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  • sudarshan_patil 77w


    At some point of life, some people come into our life as a reason to get connected, share ideas, have some similar point of views and interests. We feel connected and bond becomes to rise. We make things possible with them in every manner we could do and it just creates the beginning of beautiful memories.
    We feel happy to have them as they have made us things look precious in the form of memories we try to create. What if the connection gets break by having a distance in relation? Because some relations need to water daily by going near to the tree not just trying to water by visualizing it. Distance relationship sometimes don't work for that priceless bond created before which have given sweet memories.
    Days passed, and we still can't able to get connect, if the relation would be strong and if the love is true, distance doesn't matters. What if the bond is just a temporary one?? Memories will be permanent but not the person.
    Memories will make us cry and so sometimes will that person. Slowly slowly we will forget all this and memories will be stored in our heart.
    If the connection would be strong we will able to fit the person in our heart just like memories. But if it was just a particular bond which gives temporary happiness than that person no longer mean to us.


  • alhadi 103w

    Her kamiyabi ka raaz hai mehnat
    Bahaduri ka nishan hai mehnat
    Log kuch bhi bole tujh ko
    Tu kerta ja tu badta ja

  • _jinxedsoul_ 103w


    Whenever you are around i am sad..
    Even the thought of you make me upset..
    A dream about you wake me up..
    Any sign of contact with you makes me feel blue..
    Whit all these feelings I have come to a conclusion..
    You seem to be good but you are ominous to my happiness!


  • shivatado 103w


    No help is minimum,
    Remember, it starts with
    a drop before it becomes

  • kiiraa 103w


    Isn't life so mysterious!!!!
    Yes it is
    We live in a world where there's always a conflict between what is right and what's not
    But the truth is always left behind
    So the person is
    Every one talks about the things people want
    But the things they need and what they had in their head and life is always mysterious.
    Because we don't live like what we really wanted to
    But we live for our society and satisfying others
    We're are left a mystery forever

  • sudarshan_patil 103w

    Life is all about maintaing Balance

    We insist in doing a lot for the one whom we love. Great collaboration is needed in case of happiness and priorities we set for.
    We should set equal amount of time to all the people and everything that is Important for us.
    So that is why balance is required in almost every turn of our life.
    We used to divert our focus from distractions. It's Important for us to focus on our tasks. We have to maintain balance between our tasks and distractions .Hence, we have to give time to both our tasks and Addictions that we have.
    Suppose if you addicted to your mobile phone, that means you will surely get distracted by it while doing your task. So give time to it no matter, but give the same amount of time to focus on your task as well. If you didn't get distracted while performing your task then its better for you to focus, but in case if you divert remember to create balance.