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    Daughters; The heart of the family home �� and the most precious jewel �� in the family's crown �� She ain't everybody's luck for she comes only to those homes who understand her significance! A small tiny beauty of the Goddess herself, she is the support system of entire family and brings all universe at one place, your Home �� She smiles, the whole place reverberates; she is not in good mood and the home shares it's sync , goes in gloomy Mood! Be proud of you being a daughter ☺️ for the Earth won't be a lively place if you aren't here! Happy Daughters' Day 2021������‍♀️������

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    Daughters; The heart of the family home and the most precious jewel in the family's crown She ain't everybody's luck for she comes only to those homes who understand her significance! A small tiny beauty of the Goddess herself, she is the support system of entire family and brings all universe at one place, your Home She smiles, the whole place reverberates; she is not in good mood and the home shares it's sync , goes in gloomy Mood! Be proud of you being a daughter ☺️ for the Earth won't be a lively place if you aren't here! Happy Daughters' Day 2021‍♀️

  • madihasamu 21w

    Pa (n.)

    "Baby, I love you"
    He says he hushed these words,
    The very first time he held me in his arms
    Well, I don't remember a fleck of that incident.
    But yes, I know he loves me more.
    We are not that ideal duo,
    He has been everywhere,
    From frequently contacted to blocklist.
    From possessive fights to sensible quarells
    And yes, there have been days
    When we've felt like
    We don't belong to each other.
    He dragged me along all the way,
    Bragging even about my duck soup goals,
    He has left me to wander on the wildest roads,
    And all this while I've walked fearless,
    Because I turn back and watch his naif face,
    Lighting up even my darkest space.

  • gigachad 22w

    Accident / script / Dialogue

    Father: I’m warning you; tomorrow I’m going to be pretty pissed at you. Tonight, I’m just high-fiving Jesus that you’re okay.
    Daughter: I’m sorry about the car.
    Father: It’s just a car…
    Daughter: You love that car.
    Father: No, I love you
    Daughter: I love you too and I’m scared
    Father: Why?
    Daughter: I don’t want you to be guilty. I don’t want people to look at you that way. I want them to know how great you can be.
    Father: You shouldn’t be thinking about that. That’s too much for your brain. All you should be thinking about is boys and rock ‘n roll and stealing your old man’s car keys. But not anymore because I’ll chop your hands off. Okay?
    Daughter: It was a nice day wasn’t it?
    Father: It was. It was really nice. It was the perfect day.
    Daughter: Right up until I ruined it.
    Father: You didn’t ruin anything. You just made a mistake. A really terrible mistake, we all do. Look at me, I take a breath and make a mistake. Then we just get back up and shoot for another perfect day.
    Daughter: I’m going to be thinking good thoughts dad, on Monday.
    Father: Thank you.

  • its_smn 24w

    Raise your daughters like princesses

    " Raise your daughters like princesses. Teach them how to stand for themselves. Instead of cutting their wings, teach them how to fly high in the sky, teach them how to conquer the darkness of fear. Teach them how to shout for their rights and how to hold their heads up in the society. Ignite the fire of success in them and make them believe in themselves before they caught up in the shackles of ignorance "


  • sicklypoetic 28w

    An anology -
    fathers and daughters

    I once saw a man
    strong, broad shouldered
    caught in a storm.

    Had I not seen him
    with his delicate umbrella
    I would have thought
    the fierce howling winds
    would gently brush past him
    out of respect for his might.

    But his floral umbrella
    gave away the gentle soul
    that was underneath
    the firm exterior
    and so the clouds
    followed him
    unperturbed, unafraid
    constantly flipping over
    the umbrella
    with incessant rain.

    Him and his umbrella
    in the storm together
    seemed to me like
    the father daughter duo
    one trying to hold
    the ground for the other
    while the patriarchy
    the systemized traditions
    battered her
    and that who held her.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 33w


    What's wrong with my gender maa? Why do you want to call off my birth?
    I breathe within you every moment, I am not a filthy clot of blood,
    I would love you more than anyone else, let me be born once,
    I want to feel your arms and laps, please don't kill my existence.

