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  • puranidiary 19w

    Thanku @writersnetwork for ❤(22)✨

    My heart resembles abandoned home.. ��

    Not a medico still 10th class wali biology use krli ����
    Any mistakes with terms ��

    Also i m super late here��

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    Heart ~my home

    World preached me heart is the home to our soul
    Where resides thy benevolence greatest of all
    Four chambers suffused with sentiment resembles its room
    And the pumping blood sprinkle thy strength to bloom
    Red ripples of aerated love paints its withered walls
    At corner lies closet all cluttered with memories of bitter fall
    Artries assembles the attributes of your journey
    And pounding heartbeats are hymn of silent story
    Pulmonary veins are the vessels of your vicious valour
    shimmering serenity are its chandelier alloted to align its allure
    Disclose the doors of your heart and greet the worldly guild
    So i sabotaged its silvery window for choas to enter my shield
    Foremost they flattered my home with whimmy words
    Little did i know how they teared up my trust with hidden swords
    Some pierced my peace with pawns of agony
    Some scribbled hate betwixt my soothing story
    Some looted all my lavishing letters of dumped deft
    Briefly blessed me with bruises and one day they all left
    Now i ink thy crumbled pages with traces of their rashful roam
    My heart now confides poetry bleeding tales of an abandoned home

  • puranidiary 20w

    @writersnetwork thank you for kind read and ❤ (18th) ��❤

    These poetics phrases inked on papers are mere silent phases of life all pierced with pain , these syllables are mere synonyms of my silence and these verses that you titled as poetic art spread on canvas of life are mere vague pieces of my withered valour...!!
    Someday hold the pages of my diary and unfold these crumbled emotions read between the line breaks of poetry they will somehow scream my story....

    Well maybe a rant..

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #septolet #dailychallenges #wod

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    Scribbler splits
    Silence dipped in
    bleeding verses
    Of heart

    Worldly crowd
    Potrays it as
    Surreal art

  • puranidiary 20w

    Whoever scribble scar of silence to make life brighter
    Adoring the hurdles with hopenotes is a true writer..

    Just a try.... ��
    @writersnetwork .... ��ok maybe a read..
    #writers #pod #wod #dailychallenges #belong #canvasc
    @mirakee ��

    @inked_selenophile @fromwitchpen @lovesmessenger @anautumnleaf ... Hehe i tried to include your username above.. ��ik it sounds silly.. But thanku for being my constant..

    ..... Will be active here in bits &pieces for now i will enjoy my kitkat break... :-)

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    My soul a silent story dressed up in writer's robe
    Rhythm of muse all muffled often masked in mob

    My ink flows free like brook on withered page
    Carrying sediment of life settle down its rage

    On canvas of emotions with brushes of valour
    I paint love on faded facet of heart to turn it lover

    I glitter splashes of pain in my scribbled fury
    Spaces between syllables screams my life story

    Amidst storm of memories that tickles my bone
    I scrawl terrifying truths on terra of lies all alone

    Often i hide in shield of synonyms in daylight hour
    So i pour love for stars in my magical metaphors

    Coffin of crumbled love often splits smilies of fire
    I collect pearl of tears to extinguish burning desire

    Some read my bleeding verses and title me freak
    I shut those echo in line breaks & let my eye speak

    Over the years of dwelling my days in this crowd
    I write hopenotes of silence to broken heart around

    Some days i potray shiny moon adoring its scars
    Some days i seize autumn leaves in ink for decor

    threads of peace provides shattered soul a stitch
    Words Alike protective charms casted by witch

    For part of crowd my tales acts as love messenger
    For some mere a paragraph written by a stranger

    Some call it love ballads crumbled in poetic art
    Some call it mere pieces of writer's broken heart

    My quill giggles in verses, poems and soulful song
    exist as writer everywhere, but only to few i belong

  • puranidiary 20w


    Let the love bloom in heart alike embrace the pain
    Chromatic rainbow waits for you even after deadly rain
    For now let the storm in eyes settle down its rage
    Impermanence is eternal melody,
    only constant chaos here is change..

