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  • sreyasipatra_ 12w

    “May I be born again and again, and suffer thousands of miseries so that I may worship the only God that exists, the only God I believe in, the sum total of all souls — and above all, my God the wicked, my God the miserable, my God the poor of all races, of all species, is the special object of my worship.”

    Swami Vivekananda

  • arti_20 13w


    Aj ankhein kuch nam hai..
    Dil m bhara bht akelapan hai..
    Aiti k saare pane jaise ult rhe hai..
    Zindagi k suljhe riste kuch uljh rhe hai..
    Lagta hai roshni ne v sone ki aj chaht ki hai..
    Mano aj gamo ne DASTAK di hai..
    Tute hue khwabo dikh rhe hai..
    Andhero m ghira kal dikh rha hai..
    Ane wala Mano jaise koi koi bawandr hai..
    Aj khushiyon ne v mu morne ki sajish ki hai
    Aur aj gamo ne DASTAK di hai
    Ab ujala v ane wala nhi hai
    Mohabbat v Ruth k baithi hai..
    Zindagi ki majburio m aj hum pis rhe..
    Atit k faislo pr phir sochne ki chahat hui hai..
    Aj roshni ne v sone ki chahat ki hai

    ARTI.. #stream_of_thoughts

  • brokengypsysoul 16w

    "You should consider abortion as there is a high chance your child will be deformed."
    She was broken and hurting; she didn't want to accept this news
    So many conflicting emotions, pulling her back and forth
    Sickness plagued her fueling her depression
    Finally realising the severity of the matter...she made the hospital appointment.

    One morning after a helpful doctors consult, she decides, "I'm going to keep this baby."
    I don't care; I will love and look after my baby no matter what
    The thought of abortion killed her inside
    She went home after taking the doctors advice for anti-nausea remedies
    She was hopeful, finally accepting, excited to be a mum again
    She knocked on the door, her sister comes to unlock the door and greet her
    The girl looks down and does her sister, shock sets in
    Red blood, lots of it, they look at each other in despair

    First, she had to accept that she had an unwell child, that she may lose the child, or have to make that decision herself. Once accepting to love this child no matter what, she had to accept that he was now gone.

    The nurse had to retrieve the baby from the toilet
    She was unable to look at him, not wanting to accept her reality but asked to keep him

    She sits, and she mourns with her delicate baby in his tiny coffin
    The deformed reality of her baby sinks in; she only wanted to love him
    Heartbroken, seeing this incomplete child that she so desperately realised she wanted
    She then had to accept his fate was never in her hands

    Life is a rollercoaster of emotions; you only realise what you have until it is gone; once you accept something painful, life changes.

    It hurts. It's unfair. It is a process of emotions but accepting reality is the only way to live in the present

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    Trigger warning bellow, ft pregnancy and miscarriage

    Read the story bellow


  • khushi_07 19w

    It's ok to take rest from this selfish world. So leave me alone ��
    #alone #cruelworld #leaveme #feelings #heartspeaks

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    Leave me alone

    Leave me alone ok.As I am not working according to my flow,
    Whatever I express no one understands it all only try to make me understand, I know ;
    All just see me as a rough paper, which they just use and throw....
    I usually give my best but everytime, someone, somewhere takes out my flaw,
    Changing From being good in everything to useless and rude, was a Drastic change I know ;
    Leave me alone as I am tired now,
    No one can fix it any how ,
    So leave me for now.....

  • crazywriter72 27w


    Twas there was
    A young naive kid,
    With the people around me
    As cunning as a fox.

    Taking advantage
    Of this new soul,
    And never paying attention
    To the kid in the corner.

    Proposals went and went
    Until the guy was left in confusions,
    Perhaps the teen was
    Too discrete from this world of illusions.

    Always getting separated
    For not following what was required,
    For he thought the other way was
    was more fascinating.

    Someone existed
    Who took note of his creativity,
    But as situation became dire
    They were also taken away from him.

    And as he grew
    He saw more of this hell,
    Not understanding why
    The people around him were so swell

    As more time passed
    And the curtains properly curled,
    He figured out he was simply
    Lost in this cruel world.

