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    I want to thank all the many languages, ethnicities and cultures that I get to experience in my lifetime. What a blessing and opportunity to learn and appreciate the differences that make up our world. Learn it here so that you can advance to all the unknowns that our souls will journey towards in the future.

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    I love that word “tradition”
    Something I’m proud of as an Indian
    The culture here has had set rules
    For every person of every generation

    I hail from a land that still greets guests
    Like the good lord himself has arrived
    Much is done to make them comfortable
    Much happiness from that is derived

    Respectfully all elders are treated
    Their will governs the household
    Families stay under one single roof
    Safely enveloped and kept together in the fold

    Food is treated with reverence
    Multiple gods are considered holy
    Animals are given their due but now
    Change is arriving gradually and slowly

    Inspite of much remaining the same
    And things being done like they were before
    The traditions that governed us are shifting
    And adapting to the changing times some more

    A woman’s place is no longer the hearth
    She is allowed to fend for herself
    Marriage is no longer forced upon her
    And considered her only option once she turns twelve

    Dividing caste lines are gradually blurring
    Interfaith relationships are not rare anymore
    Elders try to not interfere in the lives of the young
    Although culture is still kept at the fore

    Families no longer necessarily live as one unit
    That doesn’t mean the love between them has declined
    Elders are still considered voices of reason
    Their authority is still not undermined

    Many turn atheists and not god fearing
    Many give up religion altogether
    Given the cultural mix we live in here
    No prejudice is able to last forever

    The world has adopted our folded handed “namaste”
    That has long defined who we are as people
    Our festivals are celebrated across the globe now
    We are no longer considered weak and feeble

    There is more to the customs I follow
    Of my country than is visible on the outside
    We are so much more than a bunch of snake charmers
    We uphold our culture with great pomp, show and pride


    11th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “pond for Krishna pichwai “ by Yugdeepak Soni

    Thank you for the repost @writersnetwork !

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  • madinah_writes 2w

    Sing a song for me, my friend.
    A song that moves the soul to frenzy bend.
    A song of truth and tune of blues.
    Let me dance my best steps in the land of hues.
    The land against my feet,
    Play me a melodious beat.

    Sing a song for me, my friend.
    A song of our rich history, we could never lend.
    Sing a song to me, my dear.
    Let others join this dance without fear.
    Use the talking drums and rocky xylophones.
    Let me dance to the tunes in my new agbada, in the beats of our own.
    Let chiefsmen sit and listen to the drumsmen's beats.
    Let the Kings and Queens,
    Elders and citizens,
    Sit to withness our rich culture.
    Let is remind them of what history truly means.

    © Madinah_Writes

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    Sing a song for me, my friend.
    A song that moves the soul to frenzy bend.
    A song of truth and tune of blues.
    Let me dance my best steps in the land of hues.
    The land against my feet,
    Play me a melodious beat.

  • madinah_writes 2w

    Your beauty is irresistible poem.
    Your glorious flow is joy, overwhelm.
    Oh, rivers of our land!

    Your clean view I get from every stand.
    Florishing mankind with foods and fruits.
    Only those that withness this would tell the truths.
    Oh, rivers of our land!

    On your palms, you've nurtured our crops and culture,
    Only few could understand the wishes you've kept for the future.
    How much you've contributed to nature and history.
    I would tell my people this story.

  • alfaazdilke 3w

    I wish I could remove this mentality of people of our nation . It really hurts when the one who loves her the most will some or the other day raises a question on her character not just this He is bound to mistreat her and doesn't trusts her but also He keeps her in his house to cook and give food to his children

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    Tum ladki ho tumhein apne character ka saboot dena hota hai
    Tum Hind mein rehti ho tumhein sab ki baatein sunni padegi
    Lekin tum jawaab nahi de sakti kisi ko kyunki Tum Ladki ho

  • syllabic_writer 4w


    She was dragged and torn apart!
    She was pinned to the worse of the worsest!
    While the predator sucked the remaining flesh of her bones, her eyes cried for justice!but..
    Justice awaits one more to be torned pieces,
    With that they build a tomb for it's precious insensitive and incapable self.

  • raibhatt 4w

    You may know about the concept of 'Veer Suhagan', not 'Veer Suhag'.