  • puranidiary 21w

    @writersnetwork thanku ��❤(15th) ��

    Editor's choice (5th) ����gosh the love im receiving here. Truly indebted ❤��

    "�������������� ���� ������������
    ���������� ������ �������������� ���������������� ������ ��������
    ������ ������������������ ������'�� ������������������
    ���� ���������� �������� �������� ����.. "

    My idea of hierarchy is not so clear just tried to frame it within few words.. Correction on my pov are always welcomed.. ��
    ... ��somehow i always end up writing on social matters idk why..!!

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    #heritage #hierarchy #society #system #past #traditon
    #ideas #emotions #dailychallenges #wod #pod

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  • puranidiary 21w

    I somehow tried to include personification, syllables, linebreaks, metaphors, Alitteration, imagination, rhythm and repetition as my writing tools...✍️�� ...

    @writersnetwork ��❤thanku for giving your time and liking the post (14th)

    Wait what Editor's choice for this (4th) ��❤ ... Thank you!

    #Just a try not sure how it is....��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    #tools #wod #poetry #dailychallenges #writers #pod

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    Mosaic of broken soul and deadly ink as my writing tool
    My quill burns the memoir of lost love with tears as fuel
    Poignant pieces of poetry seeks personification of pain
    Sensing the silence of heart it scribbles chaos over again
    Counting the syllables of sadness often,labels me a freak
    My verses unleashes the rigorous temper in quiet line break
    Seldom i glitter the barren terra of hope with my metaphors
    And paint the withered walls of valour for hours
    With few attributes of my journey dipped in
    I potray the sobbing smirk and past taints of imagination
    Over the years memorized the rhythm and worldly repetition
    sinking soul with numbness as tool scribbles all sensation..

  • puranidiary 21w

    Goshh am i dreaming or what... My first ever repost ����
    Thanku @writersnetwork this means so much to me!! ❤❤ Truly made my day... (12th❤)
    24may 2021

    ~Compared to beautiful hearts all these beauty standard seems all vague to me ~
    '���� �������������� ���� �������� ������ ���� ����������, ���� ���������� �������� ���� ���� �������� ������ ���� ���� ������������" -���������� ��������������


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    Her soul lied in the moon, body resembled twinkling stars
    Now i see her shattered on ground smacked with scars
    I heard few drops of his venom touched her pristine soul
    Meek crowd witnessed her skin burning like soggy coal

    Bottle of acid blazed her eager wings into deadly ashes
    Inch by inch her skin melted down in gist of all splashes
    Slowly the smile faded ,no more was she beautiful & bold
    Rosy lips glossy cheeks all numb, stripped heart all cold

    She sobbed all nights asking what was her fault
    Dazzled eyes, wavy hair what exactly led to this assault
    Does the blame goes to her attire or to burning desire
    Unheard screams repeatedly asked to the silent mirror

    Repeated surgeries, deformed dimples marks all over
    All engraved by those sinful hands of her claimed lover
    Petition cases judgment dates all made it to headline
    Amidst all the chaos, lively bosom faced bitter decline

    Once the lovable lad of all,now crumbled under the veil
    Vigliant eyes questioned her character denying all wail
    World at last titled her victim, but she chose to be warrior
    Writing her own fate , gradually she became stronger

    The face that was burnt was the face now she loved
    Wrinkled, marked fragile cruticle but her heart all above
    Showering strength to others, no more beauty standards
    With her pious dreams,those charred hands did wonders!

