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  • backstorypoetry 58w

    All of us are here with a target to achieve.
    It's not easy. It's not impossible also.
    What we need is time, hardwork and dedication to do all what we want.
    If we deserve it, it will be ours.
    If we don't, you don't quit.
    You have to move on, find a target that's not easy but challenging which let's you learn in every step.
    We fail, we do mistakes but we never quit.
    We are not here to be quitters.
    And in all this process, of finding our destiny, we need one more thing, and that's love.
    Why? Whenever you fall down, the person who will always help you is the who will love you with selfless nature.
    Love is not just poisonous.
    Love has the power to cure every wound.
    You have to live.
    You have to learn.
    And you have to love.

    #target #achieve #easy #difficult #impossible #hardwork #dedication #mistakes #failures #challenges #destiny #selfless #poisonous #cured #love #alive #learn #live #life #motivationalpoems #motivation

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    Mistakes make us human.
    Failures help us grow.
    Hope keeps us going.
    And Love is the reason we are Alive.
    Keep Learning, Loving and Living.

  • nivyaangelin 64w

    Friendship is one of the things that comes without permission and goes without permission. Just the way it did in my case! It's been months since it has gone, but I still stand at the same place where it left me, left me, left me in pieces.
    But I'm healed, cured, came outta it, cause I didn't cry when I type this. No worries now, no cries now, only the scars without pain.

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  • nivyaangelin 64w

    It was usually 'The music Channel' that got played that night too. Just as a change of weather, songs changed and the music started, the hymn followed then.The whole family left their work, searching for remote.
    Cause they knew I cried the last time, I heard it.
    Channels got changed, but not my mind..


  • skylarshade 94w


    He used to be her cure
    Now he is her curse


  • srisaptoawaits22 104w

    Cured it all...

    Still as those tempests which never have tides,
    Running apart, still didn't fall down from the heart,
    I've kept you in the vaults and the nooks, safe!
    Melted and diffused with your breathes in the airy dreams!
    Your love is seven heavens apart, pulling me in!
    And distortions kissed the flaws,
    Induced love, burnt deep, and ashes flew over her palms,
    Remaining in those ridges, like the petals who cured all pains!

  • 7bajwa 129w

    You can cure everything is the world,
    But a crushed heart can't be cured,
    You can't expect it to smile again,
    You can expect bitterness for sure.


  • myraelysium 144w

    Fall for beauty

    Grab every opportunity of being in awe,

    be fascinated by the giddy twist of the tree,

    the rusty coloured leaf on the side walk,

    that person smiling to themself in the corridor,

    that door with a broken knob,

    that tear on the brave guys face on the street,

    that giggle of a little girl whose dog is waging its tail at her,

    revel in the randomness of the song that plays to your mood nonchalantly,

    find the strength of the woman selling fruits on the busy road salute worthy,

    feel the pride in the perspiration on the labourer's forehead which will fill his children's stomach tonight,

    Be in awe of all this beauty waiting for you to discover it,

    Let yourself discover it and just drown for once.


  • halfmoon 149w

    It's alright

    I Remember back to the times
    The times when I used to pat your head.
    Your height was taller than mine.
    We used to laugh and be bright
    We used to smile at our mistakes
    We used to cry and it was alright

    I was falling and you caught me
    You was caged and I set you free

    I remember when you had to go
    I patted your head for the last time
    I was taller than you though.
    We used to argue and fight
    We used to die inside
    We used to cry but it was alright

  • halfmoon 151w

    I hinted that 'smile' was next.
    #smile #cured #butterfly #hope #happiness #happy #sky

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    It's wing's soaring through the sky.
    A certain pattern caught my eye.
    Watching over me, it flies.
    Over the me, made of lies.
    A path of forgiveness, I shall try.
    Thank you for hope, little butterfly.

  • mitujanavy 166w


  • mitujanavy 166w

    Things and thinks would only be clear only when you wanted them to. You should know the question before answering it. Right? Yep. And so first you should get the reason of why the situation is getting paranoid. And then go for the talk. Yes talk, don't debate. Solve your knotted thoughts first.

    Ps- don't relate to my life��✌️
    #cured #thoughts #love #loveyourself #behappy #beyourself #settleforyourself #liveforyourself

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  • alinda 167w

    A letter to my psychotherapist

    Dear Doctor, we had a short conversation but it will surely make a change. And for that I am thankful.
    I learnt I am now an adult, I learnt I have to take responsibility of my action.
    I also learnt I have to value myself first, for no one will value me first. I should let go of unnecessary things, only to consider things that matters the most.
    Dear Doctor, thank you so much for today. I hope my life will change for better.

