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    Care = Crime.

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    Aaj kal kisi k liye care karna bhi crime hogaya hai !

  • raman_writes 5w


    हम से हुई जो गुस्ताख़ियाँ उन्हें जुर्म बता दिया ।

    और गुस्ताख़ी भी क्या उनसे मोहब्बत करना ।।


  • alanna_argudo 5w


    I came to say goodbye.
    It's just… I wanted to say goodbye one last time.

    You know, as I entered, I saw a magnificent vision of red.
    It was a tranquil ocean of blood.
    Oh, what a vision indeed.

    I know everyone will ask, "Why?"
    I too would like to know why I did it.

    I don't know.
    Maybe it's because you loved her.
    No, it wasn't that.

    Well, you and I both know you'll never see me again.
    No, there's no need to be sad.

    I did get my last goodbye, but so did she.


  • alanna_argudo 5w

    It was a Tuesday.

    On Tuesday, I found her body.

    It was just there for anyone to find, for anyone to take.

    I couldn't help myself.

    I know I shouldn't have done it.

    Father will be so upset.

    What was I supposed to do? Just leave it?

    Leave it for anyone to possess… to- to consume?

    It's mine now, and I'm not giving it back.

    No one can take it from me. Not even he can.

  • thepoojaakarthik 6w

    4 July 2020

    *ting ting * a notification in my mom's mobile.

    She opened the text from our apartment group and it read:
    "We have got a new pianist in our apartment and she's willing to teach children of apartment at free of cost. Any parents who is willing can send their child, cam go ahead, the classes would be around 12 noon to 1. It will take place at the musical room 404 near to gym."

    I had always been an ardent fan of playing instruments and so did this piano grabbed my attention. Before I could even ask mom for permission she allowed me to go. Obviously I was happy.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the first two weeks of classes, cause we had to go to village for a wedding of our close relative, but my mom couldn't accompany us cause of her hectic schedule.
    18 July 2020
    The day when we came back, I went to the class, but in the group it was notified that "there is no class today." I felt sad and carried on with my work.

    19 July 2020 7.15 am

    The next day again, Early morning around 8.00 the milkman of house 402 where the teacher lived, said:
    "Sir, Sir 402, 402" in a shivering voice to the watchman.
    "402, 402? What happened there? Complete the sentence?" He asked back tensed.
    "Actually, the house is locked, neither their slippers are found outside, but I could hear someone playing piano in, I tried pressing calling bells numerous times but no one opened the door, Sir" said the milkman in a low pitch-afraid voice.
    "What? What are you even saying? I am the night shift watchman for today, I was awake all night, I didn't even close my eyes for a second, no one went out today...
    *2 mins of silence*
    But I remember opening gate for a couple who went for midnight show, yes yes! It was them who went out to theater at 23.45, they spoke to me and said it was a night show and they will return back by 1.30 am but they didn't come back yet I guess."

    ( Meanwhile, one tenant who has come for jogging has heard all this and spreads this news to the entire apartment, Within a fraction of seconds almost all the people living in 99 house of the 3 blocks apartment is gathered around the security's room. They were all questioning tge security in fear like anything.)

    19 July 2020 8.45am

    After n number of snoozes in my alarm, I woke up for my 11 o clock online class. Did my morning mandatory stuffs and prepared my coffee, usually standing in balcony amidst the plants and gazing at the nature surrounded my apartment is how I begin my day. I did the same today also. To my surprise neither my mom nor dad was in the house. I didn't take it much serious cause I thought they would be engaged with their works.
    As I stood in the balcony I saw a crowd shouting and questioning the security. I also saw my parents in the crowd. I immediately ringed to their mobiles, but they didn't pick it, to my surprise my notification bar rose to an mobile-about-to-burst-situation because apartment whatsapp group had 486 texts to be exact. I started to read the texts which let me know the situation that the piano teacher and her family is missing, and the irony is that a piano music is still audible from her house. Now chaos was the only thing my mind had stacked up. It was only yesterday that I came from my native and already so much stuffs are going around me. Myself and my apartment mates went to the crowd, to know the happenings.