    - ©crazywriter72

  • enthusiasticwriter 27w

    I will not love because I love you
    Dedicated to SSR the irreplaceable gem

    I will not love you except because I love you
    I go from loving to not loving you,
    From waiting to not waiting for you
    My heart moves from cold to fire.
    I love you only because it's you the one I love
    I hate you deeply and hating you.......
    Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you
    Is that I do not see you but love you blindly.
    Maybe January light will consume
    My heart with its cruel
    Ray, stealing my key to true calm.
    In this part of the story I am the one who
    Dies, the only one, and I will die of love because I love you,
    Because I love you, Love, in fire and blood
    And you were a irreplaceable gem we got but unfortunately we lost you physically but mentally your with us
    This world is cruel though you were little fire

    You were little fire;but that huge iceberg buried you for no reason
    Their is one revenge taker called karma i believe that it will pay back to them who made you go from this world
    Your love never dies for me
    Your existence doesn't matter now for the world but you existence of love always attracts me
    Your are irreplaceable gem
    Your true fan
    ©enthusiasticwriter ^^e

  • sharls_glad 28w


    In this cruel world, Show Kindness to one another
    Your Kindness can change the cruel world-
    Into a better place and your kindness can change
    -The Cruel person into kind person and
    That person will show kindness to another person
    Now the kindness becomes a cycle
    This can change the cruel world into a better place;
    Think wisely and work on it wisely.

  • sreyasipatra_ 33w


    There lived a girl
    Whose world was of violence and cruelty.
    She cried to sleep
    And the world always thought she's guilty.
    One fine morning,
    She chose to fight the plethora of apathy
    She smiled looking
    At her own reflection in the river of empathy.
    In her divine heart,
    Grinned an angel, so out of this nasty world.
    Inspired, a girl ascended
    From hell, to her own world made of gold.

    © sreyasipatra_

  • ayayrunsblog 37w

    Not A World For Pisces

    This world we live in forgot how to feel,
    It's no place for emotions, if we're being real.
    When you vent and express, you're in the wrong,
    But for us Pisces folk, this is no new song.
    There's hardly any channels to take the weight off our chests,
    And let us do what we do best.
    When prevented from feeling, we feel more,
    And then we dream, our getaway door.
    We dream in the night and even more in the day,
    And nothing and nobody can get in our way.
    We like to feel and we like to dream,
    But in this world, that's our Achilles heel.

  • shineegirl97 40w

    When I finally snap

    Senses do not dull all of a sudden,
    People don't lose their shine all of a sudden,
    Social anxiety doesn't strike all of a sudden,
    Emotional confusion doesn't hit all of a sudden.

    Throw in a factory where you toil all day
    At a stage when you don't even know how to love yourself
    Make believe the lie that producing numbers is success
    A lie that your subject is proportional to your numbers
    A lie that what you are in front of people is important that what you are in front of the Almighty.
    Shouldn't be a surprise why depression is everyone's best friend

    The lie becomes too into your personality
    That even knowing it's a lie doesn't stop you from believing it
    Never do we understand ourselves nor do we extend a helping hand to others
    When failure to understand gives a license to judge
    Simple emotions become way too complicated
    Shouldn't be a surprise why depression is everyone's best friend

    Committing suicide is weak but pushing someone on a verge of 'no option left' is not.
    The ridiculous notion of-
    "People are always going to say something,but we should be strong"
    Looking at others is more wise than looking into oneself
    Shouldn't be a surprise why depression is everyone's best friend

    We could be so lively had we not bent to these messed up norms
    Had we not made a worthless rulebook to ourselves

    We could be dazzling both in and out, but we constrain ourselves to shine on the outside and remain empty inside..........................

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  • sylvia_aurora 51w

    #beunique #beyourself #cruelworld ...do comment and like

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    Tell me how it feels

    How it feels to be alive but forgotten still,
    How it feels when u want to be protected and heal,
    But still cant bring yourself to do so,
    At the end to your inner demon u bow,
    How does it feels when u get the hope,
    But the source is taken and groped ,
    And u know its because they decided to help you,
    To make yourself a better person ,a new,
    Tell me how does it feel when since birth u are told,
    To come first in race of deception and to be bold,
    When slowly u break down from inside ,
    When nobody is there to confront so u hide,
    And slowly slowly u come to know,
    That this world may tell stories of greatness but pain is what flow,
    How does it feel to drown in your nightmare,
    Why some had this cursed fate ,is it fair?
    Why does no one questions the crippled wings of a free bird,
    Does no one knows about agony or the ignore what they heard ,
    Is this is what they mean by independence,
    While uniqueness is loathed and to be normal trains,
    Tell me about that sheer pain when u see ,
    A person u loved going to darkness and kneel,
    Answer me how much hatred people gain?
    Till they collapse of unjustice go numb of pain,
    What power do I have against this world ,
    When all type of devils inside human hurls,
    To utter despair no one comes to save,
    Till u are turned in as normal and behave.

  • _scribbler 58w

    She was feeling so lonely today
    Thought she should talk to someone..
    Who will listen, understand and
    Comfort her without judging or
    blaming her for anything..
    She realised there's no one like that..
    Not even herself..