  • raman_writes 4w


    इतनी हैरत से ना देख वो इसी गाँव का है ।

    शहर में था कुछ दिन तो अलग दिख रहा है ।।


  • sagar1khodiyar 8w

    जिन्हे अपने ही देश कि संस्कृति से प्रेम नहीं,
    वो अपने देश से क्या खाक प्रेम करेंगे।


  • theheartofwritings 9w

    Today when I tried writing a so called poetry in 'tamizh', just realised the power of the beauty. At first place, mixed emotions crawling super fast all over, exciting every cell of the new tamizh poet to be. Soon when I started to pen down, not only did emotions poured but also the nervousness and the privilege to be writing about the beautiful bold she. That instant did I not fail to realise how funny am I going to sculpt her into words in initial few poems of mine. But, don't you think? That is what a real poem is. What you write is a poem. Also, realising the power of the 'mother language' this very moment. For whomever, whatever language one speak, it's not only a language but an emotion. Hereby, bowing head to all kinds of people, culture and the language.

    -with loads of love
    pooj ��
    Xoxo ❤️
    #tamil #culture #language #emotion #loveforthelanguage #mirakee #pod #wod
    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Today when I tried writing a so called poetry in 'tamizh',.....................................................
    Check out the caption to know more.

  • boundless_stories 9w

    Your thoughts reflect your nature,
    And your nature reflects your culture.

  • madinah_writes 10w

    I Am...

    I am
    The dimpled cheek, black girl.
    With three tribal marks standing on my chest
    Two-handed braids interwoven through my kinky hair.
    Poetry on empty paper,
    The shy nerd in class.

    I am
    The devoted Muslim girl.
    Never missed my daily salat.
    Offering ta'ajjud from dusk till dawn,
    Till my mother wakes me for morning choirs.

    I am
    The Yoruba girl, born in an Hausa land.
    Lost on what to speak,
    I find only English Language.
    Even though I'm expected to speak Arabic Language.
    I find knowledge anywhere my eyes touches,
    And wisdom where my mind reaches.
    I say it, how my tongue twists it.

    I am
    The virgin haired girl,
    The reserved one.
    A wallflower everyone at college is pointing at.
    Ancient-mama, bookworm.
    Are you married? Why are you so fat?
    She's just a village girl,
    Claiming to be born and raised in Abuja.
    I walk away in silence.
    Thinking of where I actually belong.
    If, I actually belong.

    I am
    The loner, the narcissist, an egoist
    The tagged for being so different.
    Crazy, dull, Olodo!
    I would hear my classmates call me.
    Obese, food-monger, Orobo!
    I would hear my family call me.
    Is it so bad to be differently modest?
    When my quietness is mistaken for sluggishness.
    When my solitary is mistaken for stupidity.
    I think and wonder...
    Where do I find myself in all of these?
    When home is no longer home,
    And the society is no longer welcoming.
    Because of my size and colour and languge and dressing.
    Because of my unwillingness to change my culture for yours,
    Or myself for you.
    I thought we once said.. culture is life?

    When culture have changed over with time. I can no longer wear my wrapper to class.
    When black tradition is bleached with today's civilization.
    When culure is killed in the name of today's fashion, science and technology.
    I can no longer use my local beads,
    The ones I once cherished.
    How can I fit into a society that changes over time?
    How can I the human's mind that is insatiable.
    Lost in all these thoughts,
    That hunts me down like memories of yesterday.
    I realize... I just have to be myself,
    And nurture my heart to what I want and what I know how to do best.

  • he_benny 12w


    Báyìí là ń ṣe (this is the way we do)
    When our body is adorned with cowries and our mouth sings the song of Àṣà
    since an african boy has seven lives.
    Báyìí là ń ṣe.

    When Àyànwálé releases pulsating rhythm from his telegraphic Bàtá; and the women wriggle their heavy buttocks at the esoteric command of his drum on the Day of the festival of Moremi.
    Don't yield to the white man's temptation but rather sing our song of identity to his ears
    Báyìí là ń ṣe

    Báyìí là ń ṣe is the song of the vulture on an iroko tree. Báyìí là ń ṣe;
    is the song on the lips of the gods. Our song of identity, the cultural song that defines who we are.

    Let song and dance erupt, let it fill
    the world; For our ears have obeyed the voice of our Fathers. Our eyes have seen and nose perceived. Since our legs too have trod the path of coal and the burn gives sanity to our soul. So shall our mouth proclaim the song of identity. The song of our culture.
    Báyìí là ń ṣe!

  • shanthi_yella 13w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    Dr. Kanika reading the book in her room.
    She has completed reading half of the book.

    Before going to bed she reads a page with a line saying, " Vinay used to call me Hamsa in Goa University. I always hate, when he calls me Hamsa. He calls me Hamsa because my name is Hamsavathi Adah Devaraj."

