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  • onpu_writes 1w

    Have you ever felt so comfortable around someone that you show your love and care by constantly irritating and annoying them? It's kinda cute I must say.
    To all my friends and cousins, if I address you by your full name and keep irritating you, just know that I love you.

  • screwed101 14w

    Hey love it's just silly old me
    I need you to stay strong you can scream and shout but never end this fight

    I am here I know I am miles aways but I am still here for you I won't be able to face this world without you

    Yes your broken and sleep is a mystery
    But I am here when you call I will always be here

    I need you to stay strong and not end this fight because the day you say goodbye is the day my soul will die

  • _ikraar_ 15w

    I never welcomed you...you just entered and made me do craziest things
    #saree #onam #pookalam #love #unity #aroma #sadya #cousins #familytime

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    A happy morning
    Breezy mood
    Colourful clothing
    Delicious smell
    Even duties
    Freshen up attapookalam
    Gorgeous pictures

  • ekaantvoice 32w


    साथ हर मुसीबत में निभाऊंगा

    तुम चलना साथ मेरे

    मैं हर रास्तों को अपना बनाऊँगा

    और जब लगे की रूठ रहें है अपने तुमसे

    तब पास मेरे आ जाना

    मैं तुमको ख़ुशी महसूस कराऊंगा

  • 12mizzy 32w

    Brother from another mother!

    The first time we saw each other,
    We became the best brothers.
    Each and every time together,
    Has made our bond more brighter.
    And the album full of crazy pictures.
    Trusting each other blindly and,
    Sharing the galaxy of memories.
    The infinity set of secrets to hold,
    Waiting eagerly for the another meet.
    To share more secrets with heavy greed.
    The debris advices we share,
    are always the best.
    Relations named as cousins,
    Actually best friends.
    The vibe is as same as mine,
    What can i expect from a person,
    More than this.
    The bond we made is unbreakable.
    The memories we made are unforgettable.
    The perfect way of describing you is,
    "Brother from another Mother".

  • ekaantvoice 33w

    क्या लिखू सच्चाई इंसानों की
    ख़ुद बे जुबाँ सा हूँ
    नहीं समझते लोग मेरी Fellings को
    मैं ख़ुद परेशां सा हूँ

  • hoorbanu98 35w



    It's a matter of those days
    Yes, those delightful days,
    Those miracle days,
    Those days were unforgivable and lyrical.

    The circle of siblings and cousins
    Round with unconditional pureness life
    Found of fairness shine
    Push us living immature sudden fun.

    Where cool one's heel to my home
    When ever they come's my question for them
    Don't go too fast, stay with me longer
    With them was a heaven.

    Once in a day I hugged childhood days,
    Cuddles those cool one's heel blankets
    Those days were not meant for couple of days
    Dailys were care free, loved, enjoyment, traveled..ll

    It's a matter of those days
    Yes, where intention doesn't praise
    Where suggestion stays
    Where tension certainly not portrait.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #hoorbanu98 #memories #childhood #siblings #cousins #thosedays

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    Childhood was for faithful days♥


  • ekaantvoice 36w

    साला जिंदगी में बस कमीं एक रहीं
    कभीं मीठा बन नहीं पाए
    और लोगों को लगा कि ये दिल लगाने के लायक नहीं है
    अक्सर सोचा लोगों को क्या पसंद है
    तब पता चला कि कोई पैसों का भूखा है तो कोई ज़िस्म का और सबसे ज़्यादा मिले मतलबी लोग जिनके लिए मेंने बहुत कुछ बलिदान किया पर सालों ने अक़्सर दिल तोड़ा
    रहीं बात विश्वास की तो मेरा 99.5 % रहता था पर उनका 100% झूठा था
    इसलिए जिंदगी में पैसे और दिखावा कभी मत आने देना दोस्तों वर्ना तुम अपने में ही खों कर रह जाओगे

  • lovely_rachana 37w

    We grew up

    We joined our hands to remain the same
    Suddenly someday we grew up
    Grew up from siblings to cousins
    From cousins to individuals
    We grew up from laughter to smile
    From smile to frown
    We grew up from shouting at eachother to thinking about each other
    From thinking about each other to forgetting each other
    We grew up from pulling legs to guessing thoughts
    From guessing thoughts to not even caring
    We grew up from staying together to calling eachother
    From calling eachother to ignoring eachother
    We didn't know cause it was gradual but felt sudden
    Someday we just grew up

  • puzzledgirl 38w


    How can the summer sweat
    Turns me into an amateur poet
    Groping for yellow afternoons
    With a longing,Opaque and inchoate.

    School bells ringing in my ear
    Granny's house approaching near
    Bidding school bags humble byes
    Summer vacation is finally here.

    Ah! How sweet this freedom tastes
    Rendezvous with my childhood friends
    Cool shelter under the big banyan tree
    Swinging, holding its long woody tress.

