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  • shanthi_yella 15w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    At 8.00 pm, my laptop was locked. I could not understand. I thought Shenoy was telling me to have dinner.

    I had dinner and came back. As I opened my laptop, I typed Hamsa143 in the password area. But it said the wrong password. Your new password hint is Vathi143.

    I typed a new password and it opened. I checked my social media accounts. Again, I saw Smrithi posting questions in my Quora digest account. Again weird questions.

    Question 1
    A girl called her boyfriend 100 times. She is so cozy. Do you know her?

    Question 2
    A 33-year-old man is traveling from Shimla to Bangalore tonight. Did you ever meet him?

    Question 3
    The Andhra Pradesh police started an investigation in the case of pregnant women who died falling from a hill in the Nallamala forest.
    Aarav Goswamy, an investigative journalist started a debate on this topic on a news channel.

    Question 4
    Which forest is near Ellamandhu?

    I thought what are these questions. I'm unable to understand this woman. What is she trying to tell?

    I don't know the answers to the first three questions. But I know for the fourth question.
    The forests near Ellamandhu are Nallamala and Ananthagiri hills forest area.
    But Nallamala is very near.

    Thinking about it. I slept. I was tired of studying for 13 hours on that day.

    A glance from my ebook vathi met Vaathi @webnovel. Google Vathi met Vaathi to read and look at the trailer in my IG account @yellashanthi

  • mutilated_marionette 17w


    The neon lights illuminate the streets
    The sidewalks are fragmented sheets
    The signs advertise good times
    The people's lips moving, yet they're silent as mimes
    As rain falls it distorts their visage
    The city of opportunity nothing more than a specious image
    Though it may seem splendid at a glance
    That isn't just happenstance
    It's designed to lure you in
    To entice you with its deceitful grin
    Only some of its denizens know the truth
    Missing are those with any proof
    The citizens are nothing more than cattle
    To be used with indiscretion as if they were chattel
    The city's upper echelon look upon the world from their ivory towers
    Dissimulating their disgust for the world below
    Dawning a masque of perfunctory generosity of which to the commoners they bestow

  • lifeafterocean 26w

    Here we go(gn)

    This is a multisensory experience
    Visual & sound effects
    Acting folk
    We're acting here
    This is not social time
    Lets get to work
    Sets need to be built
    Builders.. Ignite
    The fires are burning
    The forests all down
    One by one
    The trees are losing the fight
    To this carbon based world

    g to o replace by n. (Gn) +1 sound (consonant)(ai2studyspeech patterns

    Everything already exists
    We just have to make it
    Destroyers of worlds
    Beloved Earth
    May the moon and the sun keep you company
    May your waters grow
    And your land restore
    Not too poetical
    Let's keep this abstract-us
    Who are we?
    That's because ok sure we are one
    But one is infinite
    It is never anything but one
    Unless of course
    You add or subtract
    Easy enough
    Lesson for all
    Lessons for one

    Death scene 1
    Numbers behind
    Let's talk about love
    Or some kind of like
    In likeness of course
    But more so in mass
    I need your matter
    It makes me feel whole
    Like one but bigger
    Three circles
    That's the mode
    Perfect? Let's measure

    To keep it empirical, data let's find.
    What we set out to reach
    Lovely surprise


    Thats death to us baby
    Even galaxies have to die
    Whats death to us baby
    We are the givers of life
    What is dead to us
    Let it just die
    The difference between
    The dead and the dying
    Are we pretending to live babe
    Or are we living to die
    Even galaxies lie
    Not to exaggerate the theme
    But really
    Who even lives
    On lies
    De mente
    El niño se volvio loco
    Negative statements to belittle your potential
    Your truth has power
    Beware of liars
    Thieves, drunks, and whores
    Celestial in the flesh
    Beings of light
    Even we too must die
    We shed our wings and come to Earth
    Here to grow wings again
    Spiritual wings
    Spread and rise
    As a phoenix divine
    As the wise once said
    Beware of the mind
    With the heart in the right
    There's no harm in your way
    So you choose your goals
    Defeat your obstacles
    As if battle was the easiest way
    To accomplish love
    It's not so much about power
    Or disrupt
    It's a different mentality
    A conscious not old enough
    To act blemish and blind
    No sin in their eye
    The judge and redeemer
    All in the business of taking your life
    Go as if willing
    Live as the world will have you
    Would it allow you to grow?
    To reap the fruit thus sought
    In the eyes of a dreamer I'm but futile at best
    Just like the rest
    I'm hollow

  • mr_stellar 32w

    The Neon Verse

    Glitchy Purple!
    Neon lights...
    Cyber World;
    I am the King!

