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  • sidharth_jeevakumar 6w

    Dream Full

    Everyday my dreams are all about her,
    Doesn't have to mention my daydreams.


  • supratimd 7w

    My life in furor

    Living life determined:
    My ever distracted mind,
    Often took off
    And in those flights,
    I saw sights
    Oh so varied and full of charm:
    Yet sitting in that classroom so somber,
    I saw my life in furor.


  • pi_infinite 13w


    Hiding from the world
    Behind closed eyelids,
    The doors to my soul
    Shut in the face
    Of intruders,
    Those who wish to know
    But are unwilling to understand,
    Care about the colour of my eyes
    But fail to see their depth.
    I hold the power to choose
    Who is welcome in my realm,
    In the worlds I build,
    Palaces and oceans,
    Lives and moralities,
    In the secrecy of my mind,
    Behind closed gates
    Where nothing can reach me
    But the red of the sun
    And the faint gleam
    Of a crescent moon.

  • riri_d 15w

    Roses and lavenders,
    Days feel older, just like time itself.
    When the moon is too bright
    And maybe the darkness is still.
    I'll wait in my nightmares,
    Searching for a dream.
    100 paths of own labyrinth.
    But I was never lost.
    Maybe I'll wait for tomorrow,
    As of now, the sun's asleep.
    And Im walking,
    This path, all across it seems

  • mr_kumare 17w


    Sometimes we only have our daydreams to rest in.


  • ayayrunsblog 19w

    One More Day And One More Night

    As I lay my head to rest, it was sleep I didn't get,
    My mind was buzzing with thoughts I wish I could forget.
    I wondered how brave it must be for a flower to smile each day,
    Even when its days are numbered, it may even die today.
    It gets up still, regardless of the changing weather,
    Sun, rain, hail and snow, it stands tall despite whatever.
    Even at nights when there's no light to guide,
    Does its spirit wane? I wonder,
    But for each new day I see it rise, I guess I have my answer.
    Petals are seen as beauty, good looks and glamour,
    But the more I think, the more I believe that that's their battle armor.
    As my mind finally winds down and I say my goodnight,
    I can only dream to be as brave as a flower, to survive for One More Day And One More Night.

  • sadaf_nisha__ 22w

    And one day he started feeling incomplete without her messages,
    He waited for her outside the school corridors....
    Till mornings , noons evenings and nights
    And that's how thier story started

  • taytay_nicole424 25w


    Memorized by those clover eyes of yours
    Trapped in your torturous trance
    Forever daydreaming
    Dancing on pillowly clouds
    Dressed in brilliant billowy blues and silvers
    All my worries and tears dripping away like raindrops
    As we waltz under the smiling moon

  • jodi_writes 29w

    she believed in her daydreams
    but daydreams fade with the sunlight
    she thought she found magic
    but the trick was on her
    she writes to be free
    but the paper has turned yellow


  • abhishekkamble 31w

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    Image credit to its rightful owner.

    Midnight of the picture book.

    The comfy couch couldn't resist but entangled and was reluctant to say, "get up, you always make me watch romedy" rather the cozy and homely feel entwined in a way, we could spellbound the sorcerer's magic. Fading gleam of moon upon the window panes could sign the ardent stars aligned for tonight's purpose. The disguised air enveloping the soothing note of music could whisper slightly in asleep ears as we didn't turn off the television and its screen would play to manipulate our dreamy musing, we forgot in a haste as the warmth wrapped around the coldness that shivered down the messy shawl.
    As I will slowly open my eyes to stare them on your mesmerizing face I would walk to the windows to tease the sleepy eyes of yours with the desperate sun rays coming in through the mischievous gap between the curtains and your widened lips grinning would signal on how the grace has showered the rosy red and sunflowers in a garden ! You craved to slide brush on the canvass, not aware I was standing to adore your artistic glare, you sprinkled the yellows upon me and I was in awe, I exclaimed, "Ohh wait! Now I gotta put some on you, hehe!" hastly I ran after you to make you laugh in the rainbow's embrace as I poured down the hues on your sweatshirt.
    Terrace dates where the innumerable golden shades would shine upon the delicacy that will melt in our mouth until we say, "Ohh this is much of food,hehe", as the time will fly in the ticks we would be gazing up carelessly ignoring the clock's waning. The clouds will be jealous of the enlightened dim sky as it falls to the depth of the sea but the shore needs a noise ! We would be counting the twinkling and staring the sparkling fireworks as we sit for the picture book delight, sliding down the funnily and silily clicked stills through the midnight.

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  • jodi_writes 42w

    Her daydreams
    are better then her
    reality with him

    Enough said


  • kiansh_ 44w

    Well somewhere in life we need to take decision which have risks and uncertainties too....

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    When daydreams become reality
    Say yes, take risks, and live life on your own terms.....

  • phoenix_feathers 51w

    Daydreams float like
    feathers before my eyes.

    Escape! They beckon.
    Away! They fly.
    I join them blissfully unaware.

    Somehow I am able
    to block out the voices of
    the world.

    Somehow I fly towards a world
    where I belong, where I have
    no need to worry.

    Euphoria covers my soul
    when I disappear for a while.


  • im_jxnwei 53w


    He is cute...
    Ik you like him
    I like him too
    Touch him once
    I eat you Twice††


  • wespadeshere 56w


    Sleep is warm
    And sleep is soft
    From where I'm lay
    Inside my bed.
    I've tucked myself
    In the warm pocket
    Where I am safe and undisturbed.
    My tongue is heavy
    A blanket of warm
    Filled with the sweet taste
    Of wholeness and peace.
    Laced with the flavor
    Of my fondest dreams..
    But sleep isn't always
    What it seems..
    Sleep can be cold
    And sleep can be cruel
    From where I'm trapped
    Inside my bed.
    I've tucked myself
    In the deepest pocket
    While the storms rage inside my head
    My tongue is numb
    A prison of darkness
    Filled with the bitter taste
    Of sweat and my fears
    Laced with the flavor
    Of salty tears.