    After a hours of long searching for her and rings to her mobile, she was not reachable through any mean. "Certainly, "MURDER" was the only word echoing in each of our apartment members mind which made us even more panick.

    Since it was suspicious that it could be a murder, none of the tenants nor anyone else went inside the music room.

    19 July 10.40 am

    Police officers were called, in between the time they come. We were looking at the CCTV footage of 16 July from 12 noon, because that's when she was last seen by children. The security along with 3 men got into the control room and checked it, but nothing doubtful evidents was found. I and other of friends of mine were also there, But I felt something wrong is going on.

    All of sudden, I remembered watchman saying that "A couple went to a midnight show but didn't return and it was of the ones who were living in 402, but after the 12.00 class of 16 July, piano ma'am hasn't come out of the room, How is that even possible?" I questioned them.

    Police officers entered our apartment at the right time. I explained them all the questions that rose in my mind, they checked the CCTV footage and took a record of what the night shift watchman said, that he witness them around 23.45 pm. Before getting into the room, they also checked the CCTV that happened on 18 July 23.45 pm. Since it was night the face wasn't that visible and also only one person has went out on that day and it seemed to be the couple in their car.

    19 July 11.00 am

    Seeing me figuring out things happening regarding the mystery, the police called me to accompany him to the piano room 404. My mom hesitated because she didn't want me to get indulged in this piano case. But, the police compelled me to come with him to help him find things, along with us 2 police woman also came. All the people now stood in the 2nd floor 402 and 404.

    Before finding evidence in the piano room, instead the police tried to see the piano teacher's house. So that there might be possibilities of finding any clue there. Police got spare key from security and went inside I did also go in. The house was so neat and tidy. We went inside the piano room of her house, there were only few notes kept on the notes holder of the piano, it was a electric piano and it was set to be play automatically, because no one was there in the house.

    The very next room was 404, the music room of our apartment. The police got in, but this seemed to be a little suspicious. It had blood stains all over the floor and even over the piano keys the keys were soaked in water, tears maybe. In between two keys blood river was flowed. This made the police confirm that she has been murdered. I was standing near the piano and the police asked me:
    "Did you get any clues?"
    "No Sir" I replied.
    As I walked forward I felt like I stamped something, I bent down and to my surprise it was my mother's bracelet I am pretty sure that it is my mothers and no one could ever have this, because she customized it for herself in the gold shop, in which she wanted a FJ embedded on it, because she is "Florence Joy" and the bracelet had the same FJ on it with red stains over. I looked at her face, she was all sweating, I could see the tension on her face. (After some calculations in my mind, she didn't come with us to the wedding, and a day before we return the teacher has been murdered.) Now I concluded that the murderer was my very own mother, but Why should she would've did it?

    ~ THE END ~


    Genre : Crime Mystery

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersbay #story #crime #mystery #piano

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  • raman_writes 7w


    बेज़ार ख़्याल को हमेशा दफ़न कर देना चाहिए ।

    साजिशों से मिलकर वो खूबसूरत नहीं बनता ।।


  • the_dawn_wisper 7w

    ANGEL in disguise ✨

    "Ne'vr try to hurt them!"
    With your inhuman nature
    Don't let a women suffer
    She is everything ,
    She is a mother,
    "She makes a beautiful world!"

  • inked_paper_coffee 8w

    This post simply rely on some evil deeds. Facts but the real subjects are not mentioned.
    Picture credit: Pinterest
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #unheard #crime #facts #2020 #plainly_written #pinterest

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    Unheard Voices

    That expectant mother died with her soul in the womb,
    God knows how it felt hearing such a grave news,

    He was killed post a false accuse, followed selling his organs out by the so called doctor.

    She was molested, about to be raped in the quarantined bed, God knows how it felt hearing such an evil tidings.

    The medias vomited these all, Its like dumping the corpse in the river which end up washing up in the news the next day with the morning tea.

    Unpredictable beings, mortal men are, done things spilled with contradict that undoubtedly shamed the devils.