    I am the lone hunter.
    I am the Ruler.
    I am a Cyborg!
    I am a punk who is Cyber.
    But, I am more human.

    Waves are inside.
    Waves are outside.
    Electrifying energy.
    Orange and Neon.

    I don't even need to have a form.
    I can transform into anything, coz that's my norm.
    Dear Evil, beware of Good.
    Because if devil is there, then God is also there.

    For now, there might be just candle lights in the dark.
    But pretty soon, knowledge will rise as gorgeous as the Sun.
    Count your Karma.
    Count your boons and curses.

    Future is boundless.
    Future is Science.
    Future is a Spiritual Fantasy.
    Future is me,
    Future is you,
    Future is the newfangled present!

    © Stellar Ram 2021

  • organichimanshu 36w

    "All those moments will be lost in time,
    like tears in rain..."

  • royce85 70w

    Almost a hero

    I was watching out my window of my daughters cat playing with some sort of animal. So I went to save this animal turns out it was this little chipmunk that was fighting as hard as he could to get away. I had nothing to catch the lil guy with so I took off my shorts tossed them on top of him and wrapped him up. Came back to the house and started my show and tell every one said to let Alvin go yes named him Alvin mom said he would bit me said good then I can yell aallvviinn. Ok decided to free the lil guy took him out to the tree line and sit him down he was moving kinda slow to be excited he was just getting tossed by a cat. Here is the bad part as I was saying my goodbyes glad to help stay away from cats I heard something from a tree behind me and as I turned I seen a hawk spreading his wings to slow his decent as he grabbed Alvin and flew away into the trees and the only thing I could say was aaaaallllllvvvvvviiiiiinnnnnnnn. Poor lil guy.

  • chris_s 75w



    Stood there, wondering at the gate
    Of the great binary world
    Pondering betwixt the two
    The cage we built for ourselves
    Or doorway to infinity and beyond
    For we stay connected we live detached,
    For we explore the limits
    of the quantum world, We brood so little

    Still The enigma machine within ourselves
    Shines far more brighter
    Yet we fancy the binary world
    Why? I don’t savvy
    When thy time falls to decide
    From the two, bear in mind
    For Reality is the only place that’s Real.

  • solomonsur2020 126w


    The soul of Kolkata takes a French leave
    Before every election
    In the panic of blood sport,
    Leaving behind her corse of uglified walls,
    Professional killers, blood money
    And bloodstained streets

    My mind follows the city-soul

    This time it is in the distant mountain regions of Sikkim

    I close my eyes and see
    An overstrained trekker inching slowly
    Towards the village of Bakhim
    Arcadian flowerets and the eddy of the earth's green hair
    Are welcoming him

    Through his dreamy eyes he watches
    Cloudlets of euphoria shrouding the village
    In a trance, he witnesses my past defeat
    To educate the band of Samurai
    I had chosen for my mission
    And how I made a curve of my body upon sand and water
    Underneath which a Soul troop waded through

    The world was younger then

    The wooden gate of Bakhim opens for him

    At that very moment,
    A thousand and one magic mirrors of existence
    Shatter somewhere,
    At the same time
    With the same loud crack ;
    Our Lilliputian comprehension of the universe
    Our vague 'ologies' and 'isms' concerned with this planet
    Our belief and disbelief in the Eternal one
    Yes. This is the soul of Kolkata dictating.
    You measured yourself worthy enough to deserve more than this
    You, still, sternly hold that your violence must be honoured
    Auto-suggestive projections make a super-god of your politicians
    Before they are thrown away in Virtual Time
    By the remorseless hands of Megalomania,
    Before you are smashed by the primitive cars of Truth and Love

    My eyes don't easily become wet
    But when they become
    I disappear from the crowd
    And come back to my solitary cell
    A refugee's dirge is not meant for publicizing

    My mind returns home from its voyage
    Following the soul of Kolkata

    I put my invention - the effeminate trekker
    From Sikkim into a paperback cyberpunk

    The election is over now
    The results - they are all declared
    And sitting before my writing desk
    I can see from my window -
    The metropolitan sky
    Breaking down in tears.

    ~ Somabho

    ©Somabho Raychaudhuri


  • fresh_from_the_artistic_asylum 128w

    You ready, human?
    And are you, robot?
    Here we go then:
    5,4,3,2,1 & thrust off!

