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    Worthless words spat at my face , was it just so common in my life I thought,zephyr sweet and gentle as it is choked death out of me, hollering in grief was my hallow shining in hell,ink swaying to the beats of my scars disguised as the words that I couldn't spit,just when I thought that I was signing treaty with heaven,here I am facing penalties with demons.

    Each day passing in a blink,the vortex of delutions haunting the hues of lilac from the flowers of my garden,a farewell is not what I wanna bid but the broken pieces of my blank verses, deceiving eyes of chaos wreathed my soul, feathered at first yet harsh at last,dark patterns of smoke blurring my eyes,there she stood,my nemesis.

    Burning holes into my mind ,she spoke with such venom in her words,.
    //Who would even care about someone who is just a burden to all of their loved ones,someone who's lame and of no use,this defines you a lot//
    Stars may not shine,Sun may not be brighter but I won't be this punchbag to everyone anymore because I feel eleutheromania, when chaos distinguished in the azure sky,I stitched away the fathom of my heart that I couldn't configure long time ago ,
    //Afterall nightmares can change it's demeanour into dreams, isn't it?//

    ~ ©Annmary | 3 Dec 2020

    @writersnetwork thankyou WN for the like❤️
    #pod #daadigotyourback

    Hiii to everybody ����,soo I am writing after about 3 weeks ig,I haven't been doing this for a long time now and so I really don't know how this is going to turn out but pls do give your opinions ��
    Thankyou for the all the support ��

    And I give a special thanks to these amazing writers cause I got inspiration for these thoughts from them,sry if I disappointed u guys ����❤️ @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @daffodilpearlzz

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  • jamzikr 20w

    Fairy night

    When the pitch black canvas is spreaded
    On sky; the moon enters the show
    Leading the stars behind
    The fireflies from the dens
    Swift aloft the lake; and glow
    It's devine light of delight.
    when the placid water starts it's
    Song of silence; the faries
    Come down from ths troposphere, while
    The zephyr frolic with their glimmering hair
    They spred their glistening wings
    And with the hum of the owls
    And whistles of the grasshoppers
    They keep mild steps on the tranquil water
    To the melody of peace
    And dance for the beat of heart

    But when you see, they vanish away
    Like the day dreams.. when awake
    Like sigh... like joy...
    They evaporate away

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    A man is a man
    Nothing more, nothing less
    But a majority of them live in an illusion
    Of superiority
    Over different sexuality
    Over the opposite gender
    And riding over the system of hatred
    Referred as patriarchy.
    It's often the result of upbringing
    That is skewed to prefer them
    Over the interest of female rights
    At other times, it's the result of peer groups
    And associated machismo.
    But I've an image of men
    Which I admire and adore
    Which maintains my belief that not all men
    Yet I wish that yes all women being afraid be changed
    By men
    Like Bhagat Singh, Bismil and Ashfaque.
    By men like
    Manto, Kafka, and Valmiki.
    By men like Irrfan Khan, Satyajit Ray, and Prakash jha.
    In such men we take pride
    And to those like them or trying to be
    Happy international men's day from me!

    © Harfkaar 19-11-2020
    A poem by my personal favorite man.

    My pen is not blue or black
    It is married to the tricolour ink
    Etched in my soul is the flag
    Saffron,White, Blue and Green.

    I am driven by love of this nation
    Red in my veins is from Satluj, Ganga,Kaveri
    Not hating others, No such obsession
    I am merely smitten by my countries story.

    The tales of courage and duty bound men
    Have taught me how a patriot overcomes
    The questions raised, and the doubt sustained
    With conviction I beleive truth alone triumphs.

    I promise to strive till my last breath
    To wash the spots that some would paint
    I want the world to acknowledge her as perfect
    Pious, Pure,Protecting all;
    without any bias stain

    I will never be as good to her as India has been to me
    I don't want her to accept me, such a mediocrity
    I'll work on myself and open my eyes to see
    That everyone in my nation can freely breathe.

    I'll closely observe the chinks in her armour
    Where Logic and love leads that'll be my creed
    I hope my youth can return her to perfect grandeur
    Fulfill the promise made to Bhagat,when he had India freed.


