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  • myabea 2w

    bathroom breakdown

    looking in the mirror
    i don't know how to feel
    can't stop asking "is this fake or real?"
    my reflection is blurry
    as tears stream down my face
    i just want to love her but there's so much hate

  • passionate_prism 16w

    A big glass window,
    Young girl searching for rainbow

    Returned from work, alone at home,
    Keep talking on phone with her mom

    Dark cloudy sky,
    Birds flying very high

    Sounds of thunder,
    Creating big blunder

    Shot circuit in the light pole,
    Giving my heart a deep hole

    Thundering and rain started,
    As if some giant monster farted

    Frogs started singing a song
    As if Don’t know from where they belong

    This is a story of girl living alone
    Who finds even fireflies as drone 🤭😅

    #miraquil #writer #voyage #love #window #glass #a #b #c #d #poet #rhyming #anthology

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  • hotaru_06 19w

    Mi cielo

    Al recibir el alba de un nuevo día o cuando el ocaso se difumina con el anochecer así abrazo nuestros momentos juntos y los convierto en poesía.
    El pensarte en momentos inesperados, sorprende mi ser; irónico que te presentes así cuál río desbordado.
    Desde tu llegada en aquella primavera, te adueñastes de mis líneas; sin arrepentimiento alguno te ofrezco mis versos día con día.


  • devilworld 35w

    From #d with Love

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    Happy Birthday in advance God bless you.

  • devilworld 35w

    Tum kro jarurat tumhe ,
    Hum kamzoor na kl th na honge #d

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    क्या नहीं जो में कर नहीं सकता
    बस फर्क की ही तो बात हैं |

  • leomichael 40w

    Silence is all I can offer
    In your presence I'm but a dwarf star
    Do you see the universes you create with your smile?
    Do you notice how I am caught outside of time when you speak, talk and that pleasant peal of refreshing laughter?
    But where has all that gone
    Even if your heart was stolen cause I was stupidly silent...please please please
    Will you help me make amends?
    Will you let me save the one who once saved me without her knowledge?
    Can you trust me?
    Rapunzel, Rapunzel throw down your hair... I want to climb these walls you have built quickly
    Just to get to the loveliest being I know.
    Show me your heart, leave me to its repairs
    I do not promise a new one, but I will leave it better than it ever was.
    You are my hello and for me, there's no other side. Just your side.
    Just let me be there
    At your side, tending to the wounds
    Not minding mine cause aiding you heals my wounds.
    You are a masterpiece beyond measure
    The muse of my heart
    The one that takes me beyond words
    My speechless story
    The signature of my heart.
    I need you


  • hadacolonial 40w

    #díainternacionaldelbeso #novelaromantica

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    "Es difícil olvidar aquello que todavía no ha sucedido, es imposible deshacerse del dulce recuerdo de un beso que aún no ha sido dado, es absurdo escuchar un silencio que todavía es ruido."

    Un amor del pasado - Arlene Sabaris

  • alaakadiri 42w

    شوهد من قبل..