  • alextheft 22w

    Dance with winds

    I felt a chill in the winds,
    There must be a storm somewhere,
    Wrecking the households
    with the same wind spun around me,
    Of how the rustling of the leaves
    drenched in timely drops from sky,
    Might be dancing with land & destruction in laps,
    And, O, the coast so drunk in it's beauty,
    Wore the colour of thunder, blue, for months to come,
    In the midst of this heavens dance,
    I sit here, waiting,
    Waiting for one more stroke of the tune to spin me again,
    even though, I know it's selfish,
    Yet, no mortal can say no
    to a dance with the winds...

  • deepikajaya_ 24w

    '' When your heart speaks''

    I hide behind those unspoken words and shattered pages. Throwback to my first ever heart throbbing poetry.

    I see him standing there as a love of my life
    I beat loud when I think about him
    I overjoy when we are together
    I look for metaphors in empty vast sky
    And scribble the syllables when sinking heart cry
    I didn't understand how time flies so fast
    Until one day
    '' YOU'' were replaced
    By pain
    In my heart
    I realise this is the end
    We will become strangers again
    Here I'm sitting with cross-legged
    Full of hopes
    That you'll wake me up from this bad dream
    I missed time thinking about you,
    Until a tiny drop of rain hits me hard
    Gesturing me to move on
    And let go of all the emotions
    Like a disappearing clouds.


  • puranidiary 24w

    @writersnetwork thanku for liking the post (8th) ❤��

    Editor's choice(2nd time) :-) glad!! Thanku everyone for giving it a read ��❤ ..

    I hide behind those unspoken words and shattered pages
    This throbbing heart found peace in poetry after ages!!
    ������������-���� ���������������������� //

    I look for metaphors in empty vast sky
    And scribble the syllables when sinking heart cry
    Beholding the chaos ,these eyes acts a little geek
    I carve my story with tears rolling down on cheeks

    I soak my soul in splashes of indelible sins
    Reminiscing memories enact a vague spin
    My breathless nerves stabs lively similes
    And then i inscribe my sufferings heavily

    I tap and whirl often to cold facet of heart
    Mutter the sonnet of sobbing from the past
    My pain seeks personification on crumbled pages
    And then i perform puppetry of all my life stages

    I sense the lurking pain behind happy faces
    My Muse suffocates in these cluttered spaces
    Firece Rage strive to crumble in hibernation
    And then i paint my void with those alliteration

    I listen to rhythm of twinkling nasty stars
    Amidst moonlight i glitter my Mosaic scars
    All my fears unite under the dark cloud
    Then Ink vocalizes my tale without a sound !!


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakeeworld @hindiwriters #hibernation #wod #pod #poetry #metaphors #stars #scars #stages #pages #follow #dailychallenges

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    Poetry ~My hibernation


  • alextheft 27w

    Where from?

    Crafted in flesh and bone,
    Warmed in honeysuckle scent,
    Of a wanderer's heart, none know,
    Was born of what intent,
    Her words cursed the world,
    Before she ever learnt,
    Equipped with dead questions,
    The ones hatched or ones burnt,
    Sketched with distortions,
    And painted with melancholic stroke,
    If a wanderer was ever born,
    She was gloomy whenever she woke,
    Her history is none, her present is hollow,
    She hears a zillion hearts thumping,
    A wanderer can't love they say, rather others can't,
    One body and numerous souls,
    None that of hers,
    From where she came, to where she go,
    It's certain, isn't anywhere close.

  • alextheft 30w

    The inert ones,
    Ones who could say they haven't felt this way
    In every sentence as they converse,
    And yet forget what it meant,
    The ones with no tears on face,
    While others weep their hearts
    See, beyond their masks, it's a work of an art,
    They, whom you may call closed books,
    Weren't books in the first place,
    The inert ones,
    Did learn to express,
    And they lost the need to,
    It's the beauty of how they were crafted,
    Just like mannequins of perfection,
    The inert ones,
    Who once did feel and ended up not,
    Aren't that complicated to understand

  • alextheft 36w

    I promise that I'll
    See you again
    Not to cry this time
    But to bid farewell,
    From the torn threads
    That you saw me,
    I'll knit a strong armour
    Shining all over my chest,
    The moment I'll
    Know you are the same
    I'll do the same that you did
    And get vanished in air
    Like a fake memory,
    I'll promise I'll be tougher,
    I expect the same there,
    Until we cross paths.

