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  • mshk97 4d

    Pray to Almighty

    Might of ends and Might of starts
    Might of sands and Might of sparks

    Give me something blissful new
    Give my blank some joyful hue
    Moist my dry with silver dew
    Make worryless we atleast a few

    Adore a crown on deep black gown
    End this grey of pain and howl

    Fill some red in core of veins
    Glitter of sweat don't go in vain

    The packed in white from top to down
    Must see dayspring after this sundown

    May sorrowful buds smile wide in town
    Saddened souls start swing and bounce

    Horrible alarm ring a soothing chirk
    Dreadful siren ring a ding dong bell

    Eye of remission upon the evil deed
    Take down the mask from vicious being

    Go away the need of wearing gloves in hands
    As heart is immaculate and soul has cleansed

  • devilfish 4d

    An American Flag

    Draped on the fresh white painted building
    In the midst of it's patriotic outfit
    A sunny day so they water the yards
    So thirsty the money they're drinking
    No masks
    Are they thinking?
    The time sand it's sinking
    Their fall is beginning
    In a summer dream
    A summer worth living

  • _rakhi 1w

    i want to share something, Like Pichhle 1 saal se me continue without keeping a day, me covid se related hospital emergency number oxygen food se related awareness ke post kar rahi hun, mera bhai bahut jada safety ke sath rehta hai, 1 bar bhi mask nahi utarta meri bhabhi ko first hua covid ghar me fir bhai ko, jo covid ke oxygen cylinder ke liye dusare ko bata rahi thi aaj khud ke ghar me hai, trust me jab tk khud ke ghar pe kisi ko nahi hoga to I guess duniya palat jayegi until and unless your heartless person.

  • devilfish 1w

    Crops, Crows, and Crickets Chirping

    Crops that hasten rumours that like fire

    Spread like disease killing us in pairs of three

    It won't stop until we cease to breathe

    I'm not sure this time that death will leave

    It multiplies and breeds like infested fleas

    Rats are left for the Crows to oppose as they

    Look down on a race dethroned

    No longer do we learn to pay off the debt we owe

    And into the collective consciousness

    Where you must be a trickle of a life force

    An uneven flow will make the river basin choke

    As the words of this poem are none which would benefit you if you spoke

    Under night's elusive cloak the alley in the

    City's strep throat easing thirst and failing to stay afloat

    I guess money can't be a moat to keep death. From lessoning the daylight's load

    A story simple settles where the complexities unfold in-between the creases the truth roams

  • _rakhi 1w

    मेरी मम्मी हम को बोलती थी सब परिवार वालो को सामने कभी मुस्लिम और पंजाबी जात में शादी मत करना, भाई ने पंजाबी लड़की शादी की, मुझे caste system समझ नहीं आते, पर जो मेरी भाभी उसे देख कर लगता है सही बोल रही थी मम्मी, मतलब कोरोना पॉजिटिव होने के बाद भी भाई को घर में खाना नसीब नहीं हो रहा। (note:-सब लड़कियों में ये चीज लागू नहीं होती परिवार पर निर्भर करता है।

  • ekaantvoice 1w

    क्या लिखू सच्चाई इंसानों की
    ख़ुद बे जुबाँ सा हूँ
    नहीं समझते लोग मेरी Fellings को
    मैं ख़ुद परेशां सा हूँ

  • ekaantvoice 2w

    मैं नही मरता झूठी शान पे
    ना झूठे अभिमान पे
    मैं मरता हू तो सिर्फ उस इंसान पे
    जो मरता हो अच्छे इंसान पे

  • emotionalpoet 2w

    A Face Mask

    We all have seen them worn by a doctor or a nurse
    During this pandemic the situation has been reversed
    It seems that "Karen" doesn't view a mask as a means of protection
    It's obvious that it's in our hands to stop this infection
    This pandemic seems like a joke until it touches us personally
    I'm pretty sure none of us wants to die, so why the controversy
    I have tried to ponder over the reasons this has became an issue
    When in the beginning the cry was for sanitizer and tissue
    The world as a whole is so quick to follow a trend
    Well a face mask is the new trend to bring this pandemic to an end
    There's different mask styles from stenciled, bulky to colorful and bright
    If we're supposed to "be in this together" why put up a fight
    Do you have friends or family members you want to protect
    Then have the same mercy on those you never met
    Do unto to others as you want them to do to you
    You would want them to wear a face mask so wear one too
    Do you really appreciate those working on the fronline
    Then show it by wearing a face mask and stop giving the government a hard time