    اكتشفتُ مسبقًا بأنّني لم أعِشْ اللحظة، لم أستمتعْ بلذتِها والآن... ها هي اختفتْ، عودتها لا تشفي أعمى فَقَدَ نظره، لذا سأطفِئُ نارَها بالجلوسِ خلف نوافذها بسقم، أتأملُ حركاتها الطفولية..
    أفعالها العفوية، نظراته لها، كانت الأيّام تحمل لها الكثير من كلّ شيء، ولكنّها في ذات الوقت لها قدر عظيم من الرهبة.. أيّام سمّيت فيما سبق "بالبدايات" ! تقفُ في القاربِ عاجزة على عبور الجانب الآخر، أو ربما تعبتْ من تحريك المجاذيف ذهابًا وإيّابًا..
    حيث ولدتُ أنا، وسط ذكريات تنصهرُ فيها الأحداث وسط شخصيات مبهمة أتعايش معها بارتياب، بين أناملها المرتجفة في أيامها الأخيرة، فلربما ولدتُ في سكرات موتها!..
    ليتها كانت في زمانٍ ومكانٍ آخر.. لحدث شيء أفضل ممّا كنّا، أفضل مما أصبحنا، لما خلق فينا ضلعيّ.. "الحب والكره"! لما أمسكنا النجوم بيدٍ وأطفأناها بالأخرى.. لكنا اخترنا نهاية تليق بنا.
    كل ذلك خرج من عقلي ذو الفتحة الصغيرة فجأة، لحظات لا تُنسى ومخيفة في آنٍ واحد.. أفكاراً تدفقت دفعة واحدة
    لذا سأُخبرها بأن عودتهم الآن بلا نفع، لا يحيي فيني رغبة ميتة.. فحتى النار إن خمدت تشتعل مرة أخرى تحت الرماد!
    ليته علم بأن حضوره بنصف قلب.. بنصف جسد ونصف روح أفضل من غياب كامل؛ لأنه من المؤسف ألا أكون معه لأجله..
    من سخرية الحياة أن نهرب منهم إليهم، ونتحول من سلالة الحب لسلالة الغرباء، ويصبح التيم يتم والحب حديث الوفاة! لذا أنصت أيها الوقت، فالآن أنت من ستلبس ثوب الصمت.. لتكون النهاية نهاية مصيري وقدري.

  • sangte 48w

    Cloudless & Still Nights

    The beautiful ray of sunshine gone,
    the sunshine this life hold dear
    Cloudless and still night could not calm this stormy heart.
    Stary sky and hazy moon its only companion.
    When will the rainbow appear and sunshine fill this life again?
    Is there no longer hope in selfless Love.
    Crumble flowers strew on the floor,
    silence echo in the room.
    The hustle and bustle of daily life cease to exist.
    Crowds and comfort just passes through meaningless,
    Tides of gloom keep rolling in
    Pushing and shoving in each own accord
    Standing on pins and needles.
    The day is endless.
    Is there any hope to end this cloudless and still night?

  • feflourflowers 53w

    I dare you to find" its been a while "in one of my comments ......

    So if you want to play this game state it in the comments so I know your playing ...this is easy guys just go throu my comments in all my quotes and you'll find it ... your reward is a follow and 3likes

  • wordsithought 55w

    छलकता खामोशी।

    कभी सोचा ना था ये की,
    अपनों को अपना बनाने के होर में बदनाम हो जाऊंगा।
    माना बहुत करीब हो मेरे तो ,
    क्यू ना देख लिया मेरे दिल में तुम्हारे सिवा कौन है वहा।
    तुम्हारी इस खुदगर्जी से सिमट सा रहा हु खुद मे,
    कई दफा समझाया तुमको थक सा गया हु अब ,
    विश्वास नहीं होता इतना भी विश्वास कमा नहीं पाया इतने दिनों मे,
    मैंने कोशिश तो बहुत कि सायद मुझमें मे ही कोई कमी रह गई होगी , तुम्हारा रूठना लाज़मी है,लेकिन अपने मन में इतना घृणा मत पालो हम तुम्हारे थे , तुम्हारे है , ओर तुम्हारे रहेंगे ...........।

  • kjumai 56w


    Píck me up or shall I fall again?

  • kjumai 57w


    So stunning was she!
    Walking down her aisle on the paths of the streets.
    Treading pass foretime along sides white and black.
    Dance tapping in those black shoes of hers.
    In a petite beau avalanche of a dress.
    Stunning was she still, hopping.

    I would like write to you in French.
    But for this...I have no other way to express.
    Past white and black.
    Still in black and white.
    Her steps forward led her to the unforeseen unknown.

    A sharp pain in her chest.
    Mild as it was.
    It dug into her veins in her heart.
    Striking what wasn't meant to be touched.

    She couldn't call out for help.
    Cos at that very moment, she lost her voice.
    Her steps.
    Her right foot.
    To the rest part of her
    The whole street stopped.
    All activities were on hold.
    As if time wanted to join in the furor,
    Life itself paused.

    Tears ran.
    In drops yet in a stream.
    Gushing fast and also slow.
    Her right foot began.
    Began its journey to the world's variable.
    Bits by bits.
    She went apart.
    Like ashes after fire's afterwards.