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #daadigotyourback

    BG. Dad, my sister (the one in cap) and me.

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  • rekhuu 22w

    If I were rain

    I would quench your desires
    I would wash away your sin
    I would heal all your scars

    (For darling though I maybe
    ephemeral and full of saudade
    I'll still purify you before I fade away)


  • rekhuu 22w

    When I saw you,

    my heart captured
    the dazzle of your eyes
    and my broken syllables
    finally turned mellifluous


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    She the girl we loved to avoid
    She was permanently annoyed
    She was like a cactus
    Prickly, caustic and cautious

    We had to tiptoe around her
    Lest we trigger her anger
    She led a life of a recluse
    The reason no one could deduce

    One day I was in for a surprise
    As the sun was about to rise
    I watched her as she set out
    She was on a mission no doubt

    All the street dogs gathered
    As she fed them my eyes blurred
    She was patient and kind
    No wonder dogs went behind

    She spoke to them gently
    And they listened intently
    Maybe they understood her
    Humans just judged her

    She may appear a cactus
    But I noticed her flowers
    When you undo the knot
    Realise that all have a soft spot

    --Asha Murali

    P.C the rightful owner

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #daadigotyourback #readthisj @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #writingcontest #creativearena

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    The flower in the cactus
    Something to inspire us

  • artistano1 22w


    There are a million spoiled beauties
    in Belgrade tonight.
    There was a buildings of glass.
    Due to aggressive moonlights
    there is a drive directly to hell;
    - Fuck off and thank you!

    Its streets are full of beggars,
    and everyday street masquerades.
    Constant stepping for centuries
    drove peace out of this town;
    - Fuck off and thank you!

    Your character smiles
    on the cover of the book.
    In that cave of my dark dreams.
    Your unconditionally walk
    convert from steps to letters;
    -Fuck off and thank you!

    The moon is sweating on your bed,
    while i dream of you,
    Gloria, Gloria, I would repeat for days
    those few letters thrown into poetry;
    -Fuck off and thank you!

    Who will stay in your bones,
    when the sorrow comes out?
    Free me from you,
    from everything,
    laws and regulations,
    memories and connections,
    and fear of death.
    And dance for last time, here,
    in my eyes;
    -Fuck off and thank you!

    Belgrade has million theaters,
    where my character is played,
    where the mouth is full of impressions.
    There are bars where art dies,
    character and hope;
    -Fuck off and thank you!

    The memory will remain forever,
    in the fog of a sad afternoon,
    where we finally talked,
    first and last time;
    -Fuck off and thank you!

    I will be in your remorse
    for a long time,
    hidden under your fingernails
    - Drowned in the river of your scent,
    away from the coast.
    I will repeat your name
    as we sink to the bottom,
    theater, you and me;
    -Fuck off and thank you!

    And the memories will bury my soul
    and the ivy will cover my face.
    I will sink in you like the Titanic,
    with light tones
    an ancient cinema piano,
    by the distant creak
    of the first morning tram
    and with a cross on back;
    -Fuck off and thank you!

    You will forget me like
    a hastily learned lesson.
    As the first quarrel.
    What a tragedy to know your name!
    Tonight, come here
    at least in a dream.
    Bring me back to my memories,
    where I first started from the bottom,
    And imagine a scene
    Theater, you and me;
    -Fuck off and thank you!

    Good night all your tears,
    your former toe walk,
    i love you forever Gloria,
    Fuck off and thank you!

    The end...

    #genuine_readers @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite #daadigotyourback #gloria #lovepoetry

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  • ashamurali 23w

    Mirakee contest on "ghost story". This is not a story but an experience which I havent shared other than my immediate family. Dear reader, do you believe me?

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee #daadigotyourback #readthisj #pod #creativearena #writingcontest #dazzlec

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    Ghost or a guardian angel?

    The due date was finally coming near. The whole family was gearing up for the arrival of my baby. Nine months of wait was finally about to end.