  • emotionalpoet 2w

    A Miracle Within A Pandemic

    How can it be a miracle when we've lost so many people
    While in the mist of that we learn our lives aren't equal
    This pandemic seemed to have sperated one another
    After a baby is born it can't be seen by its grandmother
    Destroyed marriages that may have fought to stay together
    It kept us in the house when it was obviously beach weather
    Not one holiday was celebrated in a normal traditional way
    Employees had to be creative to get through their work day
    Parents became professors while schooling children at home
    The only means of communication was social media and cell phones
    So far from this discussion a miracle hasn't been found
    Have any of us accomplished anything while being homebound
    Most of us learned how to make lemonade out of lemons
    Some had time to talk and to bury their demons
    Some people had time to discover their creative side
    Business in desperation gave the unthinkable a try
    Those with hidden talents started a business of their own
    Most of us didnt know so much can be done over the phone
    We all tried something we wouldn't have done before
    Finally finished a project we've been putting on ingnore
    Finally got that time to reflect and learn about our selves
    We took time to read those dusty books on our shelves
    "I can't cook", is what some of us used to say
    But now had time to experiment in different ways
    We've finally experienced something that has pushed us to our limits
    In a positive way, we have all said "If it wasn't for this pandemic"...
    There was some good that came out of all of this
    Now to just put an end to it would be our final wish.

  • ekaantvoice 2w

    साला जिंदगी में बस कमीं एक रहीं
    कभीं मीठा बन नहीं पाए
    और लोगों को लगा कि ये दिल लगाने के लायक नहीं है
    अक्सर सोचा लोगों को क्या पसंद है
    तब पता चला कि कोई पैसों का भूखा है तो कोई ज़िस्म का और सबसे ज़्यादा मिले मतलबी लोग जिनके लिए मेंने बहुत कुछ बलिदान किया पर सालों ने अक़्सर दिल तोड़ा
    रहीं बात विश्वास की तो मेरा 99.5 % रहता था पर उनका 100% झूठा था
    इसलिए जिंदगी में पैसे और दिखावा कभी मत आने देना दोस्तों वर्ना तुम अपने में ही खों कर रह जाओगे

  • impooja143 3w

    Beauty has no definition ,
    it is just up to u
    how beautiful eyes u have .

    - पूजा

  • porcupine 3w

    Covid test

    In isolation now
    Because of a positive covid test
    From someone in my building
    I never would have guessed

    I had my test done
    Now just waiting on the result
    Hoping it reads negative
    Or things may get difficult

    May take up to four days
    To receive an answer
    Trying not to worry but
    I'll be frustrated until I'm sure

  • p_pranali 4w


    Newspaper headlines
    'Coronavirus taking lives'
    Where the mind is only with fear
    Don't you feel the pain of ours ?

    Bursted like a pathogenic pollen
    Targeted our health to be barren
    Making us the vector of ourselves
    Don't you feel the pain of ours ?

    It feels so insane under quarantine
    In the world of your pandemic scene
    With masks on faces and hands being sanitized
    Don't you feel the pain of ours ?

    It's high time struggling with you
    And the worrying worldlings in fear of you
    No more deaths should be due to you
    Won't you have mercy on us ?

    -Pranali Patil

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #coronavirus #covid19

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    It's high time struggling with you
    And the worrying worldlings in fear of you
    No more deaths should be due to you
    Won't you have mercy on us ?


  • a_dead_poet_07 4w


    1 Year ago we returned back into our pavilion.

    12 months....
    In between these 4 beautiful walls !

    365 days today ...
    Tied and chained with thoughts, dreams and plans,
    postponing them all !

    8760 hours....
    We used 'maintain distance' to 'create distance'

    Life now relies on unexpectedness!

  • devilfish 4w


    My body ached to be swallowed
    By the steady drum of absolute darkness
    Enveloped by the hollow shadows
    As my heart thumped demanding
    Setting fire to all things hollow
    Void of meaning
    My essence is swelling
    And superficiality is increasingly
    I want my appetite satisfied
    I'd kill for a tear
    This will never end
    I want more fear
    I want my bones to fucking break
    My mental state to fucking tear
    I swallowed my pain bare
    They stare
    And my aura flares
    As my consciousness
    Becomes more aware
    My feet no longer touch the ground
    I found it
    The primal sound
    I wear it
    As I crawl victorious on the piling mound
    Of streams of water
    Bodies that mound
    In liquid streams
    Of corroded copper crowns
    The moonlight bears it's lunar gown
    They drown
    I breathe
    They stop
    They cease
    I prowl a predator an apex at
    My peak
    I speak
    The ground opens
    Like a gaping wound
    As it grows weak
    From my voice
    From my emotions
    I made my choice
    I am the ocean
    I demand that my body
    Possess the void
    The motion in my walk

  • devilfish 6w

    The Art of Chaos

    Chaos unwinds like a serpent coils
    Swirling around the sky like an omen
    Birds hit the gravel like precipitation
    Feeding this merciless monstrosity in this murder unspoken muzzled by the menacing moment as it moans it's silence
    Into the sinful sediment soaked soil I march
    Into the marsh grave so silent
    God would tremble
    Demeanor disassembled from the violence
    Of the ear shattering silence
    Echos of your hubris
    And the piercing of Poseidon's trident
    In a torrent of elements and their rage
    In an untimely occurance the dust settles
    And war remains pain remains
    It's not the same

  • mystical_writer26 6w


    It all began by the end of year 2019,
    Hence they named it Covid-19.
    All over the world it spread like forest fire,
    and after all the results, was burnt every soul's desire.

