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  • xyl_ayvlis 4w

    a timepiece that was stolen wrapped up
    a leaf within thawing snow, so sleep
    for an endless memory of a night, wandered_
    arms around a neck, finger tracing a shadow
    towards a utopia;

    there has been a mystery sewing a misery,
    an air being chilled and filled a marrow along the way;
    narrow curved path took a sole
    to the waving grass, under the clouds;

    i then a mass floating in an idea of love
    muttering the most on the mist;
    bloods clueless and tinted turns of heart;

    nothing to tell you then cry;
    emotions like lines dimensioned from a point
    ended up scribble, messier than ever;

    sound throttled, beats sank in-depth,
    aroused as a pang of guilt,
    would wink washes away grieves;

    of those eyes with a smile, tranced then_ now an era of dream flooded alone in pillows as regret;

    a wide road to death called a name, schlepping as many agonies to the yard of dead people while sleepwalking to distance dawn.

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    a wide road to death called a name, schlepping as many agonies to the yard of dead people while sleepwalking to distance dawn.

  • wordsbybleak 6w


    Everyone seems happy, am I the only one who cries in agony?

    I lost my dreams and now I am losing myself

    I like to read, I love to write, and no one had the right to stop 

    Still, I am forced to live a life that was never meant to be mine 

    Parents force it all whether it is the clothes, passions, or beliefs

    I just need some relief, from all this mess going around me

    Will the increasing cuts on my wrists will help me to be free

    Or will I just live a forced life, with a fake smile and broken identity?


  • shankarchaudhary_ 7w

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  • shankarchaudhary_ 7w

    Yesterday, I saw the gloomy  sky above me ,
      I was standing near a stormy sea .
    I saw myself tied up with a chain ,
          I heard the muttering  of a Raven ,
    Like  the devil was calling my name ..

    ~manya's words

  • stille_regen 8w

    April 19th, 2022; 4:47 am

    The rain has just stopped
    it's still dark....
    & thunder cracking through the clouds.
    Falling petals are flying around
    choosing each other on the ground.
    I'm covered in dust
    & ashes from our past;
    Old letters crumbled up
    with million stories in its heart....
    the faded ink still gives witness
    of the long forgotten vows.
    Thoughts that should be in the basement
    comes running up the stairs.
    My hands are bleeding,
    just broke the mirror in front of my bed,
    it had seen more than it should've.
    The smoke that's burning my lungs
    escape my mouth....
    I love smoke but today it's burning my eyes.
    Tears fall down
    & mingles with blood
    not mine but yours.
    You are still lying there on my bed
    with a knife plunged in your heart.
    Your eyes are staring at me
    just like the first time we met.
    But they were not so pleased,
    when I took them out....
    I was wondering.....
    if you would be mad
    your white shirt, it's red now.

    ©ব/©B I D I S H Δ

  • insecta 10w


    Sometimes I feel like a battle is raging inside of me,
    to see which of my demons won me over
    Sometimes in peace I can express myself and other times I have a chaos that I cannot get out.
    Triumphant, capable and smart, it seems that the world is at my feet,
    but suddenly fear takes over and I've become nothing one more time
    Useless, insufficient and average, words that I say to myself every day,
    horrible, disgusting, so awful! I yell at the mirror when I burst into tears
    There are times when I want to go out and meet people, laugh and sing at all hours,
    but suddenly a cloud surrounds me
    and inside I want to lock myself up
    Lock myself up and never see the light of day again
    And that's when I think I don't deserve any of this, neither good nor bad, just emptiness.
    Emptiness is all I have
    A battle rages inside of me
    To see which of my demons is the best
    Which one has more strength and with which my soul stays
    Whoever wins I will lose
    It's the only thing I know and have always known That as much as I search and search
    I will never find my soul


  • insecta 10w

    Lonely howl

    Sitting in the middle of the group,
    Loneliness lay triumphant
    And louder than ever she howled
    While into the void my feet were dragging


  • insecta 10w

    The battle

    A thousand demons dominate the soul
    For the power they start battles and losses
    Locked in the middle of chaos
    A cry for help goes out
    Who will win this battle?
    Eternal struggle, suffering and pain
    Between the reflection of me and my demons
    Someone will lose their life
    I see the grim reaper on the corner
    We already know who was the loser


  • wordsonvelvet 13w

    I deserve the heartache
    Every deep pang
    Never to be comforted
    By the soft spell of gentle sleep
    Under the darkness of a quiet wood
    I deserve it, for hoping
    That I could ever be happy.
    This world does not understand me.
    I love too deeply.
    We were, but a comet
    Streaking throught the night sky
    Flames burning bright
    Leaving behind darkness
    A fleeting moment of bliss
    Like a wildflower on a cold morning
    Holding on to the sun
    As if for dear life
    While it lasted
    I burnt bright.


  • furqanahmed 14w

    Maimed by love, the heart desired a new heart...


