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  • inc_thoughts 4w

    the stars you imprudently garner to adorn yourself
    the moon your freely bleed for it shines brighter than you
    the flowers you gaily pluck to mask you scent of death
    all are not yours to take on a cruel whim
    for unlike you
    they are true

  • nocturnal_enigma 4w

    * 29.10.2021; 12.14 A.M (Malaysia)


    "I got new rules; I count 'em" �� - New Rules by Dua Lipa

    #cruelc @writersbay

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    New Rule ~

    'The light of' is meaning of Nurul.
    In life, I try to be kind. Not cruel.
    I wake-up & wipe my saliva. I drool.
    To get nights sleeps is my new rule.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • anush18 5w

    I am made of quiet storms washing themselves away.

    /— Fray Narte/

    I and you,
    You and I.
    Push me
    down the cliff.
    Save me from
    falling for a
    melancholic heart.

    These days, all the memories, I have with you, are crying, and they will fade away just like the tears on my cheeks. The fire-alarms ticking in my head, pushing my veins harder and harder to ooze out blood with reminiscences of the yore. Where did it all start? Let me mourn and burn myself in the morning, till then let me live the dusk.

    The first time ever I saw you.
    An incredulous sight.
    That miniscule sight of yours
    became the monumental truth
    of my life.

    Your eyes- �������� ���������� ���� ������������ �������� �������� ������ ���������� ���������� �������� ������������������ ������ ���� ����������������. I have summoned all my strength, and now I'm here, in front of you, my senses failed. What happened? I didn't realize that it was the first time when I lost myself to something monumental. You're incredible.

    I wanna save that light residing in your eyes, lighting the ways of those who are still going. Tears fall down and freeze to death, now what remains is "regrets of not being true to myself."

    I knew myself so well, but I was ���������� with my feelings, I tamed my own soul and my soul followed my words.

    I am a person who does not believe in prayers, but I prayed for the first time yesterday, and I can see the magic, the modus operandi of prayers.

    I prayed for you. I prayed that you may have endless supply of wonderful days, and I may never have this urge to see you in future anymore.

    May you never come in front of my eyes.
    And If we ever met, push me down the cliff.
    so that you may live, and my cemetery may live
    with the orchids sent by you.

    @writersnetwork #cruelc

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    Push me down the cliff.

  • shadowofthoughts_ 5w

    C h a n g e

    Once cruel
    Now out of fuel.

    Today alive.
    Tomorrow dead?

    Good nights followed
    by good mornings.

    Light and darkness in loop.

    Crescent moon's
    only scar,
    Today friends.
    Tomorrow strangers?

    Today enemies
    Tomorrow besties?


  • blinganshu 5w


    Honey, you are so cruel.
    Just like that thorn on the Rose
    You entice me to get lost
    In your talks, as I get lost
    In the Rose's sweet smell
    But then your words prick my heart
    Just as the thorn scrape my skin
    To draw out blood.
    Darling, you are so cruel.

  • crystal_snow 5w

    Hope was the most cruel thing that i had ever come across.

    Looks like a dress made of gold
    Tastes as sweet as jaggery
    Smells like spring flowers that grew in autumn.

    But when I kissed it, i turned into ashes
    As it cast an evil spell of betrayal on me.

    Now i understand when people say

    ~All that glitters is not gold~


  • joybirdpoetry 5w


    Standing by the red ironbark tree
    where the sandy creek bed
    recedes in on itself
    like a prehistoric lungfish
    conserving its exhausted energy
    as it waits out the dry season

    I listen to the kookaburras
    as they chuckle and cahoot
    across an unbroken sky
    the colour of butterscotch
    where birds fly in silhouette
    resembling velocity in slow motion
    their sharp wings cutting through the air
    like graceful oars in the sky.

    I study the abandoned shack
    where old man Lewis used to live
    in solitary contentment
    it has surrendered itself long ago
    to white ants and lantana

    nowadays looking like
    a landlocked shipwreck
    its hull weathered to silver
    leaning into the southeast
    shaped by cruel leeward winds
    that refuse to retreat.

    Turning toward home I stumble
    on the roots of the ironbark exposed
    like the hands of a sleeping giant
    and I pray for more than a miracle
    to buoy me from the unyielding ground
    upon which this drought has settled

    and just as the rain starts
    fat lazy drops as heavy as molasses
    low thunder rolling in
    across the candy coloured sky
    the downpour begins in earnest

    to come fill the reservoir.


    #cruelc #simile #writersbay #writersnetwork #miraquill

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    I listen to the kookaburras
    as they chuckle and cahoot
    across an unbroken sky
    the colour of butterscotch
    where birds fly in silhouette
    resembling velocity in slow motion
    their sharp wings cutting through the air
    like graceful oars in the sky.