    I'm'a beat this scrap piece of metal,
    Says the human to himself,
    As he crushes the tight accelerator
    Ignoring the signboard on the street that says:
    "Speed is a merciless traitor."
    The purple car is but a conduit of his spirited recklessnes,
    Drifting away at corners;
    Subjecting the smooth road to an abusive experience through his sharp tires.

    Ofcourse, the robot isn't far behind,
    It's headlights tail the human's car like a hungry predator,
    Waiting to take over,
    Cause it ain't no second place settler.
    A flash of those neon street lights does not hurt the robot's eyes;
    Unlike the human, who struggles at the brightly lit nooks & corners.

    The cops have joined the race,
    But they race only amongst themselves;
    To compete for the honour of rattling these rogue cars,
    With extreme prejudice & pace.

    Days later, the robot & the human are:
    Still locked in a heated arguement,
    Inside a tiny prison cell.
    Each still believing that he would have beaten the other,
    In Street Race 2077.

    #streetrace #rush #cyberpunk

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  • fresh_from_the_artistic_asylum 130w

    Heavy beats rock the dance floor,
    Humans celebrate advancement,
    And robots, opportunity;
    The android DJ is all about the music
    His loyalties are split;
    Robots & humans are unaccepting of him,
    For to both sides he is nothing but a misfit.

    His dance floor reeks of conflict,
    The tables have since turned
    As humans celebrate survival,
    And robots, domination;
    The android is unsure of the future
    He now leans towards his robotic side,
    But his robotic masters are still unconvinced
    After all the android is an impure mixture.

    The floor is still open to everyone,
    Cause humans are unable to display their moves
    After all they've just faced extinction,
    Dancing is an art, uninteresting to most robots
    Yet the android DJ is persistent with his music.
    "One day the robots will be gone too"
    Says the android to himself;
    He stands there & continues his rhyme,
    Knowing that neither him nor his music will ever run out of time.

    #androiddj #humans #robots #cyberpunk

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  • daily_dose 136w

    Neon Lights

    The new era of a digital world.
    Overloaded by brands and fast media.
    Where materials precedes kindness.
    Lone life was about adrenaline, the "experience".
    Harsh neon lights overwhelm humane sensitivity.
    Leaving empty shells, dying for some fantasy.


  • johndarkblade 142w

    Capturing some of the emotions and events that happen in a standard cab ride. While people fart and stare at phones, they rarely exchange words with each other. #lonely #sad #cyberpunk #depression

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    Taxi Rider

    Three words enriching a four minute song
    Richocheted off cold conditioned glass doors
    Little light squares, and their soft retorts sprung
    Keeping heads consumed in portioned lores

    As the arrow on the blue streak moved with less ace
    Little light squares lost their sworn captives
    Who peered up and sighed, probably to brace
    Up to more of their kind, swimming in boxed hives

    A captive, let a warm remnant of the day's yield
    Impassion the air, and softly intrude some hairy pore
    Whose owner grunted, while his fingers quilled
    Of this grave misortune, in 140 symbols and not more

    As the box heaved and tumbled on half a lane
    And the heads in it bobbed, twitched and grunted
    The loyalty to the little light squares did never wane
    And never in the air so fragrant and vibrant, was a human word planted

  • anand_writes 177w

    Notes of a Bicentennial Man

    We are in the fleet, passing beyond object 25EX. The year is 125 AD (After Departure from Earth). We are nomads in space, moving from place to place creating a station of halt. The fleet is our planet now. How I miss Earth! We shouldn't have destroyed it with pollution and war, egos and angst. The young may not find a difference for they don't experience the life on Earth. Lucky them; they are used to this darkness and ever-present danger of being an alien. And in a sense, we'd be considered aliens by some innocent ethereal beings, invading their innocent planet, just the way we thought some would do. We've conquered age, but not our fear, ego, greed. The mean emotions still remain hidden with us even after the steel bodies have dominated the human race and expelled us from the Earth to find another place for us to live, for they deemed Earth was not fit for us anymore. We've given authority to those steel creatures and they imposed it on us, thinking they are doing us good, but actually they expelled us from our own planet. Irony!

    The desperation to find a substratum is high, but it's the year 125 After Departure from Earth, and yet we are floating in the soundless dark vacuum, and we shall continue to float until a substratum is found, or I die, if I could.

  • taikun 253w

    Fading consciousness,
    These kinetic drugs in air
    takes our minds to bliss.
    As these metal men take what is ours,
    Smoke and grease the Earth devours.
    Synthetic symposium,
    our lives wasted on the opium.
    Made from techno ivory,
    manufactured by our children we miss.
    And now this air I inhale
    goes and takes my mind to bliss