    Throwing up stones to aim for the greens
    Sweet and sour the mangoes scream
    Just a pinch of black salt n chilly powder
    For the littles, it's the definition of dream.

    The little river waits for our naughty jump
    It's calm water shakes up with the crump
    Our little army races on our banana raft
    The laughter cheers up, erasing the grump.

    The roofs are filled with bottles of pickles
    Grandma gives chillars to buy popsicles
    Red orange purple, our chameleon tongues
    We are the Columbus in our fancy bicycle!

    Evening is incomplete without the power cut
    Hurricanes and oil lamps brightens the dark
    Horror stories feel more real in grandma's voice
    We want to see the ghost but nobody has the gut.

    Electricity ruins the magic, we prefer the star
    When the cool southern breeze takes us afar
    We doze off on the terrace under the blinking lights
    A bunch of cousins make memories lasting a whole life!

  • anjum_05 49w


    Cousins are my unchosen best friends!

  • mch_randomthoughts 52w

    Lost humanity

    You never miss a chance to crush me
    You never lose the opportunity to
    Criticise me on my life choices
    You always chose to ignore me
    Whenever you're having fun
    You take extreme care to communicate
    'We don't want you with us
    You'll never be good enough'
    You are supposed to be supportive
    You are supposed to help me
    If that's not possible, you're certainly
    Not expected to put me down more
    When I am already sinking
    I don't think you've given a thought
    About actually what did I ever do to you
    Think and you'll find - nothing
    You've taken care to exclude me
    From your life so much so that
    I wasn't ever there to cause you any trouble
    Or even mar your memories
    With my mere presence...
    Growing up, you were more well endowed
    With resources, beauty and money; I wasn't
    I knew it and so I worked extra hard
    To be where I am today...
    And somehow you manage to take
    Even that happiness away from me...
    You're the worst human beings
    I see right through your charades...
    And mind it, everytime you hurt me
    A greater power is watching
    And I promise, it will bite you back...
    I may not be able to witness it
    And honestly I don't care...


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  • shimmerycorners 61w

    Evil sister

    She was the devil in my dreams later she became my nightmare
    She would shut my words off with the knives then faked being nice
    I prayed to all the gods above but
    all I ever got were the fallen angels accompanying her
    Together they shredded me piece by piece until I bled all of my innocence and peace

    But they never took my soul away as I was a toy or maybe a plaything
    To snicker like hyenas and eat me like a pig
    Every 17 th month she would come
    with her saint demons to play with my soul strings to drain all of my sanity
    She stole all my dolls would smudge up my kajal dirtying all my purity

    I did everything I could
    Ran , cried and scared I begged
    nobody listened
    But the evil sister never left...


  • themessedink 62w


    People with whom you laugh without any care,
    Without any doubt your deepest secrets you share.
    And also the reason you visit family functions.


  • differentworld 69w

    Bhai aj dil tumhe thankuh kehna chahta hai,
    Bhai tune mera bachpan hasin banaya,
    Ha mere kichne me kabhi tu piche nahi hata,
    Par yeh hak tune apne siva kise ko n diya
    Bhai aj dil tumhe thankuh kehna chata hai...
    Tune pareshan kiya to mane shikayate ke,
    Par ab jake samj aya tera pareshan karna he to tera pyar jatana tha,
    Bhai yeh dil tumhe thankuh kehna chata hai..
    Jab badi hue to samj na aya apne baate kise kahungi kya karungi,
    Tab sath bhi to tune he diya tha,
    Meri har secret ko chupa ke apne dil me rakha aur mere chehre par khushi bhi to tu he laya tha na,
    Bhai yeh dil aj tumhe thankuh kehna chata hai..
    Jab badi se badi galti hoti thi mujse to baap ke tarah daata bhi tumne,aur ma ke tarah samjaya bhi tunehe,aur ek dost ke tarah sath bhi to tumnehe to diya na,
    Mana rakshabandhan me kabhi bhi dhang ka gift nahi diya,
    Par life ke yeh race me kabhi tune mera hath nahi choda,
    Bhai yeh dil aj tumhe thankuh kehna chahta hai...
    Kabhi yeh mahsoos he nahi karaya k mera koi apna bhai he nahi,
    Mera apna bhai hota to bhi yeh na karta jo apne kiya hai bhai,
    Bhai yeh dil aj apko thankuh kehna chata hai....
    Haaa mana itne achi bahen nahi ban paye apki par fir bhi me hamesha apke sath hu yeh hath kabhi mat chodna bhai,
    Bhai yeh dil ajj apko thankuh kehna chata hai...
    Thankuh thankuh thankuh so much bhai for everthing ...for every happiness...love uh bhai....

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    Cousins woh hote hai jo sage bhai se bhi badkara pyar dete hai...mera bhi koi saga bhai bhai nahi hai aur yeh lines mere cousins n siblings ke liye....

