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  • octavian 6w


    The eyes don't see the same as the heart

  • alecmb 8w

    First Love's Glance
    By: Alecmb

    Her rose colored lips
    Remind me of the ambrosia that I used to sip
    While her scent like that of a cool spring night
    Awaiting to greet the early morning light
    While transfixed in a state of ecstasy
    I was charted away into a world of fantasy
    Where I came face to face with the splendid
    God of Love- Cupid
    And to him I succumb and kneel
    For he gave me the power to feel
    When he took our two dead beating hearts
    That at one time were separate and apart
    And bounded them together
    With our love binding them forever.

    And as I awake from my dreamy slumber
    Into the dreary cold December
    Fear and Doubt enters into me
    Begins to consume me, untill I see
    Those warm brown eyes, that vanquish all despair
    I can finally take in a breath of fresh air
    For that was not a dream, nor a fantasy
    But our love was in fact Reality
    And all it took was first love's glance

  • solus_thoughts 10w

    Sometimes questions are asked not to get the answer but to answer them!!!


  • barbietocatwoman 12w

    By twilight,

    when dawn is far enough and the darkness calls and cupid takes charge of your life...

    for one split second; and you dare to dream of a different existence. A life that is the opposite of the one you've known.

    Then you remember the world ain't give a fuck about you when it passed these burdens for you to hold.

    So you lay awake every twilight and imagine the happiness you'll never have.

    Well isn't that a sight to behold.


  • bluepetal_girl 22w

    Why Cupid?

    You always made me smile.
    It's one of the many, many things
    I loved about you.
    Although, how you could ever love
    coffee without sugar remains a mystery to me.
    We could have been the epic love story of our lives.
    But Love doesn't always show up
    when we need it to, does it?
    It's strange,
    You loved everything about me,
    but you didn't love me.
    I think it's also safe to say
    Cupid's arrow missed it's target on me too.
    So I guess it's true what they say,
    some people do enter our lives
    And leave silently because
    it just wasn't meant to be.
    But they leave a happier version of you
    than the one they found.
    I guess it was just the energy
    you brought into my life.
    Such people are rare,
    So I have learnt to cherish them
    whenever I find them.
    And when someone tells me,
    they like their coffee strong, without sugar,
    I think of you.
    And smile.


  • ileecoleman 27w


    PARDON ME MISS- but I don't do "LOVE". I don't particularly like the vulnerable state it puts me in. Its too intoxicating. Too inviting. Too emotionally reckless. How can one function up under an umbrella of emotions that render you so willy-nilly? Please disregard any moment in which I led you to believe that there was more to this friendship than physical friction. I don't do love but I can make it through "LUST".

    EXCUSE ME MISS- but I can't do "LOVE". I become someone else...someone entirely different than the man I need to be on a daily basis in order to make it through the rigors of every day life. The four letter word that penetrates the heart and travels the intricate waterways of my bloodstream ultimately finds its way to my mental control room and sits down at the helm with the capability of causing an internall 9-11. I can't afford to send any more of my intellectual troops into a war with an unconquerable enemy.

    LOOK OUT BELOW MISS - Im falling in "LOVE". Cupid has shot me in the ass again. I find myself cocooned in her rapture and continually injected with positive affirmations and unlimited affection. Woe is me because now all I want is she... And to be baptized infinitely by the P, AND ultimately design a life for the "WE".


  • oluwanifemi 28w


    Euphoria of a distant world,
    A tale so vast, a journey so lonely
    Sparkling stare in a kindled lamp
    Focus as that of eagle's eye
    Within a dream is a dream
    Our doubts are traitors
    But I being poor, have only my dreams
    Be thou faithful unto death.

  • passion_pearl 29w

    .. Unfortunately
    I don't have the ability,
    To read another's mind
    Am lost b/w trying again
    And moving On..
    Whatever I try,
    You keep me captive in chains
    Only demons hurt the wings of angels,
    This time cupid's arrow brought me only troubles
    Blood flows through my veins
    I wanna know
    If I can even text you again..

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    Can I text u again?

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  • mystic_poet_x 35w


    Sometimes I do wonder,
    was it really cupid?
    Or was I so blindly in love,
    Was I that stupid?


  • landagedream 37w


    Before it's gone
    Before it's too late
    Be with the one you love
    There is isn't much time left to wait

  • nixiefiksi 37w

    Breeze of heaven,
    Whispering harmony of love,
    Blowing gently into my heart,
    Softer than the shot of Cupid's arrow,
    So heavenly..

  • voices_as_thoughts 39w


    What's about her??
    I really don't know
    The color of her skin??
    I really don't know
    Her philtrum of which I could sip from?
    I really don't know
    Her cupid bow on her lips which is more pronounced than her words??
    I really don't know
    Filling my head with reasons yet feeling numb around the reason; her
    For a certain I know she's not special, just the way I look at her
    or still
    I really don't know.

  • raghavendrabs 49w

    A couple of bees

    Choosing nectar from different aspects of their lives,
    And collecting those memories in their sweet hive,
    I saw my favourite couple of bees,
    Slowly dive into the married life!

    They never were the gossiping kind,
    True to their name, the bees, were hardworking and amiable,
    But it took a lot more to get their fate intertwined,
    One of which was their constant optimism that made it all possible!