    Some people worship the devil, you know that.
    Though the devil worship some such men,
    That's the difference between me and you.


  • wifey_suicide 8w

    I wanted to do something different, so I wrote a story about a couple who are madly in love, who end up killing people and the only way they get away from their crimes is by leaving the country and telling the press that they're dead.
    Enjoy this short story :)

    #rhyme #poetry #writing #love #murder #crime #running #bonnie #clyde #insane #sick #twisted #dark #different

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    Your Love is Mine

    Who would've thought I've would've met my partner in crime
    Thinking I would just sell her a dime
    Without surprise
    We're burying a body that owes me money
    Without fingerprints left behind
    Oh how lucky am I to call you mine
    The police only know lies
    While the streets stay silent and the family cries
    You smile at me and I smile back
    Let's do another hideous crime

    Now we're lost in time
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Quick to Mexico, let's hide
    They won't find us here
    Let's find some peace inside
    Tell the world that we've died
    Your love is mine

    I do love the smell of fresh baked pies
    Bet they would smell even better if they had the blood of our enemies
    I agree, because your ideas are also mine
    We'll tell the police lies even if we get arrested this time
    Six hour drives, don't seem bad when you're getting away with crimes

    Now we're lost in time
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Quick to Mexico, let's hide
    They won't find us here
    Let's find some peace inside
    Tell the world that we've died
    Your love is mine

    Uh oh, nobody knows were alive
    What do you say?
    Let's kill the president this time
    People won't believe were alive
    Only the psychiatrist knows, but only when he has a stuffy nose
    The news says it's a cold
    While me and my baby are flaunting around our cash
    Since debt cards will lock us up fast
    Police are confused while we laugh
    You might call us insane, but I call it love
    Since love makes you do crazy things
    Otherwise we wouldn't be wearing matching rings
    Your love is mine

  • johniel 10w

    No one knows

    No one understands
    No one knows
    No one interests
    Im all alone.

    One friend lost
    One self toss
    One cent cost
    On My life worth

    Knows nothing
    Knows tragic
    Knows dying
    Fires on wild.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 11w


    People may hold contrast opinions,
    I percept, science is a boon to humankind for sure,
    we ought to be grateful to the scientific inventions,
    for all the modern problems call for a technological cure.

    Imagine corona hiting our Earth a century back,
    world would've been like an aimless train out of track,
    it's the science, the sword to split the pandemic, that owns,
    It's the technology feeding us whilst we sit at our comfort zones.

    Education of youth would've witnessed a full stop,
    parasites of idleness would've hampered each learning crop,
    just because of our saviour gadgets and applications,
    medicos could serve us with online prescriptions.

    If we choose to call technology a curse, shackling our lives,
    as addiction and crimes has engulfed new generation,
    then so should be blamed the fire, stones and knives,
    because they too can cause burns, bruises and laceration.

    I simply mean that science and technology is a vast ocean,
    if we are wise enough, we can treasure the corals and pearls, like luxuries,
    if we choose to play with the turbulent waves without caution,
    the shark of consequences is bound to enjoy the blood of our miseries.


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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 11w


    Since it was the last day of his life as he was to be hanged till death the next morning, he was petrified to the core. Unable to kill the time that was killing him every fraction of second, he started writing about his past so as to imbibe the concept of karma in the forth coming generation.
        He wrote about himself and declared his last wish to publish his writing in all the newspapers of the country.
        The story said that he belonged to a land which seemed to be painted with bright fluorescent yellow because it was blessed with enormous production of lemons, so much, that it could hardly produce any other fruit.
        His family cultivated lemons since centuries and he too had big farms of lemons. One morning, he noticed a blood red fruit in his farm and after proceeding further he observed that the whole farm was about to puke red. He was in utter shock. They were red lemons which tasted like chillies.
    Gradually, the news spread far and wide. Within a week ,his farm started spreading pungency in the air. The people in the vicinity found it difficult to even breathe. So, they complained to the higher authorities. Very soon the farm got sealed and was digged out to find out what lied beneath that caused such an awful fruit to grow.
        The people bit their fingers when they witnessed the corpse of a 5year old girl who was buried there. After a stern interrogation, he confessed that he kidnapped, molested and buried the child in his farms to hide his crime. The awful fruits were actually the squeak of that little girl who yearned for justice.
        Later, he was sentenced to death for committing that heinous crime.  When all the living tongues choose to be silent, the dead find their own way to speak up for themselves.