  • ashu8800 14w

    Tugged under hope
    Smudged under grief
    Wiping tears around his cheeks
    As the pandemic fumes, the hunger reaps in
    Under those scaly skin, wrapped beneath
    His existence parched under those bare feet.
    Within those shun alleys lies the poverty meek.


  • mariswritings 16w


    And will I be
    Your first love then,
    After this mortal body
    Dissolves in a field of Sunflowers?

    And will I be
    Your first love then,
    While you pick up tattered letters
    That I left in my closet hidden from you?

    And will I be
    Your first love then,
    When you kiss her
    And all you can think about is me?

    And will I be
    Your first love then,
    While you pick your old clothes
    And my scent lingers on it
    Like a haunting memory?

    Is this how you'll remember me,
    When you watch the Sunflowers
    And empty out my room,
    When you look into her eyes
    And when you try to erase my memories?

    Disgust, should I feel,
    Watching you do the things,
    I should have,
    Before I left.

    I don't want you
    To remember me,
    Nothing I have written,
    Nor any memory we made.

    Your existence haunted me,
    I hope my death doesn't.

    People will see,
    People will read,
    They will feel,
    Some might heal-
    Under the spell of my words,
    Either break or form,
    I wish people will remember me,
    As a poet,
    As a lover,
    As a person full of chaos,
    As a human full of love-
    But, just not you.


  • wordsonvelvet 16w

    If bliss like this
    Is a dream I'm in
    I pray for sleep
    Till the day we speak


  • rebeljones777 17w

    The Dissapearing Dude

    Awakened from the
    depths of heavy slumber
    as his bedroom window
    opened up abruptly,
    and something terrifying
    came flying through.

    He could hear everything,
    but dare not open up his eyes,
    the dark of night
    tripped up his mind
    and took him places
    only fear could introduce.

    His body was frozen
    with paralysis,
    no matter how hard
    he tried to move.

    He yelled out
    with all his might
    but it seems
    his voice
    had been subdued.

    Ignorance was bliss
    until presented
    with the truth...

    See, he never did before
    believe in monsters,
    but something here
    had changed,
    his perception
    is now different
    from this experience
    he was going through.

    I mean
    the boy done seen somethings in life, but those things
    were things people commonly
    in his shoes went through,
    but this here thing
    that was happening
    now was
    something fucking new.

    A thing,
    a beast,
    a demon,
    or some fucking thing
    has scared the mobility
    right up out of dude.

    He felt the
    sheets and blanket
    that covered him
    slowly begin to move,
    as something sharp
    gently brushed
    the bottom of his foot,
    and his skin
    began to sweat and tingle
    as the fear of the unknown
    began to grow.

    A discomfort in his guts,
    and an unusual dryness
    in his throat
    what was happening
    to to him
    even more unbearable.

    A cackling laughter
    as a cold hard hand
    grabbed his leg
    and began to pull,
    and into the darkness
    He vanished forever
    to place inhabited
    by something
    I haven't yet
    found a name for.

  • yanagi 17w

    yanagi tree/my origin story

    i'm vilified
    i'm treated as if i chose to be this way
    the world made me this way
    all of you kids bullied me
    because i thought like an adult!
    all of you adults ridiculed me
    and told me to stay in a child's place!
    you all left a trauma wound so deep
    i put blades within
    to see if they could reach the bottom
    all these voices both imagined and realistic
    whispering words of hate and sabotage
    i'm torn
    i'm broken
    i'm deteriorated.

  • yanagi 17w

    born a hero/turned into a villain

    is it possible for me
    to have been doomed from the very start?
    from the moment i had been born into this world
    i was destined to prematurely
    find my way into a grave
    because no one likes me
    because everyone wants to drag me down
    because they all want me dead
    and because of these things
    over time
    i've become the sort of monster
    i feared stayed in my closet or hid under my bed
    i've become the sort of monster
    they portray in horror movies
    and i just want to murder myself.

  • yanagi 17w

    holding on to imagined sanity/starting again

    i live in a reality that rejects itself
    a reality where colors murder
    those they captivate for a high
    they themselves
    refuse to explain
    and me;
    an abstract soul watching intently
    with everything that i come into contact with
    because everything i touch

  • yanagi 17w

    not all fire is created/to be beautiful

    whatever remains of me is unmoving
    after i became the fire
    the fire of pain
    the fire of anger
    the fire of isolation
    the fire of suicide
    i became the fire that burned down the entire world
    just because i wanted to.

  • yanagi 17w

    i could be god/just slightly better

    my ears echo with the revulsion of the world
    and sends reverberations through my bones
    is this why i'm so methodically detached
    from everyone and everything?
    have i truly made the entire world suffer
    due to the ignorance of a few?
    then call me god
    because just like we're suffering their sins
    there are those who did absolutely nothing to me
    who have to suffer as well.

  • sarahrachelea 18w

    "Your kiss is the gentlest death. And I don't mind to die again and again by your lips," he says, as he smiles, heavily breathing, in her embrace.

    ~ get killed by her kiss