  • thoughtfulsage88 57w

    You come and go as you please
    not from the depths of my heart
    but from the dreams I can't cease
    as they die upon your swift depart


  • kyeiii 59w

    I live an unexciting life, where I desperately cling on to the hope of future adventure.
    My life has been a monotomous routine, where I forlonly await an eventful climax.
    I wake up everyday and I'm at the same place, see the same people, walk the same streets, engage in the same conversations and do the same things, I'm stuck!.
    I feel like I am entrapped in an irreversible time loop reliving the same old story over and over again.
    I feel like I am half dead on the inside, yearning to feel completely alive.
    I feel like I am stuck in a place I do not want to be, waiting for a moment to break free.
    I feel like a flightless bird.
    I feel like I need adventure.

    The days go as fast as they come, it feels like they only flash by.
    The days speed by so fast right before my eyes like they were competing against Usain Bolt in a marathon of eight runners.
    The days just move by in their usual cycle, each week facsimile to the previous week like a draconian way to remind me I'm not living right.
    A day feels like it lasts for just seven hours,
    and last year feels like just seven months ago.
    The clock rapidly ticks and I'm still not where I want to be.

    Day turns to night, night turns do day,
    and my sense of fulfilment hangs by a thread, mirrored by the gloom of a boring life.
    I'm gifted with life but my time is squandered by repetitive and uneventful episodes.
    It's impossible to battle against withering time.
    With every tick and tock, my distress slightly increases.
    I know I will be rolling with disatisfaction and bitter regret in my grave should I kick the bucket today unforseen.
    There is so little I have done and so much I want to do.
    Adventure calls my name,
    My body tingles at the thought.

    I closed my eyes shut and I day dreamed I travelled the world.
    I was at the evergreen grasslands.
    I run barefoot in the meadows,
    the tickling sensation of the grass under my feet was extremely exhilarating.
    I inhaled the fresh air of the country side.
    Air so pure and clean,
    It entered right into my soul.
    Every breath gave me life.
    I then found myself starring into my lover's mesmerizing eyes,
    beside the Eiffel tower in the city of love.
    We swore our undying love for each other.
    as a nearby guitarist sang songs of love,
    and a small gathered crowd clapped and cheered right after I received a yes to my marriage proposal.
    I climbed mountain Everest just to relish the thrill of a moment at the top,
    far above it all, at the highest point I could possibly get from the ground.
    I threw a coin into a sun-baked fountain in the beautiful streets of Spain,
    I wished for for a life without pain.
    I danced to the indegious African drums.
    In tune with the rich, flamboyant culture and heritage, I delightfully raised my arms.
    In New York, I was blinded by the lights, streets heavily populated on a weekend.
    I was alive and connected to humanity more than ever, I prayed the feeling would not end.
    At the Sphinx and pyramids,
    I tried to picture life in ancient Eygypt.
    Great pharaohs long dead, but bodies mummified and remarkably life-like.
    What I would give to feast my eyes on Cleopatra's beauty!.
    I jumped into an icy cold river just to feel a literally freezing chill in my spine,
    I hesitated but I eventually did.
    I danced without rhythm in a loud club, simply caught up in the moment, allowing the upbeat music take control over my body, it was refreshing.
    My eyes were fixed on Alaska's bedazzling auroras dancing in the silent night sky, truly artistic.
    At Kenya, I took a front seat at observing wildlife in a safari.
    A pride of fierce, ferocious lions,
    The seven feet long neck of the giraffe,
    The Hyena's horrifying teeth,
    The circle of life.
    I spent the night at an igloo village in Switzerland, surrounded by the cold night winter snow and desolate mountains with a starry sky above,
    steep, aerial glaciers just miles away.
    In India, I danced like I was the dashing male lead in a Bollywood movie dressed in my aesthetic Sherwani clothing.
    My heart broke at the sight of damage caused by wildfire in Amazon rainforest,
    I prayed the forest would be restored.
    I found myself in Wuhan, China just to take a peep and continue my travel.
    I sand surfed in the sweltering deserts of Saudi Arabia,
    distant sand dunes looked like a work of art.

    I opened my eyes and there I was,
    back to my room.
    I was back to an unexciting routine life.
    Daydreams are only a virtual projection.
    Reality hit me hard.
    My greatest desire is to see everything.
    We all deserve to adventure.
    For now, I'm making plans.
    Will you come with me?.

    #Adventures #Daydreams #Travel #pod @writersnetwork

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    Adventures and Daydreams

    Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventure
    -Lovelle Dranchman
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  • sarahrachelea 59w

    From now on
    Let's turn our daydreams
    Into a sweet, sweet reality


  • ani_sharma 60w

    You make me daydream

    You feel like a dream I never want to wake up from
    Your presence is a calm stream, in the middle of a storm
    Your words, they alleviate my blazing heart
    Like a bird's tweet, your voice gives my day a perfect start
    When I am with you, I lose the track of time
    And when we talk, all my words magically rhyme
    I know, our hearts are closer but our hands are far
    I wish if we could hold them and fly away to our own star
    For a moment with you, I feel I'm living in the different galaxy
    Then the rude reality shakes my head hard and I sense that these are just my daydreams and fantasies

  • bombshell_sohii 68w


    The escape point of all the miseries
    No one to intrigue me;
    I am isolated, all by myself
    It feels so great like I can't even explain
    No one to order me
    Or make me feel like it's all my fault
    They love me for who I am
    Isn't that what we all want?
    So, I decided to be friends with my daydreams
    Cause it's the only place I can always gleam