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  • journeyhale 4w


    This heart is a desert that once was a sea.

    As tears fall, the size of worlds,
    It becomes a sea once again.

    Everything good comes from the ocean,
    And so, as a siren, I will rise to sing thee to thy doom.

  • koreblack 7w

    amaryllis (closer)

    the first amaryllis of spring
    seemingly sprouted overnight
    anticipated and appreciated
    yet startling all the same

    I notice her when she is here
    streaked cream red pink and bold
    unfolded contrast to companions
    of her garden bed

    spread her between fingers
    familiar novelty of warmer days
    consistently materializing
    right when least expected

    I remember to stop
    to soak in
    the shape she takes
    after a musty rain

    in her solitude she begs
    to be taken in
    without ever truly taking her
    or bringing her inside

    single amaryllis stemming symbolism
    much like subconscious stimming
    anxious awareness that she is seldom
    considered during other seasons

    an unreasonable irreconcilable existence
    all that time spent growing
    only to bloom
    as an afterthought

    my most beloved genus
    hidden behind paint cracked concrete
    amidst intrusive weeds
    deprived needs of grander purpose

    repeating the cycle over
    that forbids her
    from taking up too much space
    discretely expands and closes out of sight

    untended – still never fails to return
    obscured eclipsed unseen
    remains faithfully persistent
    a resilience rarely found

    count on her to not recline
    in overcrowded soil
    upright brilliantly observing more
    than passing steps could notice

    in front of a home she stays
    a stranger to knowing one
    willing her own petals to unfurl
    to grow without limit

    dependent only on the sky
    and the influence of time
    free to rise infinitely
    but never free to stay

    amaryllis not mine
    delicate wild seeking rescue or possession
    bless her softness and crescendo
    in perseverant demonstration

    I want to go where she goes
    when not openly displayed
    to the place outside and underneath
    out of reach and out of mind

    longing for the days felt admired
    freshly exposed - immaculate
    will continue to surface
    even knowing they are impermanent

    amaryllis reaching toward a warmth
    as fleeting as the sun
    as fickle as the weather
    forever ready to embrace it all again

  • cherrypauper 12w

    Three poems strewn together to make a giant one. Hope you all enjoy.

    #writersnetwork #pod #poetry #religiousthemes #death #rebirth #cycles

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    Ashen Oak and Blasphemy

    I may not believe in a lord above
    Yet I am a god fearing man
    For what is more dreadful than a world above
    That no one living can have
    An angel's choir preparing for war
    The thundering trumpets and drums
    All I can hope is within this oaken hollow
    My ashes may rest once and for all

    So come, come you mighty and bold
    Come tear me away from this womb I call home
    Days may tumble back and back again
    Yet I, the deathly shall breath once again
    I will never stay down I will never back up
    No angel nor hallowed shall force words down my throat
    This symphony will swell and burst with pride
    Stripping bare my crimes
    All I can hope is within this oaken hollow
    My ashes may rest once and for all

    I'm restless within this coil
    Exhaustion sneaks upon me again
    I can feel it, dripping down with bile
    Your feathers piercing my lungs this time
    I believe
    Their marching hasten further
    Their hearts matching the pace
    A cry I've heard thrice before
    A different time
    A similar grave
    With eyes now heavy I peck at your brow
    With scarlet lips chapping
    Clapped together and fighting the carved in frown
    Wrinkles dusting the surface, I laugh
    All I can hope is within this oaken, hallowed
    My ashes may rest once and for all

  • phepho 15w


    Breadth and depth
    Almost knowing
    growing and growing
    Endless possibilities
    Contain multitudes
    Confined by body
    But its partnership ensued
    Unknowing and new
    the navigating there and true
    Humanness with all
    Stretching, piercing through
    plight and might
    Move, breathe and be
    Experiential expansion are we.

  • veesthoughts 38w

    I'm unraveling
    Faster than the last time
    Faster than the worst time


  • deepflowsoul 40w


    Adoring your every cell is an art explored your entire life.
    Standing in acceptance is a muscle you tone daily.
    Quieting your mind is a challenge you repeat hourly.
    Respecting the flow is always presented until you see.
    Over and over we spin on wheels until we embrace truthfully.

  • hells_angel 51w

    This love ignites her soul more than anything.
    #love #him #her #moon #sun #cycles #changes #full #empty #unchanging #fairytale #ballerina #quotes #writings

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    In the ballerina of a love fairytale,
    he was like the cycles of the moon.
    Days where he goes empty,
    days where he goes full.
    And in all these changes,
    her love for him
    was unchanging as ever.


