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  • ezylavenyl 29w


    Death doesn't negotiate, it is the cheapest of them all, of which life is luxuriously indebted.
    You live a hundred times more when you grasp for breath.


  • theofficialarka 55w

    So Far

    So far but how far,
    I am waiting as a fixed star.
    Standing in the lonesome road,
    Little narrow but broad.
    Sitting on the big flat stone,
    And the bloody dark tremors my bone.
    The world has become a chilly cold ice,
    And it's the way the nature played her dice.
    Burials and burials we can everywhere,
    Full with smoke and fire.
    So far but how far,
    I am waiting as a fixed star.

  • pearls_of_sunshine 61w

    My dreadful experience

    I felt like being in between fire,
    Couldn't able to understand anything,
    I informed mom and dad,
    They contacted the doctor and started using it like the doctor prescribed.
    Two days went some how,
    But one day from morning I was getting cough and sneezing, my throat was like burning, couldn't able to understand anything,
    I was feeling like getting heat from my body,
    Being not able to understand anything in the fear of corona,
    I almost asked my parents to "don't come near me, be in distance from me " but wasn't able to voice them . It was like my mind and heart were in conflict. I don't know how my day went. My dad sat beside me and started to wipe my face and hands with wet cloth, my eyes were burning. 
    If not for my heart that day I would have almost shouted at my parents to be in distance from me, because the latter day when I told the same to my mom she had given me strength by her positive words " Don't worry nothing like that will happen , even if you are affected with covid also we will never leave your side. ``Those words had given me a much needed strength. 
    Although I have that confidence that if I am affected with covid - 19 also I can fight with it and defeat it, but I worried for my parents. But after listening to my mom's words I felt like a heavy burden has been left from my heart. 
    At that time each minute was like each century to me.
    A dreadful experience I can say.
    My insecurities almost lead me to the stage of shouting at my parents who stood beside me every minute .
    I am glad that my mom explained to me and stood beside me, otherwise I don't know what I would have done also .

    That's all about my experience.

  • pbwrites101 64w

    You begins without me, and I'm not there to see it and the sun will rise and discover my loved one eyes all loaded up with tears for me while thinking about the numerous things i didn't say. I realize the amount of care they do for me,furthermore it appeared to be practically unimaginable that I am leaving them.
    I thought about all the adoration we shared ,all the lovely moments we spent and all the great we had , try to understand that it was so easy i took my last breath peacefully and forgive me i will be not there from now onwards .They have to be used to it and don't believe we're far separated, for each time they remember me, kindly know I'm in their heart.

    #creativearena #covid #covidtimes #rant #times #contest #overthinker #peace #creativearena #writingcontest #mirakee
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Dear Tomorrow

    What if...

  • spilling_thoughts 64w

    I am a Doctor

    I ended the recital and choked,
    The prayer she wished me to say
    The prayer she longed to hear last
    The prayer she wished to depart with
    The prayer which she never missed to utter
    This time, could only hear
    Sailing through her last breaths,
    She went away soon , sooner enough to vacate the bed
    Sooner enough to leave her parents with void
    Sooner enough to hold a smile and drop a tear,
    That thanked me,
    For being the family at last
    For being the tried and tired savior
    For being the broken shield
    For being a doctor!
    Tears went down my cheek and words stagnated

  • writers_inspiration_bureau 67w

    कभी कभी एक अजीब सोच में डूब जाते हैं हम
    हर किसी से दूर हो जाते हैं हम
    ना जाने कहां खो जाते हैं हम
    खामोशी के समुंदर में गोते लगाते हैं हम
    फिर भी सुलझा नहीं पाते हैं इस पहेली को हम
    कभी कभी...

    कभी-कभी सब भूलकर खुशियां मनाते हैं हम
    लोगों के चेहरे पर मुस्कान लाते हैं हम
    किसी की आंखों का तारा बन जाते है हम
    किसी के दुख में आशा की किरण बन जाते हैं हम
    किसी के जीवन में नया सवेरा लाते हैं हम
    कभी कभी...

    लेकिन आज किस कश्मकश में फस गए हैं हम
    ना किसी का दुख आधा कर पा रहे
    ना किसी की खुशी दुगनी !?

    ।। ए खुदा रहेम ।।


    #temp #covidtimes #prayer #power

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    कभी कभी...