    Her parents are continuing their familial legacy. They respect both Indian culture and Italian culture. That's why they named her Hamsavathi, an Indian name from the mantra
    "Hamsavathi mukhya shakti samanvitha" meaning " Goddess Durga who is surrounded by Shakthi or strength called Hamsavathi".
    Her Biblical name Adah means adornment.
    Great cultures.
    May God bless Vathi with peace of mind.
    It's time to sleep.

    A glance from my book Vathi met Vaathi.
    Join the journey of our female- leadVathi.
    My taught in this para is to tell about global integration and cultures.
    Available @webnovel @wattpad
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  • _beingbeautiful_ 13w


    In Indian culture Our choices ,our desire sometimes lag behind the world...


  • mia_yham_ 14w

    By: Mia Palencia (Flash Fiction)

    It was very early in the morning, I looked up at the blue, blue skies. Flowers just started to bloom and spread their fragrance to the world. The sun still hides and asleep behind the thick layer of the white clouds. That was month of December when we first bump into each other. The most beautiful woman that my eyes had been laid of and the most beautiful scenery that I've ever seen. I obviously fell specially with your smile that reach heaven. I said "Hi" and you answered with "Hello."

    Unexpectedly, we've met again during our first day in college. Surprisingly, we've been classmates back then. We became friends and I learned lots of things about you. I fell for the second time around and everytime I am with you, I fell harder, deeper. My feelings for you grow each and every day.

    Two years after our graduation, I am waiting for you down the aisle. I badly wanted to see you with your white gown. And when the church door opened, I saw the most beautiful woman that my eyes had been laid of and the most beautiful scenery that I've ever seen. She's walking with grace and elegance with a sweet smile in her rosy red lips. Her eyes were full of different emotions — love, happiness, contentment — while walking towards my spot. She then stopped in front of me with a sweet angelic smile and softly said, "Thank you for introducing me to your brother. You will always be my best friend and I will treasure you forever in my heart. I love you as a good and trusted friend." I utter no words but a sincere smile before I tapped my brother's shoulder and watched until the end of your wedding.

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    The Wedding


  • mia_yham_ 14w


    One, two, three strums —
    Outside my window he sang
    with love and passion.

    Four and five strums —
    Another sounds of guitar
    and voice of my man.

    It makes me smile;
    The sweetest melody of love
    will always be mine.


  • paranoidismarie 15w


    Beauty is subjective
    opinionated and owned
    the way you look matters
    our culture is desperately intoned
    character lasts a lifetime
    and health can't be loaned
    looks don't last forever
    but your word can get stoned
    don't let anyone sneak in behind you
    you might find yourself dethroned
    © Candice Ballinger

  • pallavi4 17w


    India known as a glorious golden bird
    And a land of riches and culture
    I hail from a country that of different
    Religions, traditions and customs is a juncture

    A melting pot of languages and people
    A confluence of art and crafts of the ages
    A state of sacred rivers and streams
    The nation of Buddha and other sages

    Tolerant, polite and hospitable
    The people greet others with a namaste here
    Innate secularism is inbred in every mind
    Heritage to the people is very dear

    An ancient civilisation once upon a time
    Thrived and fought for its continuation
    A convergence of music, dance and food
    Techniques inherited here last for generations

    Every edifice is a walk into the thinking
    Of the dynasties that built the various sites
    Bearing the brunt of weather and storm
    They have stood the test of time and survived

    The finesse of handiwork and textile
    The ethnicity of the jewellery
    Has been kept alive and celebrated
    As a part of our legacy and history

    The traditions of the various states combine
    To form so much more than a nation of cattle
    The unity in diversity is a unique feature
    Worthy of every bravely fought battle


    28th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • desemboy21 17w

    Respect Cultural Heritage

    You don't know how the human struggles that preceded us
    Try everything you can to find the best
    In fact, many have lost their lives
    Only for the sake of an experiment that is not necessarily true

    The legacy they give
    We should protect it, not destroy it
    Our job is only to preserve
    Not recreating it, but we can't do that either

    Unique buildings, meaningful writing and amazing art
    What they left behind was a sign that there was also life in the past
    What we can learn as a provision for life
    What has been presented is just looking for answers

    The more modern life
    Many cultures are being left behind
    Some are even ignored
    Really very sorry

    Be thankful to them who lived before us
    Who tries to make something that pampers humans
    Making technology that is sophisticated and can protect the world
    They take pains to do, only for their generation

    Do not forget
    Present joy, present enjoyment and even present ease
    Can not be separated from previous knowledge and efforts
    Let's appreciate the legacy that has been given