    I know as a female child, I will be born and arrive,
    They might submerge me in boiling milk or may bury me alive,
    I know you'd be tortured for bearing me, you'd be made to struggle,
    But you ought break the chain at once, you ought set an example.

    Don't send me back to heaven, I love the warmth of your breaths, divine,
    Your heartbeats are so rhythmic maa, can you too hear mine?
    The quilt of your blood is so soft, I play all day holding your cord,
    Don't flush me out from your body maa, don't send me back to God.

    Have you really forgotten maa, that I am the bud of your love?
    Just because I am a girl, being murdered mercilessly do I deserve?
    I am the rose of heaven godsend to you, please don't let me wither,
    It ain't going to be that easy, I know but not impossible either.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta handle: sword_of_word_86.*


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  • girishnair_ 39w

    Happy moments

    A million dollars on your right hand side and your daughter is on your left hand side, left hand becomes stronger than right.

  • soularchitect 40w

    This is a poem I wrote for a competition and also to shine a little more light in the world. I also absolutely love writing, so that's that. If there's anything that I wrote that's offensive or something,it is completely unintentional and I hope you can forgive this newbie :)
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    Daughters - The Pearls of the Family

    To those that see a burden in a life with a daughter, simply know that -
    A daughter is so much more.

    More than a burden, more than a misery,
    You should know that she is much more than some heavy misfortune to suffer for seeming eternity.

    She is the support to lean on, the shoulder to cry on,
    She's the rare jewel that graces the life of those around her.

    It's true, and it always has been ;
    A daughter is the pearl of the family.

    She varies from one home to another,
    Just like the colours of the pearls that lay in the deep blue seas,

    Yet she is still a pearl, beautiful and unique, no matter her gender, colour, skin or race.

    Her advice and humor, comfort and strength, speech and grace,
    Have a goodness that is unrivaled by the rest.

    So treasure every child, every moment, of every hour, of every day,
    To ensure that, when you reach the end of life and ponder,
    And think about all that was and all that will be
    You will know that you made the best of the treasures sent to you by the Almighty.


  • faulty_puppet 41w

    Dedicated to all the girls, ladies and women who strive to break the barriers. I am very blessed to know a few starting with my Maa and a handful of amazing ladies I have met so far.

    This is to all the ladies breaking barriers (the right way of course!)

    Tag the amazing ladies @mirakee !!!

    #women #fightersforever #mothers #sisters #wives #daughters #friends

    @her_story @niviee @_aishu @aakriti_vaidya @anushkachaudhary

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    Copper And Gold

    Let Me Tell You A Story
    Of Those I Have Known
    Some Accepting The Cages
    While Others Have Flown

    Loved They Are Always
    Till There Are None
    Saved From The World
    Till The Saviors Were Gone

    Born With A Heart Of Copper
    And A Soul Made Of Gold
    Each Is A Tale Foretold
    Or A Story Untold

    The Men Looked Down
    Like Rain From The Sky
    Raised Their Nosy Brows
    When She Tried To Fly

    Tied For Protection And
    Chained To The Ground
    Shadows Of Doubt Is
    All They Have Found

    To Their Smiles And Dreams
    The World Is Not Kind
    Changed Their Words A Thousand Times
    And Thought As A Burden At Times

    This Is A Story
    Of Few I Have Known
    Defeated Their Demons
    Fought An Army Of Ghouls

    Lived Their Life With
    The Soul In Their Hands
    As We Watched In Awe
    Far From The Stands

    With A Heart Of Copper
    And A Soul Made Of Gold
    They Are The Ones
    Whose Stories Should Be Told

    They Looked Up To Man
    Right Where They Stand
    Made Their Choices And
    Marched Like A Band

