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  • usmanshaikh47 6w

    Non Compos Mentis

    She smiled for no reason
    Which was profoundly true ,
    When enquired why
    She said " Morning dew " ,
    Hundreds of expressions
    With no explicit clue ,
    Few words uttered by her
    Were like burning wood what once grew ,
    When asked about her well-being
    She replied saying" I'm fine , thank you " ,
    Her mind speaks its own language
    And plays riddle of which she have solved few ,
    Dreams which holds profound meaning
    She has seen it all perhaps even a bird which flew ,
    She talks to the shadows of the past
    The darkness upon her only grew ,
    Candy's replaced by the Valiums
    She loves the sound of music too ,
    Pitiful eyes staring at her on a roadway
    She walks in one of the triumph's shoe ,
    In fact a mountain turned into ashes
    She says madness is not what I'm going through .
    This is all I could say in my humble view .

  • my_book_my_words 7w


    The love for you is beyond the sky,
    Craziness of your love is stuck in my head,
    It doesn't even allow me to accept the betrayal,
    Never allows me to remove the denial,
    Keeps me think you are mine.
    -Mayuresh kallani.

  • ericajean 8w

    #craziness #poetry #NASA #mars #moon
    Do you feel as crazy as I do?

    In a world where the blade of
    Oppression is not the verbos
    And the fancy bioweaponry of
    Tomorrow cutting across your
    Spooky hearts and constitutions?
    It is the sneaky ways
    In which we subvert
    The truth
    Oppress those
    With underdog histories
    Yet use them for war
    And spacewalks
    Moonwalking the truth
    And know not the origin
    Of a disease that’s been let loose
    It is the exotic rhythm of the
    tongue when she
    Says it will be a cold one tonight
    And we look for the blanket’
    Of our childhood
    It is the NASA's Artemis Mission
    We'll hunt Luna again
    And from there
    It could be we’d meet the

    He is rust red and waiting
    But I don’t think he'll
    Welcome us to his

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    God of War

    We advance in technologies while our hearts are gripped with pincers of malice

  • __ek_wada__ 12w

    Mujhe nahi pasand
    tujhe kisi orr ke naam se bulaya jaaye,
    Tu mera hai sirf
    toh mere naam se hi jana jaaye.

    Jo khudse kia hai

  • alfafemale 15w

    Do not Fix

    Afraid to go to therapy
    Because What if they solve the puzzle and I lose my enigma

  • om_nik 15w

    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #love #craziness

    दिल भी पता नहीं क्या क्या खेल खेलता रहता है ।
    एकदम मूवीज वाली thing, पर रियल में भी होती है, trust me.

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    जब तुम किसी के प्यार में
    एकदम डीप तक डूब चुके होते हो,
    तो तुम्हे उस इंसान की खूबियां और vibes
    हर इंसान में दिखने लगती है ।
    जैसे सारे लोग गायब हो,
    और वो एक खास इंसान सब में हो ।


  • om_nik 15w

    #hindiwriting #people #opinions #emotions #pain #rights #fights #races #world #person #feelings #anger #happiness @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #silliness #craziness #courage #scared

    इंसान ।
    Imagination, knowledge, पागलपन, प्यार, गुस्सा, नफरत, बेचैनी, greed, lust, policies, rules, fears सब emotions और चीजों से भरे हुए ।
    सारे अलग। हमारे रंग अलग, रूप अलग, भाषा अलग, संस्कृति अलग, सोच अलग, समझ अलग, नॉलेज अलग, इमेजिनेशन अलग, पागलपन अलग, गुस्सा अलग, प्यार अलग, नफरत अलग, सुकून अलग, चॉइसेस अलग, ओपिनियन अलग और ना जाने कितना कुछ अलग ।
    लेकिन कितने अलग?
    जितने बाहर से है, दिल से है, नेचर से है, बिहेवियर से है
    क्या हम सच में इतने ज्यादा अलग है ?
    क्या बनाता है हमें इतना अलग होकर भी आखिर 'एक जैसा' ?