    Though they come from different backgrounds,
    Their views remained the same throughout.
    Their love grew with no limits or bounds
    With every little block of honey they cemented and held out.

    It’s a curious amalgam of bliss, tears and accomplishment,
    A wonderfully unique feeling to see them tie the knot.
    Their journey will make anyone feel their sense of achievement,
    And one can see that Cupid himself is their official mascot.

    Raghavendra B S

  • dil_se_dilshath 51w

    It feels like,
    cupid have saved my heart
    for a man like him ❤️

  • teresawilson24 53w

    If love could talk, what would she say? 💔

    If love could talk I am sure she would plea asking anything from you and me.

    She would wonder why her name was used in vain?

    Why the wicked uses her foundations through imagery to control the unawakened?

    She would cry from mere disappointment as to how a profound creation as she, could be look at through the eyes of rejection.

    All because those who use her are lost?

    She would question Cupid and his ideologies. She would ask questions of the compounds that make you, you and me, me.

    Have you yet to understand her?

    Love, that is.


  • m3l0dic 55w

    Sweetest Love I've Known

    Could only imagine how it's like indulging on herl love in all kinds of ways.
    Not just sex,
    Simply inside of her embrace.
    How sweet it was,
    Still making my heart race till this day.
    It's a race I don't mind losing...

    If it's meant to be?
    It's meant to be.
    I've purged so many tears in her name,
    Breathing is much less difficult since I no longer drown within them.
    A peace,
    So dear to a mangled soul I've tried so hard to put back together...

    Her memory still brings back the same smile from our time,
    Once intertwined.
    How can I hate someone who taught me how to love,
    During all of those lonely nights I spent hoping God would end my life?

    Even if my absence is what she'd prefer,
    I appreciate her from a distance.
    My only relationship,
    Never am I sad or ashamed to admit it.
    Knowing how angelic of a heart she carried,
    I'm honored to say she's been the only one to have had the gift of,
    Her sweet love...


  • black_pages 56w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Upset
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #black_pages #love #hurts #cupid

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    Expecting too much love hurts even the cupid

  • the_scratches 58w

    The one guy who would just hold my hand with such delicacy & yet firmly as if he owned the most precious & fragile thing in this world & my Princess would look upon him as the most ideal partner her mother could ever get.

    My daughter broke my guitar one day when she was about two. The Other day while passing by a guitar store in the mall, her father told her that we both played guitar years ago & that we agreed to get married to each other primarily because of the fact that we were both artists. He narrated the story to her saying "We met at your mother's place for the first time. She took me on a tour of her house & I spotted 2 guitars & asked her if she played. To which she said yes & I then bragged saying I played too. Your Mother asked if I could play for her; basically to check if I lied. She then handed me over her guitar & explained that the other one belonged to her friend. I started playing & within a minute or two, she was mesmerized by the music. The next I opened my eyes when I heard another guitar playing. To my astonishment, your mother was playing the other one & we both started playing together. We were completely in sync with each other. The sound proof walls didn't let the families know we have bonded with each other & the reason being non other than our very own music. Your Grandmother was dumbstruck when she opened the door & the sound of our music echoed in the house. Everyone came rushing with their hearts in their mouths to see what was happening. We both had our eyes closed & were all smiles, as per the description given to us. Once we stopped playing, we saw all of them laughing & giggling. At that point, I guess we all knew that the Music played the cupid & there would be no refusal from either side this time."

    #love #cupid #music #musiclovers #mirakeewriters #writer #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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  • uncle_sam 60w


    So, tell me how to love someone who doesn't love me back;
    respect someone who doesn't deserve a drop of that,
    speak nicely to someone
    who only spoke down on me
    and forgive someone who hurt me so severely.
    For years I have tried to forget about everything but you put a permanent scar.
    I tried to earn more than your love, friendship, respect and pride but received none.
    I know it is funny how I go silent whenever you are a topic
    Talk of mommy issues where the blame falls on me.
    I wish the world knew how lost I was without a mother
    maybe then they would understand how much I wish you rather left me with my father.
    Damn, if parenting were a contest, you would loose.
    Now you say blood is thicker than water;
    but I would rather have wine run through these veins that shiver with anger.
    I lived being your biggest regret.
    Sometimes I thought your happiness laid in my death.
    You were never there to cheer me up when I was sad and depressed
    instead I drank till I was numb.
    You didn’t bandage me when I was hurt nor cured me when I was sick.
    When I felt unloved, I needed you to tell me how much you loved me
    instead I learned the words "I love you" are meaningless.
    I needed you to stop me and tell me how important I was,
    but you ignored me.
    Now when your well has run dry
    you come looking for me to quench your thirst.
    Truth is, I don’t want you to be part of my life,
    no matter how many times you apologize.

  • dehumaneyez 61w

    My Time In The Abyss

    Burnt embers 'pon a scolded heart
    As faith begins to wither
    For Cupid's touch, is not so much
    When faced an empty quiver

    Forge ahead dear father's time
    All memories set to perish
    For each suns rise, shall victimize
    The days I live to cherish

    As once my soul was strongest
    'tis now the weakest willed
    For fake facades, bring folded cards
    From whence true love had filled

    Dear angels watcheth over
    Your blessings surely needed
    For present day, erodes away
    Til spawns a past receded

    Caress me now sweet solitude
    Possessive in your kiss
    For none but I, can rectify
    My time in the abyss