  • __tricky___mind 67w

    Today's fight is for clean air (oxygen),
    not for something else


  • abhawrites 68w

    वबा का ये कैसा बुरा दौर आया है
    इंसा से घबराया इंसा का साया है

    कान थक चुके हैं सुन के मौत की खबरें
    आँखों की किस्मत में ये क्या मंज़र आया है

    जकड़ लिया है ये किस शैतान ने सबको
    प्रकृति ने ये कैसा रौद्र रूप दिखाया है

    सारे रंग, रौनकें गुम हो गए कहीं
    घर से निकलने में भी इंसा कतराया है

    जाने कब तलक चलेगा ये मंज़र ए बर्बादी
    बस ज़िन्दगी बचाने का सवाल आया है


    *वबा... महामारी


  • kushgr_ 68w

    अस्पताल का खंडहर

    कल जब ये अस्पताल खंडहर बन जाएगा
    शिशे कि खिड़कियाँ, पर्दों के ओढ़ फेक अपने वजूद की हत्या का मुकदमा लड़ेगीं
    संगमरमर के फर्स, हर गुजरे मर्म और मर्ज के रीपोर्ट का इतिहास लिखेंगे
    दिवारें, जिनके रंग छिन लिए गए होंगे, सीने में बिजली की तारों को लिए, इंकलाब चिखेंगे
    कल जब ये अस्पताल खंडहर बन जाएगा
    कुछ टुटे कुर्सी कुछ मेज कुछ बिस्तर अंदर लिए
    आपातकाल द्वार मुंह फाड़े, दो पल्ला खोले
    सदमे में ये इंतजार करेगा, की
    वो डाक्टर ना सही, उसका भुत ही आजाए
    जो पुरे गाँव को बताया था कि वक़्त बदल गया था
    विज्ञान अंधविश्वास को खाने वाला था
    और नया विधान कोई फर्क नही करता, कैसा भी|
    वो पेड़ जो लांन के बिच में लगा है
    इस बात की गवाही देगा, की जब सारा गाँव
    लम्बी लम्बी सांसें भर कर, धर्म की लड़ाई लड़ा
    जब हुक्मरान ने मुखौटे पे मुखौटा लगा के
    कभी जहर तो कभी आह भरा
    वो डाक्टर ही एक अकेला था
    जो धर्म निभा रहा था
    कल जब ये अस्पताल खंडहर बन जाएगा
    कुछ कहेंगे युद्ध हुआ था, कुछ कहेंगे महामारी
    प्रकृति का बदला हो, या कोई साजिश वाली कहानी
    कल जब ये अस्पताल खंडहर बन जाएगा
    बस ये याद रखा जाएगा, चाहे जिसकी भी थी लापरवाही
    मरा सबसे पहले जो, वो डाक्टर ही था,
    और उसका भुत भी लौट के वापस नहीं आया|


  • suluwrites 68w

    इंसान ख्वाब होते

    आलम कुछ ऐसा है इस वक्त के न पूछिए
    कुछ ख्वाब पूरे होकर भी,
    रेस लड़ते-लड़ते थक गए।
    कुछ ख्वाबों ने तो हकीक़त में मयस्सर होना शुरू ही किया था,
    की एक झोंके ने नींद ही उड़ा दी।
    बिखर गए वह सारे सपने,
    ढ़ेर हो गए, वह सारे ख्वा़ब।


  • sonysehgal 69w


    The hustle bustle is
    gushing to and fro,
    the wheels are scretching more
    and more,
    The walls are howling sore
    and sore,
    Hey! Can I be heard?

    Am I breathing?

    Doctor! Nurse!
    Gotta a sec?
    Please come here,
    I am scared... enough scared.
    Am I breathing too low?
    Or not?

    Look! Don't call my near and dear,
    they would be shattered
    into the moments of life.
    Hey! Can I be heard?

    Am I breathing ?

    Doctor! Nurse!
    Gotta a sec?
    Please come here,
    I am dead ....enough dead.

    Look! The lingering aroma of mine,
    The mumbled cries into
    tomorrow's dew,
    Would not be wiped with
    Mumma's hanky...

    Hey ! Can I heard?

    Am I breathing?


  • pbwrites101 72w

    What I am thinking simply lying in my bed ALONE , that overthinking mind ticking at rocket speed.

