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  • alfaazdilke 1h

    After six long years
    We saw each other,
    He in a confused manner
    Confirmed that was it me ..

    The charming smile at his face
    With tears in his eyes
    He uttered the most expected words,
    "My dearest daughter"...

  • angel_sneha 1d

    दुनिया के लिए तुम एक इंसान हो सकते हो
    लेकिन एक इंसान के लिए तुम पूरी दुनिया हो सकते हो ॥


  • iampratham 2d

    Hey Old Man !

    Hey Old Man, just look at you,
    So rough and pale, do you even feel the pain?
    Unmoved by the surprises, unvexed with the disasters,
    Sitting on the couch the whole day, just look at you.

    Is this the time when you give up,
    On love, life and the dreams closer to the eyes than the others?
    Is this the time which you just let pass,
    Like the train to heaven inside the tunnel ?

    Don't you remember when you were young,
    Crawling up the trees so fast,
    When you were the best, at least for yourself.
    Does everyone end up the same ?

    Starting with high hopes and expectations,
    Ending deep down in disappointment and despair.
    Just curious about what went so wrong in the middle,
    Or was this to happen anyway, like Gravity ?

    Don't you have anything to tell us,
    About the rights and the wrongs?
    Few wise quotes which would turn our lives,
    Some silly jokes or those childhood stories ?

    I'm good and the weather here's just fine,
    Cooked up some random vegetable with rice.
    But why does it matter,
    What matters is that, is that it ?


  • linamedhi 3d

    Without you

    Without you,
    Our house has lost it's nature
    Without you,
    Our house has became lifeless
    Without you,
    We are none of any creature in this world
    Without you,
    We all are lifeless in this big world
    Promise to never leave us alone
    We will fight every war together
    Keeping hand by hand ,
    Will never leave each other forever
    When I utter the word dad
    I feel a life ,a day,a moment
    As something stress free.

  • mnu_143 4d


    Ye zindagi aapki hai aapki di huyi h dad aapki har खाविस puri krugi aapke pyar ke aage ek kya har ख़ुशी कुर्बान❣️
    Love you always

  • kasishray 4d

    Happy fathers day baba💗
    You are my real king. My super hero. Everything that I ever revered. Whatever I am, I am because of you. I am the affection you stuffed in the food you had cooked for me ( you cook better than mom). I am the patience you had every time I did something to annoy you. I am the forgiveness that you gave me upon my every mistake. I am the lessons you have taught me without I knowing that I’m learning. I am all of you and I want to be more like you. My every goal,each ambition,breathes the purpose to make you proud and I hope one day you will be super proud of me. As proud of me as I am being your daughter.

    I know my dad won’t be reading this…(cause he don’t use this app and I like to keep things to myself. To be honest, I’m kind of a shy person when it comes to express in words.) but it feels good to write down what’s in my heart. To tell to those few strangers who take some time to read my unheard thoughts.

    #happyfathersday #father #dad

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    To my dad

    You are the epitome of unconditional love
    as you always choose me before you
    be it watching my favourite show which you didn’t like
    Or materialising my unvoiced wish,you did that too.
    I believe action speaks much volume
    And my each action is full of inexplicable love as a clue,
    I know that you know this from the start
    cause I have learnt it from you.
    Hold my small hands for I’ll forever be a child
    And teach me more lessons about life
    Like you once said how to look within ourselves,
    For we often get blinded in much bright.
    All i want is I to be by your side
    Shadowing you, walking with you every time,
    Cause I have infinite lessons to learn
    And with your blessings all shall be more than fine.


  • fervent_writing 4d

    "And, which is your favourite place ever..?"
    Someone asked.

    My Dad's shoulder is loftier than anything.
    She smiled.


  • kalp_cloud 4d

    Happy Father's Day

    He is not special for a day.
    His existence is a celebration
    right from our birth.
    His every step and every act,
    Is a part of our upbringing.
    He puts his soul into,
    In utter silence,
    to see us laugh aloud.
    Having his back and blessings
    Is truly being fortunate.
    A thank won't be enough,
    and he never even wished for it.
    It's all love and care forever.

    ❤Happy Father's Day❤

  • falakamit 4d

    Jisne bujh kar zalaya hai tumku...
    Aaj hi kyu yaad aaya hai tumku....

           Every day is Dear dad's day....


  • gunsandroses 4d


    The one whose care and love for us is hidden,
    The one whose tears and fears are unseen,
    The one who can't be replaceable,
    The one who is strict but softhearted as well,
    The one whose smile makes me feel adore is you dad , with a bunch of proud, love, care, happiness and blessings....!!

    *HaPpY FAtHeR's DaY DAD*

  • nuances_in_life 4d

    From birth till today ;
    while raising or falling
    there's one hand holding
    us through everything .

  • stelly 4d

    Pa, I don't remember the warmth of your love
    Nor the touch of your hand
    For you have left this world
    Before I don't even know, what life is?
    But the instinct of a father's love
    That lives in me
    It makes me miss you more
    Than anything else in this world
    And loves you with every breath I breathe
    And everything I am.

