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    Pata ni kya hi hai...��

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    "के माना बदल गए अखलाक़ हमारे
    क्या बातिल नही अल्फ़ाज़ तुम्हारे।।"

    "के इबरत जो मिली मयससुरी पर हमारे
    क्या शफ़्फ़ाफ़ नही वाबस्ता तुम्हरे।।"

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    शहीदी भी हसींन मंजील है। हम वतन पे जान लुटाते हैं।।
    देश भक्ति के रक्त से। बंजर जमी हरियाते हैं।।
    वतन पे लुटने वाले हम।हम शेर हिंद कहाते हैं।।

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    Pata ni kuch bhi��

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    "कैफ़ियत-ए-दौर तोह कुछ इस कदर छाया हैं....
    इल्म-ए-दिन की चाह में राज़-ए-उल्फत ने अपना मुकाम छुपाया हैं।।"


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    "अक्सर अपना ही हाथ पकड़ कर सो जाया करती हूँ
    किसी अपने के एहसास में।।"


  • farhaaniyat 67w

    Shano pe kis ke ashq bahayaa karegi aap
    Roothega kaun kis ko manyaa kregi aap..

    Ab kaun khudparst satyega aap ko
    Kis bewafaa ke naaz uthaya kregi aap

    Wo jaa raha hai subah e mohbbt ka qafilaa
    Ab sham ko kahi bhi naa jayaa kregi aap

    Gumnam uljhno me guzaregi raat din
    Beqaar apne jee ko jalaya kregi aap


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    Intezaari houn mein raat din apna
    Aap mujhko apnaa aap bhejiyega


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    Mein jo houn aap mein hee to houn
    So aap mera be hadd khyaal kijiyegaa

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    #baba #papa #abbu #dad #pappa

    If u honestly like it..
    So tag ur friends ��

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    ज़िंदगी पूरी हो उसके बगैर ऐसा कहते कोई औलाद नहीं देखी!!

    मेने बाप से बड़ी कोई अज़मत नही देखी।।

    किताबी ईल्म के परे खुद उस्ताद बन ईल्म की एक दूनिया है देखी!!

    मेने बाप से बड़ी कोई अज़मत नहीं देखी।।

    सुकून की तलब खत्म कर अपनो के खातिर हर चाह बदलते देखी!!

    मेने बाप से बड़ी कोई अज़मत नहीं देखी।।

    काबिलयत देख बच्चो की उसकी आँखे भी भीगते देखी!!

    मेने बाप से बड़ी कोई अज़मत नहीं देखी।।

    कर गोर सोच पर उसकी ज़ेहन में हो रही हलचल है देखी!!

    "आखिर रूह भी कहने लगी"

    मेने बाप से बड़ी कोई अज़मत नहीं देखी।।

    मेने बाप से बड़ी कोई अज़मत नहीं देखी।।

  • farhaaniyat 70w

    Too dhoop sunehri fizaao me

    Rehti ho meri duaao me
    Tere naam jis lamhe me loo
    Behad mile aaram hai
    Teri hee galiyo me awaara sham hai������#dadiesprincess

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    Tumho khushbu ke khwab ki khusbu

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    Your more valuable behaviour
    Makes you the more cheaper..

  • bejubaanshayar 73w

    #mrak #muhabbat #dadiesprincess

    Dedicated to @dadiesprincess

    I hope you understand

    Mai ye apne liye nai kah raha ��

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    Itne muhabbat bhare lahze se
    Har kisi se baat na kiya kare
    Aapko pata nai aapka ye lahza
    Kai aashiqon ko janm deti hai

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    Don't know wht I wrote..!!

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    "Dua voh hamari kuch iss tarah qubool hui!!!
    Manga jo rab se talash-e-sukoon...
    Kaaton bhari manzile hamare naam hui!!!

  • shaiz_fs 87w

    I was going to the gym.
    I saw an accident on the way.
    I thought of calling the ambulance
    and helping the victims to
    get out of the vehicle.
    but I didn't because I was
    getting late to the gym.
    I will miss my biceps work-
    out which I don't want.
    "Atleast I am kind hearted,
    I feel sorry for the victims."

    I was on my way to college.
    I saw a bunch of boys teasing
    a girl. I thought of going
    and confronting them.
    but I didn't because she isn't
    my sister and I am not bahubali.
    "Atleast I am kind hearted,
    I feel sorry for the girl."

    I was standing at a pizza hut
    an armless beggar came
    begging near me. I thought
    of helping the poor soul.
    but I didn't because the
    money in my wallet was
    only sufficient to my pizza.
    "Atleast I am kind hearted,
    I feel sorry for the poor."

    I was having a walk in the park
    I saw two people fighting
    over religion. I thought to
    interfere and solve their dispute.
    but I didn't because they were
    not my friends and it was none
    of my business to stop them.
    "Atleast I am kind hearted,
    I feel sorry for their stupidity."

    I was in my college canteen.
    I saw couple of bad boys
    bullying a guy for his ugly
    and disfigured face. I
    thought of going to his rescue.
    but I didn't because they
    were powerful and I didn't
    wanted to mess with them.
    "Atleast I am kind hearted,
    I feel sorry for the guy."


    There are many more circumstances where we act just as mere spectators. Feeling bad in heart doesn't justify that you are a good human being. You should never hesitate to help someone in trouble. You should never fear to confront someone powerful than you. Only then you will be known as a good human being.

    Pic credits to the rightful owner
    Corrections and suggestions are welcome.
    may be my last post this ramadan

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #julietscorner #yaminiread #tanzread

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    #corona #co-void #animals #freedom #peoples #restricion


    1)Always try to be thankful in what God gives u...coz when it get backs from u will knows the value of it.

