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  • taytay_nicole424 2m

    I'm nothing more than a mere painting
    Tarnished by your touch
    You took all these beautiful colors I once habored
    Splattered them across my canvas
    Ruining the once beauty and brightness of my soul
    Now when I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind
    Forever taunting me
    Always reminding me that my purity was never truly mine to hold

    #rape #metoo #sexualassault #victim #survivor #warrior #struggling #drowning #deep #dark #cruel #art #depressed #ptsd #writer #poetry #poem #poet #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    When I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind

  • taytay_nicole424 1h

    Tales of a Survivor

    Why is it considered such a taboo when we speak of the monsters playing tag in our minds
    When we express our concerns about the boogieman that seems to be around every street corner
    When we write about the prince phillips of the brother's grimm tale who stole from sleeping beauty that of which she may never get back

    Why are we considered the villains, the liars once we muster enough courage to tell our dark tale
    Once we out your brother, your lover, your friend of the rapist he truly is
    Once we remove the tape placed on our lips by him in hopes to keep us forever silenced

    Well I'm done being a victim to my trauma, to the pain
    I've found my wings, my courage and I will let them both shine
    And noone not even him may ever take my words away from me again

  • uttkarsh_15 15h

    The clouds Knitted by Pink skyline,
    Move towards north,
    When reached ,
    Half sky divided by dark clouds ,
    The south sky starts getting darker,
    The moon lead the army of the nocturnals,
    The moon marked the onset of the night,
    The rise of the dark sky with cosmos.
    #sky #nature #night #thought #poetry @miraquill #pod #night #colors #clouds #dark #ceesreposts #prose

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  • silent_thinker_23 20h


    "Time is an illusion".

  • jee_tu 22h

    I like lunch breaks

    Not because I like to eat, not even close

    But because I can hide, with a valid cause!


  • jaadoo_ 1d

    Repost :‑X ..must read ✨

    @writersnetwork #wod #ceesreposts #dark

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    SHe was always the kid who wanted to be a bum
    She was the one kid that could show lots of love
    Until one day everything just stopped
    Her mum was diagnosed with cancer and her heart just dropped
    She wanted to make the most of her life living with her mum
    But, this girl I’m talking about was still only young
    She was getting pushed around at school almost every day
    But, she just left it behind and just walked away
    Until one day, she just wanted to say
    “Stop everyone because I am in lots of pain”
    But the girl's kept going so she pulled a razor blade
    Right to her vein
    Just to take away the pain
    And the thoughts in her brain
    That were making her insane
    SHe didn’t know if this life was a dream or again
    But she didn’t care, she didn’t have anyone to blame
    So she just sat there and pulled out her razor blade
    All she wanted to do was to end her life
    She was sick and tired
    Because she already tried
    sHe cuts her wrists
    But she had to survive
    And everyday she wanted to commit suicide
    SHe thought to herself that it would make things worse
    Her mum was in hospital in the room with a nurse
    And she knew if she did it, it would make them disperse
    So she was waiting for the right time
    But from then she was hurt
    Her dad was always home and he didn’t have a job
    Her dad was always drunk and her dad was just a slob
    sHe said to her dad “You are such a bum”
    He said “why daughter "
    sHe replied “go and visit Mum”
    But he sat on his bum and just kept drinking
    The girl went to her room and started thinking
    “What am I going to do,I just wanna die”
    SHe put her face in the pillow and started to cry
    She went to the corner to buy some ice
    The next day she went to the shops and brought a lighter
    sHe wagged school
    And she started to smoke it
    Her dad caught her and said “you have to be joking”
    SHe said back “well my life is fucked”
    Her dad walked away and said “suck it up”
    Then she pulled out her blade and began to cut
    After four cuts there was so much blood
    SHe got a rope and tried to cut her circulation
    SHe was trying her hardest because she was so aggravated
    After ten minutes she was dead on the floor
    Her dad walked up the stairs and opened up the door
    Her daughter was laying there
    He said “what have I done”
    He picked up a note it said “I love you Mum”
    Her dad stood there tears running down her face
    Her dad said to himself “I am such a disgrace”
    He got her daughter and he jumped into the car
    He couldn’t stop crying and looking at her face
    He was driving so fast when it started to rain
    He was so drunk that he turned down a lane
    To get to the hospital as quick as he could
    And he crashed into a truck that was carrying wood
    The wood collapsed and it fell on to the car
    Then they crashed into a tree and the truck driver laughed
    The ambulance arrived and it looked like a murder scene
    Two member in the front seat is what they seen
    They got them out the car and put them on the bed
    They said this man is hurt but, this girl is dead
    They took them to the same hospital as the Mum
    She saw her on the stretcher bed and said “is that my daughter ?
    She walked out the room and said “what's going on”
    And the nurse said excuse my words “but sorry for your loss "

    Ps : I'm crying:'(


  • iamfirebird 1d

    चलो मुस्कुराओ के अब ग़म में हूँ
    चलो बुलाओ..के अब नहीं हूँ मैं

  • swetha_senthil 2d

    if having some extra melanin
    is a fault
    then why not having it less
    is treated fault here


  • silent_thinker_23 2d


    "And if you gaze long into an abyss,
    The Abyss also gazes into you....."