    Lockdown, Masks, Gloves and Sanitisers,
    that's all that was in the upcoming year predicted the wiser.
    An awkward time 2020 did give,
    for in it the most positive word became "negative".

    Relations broke and relations healed,
    all worthy people could now truly be sealed;
    Social distancing and digital converging took place,
    for a very weird long run was 2020's race.

    All over the world, all public destinations,
    were out of bounds and people were into relaxation.
    Months passed and 'lockdown' continued,
    Everyone hoped for a year- renewed.

    December came and people were happy,
    parting the year that had been so crappy.
    On new year's eve everyone was delighted,
    to welcome a year full of surprises.

    It's the second month of the second year of a new decade,
    Will the rest be an upgrade or will be decayed?
    let's hope for the best,
    for our life and upcoming years, upon God rests.


  • devilfish 7w


    A minor issue
    A minor tear in a mildew drop of midnight tissue
    Foreshadowing foresight from the burdened fragile
    Struggling to breathe
    Crying to eat
    Why won't you hear my pain bleed?
    Silent shrieks from watery emotions that stir and envelop into themselves like air
    I release these fiery flares
    In intensity inflamed stares
    Progressively aware
    Curiously and haphazardly with tentative care
    Zooming through zig zags and
    And creeping through splintered floors
    With thumbtacks and time feels
    Like honey
    Can't consume money
    Can't assume anything other than the form
    I'm hovering above and presenting to you
    A form I'm mothering
    Loving without a heavy touch
    I keep from overlooking my insight
    With a fine toothed comb in the luminescent moon light
    In fiery tiger sunsets and
    An icy mist of maternal moonlight
    Internally charged motions
    That you want to exorcize
    Criticize what you can't identify
    Let creativity shrivel and dry
    Why try when everything you touch
    Starts to slowly die you can feel struck inside
    With bereavement and sorrow
    Pinching on a copper penny
    Of a smile tomorrow

  • devilfish 7w

    I Crawl Until I'm Dead

    Thrashing in the sheets
    I feel strangled muffled like I can't
    I can't even feel a subtle touch nor a sheet
    Where are my feet?
    I need to leave
    I need to feed myself or sleep
    Why is it I'm falling into a concrete street
    Until my frail knees bleed all over the gravel and flood all these streams
    I'm sure that the past will entrap and hold hostage all my dreams
    I'm stuck in between the solid seams knitted tight together that I can't even peep or
    See what they are or if they're looking for me
    Or am I a creep a waste of flesh
    A beating heart that doesn't last
    An empty idea a vermin or a rat
    A noose too loose a broken clasp
    A speeding heart that has smashed
    My tongue to trash
    My words they are swerving
    Nearly crash
    The comfort of an empty flask
    I want my love
    Please give it back
    The only memory I have of you
    Is jagged edged pieces of grass
    In a garden that's black and barren of all beauty
    Bitten by the bitter past
    An ailment can't be cured with a flask
    Nor a turn around you can't turn back
    The hands of time the sands of time will leak from the hourglass if you try to go back
    To the past
    The waves of bereavement and sorrow
    Violently clash a supersonic blast of thumbtacks emitted from the center of the point of impact and shattered glass for a garden and the bird bath is filled with notes I want you to at least think of writing back
    I'm aware of the box and where I've gone wrong
    I'm going to break all clocks that cut
    Into my ears
    Slash and slash all the glass with my shears
    I'll bend their hands until they imitate my human tears they're turbulence they've endured for what seems to be 444 years
    I can't even grasp the concept of time
    My face is foreign I trace the mirror
    In lines unrecognized
    Not mine
    Not alive
    Not sure if I can thrive
    I'm boiling like lava
    Seeping out of my fault lines
    I'm not even sure I'm fine
    These lines
    I can't cure
    I can't think
    And I can't feel a
    T h I n g

  • devilfish 8w

    Valentine's Velvet Cape

    In morning sunshine haze
    And sunset
    with an iridescent glazea of a milky honeydew drop of the moonlight and it's lunar rays of of a twinkling gaze into the truth illuminated with moonbeams of empathy
    And motherly love holding your pain meaningfully and tenderly
    Encompass and envelop me in a blanket of safety
    For when I'm lonely and I need my own company in the intricacies
    The instances where I was not enough for me
    I needed that luminosity to fight the dark that tries of overcome me
    For that i will love me
    Self doubt won't knock me into the ground
    I won't sit i get back up and stay in tune
    I seethe fumes
    I breathe in red
    And blow it out in fumes that change hues and subdue the most angelic tune with a melody of a memory in nostalgic frames of time
    with me and you
    And you and me
    Intertwined and uncombined
    Somehow Apollo's light captured me as it emmites bright thoughts of insight myself and I smiled in delight
    And kissed the Moon goodnight
    In an uninterrupted slumber
    With time that doesn't divide and
    Limitless and passionate
    Felt in blissful energy we cannot see
    In the infinity