    A week prior to the due date I felt very uncomfortable and I was rushed to the hospital. The doctor said it was an emergency and performed a caesarean section on me. I could hear my baby's first cry and the doctor commenting that it is a miracle that the baby is alive. I then totally lost consciousness.

    When I woke up, I was in the hospital room with intravenous tubes running through my hand and my mother fast asleep in the corner of the room. A light was on. And my tiny baby was all bundled up and sleeping in the crib next to me.

    And that's when I noticed that someone else was in the room too.

    It was my dear grandmother fresh with her trademark "gokul sandal" powder and jasmine flowers around her hair tied in a bun and in a red nine yards saree, her dazzling diamond ear rings and her big bright bindi. She walked towards me and then touched me on my forehead and then ran her fingers through my hair.

    I told her that I was so tensed about the baby and that I missed her so much. I was crying.

    She gently patted my tears dry and said that she was always with me. She mentioned that she was watching the doctor perform the surgery and that I should not worry about anything in my life hereafterwards. She said that the baby is so cute - just like me. She told me to never forget that I am her favourite granddaughter "lakshmi" which was the name, she would called me.

    She told me that I should rest and get over the tiredness and told her that she will watch over me.

    She kissed me on my forehead and I dozed off to sleep.

    Till this date I remember this incident as if it happened yesterday and yes, you guessed it, no one believes it.

    My grandmother - had been dead - several years earlier, when I was in school. . How did she suddenly arrive in that hospital room? How did she stay till I dozed off to sleep? How did she mention about the doctor? Why didn't it occur to me that she was no more?

    Was I hallucinating or was my grandmother my guardian angel or had she turned into a ghost? How was it so real? And how did her magical touch make me forget the pain and trauma?

    Not all questions have answers, isnt it?


  • ashamurali 23w

    26th December 2004 the unforgettable day in history when giant waves of Indian Ocean engulfed entire villages and towns adjoining the coastline. For several years the aftermath ensued and life has never been the same again for those affected.

    Writersbay challenge #quintuplec - 5 line poem of 5 words each.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #daadigotyourback #readthisj #pod #tsunami @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

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    A fateful day in December
    Disaster that affected large number
    The ocean seethed with anger
    Giant waves invaded the earth
    Engulfing  lives, home and hearth

  • ashamurali 23w

    During calamities there are celebrity visits and lot of promises are made. Then all is forgotten. The victims are left in the lurch. Public memory and public sympathy are all very short. This happens way too often and we have seen the media going into other juicy news. There have been cases when the victims have had to run from pillar to post to claim relief.

    Word challenge: ephemeral -means lasting only for a short span of time.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #daadigotyourback #readthisj @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #ephemeralc #blurc

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    Short span sympathy

    It was a horrible night
    That filled one with fright
    There was floods in the city
    People were displaced without pity
    The city was abuzz with activity
    visits from many a celebrity
    Media attention on the calamity
    For showcasing the gravity
    Aid was promised in plenty
    Donations poured abundantly
    Spirits soared significantly
    Future smiled sweetly
    media focus is ephemeral
    It is nothing abnormal
    In this countrty it is so typical
    Cannot help feeling of betrayal
    The aid didnt reach people proper
    Their future seemed bleak and blur
    Did anyone even mind or bother
    Do these situations have an answer?


  • nivey14 23w

    #smile #pod #happy #daadigotyourback
    #lovemyself @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Hey guys, after so long...I miss you everyone ����
    This is kinda letter (not actually) from me in the alternate universe to my present self. ��

    ��November 9 2020 4 pm

    ◦•●◉✿ �������������� ✿◉●•◦

    What's this empty feeling I had just now
    With both eyes glued I sit to think today,
    Everyone around and a universe so wow
    Good ya but am happy I could never say.

    I wonder you with that bright wide smile
    Who laugh even at scene of no reasons,
    Couldn't believe you really exist at miles
    Or maybe no but neither sad all season.

    Thinking you have hard days as we alter
    Where am sad though at my good times,
    For happy me you smile at tho your hurt
    Hope that you're so and here I end these lines.

