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  • sarahcandlemagic 119w


    Now when I look at the world,
    It's like it's through new eyes
    Eyes filled with child-like wonder
    It reminds me of the girl
    I forgot I used to be
    The Dreamer
    The Dawdler
    The Doodler
    The Determined
    I am bringing her back, in full force
    I will allow myself the time to dream in the daylight, to envision my future and manifest its fruition
    I will take my time and gaze at the flowers in amazement, notice beautiful things, be in awe of nature, my community, my home
    I will draw, create, let the freedom flow. I will not judge or expect anything of myself other than the love of pen to paper, thought into reality
    I am determined, to nourish the happy little girl inside me, the one lost for so long under sadness and darkness, the one who forgot how much light she had - until she cracked, and it found its way out again.
    Now when I look at the world, it's like it's through new eyes
    But they are actually rather old.