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  • brisky 1d

    Dear dad

    Dear dad❤ im still here‍♀️
    I know you are working hard for us to give best life
    but badly I need you

  • ambi_16 2d

    Tu me Manques

    How much I miss your loving hug
    Hug that filled my heart with joy
    Joy to feel blessed for having you
    You quietly flew far without a goodbye
    But bye for now, not for ever
    Ever and again we shall meet
    Meet to hold your hand
    Hand in hand, tightest as I can
    Can never let you leave again
    Again together, even in the dream 
    We would remain a team


  • achal234 1w


    I wish i could sleep at night
    And don't wake up next mrng
    Suddenly i heard to sound of my dad ........... calling me "beta come here"

  • puzzled_thoughts 1w


    Today, I am allowing myself to be a little hurt,
    I am allowing myself to be able to mourn for you,
    Because you aren't there anymore.

    Days, months and now years have passed by,
    But I remember your last laugh, your last voice, your last heartbeat and never heard a goodbye.
    You gave me strength , you gave me hope,
    But then you left, and I yearned for more.

    Some relationships are weird, yours and I were like one,
    You taught me all, and smiled through whatever little time you had, and went alone.

    Everyday day I think about you, your face, your voice and every memory where I could find and meet you again in past,
    For there is nothing left at last.


  • dee_kye 2w

    Colourful canyons

    Dad once said, "if you strive for the mountains, colourful canyons will naturally reach you."


  • sitharasadanandan 3w

    Gave nothing...
    Left something...
    Reminding Life is worth living..
    Eventhough it's hard....


  • rohitsayyed 4w


    एक बच्चे की सबसे अज़ीम दौलत,
    उसके मा-बाप होते है।।


  • angel_sneha 5w


    मंजिल दूर पर सफर बहुत हैं
    छोटी सी जिंदगी की फ़िकर बहुत हैं
    खा जाती कब की ए दुनियां हमें
    लेकिन माँ की दुआओं का असर बहुत हैं ....... !!


  • shashi6 5w


    I miss you so much dad i cant say how much but i was badly missing your presence i want to see you atleast once dad pls comeback


  • ahmet_ecrin 5w

    The day you left me

    The day you left me, I couldn't understand.
    What emergency made you swipe from me?

    The day you left me, you did it while I was sleeping
    Hidden in the dark, as a thief

    The day you left me, I saw all your promisse die
    Following you to the grave

    The day you left me, I became to a orphan
    And since then I feel nothing but the lonelyness un my heart

    Maybe you didn't want to leave me, but you did
    And now, I pass the days trying to live my death


  • jkhusty 6w

    Surrounded by Emptiness,
    My eyes wander,
    Someone who stood by my side
    Has been ripped apart by wings of time.

    He sacrificed everything for me,
    But I compared it to my soul,
    Loathed with selfishness.
    Advice he gave me,
    Were his experience penned through his words,
    But I retorted in disbelief,
    Assuring him his experiences were faulty.

    He was tired but patient to listen to my story,
    I never took out time to walk up to him.
    For him my fall was his shortcoming,
    My loss was his mistake,
    My tears, his heartbreak,
    But my success never his compliment.

    Now I acknowledge his presence,
    But in vain, pillars are digged of his absence.
    His beliefs were true, mine a mistake.
    His smile is a past cause my rage was fake,
    His eyes a map, mine a distant place,
    His body a temple, mine nothing more than a grave.

    #dad #fatheranddaughter #dad'slove

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    Surrounded by emptiness,
    My eyes wander,
    Someone who stood by my side
    Has been ripped apart by wings of time.....

  • not_yours 7w

    Life's a Bitch

    He is an ex-service man and had spent half of his life serving.He rarely got to spend time with us. He used to wake up 5:30 went for morning run( to keep the soldiers in shape) and than he came back 7-8 am left for office came back by 2 pm for lunch and then again left at 4pm and back by 8-9 pm.
    I remember when he used to come for lunch, I used to sleep on his shoulder and you may feel it yuk but I had always loved my dad's odour, I used to love his armpit smell and after his lunch dad always used to hold me in his arms and sleep ( the best safest place)
    I always thought after his retirement we could travel to places as a family and spend time but I guess life had some other plans.
    He is in his 60's and a kidney patient, thrice in a week he supposed to go for dialysis and he dad gone so week like I could see his bones entirely.Isaw him in his green uniform and now like this, it absolutely kills me from inside.

  • akshaychillal_ 7w

    MA BAP

    Jane meri jane man bachpan ka pyar mujhe bhul nahi jana re... Are the lines which will only work when your janeman is your mom or your dad

  • vasrants 8w


    Life sprouted through you,
    We sprang up with mew.

    We were nurtured and tamed,
    Just the way it could be.

    We ate and we slept,together thinking,
    It'll all be.
    We smiled, we frowned and cried together.

    Holding it all for the better tomorrow's,
    Merrier future,all bright at the burrow

    You guided,chided and even mounded,
    The right,the wrong and everything else.