  • sarahrachelea 59w

    Walk toward the altar of death
    In her long, beautiful red dress

    Through the gray journey of her life
    Ending millions of black cycles
    Towards white liberation and freedom

    Broken wings has been healed
    As the Bride and the gloom
    She now embrace her enlightment


  • veesthoughts 59w

    It rips me into pieces
    Just to pull me back together
    Just to rip me into pieces


  • odelia 63w

    God is stronger than any stronghold. There is hope for the child of God in the Lord.
    Luke 1:37, John 8:36 kjv
    #reality #badhabits #bondage #cycles #HopeintheLord #raw #life #thoughts #poetry

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    It hurts to let go
    Because sometimes bad habits
    Can become so familiar,
    A unwanted comfort of sorts
    and yet,
    You will hurt your self and others so much the more if you don't give it up.

  • munahdiamond 74w

    Mirror says look at how much you have aged, wall says look at how much you have grown, clothes say look at how many places you have gone, footprints say look at how far you have come along in your journey, dirt says look at the graves of your loved ones, for one day you shall return to me.

  • rachelezell27 84w


    Sweat, breath, fun and stress.
    This is all we are now.
    Screaming, insults, so sick to death,
    just clinging to each other somehow.

    Is it pleasure or pain?
    I don't know.
    From one moment to the next
    it's never the same.

    Confused and unsure?
    Put a check beside my name.
    we keep revisiting the past,
    when there's nothing left to gain.

    You stand me up,
    I still spend hours waiting,
    and I always forgive you,
    without ever hesitating.

    I show up,
    You don't want me here,
    It always rekindles,
    those old rejection fears.

    But you're hard now,
    You can't be moved by tears,
    So I act like it doesn't matter,
    And my eyes are always clear.

    But of course it matters,
    How could it not?
    You're at once my greatest strength,
    and the worst disease I ever caught.

    You suddenly go silent,
    I don't hear from you for days,
    You pick me up and drop me,
    Like I'm a passing faze.

    My inbox sits empty,
    The phone is eerily quiet,
    I sit and wait throughout the day,
    and I pace the floors at night.

    I'll begin to gradually feel,
    That old familiar panic,
    you always do this, you always desert me,
    changing the future just as we plan it.

    I'm not used to this feeling,
    An unpleasant sensation,
    Being just an option to you,
    when it's you I'm always chasing.

    It seems that now,
    A pattern has emerged,
    You only seem to call me,
    when you get a sexual urge.

    Since it's you it hurts me,
    it makes me feel small,
    I used to be your everything,
    now I'm just a booty call.

    When you return to work,
    and the fun is briefly over,
    that's when you turn cruel again,
    or give me the cold shoulder.

    You won't answer my texts,
    you block all my calls,
    you ignore my emails,
    and off the planet you fall.

    My mind and my dignity,
    always get outranked,
    as soon as you appear again,
    I forget it all and cannot think.

    We repeat the same cycle,
    Spend days laid up in your bed,
    I stay high off of the cannabis,
    and all the sweet bullshit I'm fed.

    We stay cuddled up,
    bathed in each other's sweat,
    repeatedly reaching sweet release,
    till the bed is soaking wet.

    Then it's back to the grind,
    back to reality,
    you make plans with me,
    then bail on a technicality.

    I know this pattern,
    I've seen this process,
    I have it memorized,
    by all the times I've watched this.

    Sweat, breath, stress and fun,
    this is all we are now,
    hanging in limbo, never really done,
    trying to let go but don't know how.

    ~ Rachel G. Ezell


  • childwakeupnowchild 86w

    Bleak Subconscious

    "The sun was dead for now,

    Dread took the lead somehow

    Seems ages until life is resurrected

    A shame...this isn't what the light expected"

  • braithan 96w


    When I could not see through
    The lenses I had made to
    Protect me from the rivers that
    Pillowed beneath my eyes,
    she whispered, "You are waterfall, you do not cry,you flow"

    When waves crashed on my shores
    Split open my pores
    When thunder tore rains to my lands
    through clouds
    and torrents came storming down
    I didint need more water
    But flooded I was
    daily with memories of inescapable avalanches cascading
    my mind
    She reminded me,
    "You are waterfall,you do not tear,you run"

    So I sailed to see
    What I failed to see
    Sailed to before waters bore life
    and darkness bore light
    Tearing through the tides of time
    Swam in the roughest rapids of my mind
    To find I was born from an ocean below my mothers heart.