  • 3_am__ 3d

    Playing With Fire

    I've been there,
    summoning darkness and making peace
    treaties with demons.
    I've walked many miles of trails
    thru demonic forests.
    I have seen the morphing and
    disfigured shadows running
    thru the trees,
    Oddly shaped like me.
    They whispered sweet nothings
    into my ears.
    Death coaxed me with her seductive
    I made out with her under a rock
    by the river.
    Little did I know,
    after all was said and done,
    after I breached the tree line,
    after I grabbed the throat of Death
    and forced my tongue unto hers,
    the heart in pocket was missing.
    It wasn't worth it.


  • xe_laps 3d


    ഇരുളിനെ പ്രണയിച്ച നക്ഷത്രങ്ങൾക്ക് പ്രകാശത്തെ ഭയമായിരുന്നു. കാരണം, പ്രകാശത്തിന് അവയുടെ മുഖങ്ങളെ വികൃതമാക്കാൻ കഴിയുമായിരുന്നു.

  • devilfish 3d

    First Pillar

    Something crept inside inside itelf
    The weak veins of the interior
    When one lacks control
    It's reflected by the exterior
    In the mirror where If you stare into it
    Where it's eerily familiar
    Until every interaction
    Cross pollinated with toxic seeds of trauma
    To birth from the void after every trauma
    A solid sane
    Person starts to wane
    Even plane of a land leveled by trauma
    Thinking of mama
    Where even could be met with her
    If she wasn't taken


    Our first pillar of strength is ourselves
    Our skin that demands light like leaves
    But frails and wilts in the sun

  • taytay_nicole424 4d


    Drowning in vodka bubbles
    Incased in the dark crevices of my mind
    Forever chained
    To these merciless demons of mine

    Why is it so hard for people to comprehend
    That these slashed crimson lines upon my skin
    Are the only thing strong enough
    To keep these frigid guitar strings in my body from snapping away

    Judging me with knives and sneers
    "Attention whore" "freak" they all roar
    It's easier to critique when you aren't the one on the other end of this silent war
    When you aren't the one on the other side of this dark door

    Don't pretend to care
    There's no need to worry
    It's just a little cut
    No harm done

  • taytay_nicole424 4d

    Oh Momma

    Momma's barely making it gripping tightly to a thread made of paper and a man made of abuse hibernating in her dungeon surviving on her meds

    Oh momma why can't you see that you aren't alone, that you aren't the only one hurting why must you wither away in this false kingdom with that damn toxic prince you call a "fiance"

    Oh momma please listen to my cries. I've always been a scared, scarred little girl crying out for her momma as the wolves devours her alive

    Oh momma just feel the light I try to shed your way push open those dangerous drapes to a world you have shut off, to a world with us your kids, your grandbabies

    Momma's days are numbered if she keeps going on this way skinnier than a Victoria's Secret model cause she never eats so far gone it seems that not even hopes or prayers can get her to stay

  • wifey_suicide 4d

    When they catch us all dead
    Only the apple of Adam and Eve will breathe

  • majesty_ 4d

    I tried

    A million words
    would not bring you back.
    I know because I tried
    A million tears would not
    bring you back,
    I know because I cried

  • julie__ 4d

    Sins of seven deadlier than one
    Of another variety or brand
    Keep calm my dear and carry on
    For your fate lies within your hands

    Angry at the world and you
    Furious and you're the one to blame
    In comes marching sin number one
    By now you should know that Wrath is its name

    You want and want but never give
    All is yours and yours alone
    The second sin comes waltzing by
    All Greed wants is to own and own

    Sin three is a peculiar fellow
    Doing nothing when the going is good
    Lazy and lethargic he lays about
    Sloth never seems to do as he should

    Dressed out in precious stones
    On your high horse as four comes in
    Your self image is oh so nauseating
    Don't you realize that Pride is a sin?

    All is just in love and war
    But love is absent in this game
    Beware this lovely glass of wine
    Tangle with Lust and you won't leave the same

    Jealousy has always been overrated
    Dwelling on matters when others have more
    Stop it with your needless obsession
    As Envy glides in to settle the score

    Stuff your face you obese fool
    Eat as much as your stomach can hold
    An insufferable weakling gives in to seven
    The sin is Gluttony and this sin is bold

    The realization shall dawn on you
    That you're guilty of all of these sins
    Don't feel bad though, it's in your nature
    After all, in the end, you're only human

    - julie.

    #sins #seven #deadly #dark #darkpoems #mirakee


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    Sins of Seven

  • akshay_vasu 4d

    Rage and revenge sat in his heart, fanned by time and silence. Before he could realize anything, he was engulfed in flames. Everything he touched lost its existence in his life, turning him into a monster who destroys everything in daylight but cries in dark and silence.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • heyoka_warrior 4d

    Can dark drag away the darkness?
    Only the light can do that.
    Can a stale food taste?
    But salt adds flavor to it.
    What is a world without light,
    And an ocean without salt?


  • majesty_ 5d


    The pain