    हमारी अंदरूनी बनावट ।
    नही मैं दिल या दिमाग की बात नहीं कर रहा ।
    मैं बात कर रहा उस अनेक्सप्लेनेबल चीज की जो हम सब में है ।
    जिसका शायद कोई नाम नहीं । पर वही बनाती है हम सबको "इंसान" ।

    हम सब अलग है। लेकिन

    हम सबके पास कुछ ना कुछ है जो हम सबको
    डराता है, गुस्सा दिलाता है, प्यारा लगता है,
    जिससे दूर जाना चाहते है हम, जिसके पास आना चाहते है हम,
    जिसे खत्म करना चाहते है हम, जिसे बनाना, दिल से लगाना चाहते है हम। जो हमें पागल बनाता है, जो हमें सिखाता है, हमारा दिल दुखाता है,
    हमें सुकून देता है, हमें चोट देता है, हमारे जख्मों पर मरहम बनता है ।
    हमें अकेला छोड़ देता है, हमारे साथ चलता है ।
    कुछ ना कुछ सबके पास है जो हमें हम बनाता है ।
    हमें बदलता है और हमसे हमें चुराता भी है ।

    समझना मुश्किल । सोचना मुश्किल । सब अलग। लेकिन सब same।

    हम सब भले ही कितने ही अलग है,
    पर ये सब जो है हम सबके पास है, हम सब फील करते है, सब चाहते है ।
    और यही चीज हमें इंसान बनाती है ।
    एक दूसरे से पूरे अलग लेकिन फिर भी सब एक जैसे, एक साथ ।

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    सब लेकिन एक से

    हम इंसान
    दिखते अलग, जीते अलग,
    रहते अलग, होते अलग।
    एक दूसरे से पूरे अलग
    लेकिन फिर भी हम सब
    एक जैसे ही है, और रहेंगे ।


  • saumoshri 15w

    ≧﹏≦...I really love seeing you in the colours of craziness...≧﹏≦


  • boundless_stories 16w

    Marry someone who joins you in your craziness.

  • cardelljhardy 28w

    Disorder, Reorder, Disorder

    My mind racing around the circuit.
    My heart beating like a timpani
    I go from mountain to mountain.
    Sprinkling all over as a majestic fountain.
    Can anyone match the pressure I face.
    That spreads around just like disease?
    Will the madness ever cease?
    Lord, please turn disorder to order
    And close up chaos back into its corners

  • dollywriteupsss 32w

    Sometimes craziness is the only way out.


  • yours_fortune 50w

    If you have a problem with me,
    You can go away.
    #weirdme #happyme #change #craziness #stayweird #staybeautiful #staycrazy

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    Hey, never change yourself to be accepted by others.
    Stay weird, stay crazy, stay the way you are


  • dimplejha 54w

    #thoughts #craziness at another level

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    I believe in messing with life before it does the same with me

  • akshatmohla 54w


    मुझे इश्क है तेरे उलझे बालों से,
    और हां कुछ उलझे हुए सवालों से।
    जिसकी नहीं किसी को है खबर,
    मुझे तो इश्क है तेरे उन अटपटे ख्यालों से॥

  • yours_fortune 55w

    Everybody to me :- Maturity is losing interest in everything
    Me :- Hello, that's dipression

  • __sakura__ 55w

    He made her do things she's never done before

    She Danced in the rain

    She Sang in the shower

    She felt Butterflies fluttering in her stomach

    Her eyes sparkled at the sight of night sky

    While watering plants,

    She Chirped with the birds in the garden

    She Chatted with the kittens

    She hugged the puppies

    She painted the walls of her bedroom

    She sketched his portraits

    Falling in love was crazy and beautiful indeed❤

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #love #craziness #randomscribbles
    PC : PINTEREST (@peijinsart)

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    She Danced in the rain

    She Sang in the shower

    She felt Butterflies fluttering in her stomach

    Her eyes sparkled at the sight of night sky
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  • _utopian_believer 60w


    Be crazy but not pesky.... All our madness would surely make us either a crazy one or a pesky one so just select craziness but not in depths.... and show it whenever needed... because our goodness will not save us all the time... It will just help us... So we should be crazy enough to dash that✌️✌️

  • dr_jeya_varshini 67w

    The person who is crazy to the extent is the person who cares for you to a deep extent.

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    Crazy person

    Craziness crosses the limit
    Craving for happiness
    Causing abnormal fluck
    Choking others often
    Cannot be measured in giggas too!
    Condolences are really true and
    Caring others as charity as themselves.


  • mysterious_soul__ 70w

    ....making us incompletely Complete ��❤️
    #calmness #craziness #perfect #love

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    The Perfect 'TWO'

    I was sitting on his laps,
    Playing with his curly hair.
    Though he was getting irritated,
    He never asked me to stop.
    Instead, he pulled me closer,
    moved the strand of hair,
    behind my ear,
    And gently kissed my eye,
    which left me silent,
    For the rest of the moment.

    Cause his CALMNESS matches perfectly with my CRAZINESS.
    The Perfect 'TWO'.


  • harithareddy 71w

    #love u potty forever#may god bless us together #craziness over loaded��#

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    Dear bestie love u forever

    Having a best frd is lucky but having a besti vth same craziness level is god blessing to me in my lyf #never leaves me even I die #together forever ❤#

    @haritha_akshu ❤