    // When just the existence begin to hurt..
    I dreamt of a beautiful rainbow�� //


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    I wonder you with that bright wide smile
    Who laugh even at scene of no reasons,
    Couldn't believe you really exist at miles
    Or maybe no but neither sad all season.

  • artistano1 24w


    In the suburbs,
    I see you sometimes,
    and so it goes ...
    Some invisible umbilical cord,
    we bond easily,
    when I meet you
    in the antique shop all these years,
    which I gave you,
    in the aisle, in the suburbs,
    in a holiday idyll, on the bed.
    Other things i've left behind,
    burn, let it burn,
    just take a suitcase of songs,
    Burn, let it burn
    and a pair of faded images
    Burn let it burn,
    and that piece of mirror,
    in which we smiling still,
    and waiting for our turn,
    Burn, let it burn.
    in memory, in the suburbs, in silk ...

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #poems #daadigotyourback #genuine_readers

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    „In the suburbs"


  • ashamurali 24w


    A child who has alopecia areata condition sees a girl with jet black long hair and questions the mother.

    //That girl has flowing hair
    She dances with flair
    Why is only my head bare
    Didnt you take good care?//

    Alopecia Areata is a condition that affects children and young adults. The immune system attacks the hair follicles and all the hair falls. For some the hair grows back and for some it doesnt.

    It is but natural that the child is filled with soudade -the sad state of intense longing for something that is absent.

    // I love the hair to be in a braid
    Or leave it as a cascade
    I am filled with saudade
    Is it only a dream I am afraid //

    The mother shows the child, a picture of the celebrated author HELEN PHILLIPS, who has written four books including the collection of short stories "And yet they were happy" also has this condition, made a choice never to wear a scarf or a wig and she looks ever so beautiful.

    // Yes, my child, it is a condition rare
    Not many are even aware
    Dont let saudade ensnare
    Happy we are with or without hair//

    But then, hope is everything. Life itself runs on that.
    The mother says it's only a matter of time and reassures that the hair will grow back soon.

    // It's a matter of time my child
    Your hair will grow long and wild
    You too can have it styled
    Reassured, the child smiled //

    Being and feeling beautiful is purely our choice. Let us exercise it.


    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #readthisj #daadigotyourback #saudadec
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    Pic courtesy pinterest.

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    celebrated author of
    "And yet they were happy"

  • onemayhem 24w

    Of (heart) beats and strings

    While now my heart tunes to the silence of the zephyr, I reminisce that you used to be the song, I always waited to play in all the humdrums befuddling my heart. But you never did and then I had to search for you with my quivering hands in the mundanity of the keyboard, arraying those letters in both heart wrenching and heart warming
    essence of your name. Then the screen used to light up with the play button below your name and my heart too used to light up, playing with the buttons of my heartstrings. The expected unexpected word, shouting your name used to give me winks in forms of the fluctuating brightness of my phone.

    A halcyon hue draping the beats of you, always left me in reverie and then you started, hitting me home again, all so mellifluous and although I had heard you a 1000 times, still till now, I regret that when I heard you the 999th time, then I didn't breathe between the spaces of your lyrics. I listened to you on loop until the background, scintillating beneath the selcouth album named "you" changed into the infinity symbol. I wished it to be a picture of us in which the fingers of our hands would caress each other, all so softly and our lips would curve in the letter "C" resembling our C-omplete, while we would be drowning in the ocean of each others eyes.

    But Alas! One day the tunes of you that rang the beats of my heart, left it in a condition that it can't beat anymore and while struggling to breathe between the fast song of a new album labelled "Us", I choked.
    And now I'm alive only in the cordolium these winds preserve.

