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  • susann 18w

    Day 93


    Never stop looking for the light in the darkest places. Something beautiful lies beneath the surface

  • neverfinishesastory 186w


    As you hold the bottle
    and turn it around you
    see the pretty colors
    blues, purples, and pinks
    you wonder what's inside of it
    oh well bottoms up
    you drink it up in one big gulp
    your stomach grumbles and you get
    tingly then all of a sudden
    you feel amazing, everything
    lifts and tucks and fat goes away
    you look beautiful
    what's the antidote?
    who wants on?!
    Sometimes you should read the labels though
    *This potion never fades or goes away, however side effects may include:
    If you are a mean person warts might appear that are seen by all, plus pockets that pop and come right back, hair will grow uncontrollably who knows what else will come!!!*