    We walked behind and then beside,
    Content that you'll maneuver us every side.

    Then came a day,to shatter our dreams,
    Broken,torn and crumpled in every way.

    You left us alone, to get away from this world!
    Leaving us with lot of tears,a legacy to continue.

    We can only try,but can never reach !
    The pinnacle you achieved, is a crown to admire.

    I know today,what you were and how you rose!
    I'll keep in mind to cautiously be ,atleast half you.

    I never had a chance to openly say!
    That you are one man, whom I will love the most.

    My guarding angel,I knew you loved!!
    Cause you allowed me by your side,when you bid good bye.

    I know, you left us .But with bundles of you!
    There will never be a tomorrow, without your thoughts.
    Remaining unfinished, without your part!
    You engraved your presence through everything we have.

    I will stand up and rise tall to show the world!
    That you are a man,who was the best!
    Who raised his kids to be their best.

    I have no one to say ,except you.
    These words are mere letters joint ,
    Which is just a cover to my broken heart!



  • ragulprakash_11 8w

    Whenever Dad says,

    Un vayasula naangaellam epdi irundhom theriyuma
    Tells a long story…

    I wish, I had the power of time travel, only to revisit his past and validate if the information provided was true.


  • wendi61 8w

    My heart, My Dad

    My heart lies bleeding
    But still strong
    Strong enough to be there
    For my Daddy, my Dad, my Father
    In his latter years, his final day's.
    My handsome, strong funny Dad
    My first love,protector, friend, parent.
    A constant throughout my life
    Nurturing, protecting, loving
    A sharp word wherever needed
    To keep me on the right path.
    Encouragement by the bucketful
    A sense of humour so cheeky,
    That age appropriate changed with the years.
    A man who gave me confidence
    To be me, the me I want to be.
    We can talk the hind legs off a donkey
    On any subject,
    You choose it we have a view.
    My Dad, loved by so many he has met
    But never more than our late Mum
    Or us Kids, and his Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren.
    As the days pass
    And your body weakens
    We that are only here because of you
    Send you Love, and strength
    We are here for you every day.
    We will carry you, and ease your burden
    As you have carried us and loved us
    You can rest, on a soft bed of Love
    That you created and nurtured.
    A bed of love that will keep you eternally alive, within our hearts.
    Love you Dad

  • sakiye 9w



    A man under a canopy,
    The canopy wasn't rugged,
    Besides his heart was.
    His children left him solely,
    He lives by his own bootstraps,
    With a hardened heart but enervated roof.

    He rounds with his carry-all,
    Crowd mind's- eye a bag of waste,
    He hangs for bread on consorts,
    Who propose packed ones,
    Trust the bag was earnings,
    With thoughtless yield in a beggared garb.

    He piles up from waste,
    Earned in a busted box of iron,
    The iron was full of coins,
    Which sounded besides the crowd.
    It thinks he is delicate and sober,
    But he, full-blown and down to earth.

    The herd assumed self-centered and inhuman,
    By his gusto and coiffure, besides
    He was always human when he spoke.
    His phrases and manners consistently flaunted humanity,
    Bagging bucks was nest egg in an iron case,
    Reasoned awful, by kinfolks.

    A gilt-edged hombre appeared vile but hushed beyond,
    Did he picked the waste? no, rather he collected it,
    Did he earned money? no, rather he saved it,
    For whom did he do, for himself...! being deep-pocketed?
    Or for the inheritor who marooned him...
    He saved to save a life who saved him,
    His savior, who shelled out a canopy for Pater.

  • saiba_123 9w

    Mom and dad ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    People really need to understand that for a child both the parents are important NOT JUST ONE. Both are special in their own ways and without the other partner , living the life is impossible...

  • neeru365 9w

    Dad : It's not good enough for you, my perfect girl.

    Girl : You keep calling me that, but I'm so far from perfect.

    Dad : I call you that because you are perfect to me.

    Girl : Aren't you disappointed with me.

    Dad : No. I get it , you can't be prefect all the time.

    Girl : I always keep messing things.

    Dad : I know. But you can't settle for less just because you did some mistakes.

    Girl : May be this is what I deserve.

    Dad : Trust me, you deserve so much more.

    Girl : Dad, I miss you.

    Dad : I'm always here.


  • beensn 13w

    Dear Dad❤️

    You gave me a life, an identity,
    But now you have silently slipped into eternity.
    For you, I was always the Best,
    You had on me, world's all trust.
    Your day would never begin without the glimpse of your daughter,
    You always believed that it would make your day better.
    Always stood for truth and innocence even at your ripe age,
    That made you my ideal n hero and it was my privilage.
    I was the worst victim of the situation and could not treat,
    I can't even say sorry now, for, I could not pay back the debt.
    Whenever I think of you, my eyes become damp,
    I promise to walk in the path lighted by you with the goodness lamp.
    For every simple act, you used to take my opinion,
    And when you took such a great decision to leave us, you took it alone?
    I am your little princess always, that's why short,
    Dear Dad, I can only say, I love you and miss you a lot.
    © beensN