  • cherie_lola 100w

    I keep running back to your arms
    Hoping you'll heal the wounds you carved into me

  • aramhmid 103w

    My Virtuality Will Vanish

    Haven’t written a thing since ages. I’m losing my passion, my urge to turn my thoughts into words. Reality is pulling me away from my world as I get older, and I don’t gaze to the stars anymore because the sky is blank. No more dreams, no more orgasmic fantasies, no more time traveling, no more confidence from being spiritual. What am I saying, I can never be spiritual unless I give away my determination to live. It’s nearly midnight and I’m sleepy but I have to write, I need to, I must get over this emptiness surrounding my soul, chaining my fingers and throwing me to another dimension where everything is paralyzed. I’m hypnotized. I’m hypnotized with the clock tick tock, with the calendar’s papers falling off like a confetti, dusk and dawn nonstop, the moon cycle, winter, summer, spring, fall, everything will… Fall. It’s all perishing, we are perishing and as I’m scribbling this right now on my diary my cells are dying to give birth to other ones for the sake of mortality. I’ll wake up tomorrow, I’ll let the energy flow fueling my exhausted limbs, I’ll live to sit just like now mourning my own outcome that is yet to come. The only thing that’s going to change is how fast I’m going to write but should my hands fail me, seek what my young ones will have left.

  • in_fragments 112w

    Do you ever feel like you're destined for something bigger than this? Something more than ordinary routine, something outside the cycle of convention?
    Do you ever feel stuck inside it, like you can never get out? There's a reason for that.

    What they don't want you to know is this: the cycle isn't real. You can break away from it any time you want. The world is just full of blinded people who don't see the need to.
    Lucky you, you see it. And now that you see it, you have a choice. Be wise with this.
    Where do you want to go?

  • jessejamz 113w


    I'm not a product of my trauma.
    So as they say life is a drama.
    I seek inner peace like the Dalai Lama.
    My third eye is active like an agama.
    Learning the true meaning of karma.
    Seeing through the fallacies of most Dogma.
    This cycle of reincarnation will lead to Nirvana.
    Abundant with flora and fauna they all dance to a sonata.
    This heaven's promise is most endearing and honest.
    Bringing a saga so grandiose and a coexistence so flawless.

  • mystiquehills 117w

    Will the moon change the waters?

    The change that everyone craves,
    Rich and the poor finding an escape
    The day following the night is just lame
    Tell the moon, the waters needs to be changed
    Bearing the fruits of struggle, the man survives
    Having shed the layers of skin, he smiles
    Monotony is the word of the time
    Wearing fake expression everyone abides
    Humanity has lost it's colour, its shine
    Nature reminds the change that follows the might
    It's been long walking the same line
    The cat chasing the mouse is just naive
    Tell the moon it's time, the water needs to be dyed

  • mmbftd 124w


    We were young
    Out on our own
    Free from our parents
    Hovering eyes
    Free from entitled
    We wanted to starve
    To feel something real
    To fight for something
    More important than ourselves
    We were skinny
    No money to eat
    Noodles filled our bellies and brains
    For meaning
    When the truth had been withheld
    We knew nothing of the world
    It was closed off
    And kept from us
    From learnin
    The truth
    That I am me
    And you are too
    And we are one
    Math doesn't divide
    They do
    On purpose
    One is the numeral that deceives us all
    Hungry for knowledge
    This lesson repeats
    For anyone strong enough
    To put the needle down.
    Older not wiser
    Listening though I'm deaf
    By the music that lifted me up and away from myself to connect with you
    There was always something to that
    Static pause before the needle drops
    Now they wiped away that static
    Analog destroyed
    Lasers don't have that dramatic pause
    Before the music message drops
    There is no time to wait for pauses now
    The pregnant pause
    Is miscarried
    Like justice
    And skinny
    Want out of themselves
    Just like all the others
    They try to emancipated their souls
    As red blood comes to the surface
    Lines to follow
    Scars to mark the passing of your life
    And I see your pain
    Take it in
    Then purge it out again
    I can barely hear the static anymore
    Do you?
    Slinking away to isolate
    Give me back my soundtrack
    So I can share with you
    Drop the razors and take up
    The staff
    Up on that treble clef
    Slink under the covers of bass
    Beating like our hearts
    Fast and pure
    We were once young
    Like you.