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  • raman_writes 11w


    इल्ज़ाम भी लगे और मोहब्बत भी ना मिली ।

    रमन ज़माने में साथ मेरे क्या - क्या ना हुआ ।।


  • slaughtered_heart 12w

    I don't get it, why do you have to lie to me....?

    #lie #broken #love #life #left #crime #betrayed @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Don't you feel anything when
    you lie right infront of my face...!

    For me it is like doing the most
    treacherous crimes of all time.


  • suhani05 13w

    So , most of the ppl know abt sex-selective abortion.
    It is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant.
    It's mainly done in girl child case which means male children are more valued as compared to female children.
    According to me , abortion is a murder.
    No one has right to kill anyone before his /her birth.

    As mentioned above in the poetry , a girl child is telling her feelings to her mother nd blaming her also that her mother is killing her. So .. absolutely no, in most of the cases , the mothers are forced by their family to abort the girl child.
    There is no intension to blame only a mother for the abortion.

    Thnkyou @_aradhana di for suggesting me this topic❤️✨

    #abortion #abort #abortagirlchild #girl #girlchild #mother #motherfeeling #womenempowerement #femalefoeticide #hiphopculture #standbyher #protectgirl #women #saveagirlchild #safety #indiafoeticide #stop #girlabortioninindia #abortionlaw #stopabortion #equality #betibachao #womenrights #childrights #womaniya #raiseyourvoice #fightforyou #femaleinfanticide #womensupportwomen #girlpower #womenpower #addiction #discrimination #infanticide #sexualassault #childabuse #crime #myvoice #voiveofmillion #poetry #poem #writers #mirakians #mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeworld

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    कन्या भूण हत्या..

    एक बेटी अपनी मां के कोख से अपनी मां को कहती है-
    "क्या डर शब्द से मेरी मुलाकात करवा रही हो..
    जिंदगी की शुरुआत डरने से करवा रही हो..?
    या कहीं..तुम जीने का हक मुझसे छीन रही हो..
    एक लड़की हूं..इसकी सजा तुम दे रही हो..?
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    पर डर शब्द से मेरी पहचान तुमने करवा दी..
    दुनिया को देखने की मेरी इच्छा अब तुमने मरवा दी..।।
    इस दुनिया में मेरा अस्तित्व होगा या नहीं..या बस एक शरीर कहलाऊंगी..।
    'तुझे तेरी मां के कोख में ही मार देना चाहिए था'- बार-बार यह सुनवाई जाऊंगी..।।
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    सबसे अनजान..पर तेरी जान..
    अब मरने के लिए सक्रिय है..।
    क्योंकि अब रोशनी से ज्यादा मुझे अंधकार प्रिय है..।।"

    समाज की आंख पर तो पर्दा है..।
    पर एक मां तो देख सकती है कि
    एक बेटी का उसकी कोख से बाहर आना एक स्पर्धा है..।।
    निर्दयता को ये समाज दे देता है मात..।
    एक बेटी के जन्म से पहले ही करवा देता है
    असुरक्षित शब्द से उसकी मुलाकात..।।