  • mitujanavy 188w

    When you are left with NOTHING, Nothing to do, nothing to say, nothing to think. All u are left with nothing. This bout is a bit choking for the people like us. Indeed u are sitting with nothing, a second past had everything, but at present u are left with nothing. And after all this we can't consider it merely a word right?!! It's something which is creating a feeling.,a feeling of choking. Not only in ur throat, also in ur journey's tunnel. You almost felt it's presence all the time when NOTHING is with u. So now u have a companion "Mr. NOTHING",and u are on a date having a dish on the table called choking. Yeah, obviously it's tremendously horrible to swallow it, yet u need to, or may be not!!!
    Okay let's recall the whole situation and drift it to two cases of either him being an undesired companion of urs or may be u might have desired for this someday in past.
    Let's take the case of him being a desired companion. So u are with Mr. NOTHING having a dish, choking. Even though u are with the desired companion yet that dish is shit to u.,right?!! So u just gonna wait (like a bimbo) and wait for the disappearance of that dish from the table and will HOPE, that ur Mr. Nothing bring SOMETHING better than this worse next time ((which is utterly nonsense )).
    Now let's take a leap to the second case.
    You gonna make that most rotten face u once made when u'd stepped in a mud pit., after all u have an undesired date with an undesired dish. You, amid all this suffocating situation, gonna spit the shit on Mr. Nothing and would dictate it to LEAVE.
    This is how u gonna cut the corners. This is how u gonna crystal clear about the undesired existence. AND THIS IS HOW I GOT A WORD IN EDGEWISE((wink)).
    This is how i slapped Mr. Nothing, coz i got SOMETHING i call it the ability to steal thunder even when i am LEFT WITH NOTHING.

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    Left with NOTHING


  • mitujanavy 188w


  • mitujanavy 188w


    **And he flashed his smile
    Flashing his inescapable smile all over the room.the only thing that roomed the most precious plot on the ground of my beating machine.. **...... that was the first time i felt the sound of my heart screaming so loud... " damn... plz stop, u gonna kill me with that infectious smile.. just stop u.!!" Felt it ever?.. She once did and that was the moment her heart melted and got leakage vein, yes.. She called it her unstoppable thoughts.. That was the time she felt "THE" rush of HAPPINESS for which she was starving for, in the world consisting so many disasters she created for the soul residing inside her. Every crash she did while either riding her heart or the head made her realize that the thing she is craving for exists in the world one could only imagine. But that day, that smile, that stupid smile, along with those curing talks with her soul propelled her to crash once again.. But this time with both, head and heart,.. And then she allowed herself to fall for it.. she never stopped since then ..but had an armor of her dedication towards that smile.. And.. ""cured ""


  • udays_sayings 203w

    finally out of #dard
    hold on guys.... everything can be #cured!

    #pod #rwu #rwu_smile #rescue #happiness

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    ek arse se doob gaye the
    unhi dard ke andhere m
    aas thi ek ujaale ki...dard se rihayi ki

    muskurana dikhane ke waaste
    hasna hasaana dilon ko sambhalne ke waaste
    iss dil ka majhab kahin dhundala sa gaya tha
    aur aage zindagi ka pura shamiyana khada tha

    mohobbat se nafrat na ho bas ek hi inaayat thi
    ye dil kahin lagta nahi phir bhi shiddat thi
    gaye shaqs ne ronda nichoda kaat ke rakha
    ye dil raston m bas tadapta raha

    kitne arson se bas yahi maan hi liya dil ne
    ki jaana kahi nahi bas yunhi raat bitaani hai
    kya juloom kar gaya wo shaqs saja bas hamko mili
    hamari ashiqui bhi hui nilaam aur karz adaayi bhi na hui

    rastein par iss registaan ke ek dil mila khud jaisa
    dard hoke bhi khud m..iss paraye ko sahara diya
    dard dard ki ranjishein dard dard ki kahaniyan
    saath milke donon ne sab nichavar kar diya

    ab dard ka asar kuch dhundala sa gaya
    saare zakm jaise yahi malam ko talashte rahe
    paas hi thi wo dawa aur dhoonde pure qaynaat me
    thikane lage ab chahat ke nafrat kahi rahi nahi

    kitne waqt tha wo shaqs ?
    kitna usne sambhala dil ko?
    kaun karta hai kiske liye?
    kyun? kaise? kaun? aur kyun?

    sawalon ke jawab jab dhoonde
    tab mohobbat ki dastak hui
    mil na payega wo dil
    ussi se ye baat hui

    zindagi ka bhi ek tareeka hai
    jo raas hai wo paas nai hota
    bas jo aate hai paas
    unn lamhon ko jee lo
    malaal kabhi jeene nai deta

    shukraguzar hai uss shaqs ke
    shukraguzar hai uss dil ke
    koi fariyaad nai..na h shikwa koi

    bas ek khwahish hai
    agar hua bhi galati se
    daura yahi raaste par
    bas ek mulaqaat ho jaye ussi se
    bas ek mulaqaat ho jaye ussi se


  • kareim 228w

    Rule no.1 LIFE
    #pain #is #cured #with #pain

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    After all,
    the only way to overcome pain is to first learn how to bear it.