  • the_ambivert_uzma 5w

    Undervalued Words

    I have always been vocal about my feelings and tend to share them. What is the mean of sharing that? Words!
    Words are my weapon. They are the voice of my heart. And I let my heart speak because I don't want to feel suffocated. Feelings keep smoldering in your heart, causing agony, if you don't let them out.
    Always choose the way to let them out.
    Let those brimming emotions come to life through words.
    Because this is what made me feel light. This is my way of showing love. This is my way of letting my anger go. This is my way of letting my sorrows out.
    But with the passage of time, sorrows and anger turned into poetry. But love didn't. I always show my affection to the people I love through words. And I have realized after this much time that it didn't do me any good.
    People get used to it.
    They feel it's their right to receive and hear. And as if I had a heart they could tread upon easily. But darling! My words aren't just words!
    They are the token of my love.
    The gift of my affection.
    My expression of the value of beloved ones in my life.
    The gist of all experiences is that keep your emotions to yourself. Don't empower the words with your feelings. Because people don't have the heart to feel them.
    Instead, write your feelings down and read them again and again until you are willing to let them go.
    Let it all out but don't send them the way they aren't valued. Because they are precious!

  • wordsnippet_girl 5w

    Unwanted Love: Like A Writer's Block Cruelty

    A love that suddenly turns unwanted,
    is like a story that fell under the cruel
    catastrophe of writer's block,
    what was once written with
    clarity, certainty, and passion,
    are now filled with doubt,
    that will soon be rejected,
    and thrown like crampled papers.

  • paint_a_poem 5w

    #simile #cruelc #writersbay

    / Trying something new for the first time based on the prompt. Point of view of a killer/

    /Kindness Killer/

    My heart is gray, bitter and cold
    Blue as lips of death, gathering mould
    Frozen aortas dripping icicles of blood
    Pooling beneath my sangfroid being

    No heat or fire from burning furnaces
    Nor embers flying from fiery fireplaces
    Can melt a Cruel Heart turned so cold
    Like a poison tree sown by seeds of hatred

    Dripping sweat and tears and simmering red
    Now turning blue like cold enamel on Osiris
    Chained and shackled by prejudices Old
    Nothing can melt this cruel heart so cold

    Bitter as poison, sharp as sword
    No words smooth as butter or sweet as honey
    Can unfreeze veins blue as icecaps
    A cruel heart turned bitter and cold

    27 Oct 21

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    Kindness Killer


  • pnair87 5w

    I can shut my eyes from the reality
    I can pretend to be deaf from opinions
    I can decide to be mute from the truth
    But how can I be so cruel to my soul
    Which yearns for Irene….


  • nirvanabharga0 5w

    Happy reading❤��
    Thank you so much for the❤ @writersbay

    How cruel is your guileful heart ideating me smile,
    while my soul is churning by life’s insolent euphemism.
    Howbeit, every scar on my mutilated spirit
    resembles a crescent of your smile.


    #smile #cruelc #wod #pod #miraquill #writersbay @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words #shewrites #poetry #brokenheart

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    How cruel is your guileful heart
    ideating me smile,
    while my soul is churning
    by life’s insolent euphemism.
    Howbeit, every scar on my mutilated spirit
    resembles a crescent of your smile.


  • writersbay 5w

    Word of the day: Cruel

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    You are shaking fists & trembling teeth.
    I know:
    you did not mean to be cruel.
    That does not mean you were kind.

    – Venetta Octavia

  • snehalv 14w

    Let his memories not be treasured
    Dump it like his slanderous & cruel thoughts
    Let it go


  • nocturnal_enigma 138w

    #blue_misc_17 'Z-A' #challenge by @cyan_rose
    @bluepuppy_01 #bluepup

    * See also my other alphabet poetry: A-Z ~ #NuEmAlph

    * Xyresic = razor-sharp

    * To: #Ex @ #EX0

    #cruelc @writersbay #cruel #challenge
    #NuEmCruel (2 posts)

    Z-A ~

    'Zero'!; 'Cruel'! etc.
    You called me such...
    Xyresic words;
    Why you hurt me?
    Vent of my emotions
    Unable to keep it longer
    Tears �� flow as I cried ��
    Shutting my eyes ��
    'Rainy' ☔ mood; tried to...
    Quit my life; but my mom ��
    Persuade me not to; I was
    Out of my mind; feel like...
    No one care if I die ��
    Mom �� care though; she...
    Love ❤ me; and I love ❤ her
    Keeping that in mind;
    Just breathing the air;
    In order to live the life;
    Heart ❤ still beats;
    Good thing indeed;
    Freeing my mind;
    Escaping in the...
    Choices are mine;
    Bye, ex; it's...
    A farewell. ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    Z-A ~

    (Read Caption, Please)
    Reversed alphabet poetry
    An entry for 'Z-A' challenge

  • nocturnal_enigma 142w

    * It's what my #Ex said to me #EX0

    What you said to me... #WYSTM is part 2 of
    Do You Remember What You Said? #DYRWYS

    #cruelc @writersbay #cruel #challenge
    #NuEmCruel (2 posts)

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    What you said to me...

    You said that I was 'cruel'
    It's my life; you can't rule

    You said "serve you right!"
    Were you asking for a fight?

    You were being so mean
    Yes; you've always been

    You even called me 'zero'
    Hey, you are NOT a hero!

    You want me to eat rock
    You think its fun to mock?

    You said the nasty things
    Not realize that it stings?

    You said the harsh words
    That sharper than swords

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma