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  • poeticblunder 68w

    Daughters of India

    So this is what it reads when you enter the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao corner of our government's site:

    Our Mantra should be: ‘Beta Beti, Ek Samaan’

    “Let us celebrate the birth of the girl child. We should be equally proud of our daughters. I urge you to sow five plants when your daughter is born to celebrate the occasion.” -PM Narendra Modi to citizens of his adopted village Jayapur.

    Thought of breaking it down sentence by sentence with a pinch of "salty reality" added to it.

    “Let us celebrate the birth of the girl child" - so men of this country could have more to hunt with minimal consequences and if they are privileged, hunt with the government's license with no consequence whatsoever.

    "We should be equally proud of our daughters." - Yes we should be. Especially of those who do not end up in a ditch, who do not get burnt, who do not get raped but manage to get back home "safe" with just a few hands molesting her and a few eyes throwing lustful glares.

    "I urge you to sow five plants when your daughter is born" - So that rapists do not have to search for trees when they decide to to hang her in the middle of a village; so that they do not find it difficult when they go searching for wood to burn her with or without the help of the police depending on their privilege.

    "to celebrate the occasion.” - an occasion that occurs a handful number of times everyday across every part of the nation, the state of which is normalised like a weather report at the end of a news that no one really cares about; an occassion where a country that boasts itself of a thousand goddesses, where a country that calls itself "Bharat Mata", is just a big cremation ground for many a bodies and many a dreams of its daughters.


  • h_bhattacharjee 173w


    Born was she, amongst demons of habit
    Inheriting a struggle of the very soul.
    Unknown to the nature of those around her,
    Keeper of an innocence, divine and pure.

    Christened to the name of a goddess, wise
    But a dire wretched fear in her mother's eyes.
    The child wonders at the wonders, behold
    With ever breath of life, a conflict of equilibrium arose.

    The crowd compressed, lifeless, around the gift of life
    Gazing upon the infancy with eyes of lust and strife.
    "It's a girl", said a voice hoarse and vile
    Sharpening the blades of religion and faiths defiled.

    Standing in the shadows, drops down a stream
    Trembling at the prophesied destiny of the child it seemed.
    Humans no more humane, but a caucus of detritus wild.
    A thought beget him, "Do we even deserve a girl child ?

  • angelavu 196w

    Every little girl in India is living with fear in their heart!! #justiceforasifa#daughtersofindia

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    Nanhi Si Pari

    Nanhi si pari dekhi mene,
    Khelti hui aangan mein.
    Massom si thi hasi uski,
    Ajab si chamak ti uski aankhon mein!

    Saamne thi uski gudiyan,
    Bandh rakha tha usne use.
    Samaj na paayi mein is khel ko,
    Paas gai mein kaaran puchne!

    'Kya khel rahi ho batao zara
    Kyu baandh rakha h tumne ise? '
    Aankh utha kar dekhi mere taraf,
    Halki si muskaan lie!

    Boli 'didi, yeh meri gudiyan,
    Hai badi honhaar!
    School me sabse hoshiyaar,
    Tairkar kar sakti hai nadi paar.

    Khel kuudh me hai sabse aage;
    Naach gaane mein bhi hoshiyaar.
    Ghumna use bahot hai pasand,
    Bahar jaane ki zidd karti baar baar!'

    Apne sawaal ka jawab na mila,
    Toh firse kaha mene,
    'tumhari gudiyan hai bilkul tumhari jaisi,
    Par baandh kyu rakha hai, bataya nai tumne!'

    Sunke uska jawab tabhi,
    Bhar aaye mere naina.
    Nanhi si pari ko bhi,
    Aaj pad raha hai darr ke jeena!

    'Didi, maa kal boli muje,
    Naa jana tum ghar ke bahar kahi.
    Ladki ho tum meri pari,
    Sapne dekne ka hak tumhe nai!'

    'Log dekhenge tumhe,
    Buri nazar aur iradon se.
    Tum ho toh choti abhi,
    Par farak nai padta inhe!'

    'Didi, meri gudiyan bhi,
    Hai toh choti si ladki.
    Islie Baandh rakha h mene isse,
    Aur kaise me use bacha k rakti?'