    2) Remember always whatever u did with others... coz it with will surely happen back with u after a period of time.

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    "दस्तूर-ए-कायनात देख!!!
    वोह भी रो पड़े।।
    जो खुद खुदा से!!!
    आज़ादी की दुआ मांगा करते थे।।"


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    Bus Yuh hi��

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    " अरे!!!!
    कोई तो बता दो....
    ये दर्द-ए-दिल की दवा कहा मिलती है???
    बड़ा मरीज़ सा हो गया है दिल....


  • shaiz_fs 89w

    When I was three years old
    I fell in love with a girl
    a girl who was beauty personified
    she loved me more than I loved her
    one day I proposed her saying I love you
    I learned this words from a daily soap
    she smiled and accepted it with an embrace
    actually I had an obsession for fair girls
    we both used to play a lot
    she helped me in doing my homework
    she made me ready for school
    I was more closer to her than my mother
    I always used to tell her that I will marry her
    she smiled everytime and cuddled me
    I gave her countless kisses everyday
    I thought that destiny will never separate us
    we are made for each other
    but one day, a tragedy hit me ��
    I was 5 years old and came back from school
    I heard people in my home talking
    about someone's marriage in my family
    I enquired and got to know that
    some people came to my home
    to ask my love for marriage with their son
    I was in despair, I was totally devastated
    I wept like hell that day ��
    I skipped my dinner and went into oblivion
    every one in my family was trying to convince me
    I didn't listen to any, I was weeping
    it was the turn of my love to convince me
    she came near me and cuddled tightly
    and told me that she will love her husband
    but not more than me,
    I will always remain her first love
    I accepted and told her to visit me
    each time I call her, she just smiled
    atlast she was married making me sad ��
    now she has a son who is 13 years old ��
    she was none other than my cousin ��
    even today whenever we meet we laugh
    remembering my childhood stupidity

    This is not fictional and absolutely real ��
    There might be many mistakes please ignore, I wrote this in a hurry ��..

    That is me in the pic, the innocent me ��


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #yaminiread #julietscorner #tanzread


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  • aquib_khan1 90w

    I want to express my gratitude to over the year constant supporters who keenly love me .
    It's been more than a year I suppose here. I am writing in a chronological manner

    I have seen you grow as a writer MashaAllah keep writing. Thanks for always being there for me.

    @maria_anam who used to tell me to write for her a poem or two. And she was kind enough to tell that she has fallen in love with my words.

    #javeriya aka enlightenment soul she isn't here but she used to consult me for just anything. Mainly islamic topics and comparative religion. She isn't here anyone.

    @muslimah_ I know her since six months or more she was my bodyguard, nobody have ever shown such kind of love than she did.
    One of my reason I don't write here because she is not here.

    @siddiqua I absolutely love her posts as well Masha Allah an amazing person. 🤩❤️

    @noorsana12 thanks for being asking whether I am alive or not. ��.

    #natureattraction - thanks for always showing selfless care and love.

    #haleema- thanks for showering your love and support.

    #dadiesprincess - thanks for liking me for what I am. Haha.

    These are my proven ride or die gang members. You cannot mess with them talking crap about me. MashaAllah.

    There are few i met recently too.
    #ruhi my partner in my company. thanks dear being so kind.
    #tingle_ht thanks bro for being such a support.
    #black_heart_ thanks Mehul for being kind and supportive. I am not worthy of ideal I suppose.

    And sorry if I have missed out anyone know that your worth always have remained intact.

    Peace and blessings upon.

    Ps - it's not like I would return after 3-4 days, may be after Ramadan.
    and sorry I won't be able to reply to any comments. So don't waste your time commenting.

    I am not deactivating my account so that you can read my silly posts later.
    BarakaAllahu feekum. Jazakallah khair kaseera.

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    My time is up here

    It's time to retire from mirakee.

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    Try to write something different from my writing zone������

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    Suna hai tumhe meri payal bohot pasand hai!!
    Hamesha inki jhankar sun paoge kya??
    Me toh yuhi chaldungi saath tumhare!!
    Tum sada mere saath chal paoge kya??
    Me joh tumse Ruth jau!!
    kabhi kabar tum bhi mujhe manaya kroge kya???

    "Vada toh sab krte hai tum apna vada nibha poge kya???"

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    World is always a beautiful place to live if you have the people around you who make it look beautiful. Many people come and go because they were meant to leave one day. But some people stay with us forever. Even if they won't their memories stay with us. Such people care for you even if they are miles away. You are present in their prayers. Maybe they are too special for you. Maybe they are never meant to leave. It feels really lucky to have such kind of people around. Though they are miles away their presence is felt every day. Thank you so much for this.
    There are some people who are naturally beautiful. They don't need cosmetics to look beautiful. People can't take their eyes of them. They are just too adorable. It's really a privilege to share their friendship. They have a very soft heart.
    I still remember the way you used to call me boss ��. You have too many good qualities ����. But you have one bad quality which I hate the most. Never hurt yourself for someone. People who are close to us may hurt us sometimes. Maybe that's unintentional ��. Maybe they wanted to do something good which turned out to be bad for you. Please make a resolution today that you are never gonna hurt yourself ��.

    Today is the day when such a person with the above qualities is born. Many many happy returns of the day allu ❤️. May Allah bless you with all the happiness of this world and here after. Always have that little smile on your face. Because beautiful girls look beautiful with a beautiful smile. I know I am late ���� but on date. Really sorry for that.


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