    Into the rain

    The feel of soft soil under the small layer of water

    Almost comforting

    It took all I could just to stand up

    I'd rather wait by the car than try to find a phone in that house


    And nothing could make me step back inside

    For a split second I had seen something

    Behind me in the reflection of glass

    And I didn't like what I had seen

    But the smell of rotten flesh confirmed it

    And I had left all my guns in the car


    I hopped to my feet and turned around

    Grabbing a branch off the ground

    The best way to stop a zombie is to sever the head

    It was sad that they had made it this far out here

    Past the cities


    A virus this strong it was knocking humanity almost out of existence

    We still had no cure

    I embraced to swing as it finally stumbled into sight

    This one had to be three months old

    Skin on their face hanging in spots by sinew that had lost its color

    And in some spots-

    I didn't want to go there

    Each one of these things used to be someone's child

    Someone's mother

    Some people were just lucky that they didn't have to kill their own parents

    After an infection over takes a household

    And your mother begs on her knees for mercy

    Begs for you to kill her so she could be with her husband

    Who had bitten her

    While she was painstakingly turning

    Before my eyes

    She begged me with every last bit of humanity left

    And she mean it

    The turning is enough to kill what humanity is left inside

    I pulled the trigger when she jumped

    No longer human

    My father days past expired

    Followed after

    My sister had died with the virus

    Sometimes it turns you

    Sometimes you just die

    Every organ in your body degrading in mere hours

    She didn't have a chance

    Out of us all only I remained

    The last of my bloodline

    The now dead zombie reminded me of the continuous plague upon this earth

    Everyone has lost someone

    Or even themselves

    It's amazing I'm still whole

    If the remaining survivors only knew

    I'd be a lab rat

    It reminded me of the videos they showed

    At the beginning of the outbreak

    When they were kidnapping anyone assured


    People like me

    People unable to be infected or altered

    But retained the strength of the infected

    I put my powers and humanity to good use

    I stepped back into the thick mud and looked up at the house

    Even if immune you could get a nasty infection from a bite

    Immunity doesn't protect you from onset infection

    Especially when enzymes in their saliva prevented your body from healing

    I was cautious to go into the house

    What if she had a daughter

    A baby

    A husband

    What if she was the last to go

    Such dreaded thoughts entered my mind with every house I passed

    Every time I saw a swing set

    A diamond ring

    A photo

    I didn't know how long I had left on this cursed planet

    But I would fight with every breath

    To rid this world of the Undead

    Until I am dead