  • manaswitasen 4d


    You have promised me,
    To hold my hand tight,
    Then we can,
    Win all the fight.

    You always give me,
    More than I deserve,
    Both in matter,
    And in love.

    I respect you,
    For what you do,
    You are my father,
    Better than anyone other.

    I cannot express,
    Your importance in my life,
    I just know,
    Without you I cannot survive.

  • angel_sneha 4d

    Happy father's day papajii ____________��

    एक बचपन का ज़माना था,
    जिस में खुशियों का खजाना था,
    चाहत चाँद को पाने की थी,
    पर दिल तितली का दीवाना था,
    खबर ना थी कुछ सुबहा की,
    ना शाम का कोई ठिकाना था,
    थक कर आना स्कूल से,
    पर खेलने भी जाना था,
    माँ की कहानी थी,
    परियों का फ़साना था,
    बारिश में कागज की नाव थी,
    हर मौसम सुहाना था,
    रोने की कोई वजह ना थी,
    और मैं अपने "पापा" की दीवानी थी ।

    #papa #happyfathersday #dad #loveyou #lifeline #myheromydaddy #papakiipari #maa #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Love you daddy ....... ❤️


  • pareshdua 4d

    पिता जी

    पिता है तो जीवन में उजियारा है
    घर की छत सा सर पर साया है वो
    बाप ही तो है
    हर रोज काम आया ह जो

    जरुरत ख्वाइशे सब पूरी की उस्ने
    जरुरत ख्वाइशे सब पूरी की उस्ने
    जीवन की डोर को प्यार से सांझा है जिस्ने
    अपनी इच्छाओ को मार तुम्हारी ख्वाहिशो को सारंखे रखा है उस्ने
    पिता ही तो है जिस्ने तराशा है तुम्हें

    संसार है वो पुरा
    बिन उसके अधूरा ये जहान
    संसार है वो पुरा
    बिन उसके अधूरा ये जहान
    अपनो की भिड़ में तन्हा मैं याहा
    पर यही रीत है इस संसार की
    जो आया है वो जाएगा
    समय बिना उसके जीना सिखाएगा

  • shadesofyu 4d

    Unspoken Warrior

    "He really fought for you, didn't he?!" They asked me,
    Was the battle brutal, did he get hurt?
    Was he okay? Did you see him cry? Did he have a moment for himself? Did he fight hard enough?
    These were questions hammered in my brain, everytime looking at an answer,
    And then I looked at him, there was something about him which have me solace, a solace which couldn't be explained in words, it was a feeling, like he was enough,
    For everything he did or he didn't do,
    He was enough,
    For even when there was tea and biscuits for a dinner or lunch, it was enough,
    He was always enough.
    Dad, the unspoken Warrior.

  • harsh77 4d


    What to write about Dad?
    There's million of things i can't express in words
    I'll try,

    Dad means,
    A cold shadow in summer
    Dad means,
    Soft Rays of sun in winter
    Dad means,
    The one who dont let you cry
    Dad means,
    The who don't know how to cry?
    Dad means,
    Who yeld you on your mistakes
    Dad means,
    Who hug you on your achievements
    Dad means,
    Who rush in the morning in this world for work
    Dad means,
    Who don't eat their own food he fed his family first
    Dad means,
    The cactus flower in the dessert
    Who looks very hard from outside
    But inside he is blossom of flowers
    He work had for their love one's
    I know one day I've to face this all
    I know that's why he's very strict and as same he's very polite to me,
    Because he knows one day I'll be a Dad❤️
    Thank you so much Dad for everything
    I love you so much
    Happy father's day

    "These all things will be known to you when you will be in his shoes"


  • ammy21 5d

    Kisi ne kaha apni zindagi ki khushiya likho
    Aur mai mom&dad likh aayi

  • 3xclusivedreamer_art3 5d

    Happy father's day

    Happy father's day to all the amazing fathers out there.

  • lucifer_77 1w

    Beautiful Life - A Lie

    People says life is beautiful,
    One who came, has to die,
    I think they made me fool,
    A beautiful life is an utter lie,

    In this beautiful life, Have seen the death closely,
    Claiming him inch by inch, Organ by organ daily,

    He was like the world to me,
    Watching his condition wasn't easy,
    Knowing that he is going to die,
    I refused that it's going to be goodbye,

    Then the day came he left me forever,
    " I love you papa" why I couldn't said it ever,
    Why couldn't I hugged you at least once?
    These are questions, which haunt me for months,

    Regret, I have is now will be with me till the end,
    "Strong I am" is what, now I cannot pretend,

    Walls protecting me are now down,
    I am scared now, I think I am gone drown,

    Suddenly this happening world is now becoming scary,
    Please can you come back? these responsibilities are too much to carry,

    I am still your little boy, I need your guidance,
    You know, I am better in your presence,

    I know I have to face the reality somehow,
    I should gather courage & face world anyhow,

    But tell me dad how can I say life is beautiful?
    The only faced life showed me is unmerciful!

    My expectations from life were immensely high,
    But now I have concluded, Beautiful life is an utter lie....

    Miss you Papa ❤
    - Kv