  • ajaygupta 66w

    Insan hai par insaniyat nahi

    Janam lete hi sikhaya bhedbhav karna
    Tu amir hai Tere hi kismat me hi hai padhna
    Tu chota hai to naseeb me na hai Tere badhna
    Insaniyat ka mazhab koi kisi ko Kya sikhayega..
    Jisse dekho wo sirf apne paiso ka Rob dikhlayega..
    Rota hue bacche ka Kya kasoor hai..
    Usse dekh ke bhi undekha karte hai Kya hum asur hai..
    Dil ki baate Kya samajh sakege hum
    Dusro se bada lagta hai humko hamara gum
    Insaniyat bachi hi nayi yaha kisi me bhi
    Tumhara nahi to kisi ka to hoga wo bhi..
    Kisi ladki ke baare me kehte ho tum bura..
    Tumhari maa- behen ki baari aati hai to mujhe lagta hai Bura
    Jaat , dharam ka Sahara lete ho aur batate ho khud ko bada..
    Insaan to wo hai Jo dusro ki takleefo me rahe khada..
    Tumhari baato se kisi ko chot Dene se pehle sochna
    Bhare tumne na Rulaya ho ..par kisi bebas ke aanshu phochana..
    Insaan khud ko Kyu Insaan bulata hai..
    Ab to uper Wala bhi Inko bana Kar pachtata hai..
    Tumhe jarurat padi to tumne jungle kaate..
    Nadiya aur samunder paate..
    Dharam to batate hi the ..ab to tumne rishte bhi baate..
    Khud ke liye Ghar banaye hai tumne..
    Chod diye lachar janwaro ko ab to wo bhi lage hai Marne .
    Tum hi dharti pe ek wo jaati ho..jo Insaan hote hue bhi sabko darate ho...
    Tumne bolne walo ko na samjha...bejubaan ko Kya hi samjh paoge..
    Ek din sab kho Doge aur sirf aanshu bahaoge
    Janam data ki kadar na hai tumhe..galiyo se unko bulate ho..
    Itna karne ke baad bhi unse umeede lagate ho..
    Kabhi balatkar , to kabhi tejab se unke ehsaano ka badla chukate ho..
    Apni beti ke saath jab ho ye sab tab to rote aur najare churate ho..
    Na jaane kaise tum Insaan kehlate ho..
    Khud ke liye karte karte dusro ko bhul jaate ho..
    Tumhari maa ya beti nahi hai isiliye auro ki maa betiyo ko maal bulate ho..
    Na jaane kaise tum Insaan kehlate ho..
    Dharam bhi nibhayega tu , Karam bhi nibhayega tu ...jab Insaniyat ka paath padh jayega tu...
    Ab to zamane ko dekh ye hi sochta hu..
    Insaan hai , Insaniyat nahi...

  • laconic_words 67w

    Loosing interest and trust in humanity
    Is the new normal


  • october_born6 68w


    Ishq ke dariya me laapata ho chuka hu or ab chehre pe na koi noor hai.....
    Yh kambakht duniya hi itni zaalim nikli ki ab kisi ko na chahne ka hi fitoor hai.....


  • forgotten__wings 71w

    She was exist

    She was the single soul with sorrow,
    Her sound of the sigh spread over the silent room. God gave her grief to grow in the grav
    She was enough innocent to improve her entire life. Dreams were delighted days..but,it is dolour.
    How horrible! Hungry cruels hunted her.
    She was screaming for security from someone. Humanity was hidden..in humans, only ego was exist.
    Her howl was very high with less hope.
    Lust of the living men made her looser.
    Sunrise,brand start was unsent,she was not survived Bad manner,men's moul made her to sleep in the tomb.
    #cruelworld #life #worst #death #victims #savegirls #savewoman #womanempowerment #lived #existance #rapevictim #request #innocentgirl

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    Hey cruelty......let her live.....
    Don't write the name in the pages of past....:((


  • pen_mythoughts 71w


    She cried with pain standing in the middle of the water.
    She cried for her baby who is growing in her womb .
    She cried for her baby who is going to be died with her due to the pathetic act of humans.
    But later she thought that it is good her baby is also going to die with her her baby no need to enter into this world where she is killed by cruel human beings.

  • sherrys_poetry_space 51w

    After the world denounced us, our skin, and beauty
    Mothers couldnt teach self love to us
    Who the whole world but them told were UGLY
    All because we were beautiful


  • rimmi24 73w

    As everyone knows that every coin has two sides,
    I wonder what will be the other side of this coin?
    All I want to know is what was the purpose of filling crackers in pineapple ???

    This nature which is wreaking havoc everywhere, today it seems as if everything is fair. When humanity is not alive, humans also do not have the right to live.

    इंसानियत को हर बार यूं ही शर्मसार होना पड़े ;
    कुछ इंसानी दरिंदो की ऐसी ज़लील करामातें क्यों होती हैं ?


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    A person does not deserve to be called a human
    if he has lost his humanity.