  • alextheft 36w

    Fairy dust

    Hands swept
    Over and over again,
    Still the dust settled
    Ignoring his attempt,
    How could he
    Open the book and gaze?
    To the indepth knowledge
    Covered in fog of dead theories,
    The texts grew older
    As thinner like the dim rain,
    Spreading wide everywhere,
    Just for name sake,
    One page rises
    And yet, turned away,
    With the same uncertainty
    Like some bizzare weed,
    Which now is stepped upon,
    Unnoticed and tomorrow,
    Would be cared, untouched
    Like a gold jewel from ancestors,
    Yet, today,
    For he, who peeped beyond the dust,
    Titled as maniac,
    Just to be called genius on deathbed,
    How could he
    Open the book and gaze?
    'cause right now,
    He kept the book ashore.

  • alextheft 40w


    Capturing some in the vision of light,
    Sculpting lyrics in middle of July,
    Titled on them, naming it mine,
    Hardly matters, says owner of time,
    Some characters with burning eyes,
    While some sleep in bed of lies,
    While others dewdrops like fragile,
    Or highly observant every mile,
    Walking all down their respective plots,
    Unaware, clueless, of what time jots,
    Calling it okay, writing it a struggle,
    Don't they know, every side has a double,
    So blinded by the moist in view,
    Giving up and breaking down in queue,
    Within holding the fate itself,
    When will they learn to see themselves.

  • campbell_sonofaggrey 41w

    Never has social privilege seem more unfair
    While being clung to so tenaciously
    Sick of your love ! Brain aneurysm - am in
    The siege in ways that can alert anyone the subjective dimensions of an objective love calamity
    Feeling bizarrely conditional
    Subject to a tormenting thought, just because I don't want to lose you
    Plunged into foolish, desperate actions and finally
    To a blanketing subjunctive mood
    Only imagining things I wished they were
    Your love is a max prison,days in never counting

  • campbell_sonofaggrey 41w

    Am familiar with the fact that there's
    Refreshment, besides ominousness
    But you are full of introspective drama
    Perhaps it's a vague anticipation in my
    Surviving love and guilt
    You got me all necked
    But still want me to get the love forsaken
    Am blinded by the Summer harvest enlightened skin
    Flaring body
    Glowing chin
    Contralto voice
    You can't be taken

  • alextheft 41w

    Fire and Ice

    They say it starts
    With a flicker of eyes
    Or moments unavoidable,
    One fire and other ice,
    Sculpted from ambition,
    The burn reflects his betray,
    Unearthed from cruelties,
    The chills shine her way,
    Hoping to end in flowers and gardens,
    It is known, it is disaster in every lore,
    One becomes guilty and other toxic,
    Yet, none can stop before,
    Bonded by madness,
    Until care outshines,
    Just to make it worse,
    Guilt outlines,
    Holding hands in end,
    But with havoc all around,
    What burnt all,
    Will freeze them unbound,
    Though the writer wrote,
    For love story so immortal,
    But it would end as he knows,
    With the death of both mortals.

  • alextheft 42w

    That obstacles
    Would embrace
    Our strength,
    Wounds shall

  • alextheft 43w

    Front bench

    I always stare at the rising sun,
    And the shadows of the front benchers
    That erased me from existence,
    And put me in list of back benchers,
    Nor was I less passionate,
    Neither obscure of my destination,
    While the front seat occupants,
    Came enhanced to our station,
    Saw my mates making the same mistake,
    Bowing down as they looked down,
    Or fighting to obtain this mythical row,
    While others might want to die and drown,
    I'll just lose and escape,
    Call it a treason,
    Unlike them, I love my life,
    Don't expect a reason.