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  • wani_farha 15h

    During periods of darkness
    Hope can grow from a faint smile
    To a superpower


  • insight_of_me 1d


    There can never be darkness outside,
    it is always conjured by our minds inside.

  • heyoka_warrior 1d

    Can dark drag away the darkness?
    Only the light can do that.
    Can a stale food taste?
    But salt adds flavor to it.
    What is a world without light,
    And an ocean without salt?


  • wordalchemy 1d

    The Murky Castle

    Welcome to the unilluminated
    Walk down the pitch black lane
    To see me there comfortable in tranquility.

    Silence is valued here
    Come and be seated next to me

    Hush.... Again....
    Utter no questions and seek no answers,
    The life is dead
    The death is alive.

    Don't bring that light
    For it is blinding and hurting
    And I wish for it no more.

    This is my In Between
    The place I am stuck
    Stuck happily and sheltered.

  • mrspectacular 2d


    He had maligned a destitute,
    Bashed him in a manner that was rather astute.
    Refusing first to understand the element that did, his predicament, constitute
    Little did he know he played misfortune's flute.

    With that single act,
    He had issued Karma a contract
    To make sure that his repercussion was issued intact
    A freehand action as a matter of fact.

    Karma sits on his matter in a referendum
    To understand if there is to his repercussion, a subtraction or addendum
    A few hours after the mental hum,
    The Karma comes down on him, leaving him glum.

    Blinded for a day after an accident with a knife
    He is schooled in the pain of the Gabriel's life
    Realizing his error, he feels remorse so rife
    And now compassion is his second wife.


  • divpathak 3d


    सजा रही हो राह मेरी तुम
    दीप जला कर प्यार बिछाकर
    तुमको इसका पता नहीं हैं
    हैं मेरी काटो की चादर

    देवतागण हैं,अमर लोक के मैं पर मर्त्य लोक का लोभी
    मेरी आशा को स्वीकारी तो स्वीकारो पिपासा को भी
    मैंने पाप का जाप किया है एक अंश भी पुण्य नहीं है
    मैंने भोग का योग किया है, मेरी चाहत शुन्य नहीं है

    इस कारण मेरे द्वारे तक
    कितने लौट गए हैं आकर

    भावों का अभिमान नहीं,अभावों का अभिमान चाहिए
    "मैं कुछ भी हूँ नहीं जानता" इतना केवल ज्ञान चाहिए
    जो भी हो,हो जाये सबका उसमे रार खींच कुछ ना हो
    मेरी दुनियां ऐसी दुनिया जिसमे ऊच-नीच कुछ ना हो

    इससे प्यार बड़ा मिलता है
    कम मिलता है लेकिन आदर

    मेरी रवानी की जो कहानी,वो इस जग में है अलबेला
    मेरी दीवाली रंगों वाली,मैंने आग से होली खेला
    नहीं कभी भी तृप्त हो पाऊँ, इतनी है अरदास पिला दो
    ना तुम कुछ भी खास पिलाओ,थोड़ी सी बस प्यास पिला दो

    ताकि कभी ना भर पाऊँ मैं
    चाहें पी जाऊं सब सागर
    तुमको इसका पता नहीं हैं
    हैं मेरी काटो की चादर


  • h_ec_ate 4d

    Still, I remember the way I sold my soul for LOVE
    Now I know that love is just a mask that draws me into the darkness
    See where am now...
    Surrounded by the pitch-black darkness
    But am not scared of death anymore
    Feeling like am feeding the darkness
    Feeling like am falling for it
    Now I can feel the darkness flowing through my veins


  • riya_shah_ 4d

    Dark secrets succumbed in darkness.
    The darkness I fear the most.


  • herteddy 4d

    It can't just only be
    A coincidence that we meet
    It's a blessing for
    Remembering you with every breathe
    There was a reason
    For why we feel lost sometimes
    It is to find ourselves in each other
    In a universe full of things
    Which is full of darkness
    But you and I
    Are the lights of life
    Illuminating love in this
    Dull dark cosmos

  • _by_the_edge_of_the_cliff 5d

    Not A Prostitute.

    ''What am I going to do now? Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly, longing for water free air. She squinted, trying to figure out the direction she had come from. She took baby steps out of the parking Lot with her hands wrapped around herself and walked down the street as fast as she could, back to where she came from.

          Wrapping her hands around herself, she looked around in fear as her teeth chattered. Lightning appeared in the sky, the deafening sound of thunder followed and the most horrible thing happened, the lights went out. Christiana screamed out of fear and frustration, she had stopped on her tracks.

          An orange light appeared behind her, she turned to look back and noticed the same jeep car as before.

          She stared hard as various thoughts creeped into her mind. Her hands quavered and shook from cold and fear as the jeep car paused to a halt.

    "Ooh no." She whispered.

          Her heart raced. A man in black came down from the car, he looked muscular and fit with tattoos that crawled up to his neck. He was staring directly at her with a little smile playing at the corner of his lips. He took a step forward.

          Christiana's eyes widened, she had also seen another man in the car. She heard a voice in her head, 'RUN.'

  • nivethitha_d 5d

    Out of all the darkness I could see,
    I wish, you be my only sense of light


  • waqquas_khan 1w

    The night

    You were like fireflies that just makes an illusion how beautiful the night is with its Flickering light,
    But it can never shine enough to remove the darkness and make the night bright, beautiful and dreamy

  • me_lost_heart 1w

    You were like shadow to me,
    But When darkness came,
    You were faded away dear


  • auriferous_dreamer_ 1w

    When my oblivious chords hit the black shore of nothing, I felt my disappearing heart once again, beating humanity and tenderness.
    "You didn't do away with?"
    "No, I was here all this time"
    "Why didn't you beat when I needed the fresh blood?"
    "You weren't a human back then"
    "You can take your leave then"
    "No I won't, you are a human now, you have started to feel like a human now"
    "Well, too late Miss, I don't have that lifeless body now, I don't live for your beating anymore, the shore which summoned you is darkness and not light, the waves that are crashing aren't emotions but penalties, let's not suffer together, I free you"

  • _saloni16mishra_ 1w

    I know I'm here,
    trapped in shadow and fear,
    there's darkness all around,
    and soul can't be found,
    these ears trap what it hear,
    but mind runs away nowhere,
    my mind is clever more than it pretend,
    but this darkness has no end,
    I'm here between the crowd,
    still my mind is all alone,
    am i not able to feel the way,
    or am i sinking away and away,
    i can breathe the air all around,
    but what's it's use if life can't be found.

  • lucifer_says 1w


  • jamieb 1w

    The forest

    His breath woke me up every night as we lay in bed no, it wasn't his face that brought the memories but the forest of dandelions his hair smelled like he rolled around in fields of flowers and he was that single soul that begged to fit in but knew he never could we were happy he wakes me in the middle of the night as I lie between him and the emptiness of the moon light night i think I’m lost but the moonlight lingers and i
    know I’m safe within his arms but... he slowly fades as I fall fast asleep and the black screen of the film begins all over once again.

  • lucifer_says 1w


  • inoxorable 1w

    सफ़र इश्क़ का

    यूँ भी होता है फ़िर के इश्क़ के इस सफ़र में
    विरह का पड़ाव मंजिल से पहले आ जाता है

  • syedasad 1w

    As a child I felt safe in bright light but as an adult I find comfort in the darkness.

    So I have lived in a big house and at times I've spent so much time alone in that big house but I was never afraid of anything as long as all the rooms have lighten up in that house.... But now in that same house I want every single light to be turned off. Specially in nights, I want nothing but dark rooms. It feels good. Relaxed. And myself. Maybe I've lost my mind.