    Not ready to meet your adored one's since you are inclined to this infection and in your brain it's there imagine a scenario where they get influenced as a result of you visiting them.And at some point it's there nothing will happen simply go .In this bubbly season I'm not ready to choose what to do only neurotic about the circumstances.

    I battle to adjust what was and what is. I miss my family most, and despite the fact that I set up the solid - you had the chance to proceed onward front, I simply continue to imagine it's all acceptable and I will awaken one day from this awful dream. Till then being tolerant is what I can do.
    #covid #covidtimes #rant #times #overthinker #peace
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Covid times

  • geniusjenny 73w


    It's a constant search,
    In every day
    In every moment
    After every meal
    After every deal
    This hunt can never stop
    This thirst will never quench
    Giving us motive
    Not to become an explosive.

  • drnits 90w

    I wrote this light poem for my cousin's virtual sangeet #sangeet #covidtimes #virtualsangeet #shaadi

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    Ek pari ki kahani

    Ek din humare ghar aayi ek nanhi pari,
    Apne mummy papa ki thi vo ladli badi,
    Kisi babe se kam nahi thi humari pari,
    Masti khor bhi behisaab thi,
    Sab bhai behno ki vo jaan thi,
    Uske liye rishton ki bharmaar thi...
    Phir ek din uski shaadi hui pakki,
    Magar covid ne har country ke darwaze pe knock knock kar di!
    Aur humare sab plans ki band baja ke rakh di!
    Pur humne bhi maani nahi haar,
    Aur 'go corona go' ki khoob lagai lalkar,
    sanitizer se haath bhi kiye ekdum saaf,
    Phir social distancing aur mask pehen kar,
    Zoom pe khoob machayi humne dhamal,
    Ye dooriyan bhi na bana saki humare beech mein deewar...
    Aakhir aa hi gaya uska rajkumar hokar ghodi pe sawar,
    Aur doli mein bithakar usko le gaya uss paar,
    Phir rehne lage vo pyaar se with aan, baan and shaan!

  • ankit_banjaraa 108w

    Doing good is like cooking, discovering new ideas, cooking them - but we cannot overeat, how much ever amazing it maybe. Our body teaches us to be wise. Wiseness keeps our health in order.

    ankit banjaraa

  • power_petals 108w

    This has been a tough time for all of us (if not, be thankful). We have been going through a lot thick and thin, but being optimistic during these vulnerable days is something I believe in...
    Just few things that we can be happy about and be positive..

    What else are you thankful for???

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #COVIDtimes

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    ▪️The Earth is healing those scars given by humans. It is restoring its lost balance.
    ▪️ Reduced pollution, more fresh air to breathe in, more clear water in rivers.
    ▪️ Being with the family during this tough time, especially grandparents.
    ▪️ Admiring the sunset with a perfect coffee/chai.
    ▪️ Not studying/working for sometime without any regrets.
    ▪️Long chit chatting with family, about things that were neglected due to busy schedule.
    ▪️Catching-up with old friends/people and exchanging good vibes.
    ▪️ Spending more time for self-care and long lost hobbies.


  • the_acataleptic_ 108w

    Silence cascades
    as the world is shut down..
    Solitude ensues
    as the mind begins to wander..

    Busy minds now lax
    lay in wait patiently...
    Burst forth are ghosts
    of memories resurrected..

    There are imprints
    of colours on that brush
    and a painter
    who lost his way
    in a world of numbers..

    There are echoes
    of turning pages
    and stories
    waiting their turn
    to be read and felt..

    Time takes you
    on a journey
    back to everything
    you left for another day..

    Time brings you
    your every wanton wish
    and tells you
    'you have me now'...

    Maybe make life
    more about living than surviving..
    Maybe make some
    Art as robust as life could be..

    You hold so much
    power inside you..
    your breaths mean life or death,
    You are practically a god..!!
    capable of it all, time whispers..

    So fashion yourself
    new beginnings,
    new stories,
    a kinder you,
    For a kinder world..

    NB: Stay safe and eat healthy everyone. Look out for each other. We shall overcome together.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #covidtimes #artand life #poetess_for_you

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    Time Whispers...


  • manas_manu 110w

    Bad decision

    We regret for bad decisions which ends up with unlucky, but we can struggle to be lucky right? Where life doesn't quit.

  • sps_sivan 125w


    Trying times usually bring out the true colors in people...be it good or bad, take the time to appreciate the valuable lesson...