    Hmm...I still hear her pains in my head.
    I still remembered that day I saw her last.
    Stuck between time's idleness,
    She still went apart.
    Fading away.
    Until it reached her bosom.
    To her hair,
    As pretty as it were,
    Frozen in the wind which stopped due to time's joblessness

    Shall I tell or say to you,
    What was last of her?. It was her tears.
    Still gushing like a tap.
    Still in the wilderness of her becomeness.
    Right there she began.
    Right there she ended.
    It began again.
    Life continued again.
    Time thought it was about time it left.
    'Everything is boring'
    'No life!'.

    'Ouch' a woman in a snowy dress exclaimed.
    'What's the matter, honey?' her husband asked her.
    'Nothing but it feels like I have been struck by a person's sorrow'
    'Eish, don't be silly'
    The woman smiled.
    Unknown to her, what she felt was really of sorrow.
    A lament of a young lady.
    In whose tears were her last moments.

  • poem_is_an_emotion 68w

    True Friendship 🤝

    A true friend is not just a friend,
    but like a guardian angel from above,
    one who looks after you,
    as the rest give up and run.


  • sproutedseeds 68w


    A beautiful vixen of yesteryears
    who stood tall and green
    with the anklets tied in yellow
    danced to the rhythm of breeze.

    When the Red Ball of fire was high up
    you gave shade to many and also gave
    some treat of fruits without money.

    The serenity from the blue waters
    gave a heavenly feeling in the evening
    with some birds chirping and
    some in white
    fluttering their wings of peace.

    These moments are engraved in
    various moods of colours which
    will never fade always remain as
    Evergreen memories.

  • yogita_angel 71w

    कुछ किस्से अधूरे ही अच्छे...
    ज़रूरी है कि वो हो दिल के सच्चे..
    क़िस्मत को अपनी क्या दोष देना..
    होना तो वही है जो होना...


  • badnaam_ad 73w

    Mil Gaya Hoga Tujhe Koi Aur Mujhse Bhi Acha

    Nahin To Mujhe Lagta Tha Ki Tera Pyaar Hain Sacha !

    #jhooth #badnaam_ad #badnaam #acha #mirakee #mujhsebhiacha #pyaar #terapyaar #sacha @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #d

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    मिल गया होगा तुझे कोई और मुझसे भी अच्छा

    नहीं तो मुझे लगता था कि तेरा प्यार हैं सच्चा !


  • drayeshakhan 73w

    mere baab e asghr mein taghaful na kare koi
    Is jahan mein ya khuda karb na sahe koi
    Pal-bhr ka hai dasht e viran, yh lafaani nhi
    Seena taan khudai ke dawae na kare koi

    @drayeshakhan @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant @mirakee #drayeshakhan
    #baab #asghar #taghaful #khuda #dawe #lafaani #seena #dasht_e_veeran #D@k

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    دشتِ ویراں

    میرے بابِ اصغر میں تغافل نہ کرے کوئی
    اس جہاں میں یا خدا کرب نہ سھے کوئی
    پلبھر کا ہے دشتِ ویراں یہ لافانی نہیں
    سینا تان خدائی کے دعوے نہ کرے کوئی

  • badnaam_ad 73w

    Tujhse Milkar Bichadne Ka Dil Nahin Karta


    Bichade Hain Jab Se Kisi Cheez Ka Dil Nahin Karta !

    #tujhse #milkar #bichadne #dil #love #poetry #hum #badnaam_ad @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #d

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    तुझसे मिलकर बिछड़ने का दिल नहीं करता


    बिछड़े हैं जब से किसी चीज का दिल नहीं करता !


  • badnaam_ad 73w

    Nadaan Parindo Se Udaan Karne Chala Hain Tu

    Badnaam Khud Se Hi Pehchan Karne Chala Hain Tu

    #comparison #nadaan #parinde #udaan #badnaam #khud #pehchan #pod #thought #badnaam_ad @mirakee @mirakeeworld #d

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    नादान परिदों से उड़ान करने चला हैं तू

    बदनाम खुद से ही पहचान करने चला हैं तू