    #cliched #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee #genuine_readers #daadigotyourback #writersbay
    @thousand_splendid_thoughts that 1000 and 999 thing was inspired by you❤
    @poeticgirl @secret_letters

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  • ashamurali 24w

    Mirakee contest on Short poem that begins with "hold fast to dreams"
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #daadigotyourback #pod #readthisj #writingcontest #creativearena @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    Thank you for the like @writersnetwork

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    Hold fast to dreams
    Impossible though it may seem
    When dream and action are a team
    That is when success is seen.
    Dreams are our guide to future
    That fills us with the fire
    It makes us thirst after it
    Helping us to never sulk or sit
    Having a dream is the first step
    Allow it in the entire being to envelop
    Research and then follow up
    More ideas will then develop
      Focus is not all on achieving
    But it all starts with first dreaming
    Just go ahead and dream
    Never give up, hold fast to dreams

  • the_poetic_soul 24w

    "Saree is a badge of honour and symbol of feminity for Indian women. But young girls aren't the only one who come out in saris."

    I was six or seven , when apparently not a very close relative gave birth to a charming son, obviously brought more grace to family , so we were supposed to make a visit on the day of child's naming ceremony. During the time of all pomp and show, rituals and parties, the most repulsive guests, uninvited and disgraceful, made a way into the house. It was my first time encountering such weird people who were dressed like ladies, talked like woman but were somehow looking like men. I didn't know who they were. They started singing and dancing and clapping loudly. One of my elder grandma nonchalantly made a move and requested them to leave , after handing over some money to them. A moment of perturbance prevailed, and I asked my mum ,who they were. She told me that they were the kids of God who are far more superior than a man or woman. Surprisingly, people around watched mum with a terrible look.

    It's not about just one or two people. For 311 years, that spans over 3 centuries and 1 decade and 1 year, third gender people have not been accepted by this society. It's not like that they never existed, or popped out of nowhere, from the time Manusmriti, Bhagwat Geeta and Bible were written, they were there and they still are. It's just about a few X chromosomes they have more than Y or a few Y chromosomes more than X, we make them repulsive because of this too tiny reason. A boy or a girl who is not more like he/she should be , is afraid to be called a bi-sexual or any other thing they say , and he/she is afraid because there is no acceptance. If we learn acceptance, teach acceptance and preach acceptance, the lives of thousands and lakhs of people would become simpler.
    Sensible and sensitive definitions, simple meanings and non-judgmental explanations about third gender people will make a LOT of difference.
    All we need to do is to look for the most poetic and reforming way to introduce them to ourselves and our future generations, so that there is harmony and equality among all children of God .

    *If you want to make a change, be a change. Dont wait for anybody to come to you and say that they admire you. Accept yourself before anybody, love yourself and adore yourself*

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #daadigotyourback

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    //I shall perish not thy my name, it shall be carved in the marbles to be remembered. //

  • rekhuu 24w

    It was Christmas Eve and I loitered in the street to see the pretty sight and enjoy the festivities around. Whilst the mansions had a huge Christmas Tree, beautifully lit and adorned with intricate gold baubles and other decorations.

    I could see a house lit by a candle in the far end of the street. I started walking towards the house and I found a small family sitting inside. All of a sudden through the corner of eyes, l caught a glimpse of a sad silhouette.! It was sadness, gloomily sitting alone on a bench nearby.

    Upon sighting me, sadness heaved a sigh of relief and asked me how I had been and how the Christmas Eve felt. I explained him what I had noticed and felt sorry for the poor family. Sadness replied seriously that being sorry isn't enough.

    We need to join hands so that there is not too much of us with any person but rather equal amount of us. I promised that is what we'll be doing from then on. Looking towards the caelum, I and sadness felt contented to begin our mission. So hand in hand we ventured about to replace the abundance of either of us with equal parts of us and enrich their lives with our experience. . .


    #streetmeetc #caelumc @writersbay @say_me_krish #daadigotyourback

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    Happiness meets Sadness in a street


  • jamzikr 24w


    Life is a game
    Which is filled with pain
    Where money is main
    To win that game
    It is a dare
    Where everything is unfair
    Chances are rare
    When money isn't there
    The truth is seen
    The world is mean
    They hide it behind the screen
    With the power of money queen
    money kills the man
    In the end of the game
    With the weapon of power
    Using money as it's bullet
    None can get
    Happiness for money
    Love for penny
    Rather than the death
    Filled with worry

  • jyotikaa 35w

    All those late night talks, turned out to be fake night talks.