  • _life_inspires_ 74w

    हर रिश्ता अलग है, हर रिश्तों के जज्बात अलग है,
    पर एक रिश्ता जिसमें प्यार भी होता और लड़ाई भी
    जो साथ रहते है हमेशा लड़ते हुए,
    वो है भाई और बहन का रिश्ता है,
    हमें लड़ना भी और दाट से बचना भी है,
    खेलना भी है और तंग भी करना है।
    ना जाने कितने secrets चूपा रखे है,
    जिन्हे चुपा के अच्छे इनाम मिलते है।
    चाहे कितना भी लड़ ले पर साथ तो हमेशा रहना है,
    हमारी नोक झोक तो हमेशा की ही क्युकी बिना इसके चैन कहा है।


  • nivyaangelin 76w

    We were playing cricket,
    when we were too short
    to hold bats.
    We were playing carrom,
    when we were tired
    to go out to play.
    We were cycling,
    when we don't wanna
    do household.
    We were walking,
    when we don't wanna
    hear scolds.
    we are watching videos,
    sharing headsets.
    Something that never
    changed still is 'us'.
    Hope we'll be the
    same forever:)

    @nishxang @_white_devil @nish4u @sakibyasin19 #love #cousins #childhood #writersnetwork #pods

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  • nitsparkle_ 80w

    Cousins or your another siblings..
    We all have spent a great time with our cousins..

    We guys can even make boring stuffs to exciting one together..��

    Either we are playing, singing, discussing something,
    and moreover when we all get scolded together for the same thing...

    We all have two groups of cousins...
    One from mother's side..��
    And another from father's side..��

    Father's side..
    (Most of us use to live in the same house)

    Most important are ghosts �� talks it's always common between cousins..

    When you are smaller then you will be like:

    भइया कोई भूत वाली कहानी सुनाओ ना..��

    And they will always end up by saying:

    भूत वूत कुछ नहीं होता है..��

    And if you are having holidays then
    You share a big time of your day with them,
    Playing hide and seek, ATLAS and theif and police..

    And most tragedic scene is when any of your cousin get hurted by you during play and he/she starts crying...
    Because this time you have to listen to the two parties..��
    And if you are the elder one then it's..

    सोने पर सुहागा..��

    The best part with your cousins is Whenever during summer light goes in the night times..

    You all take your blanket, mattress and pillows and move towards your roof..
    And you request from your elder member:

    ‌कोई कहानी सुनाइए ना..��

    And all will listen it silently and peacefully..��

    You always start indoor games with alot of excitement and end up by fighting..��

    There is always a brother in your cousin group who will always talk with his hands..

    इनसे सीधे मुंह तो बात ही नहीं होती..��

    And he is the one who most of the time get scolded..��
    (हां जी इनकी हरकतों की वजह से..��)

    And whenever we all play,
    They distribute themselves according to boys V/S girls...
    There are always someone who will say you guys are doing discrimination..

    (हां वो लोग मैं और मेरी बहन ही हैं...��)

    Because we know that we are going to lose the game..��


    Mother's side...
    (Whom we meet after a year)

    We always have the excitement to meet with these cousins as:

    दूरियां रिश्तों का मूल्य सिखाती हैं।..��

    It is the time when we get our summer holidays..
    All mother's sisters come along with their children for a one or two week..��

    And when we reach to our granny's house..
    The suitcase full of toys which was closed last year
    get open once again...��

    And most common game are badminton, carrom, checkers and most important cards��..��

    We all share our whole year's encounters and experiences..
    And always try to find the match between each other's mother..
    And for the whole week we are free from our parents taunts and scoldings..��

    And there is always a plan to go outside some traditional place, historic or tourist spots..
    And there is always a one day when we are out for a whole day from the house and eat outside too..��

    These you get priorities from your uncle and aunt,
    Your mother will not say anything..
    And you can demand for the things..
    When you are too small then your demand is always of that:

    If you are girl then,
    Doll house..��

    And if you are a boy then,
    Remote control car..��

    And we all know that worst part of this is when it's time to leave..����

    Cousins are always the treasure full of happiness..

    But then a time come when we all grow up and get busy in our lives..
    We all forget to enjoy like before...
    When we always use to be tension free and excited..
    We start getting silent....Either because we become serious or stop liking mingling with others..

    I am sharing this because I always had a great time with my cousin from fighting to love..��
    And it's lockdown they made to feel less bored by having a great play time..��
    But I miss my other cousins with whom I use to meet after every one year..
    And it is that time..��
    And I can't meet with them and have fun..��
    Still thankyou guys for reading and your feedbacks are always necessary comment and tell how much it was relatable to you..��

    #cousins...chest of the happiness

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    Time spent with Cousins..


  • mydiaries___ 70w

    After a vacation it's
    not just you coming
    back to your home,
    but it's a better
    version of yourself.