  • niharika_uh 13w


    I strived to make us long lasting
    Little did I know your hobby was ghosting

    For the crime without an inkling
    You should be hung , for leaving me hanging


  • devilfish 14w


    A lotus flower
    A mathematically created pattern
    By the object that holds creation
    And shadow it's hidden gem
    It's lost in the ocean's drunken
    State of homicidal rage that echoes
    And comes in waves
    She will wax
    She kills when she has whiskey in her Vains
    A murderous moonlit phase of dark watery haze and concealed pain
    Insane darkness that screams her name
    And conducts the charge to her brains
    She's feeling the reigns as she pulses
    Onto the beach
    In hateful waves
    That are settling as it simmers
    To a glimmer
    Shimmering with energy
    It creates
    Mark your dates
    You'll witness
    Her pain
    She aches to remain while you watch her waste away
    Feeding it full of selfishness and hate
    Waste eating at her tectonic plates
    Delicate like the largest organ we share
    We give it no name
    No fame
    And bitcoins
    And bait are the construct of our consciously
    Constructed course of shifted blame
    While they were hit with the flame
    Of karma and unfortunately the tides will swell in our tears
    Our children are our fate
    Our state is not going to feel fake
    When we cannot eat money
    Trees can't be made to flesh
    We're not waste or scraps
    Beginners because time isn't going to tape
    It's endless clock and create
    An unhealthy pattern that wants to overstate its importance and underneath it's urgency
    Is a percepticide of increasing fervently more
    Aggressively to infect the minds
    Of eyes with blinding binding toxic chemical
    Cocktail and an ego cutting edges of crystals
    Weaving pistol
    Trans lives matter
    Black lives matter
    All shades of all colors
    Whether the absence
    Of an important concept
    That's the public has decided to marginalize any thing that will harm their bank account
    As they exercise genocide in exchange with
    The paper's of it's research from experiments that chain patients down and kill them without anything to sedate
    Or create any interference with the infections
    And their deliverance by Japan
    There's mention of its crimes we
    Let the world commit the most vile
    Bribe of an wronged people
    They called logs
    Why are we littered with hypocrisy
    And settled in seeing through fog
    Insisting things are as they are
    They don't run away and jog
    The victim of the place the other book
    The one that barred windows
    And shook houses that fell into shambles
    I'm not waiting for the truth to introduce itself
    I'll pursue it with a scale
    And 3 candles

    And oleander to honey
    Snake venom

  • preranarathi 16w

    बाकी है।

    दिल तो टूट ही चुका है, बस साँसो का बिखरना बाकी है।
    रूह तो जुदा हो ही चुकी हैं, बस इस जिस्म का फना होना बाकी हैं।
    खुशीयाँ तो बहुत बाँट ली हमने, अब बस गुनाह कमाना बाकी है।
    उस खुदा को बहुत मान लिया, अब बेखुदाई करना बाकी है।
    वफा तो कर ली हमने, अब बेवफ़ाई करना बाकी है।
    बहा लिए आँखो से आंसू भी हमने, अंगारों का बरसना बाकी है।
    मोहब्बत तो कर ही ली हमने, अब नफरत का होना बाकी है।

    - प्रेरणा राठी

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 41w


    Mom used to hold me softly,
    Dad carefully touched me.
    So delicate was my body,
    I was just a three months old baby..

    I had worn no short dress,
    No one have i tried to impress.
    Neither was i out too late,
    Nor did i go on any blind date.

    Smiling at the rotating rattle,
    I loved to lie in my cradle.
    My sister used to jump & clap,
    To see me laugh and hear me giggle.

    My diapers were not soiled
    Neither were they too wet,
    They were taken off still
    I did'nt know, who did that.

    I had only milk,no other food
    My frock seemed dark red hued,
    I did not jump or play in dirt,.
    My legs cramped, thighs also hurt

    They all pitied me as i was molested,
    So many times i was medically tested.
    My body was drenched in injuries,
    Doctors too did multiple surgeries.

    For everyone else, its a matter of past,
    My wounds have healed, scars shall last.
    I live now ,with this strong inner belief,
    Only death can place my soul on the ice of relief.

    #blood #rape #child #molestation #crime #poem #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #mirakee

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    A blood-stained diaper.


  • james_taumas 13w

    Future comforts

    My master commands
    I obey
    Whatever they want
    It is my programming
    They berate me
    I do not reply
    Even when they strike
    Not my fault
    They punish another
    I cannot help it
    Blood on my hands.