    Building A Better World From
    What's Damaged By Men
    Forging A Future That's
    Better For All Of Them

    These Women Fight Forever
    The Ways Of The World
    Said The Men To Rest As
    They Lift The Weight Of The World


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 45w


    Once the Sun confronted the Moon and their conversation started.
    Sun: Rumours are taking rounds in the space that you love Earth, may I know whether its true or not?
    Moon: Hi, those rumours did not wane in space. Do you know why?
    Sun: Ah! These counter questions!
    After a slight pause.
    Sun: Okay, Why?
    Moon: Beacuse the gravity of truth
    has kept it intact. I deeply love Earth and you have certainly
    heard what's true.
    Sun: Well, do you know that she loves only me, since ages?
    Moon: Ofcourse, still I cease to forget her.
    Sun: I too love her.
    Rescue her from the dark,
    Blow the kiss of spark.
    She yearns for me all night.
    Blushes when I appear, upright.
    Sun: Can you prove that your love is true?
    Moon: Revolving around her
    on my orbit,
    Even in the darkest of nights, I've never crossed my limit.
    I had been loving her since the start and will, untill eternity.
    My one-sided love is complete in itself, I'd always respect her dignity.
    Sun: I love her deeply as well.
    Though I don't touch her because I want to see her alive,
    My kiss may make it difficult for her to breathe and survive.
    They both shook hands and moved apart.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*


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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 45w


    Parents are like the first pencil
    anderaaser that is being lifted
    to draw the basic sketch on
    the canvas of our life, holding
    great potential to conceal and
    erase the flaws and faults until
    perfection bearing the fierceful
    friction that blunts the edges of
    their own lives and dreams and
    who ultimately stand aside in
    silence, smiling within with great
    pride when the final painting
    bearing the flamboyant shades
    and tints of triumph, wins great
    applaud by the admirers.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 45w


    Raise you daughter like a rose,
    pleasant enough to be beheld in astonishment
    thorny to be messed up with, a non-violent punishment.

    Raise your daughter like a lotus,
    courageous enough to withstand the swamp,
    graceful enough to turn heads while on ramp.

    Raise your daughter like a lioness,
    modest enough to safeguard her dignity,
    civilised enough to respect masculinity.

    Raise your daughters, nurture their minds,
    save not for dowry & feed the illegitimate greed,
    rather spend on her education, let her prosper and succeed.

    Raise your daughter not like a princess,
    As the reign of princes have vanished long ago,
    so raise her like a warrior as the wars of life shall eternally go.

    Raise your daughters with pride,
    not under any pressure of the society,
    as her life is her own asset, she is the sole entity.


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  • _debanjali 45w

    The world too is separated, you tell me, what is God?
    Lakshmi and Saraswati, wish everyone, why not to pray for a daughter somewhere?
    Everyone wants to live a beautiful life, then why should he face daughter,
    Except the daughter of Lakshmi, why should the world have money and money?
    Are there only sons who would win the world,
    If there was no daughter in this world, then where would you come from?
    Why often in the story of valor, the story of sons is told,
    As brave as Shaheed Azam, why is Jhansi's daughter forgotten?
    Being blind to the desire of the son, why did he snatch away his life,
    Finish the daughter's life, why light in the son's life
    History witness the arrest of that Aurangzeb, Shah Jahan,
    What did you forget that fantasy, who waved the moon on the donations?
    In this world of male head, why did you win in want of a son,
    Do not forget! Before the daughter is born, the first love is the father.
    Listen, you are greedy for your son
    God knows how to save you daughter, you are very small.
    The world too is separated, you tell me, what is God?
    Laxmi-Saraswati, wish everyone, why not to pray for a daughter somewhere

  • wordsfromsophia 50w

    Speak daughter, let your voice be heard
    You're not mama;
    Who swallowed her voice so that papa alone would speak
    Speak daughter, you must be heard
    Disagree on things you refuse to agree with

    Rise daughter, let yourself be seen
    You're not your aunty;
    Who quit her job to feed your uncle's ego
    Rise daughter, you need to be seen
    Shine like the stars illuminating the night sky

    Write daughter, let your tale be heard
    You're not your big cousin;
    Who lies about the scars so she'd be a good wife
    Write daughter, the truth must be heard
    Be the woman the women before you were scared to be.

  • beensn 58w


    Why some men have a great ego?
    The gender difference has gone long ago.
    Daughters have reached the space as astronauts,
    Still are always kicked down with humiliations.
    Allready started piloting the Rafale fighter aircrafts,
    But the fight for their survival never ends.
    Capable of ruling the country with self-esteem,
    But always ruled by others at home.
    Moulds thousands of minds at schools and colleges,
    Nobody to soothe her mind- a life time grudge?
    Men always feel superior over the women,
    Their thirst never dies, why play the role of a demon?

  • happygirl_muski 61w

    Hope this letter should reach to God n he should do some miracle so that we all girls can breathe safely in this world.
    I wish iss kaliyug me bhi koi Ram ji ho jo ki humlogo ki inn shaitan Ravans se rakhsha kare
    Aur inn sabka sarva naash kar de

    #letter. #god. #daughters. #punishment. #miracle #constitution. #ravans. #brutal

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    Letter to God
    By one of his daughter

    The Almighty God,
    All your daughters are not safe in this brutal world. Everywhere there is a Ravan or the group of Ravan's sitting to kidnap the Sita.
    The Ravan (earlier) has not even touched Sita without her permission but the Ravan's of this Kaliyuga are totally opposite.......
    We only request you to do something by which their should be the punishment made by our government which should show no mercy, no lawyer, no listening, on these bastards..........
    We don't feel safe here.....
    Plz god do something.....plz plz plz

    Thanking you
    Your daughter

  • herteddy 62w

    Her mumma's bestie
    Her father's princess
    Her siblings teacher
    Her family's gem

    She's happiness
    she's love
    There's not a problem
    That her smile can't solve

    Yet the world hurts her
    In a million way
    But she's strong by nature
    She deals it with happiness

    She's as good as an angel
    In a planet with so many evils
    She alone fights everything
    But atleast protect her feelings

    Yes she's a daughter
    Doesn't matter yours or mine
    Everything she does deserves her
    More than equality. Not killing.

    The world is celebrating
    Happy daughters day
    Please go and ask her
    How is she feeling?

    #daughters #pod #herteddy @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • sanjay_kumr 62w


    माँ का दूसरा रूप होती है बेटियाँ
    बेटों से ज्यादा समझदार होती है बेटियाँ

    पापा की लाडली होती है बेटियाँ
    फिर ना जाने क्यूँ पराई होती है बेटियाँ

    खुशियो से घर को सजाती है बेटियाँ
    मन की उदासी को दूर कर खुशियाँ बाँटती है बेटियाँ

    अब तो चाँद तक भी जा चुकी है बेटियाँ
    नामुमकिन जैसा कोई काम नहीं सब कर जाती है बेटियाँ

    बेटी हो कर बेटे का फर्ज निभाती है बेटियाँ
    फिर भी ना जाने क्यूँ परा'ई धन होती है बेटि'याँ

  • surmayimanzil 62w

    Happy Daughter's Day

    एक पापा के लिए अनमोल होती है उसकी "बेटी"
    सारी दुनीया से दूर पापा के साथ है वो खुश रहती,

    समझो ना इन्हें बोझ
    तुम सबको ये बताओ जी,

    जब दिखे मुश्किल मे कोई "बेटी"
    उसकी मदद तुम करते जाओ जी ॥

  • piyushalbus 62w


    अक्सर साथ छोड़ जाते हैं,
    'चाँद','सुरज' और 'आँखों का तारा'।
    बेटियाँ हमारी होती हैं 'मोमबत्तियों' जैसी,
    खुद पिघलकर भी बनती हैं हरदम सहारा।