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  • czarcasm 7w


    Misery, oh misery waits for me to die
    Says hi
    To your mother
    And enjoy the ride

    My story so long and yet somehow short
    Your quill will have done dried
    A ship in it's port
    Misery she hates me not because I can be happy
    But because I long for the love that makes people sappy

    She loves my loneliness I wear as a crown
    Wants to reach on up and take it down
    She wants it and me
    But I was too blind to see
    So I hope and pray
    That in the end the light will stay

    To dry these tears as they scorch my face
    Leaving invisible scars of moisture but that's not all the case
    She knows someone is making me smile
    And wants my heart to burn forever meanwhile

    My mind so cloudy I could take a dive
    And fall from the stars past many the bee hive
    Until I hit and break the surface of that water
    I'll stay strong even if it starts boiling



  • bi_nspired 7w

    So, it took me 49 years! Thank you

    Thank you for the likes, reposts and kind comments
    This is a fictional story.
    Inspired from within.
    I hope it gives courage to someone

    If you haven't read it,
    be sure to check my page


  • magaan_10 8w


    I wish I had a little bit of courage to make that call
    I wish I had a little bit of courage to hear her voice
    I wish I had a little bit of courage to say that I love her to the Moon and back.
    I wish I had a little bit of courage to stop living in the mind space.
    I wish I had a little bit of courage to accept the hard reality.

  • anupriyachauhan18 8w


    Stop chasing shadows, stop being in a myth. You considered something as your happiness and your home and that whole thought shatters when you wake up. Maybe if you would have invested so much of your efforts and time in no one else but you ,no one would have turned their back on you saying you were'nt good enough ever. You invest so much into something emotionally, mentally and physically and when that thing makes you feel the most worthless in this entire world, you start to realise that maybe you are all you have and it feels tiring to even think of the journey you have to make to overcome from all of this , it may take days, months or even years till you will finally feel content with yourself. But its either continue living with this scar forever or heal yourself over and over again until you actual heal. Maybe you will overcome it, maybe you wont. But the hope is only to have enough strength and courage to continue this journey of life.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 8w

    Dear Struggler,
    I know, many a times, you feel you've lost, you're lost. Many a times you may feel what's the reason you were born for, you may feel left behind and alone.
    But, God is the supreme and everything he does is for a reason, so is your birth on this Earth. The only way to find yourself is to get lost, so you're on an adventurous journey treasure hunting the pieces of your own self, at the end all the pieces shall be put together and the jigsaw puzzle of your life will be solved.
    God never leave any of his children behind or alone, rest all may accompany and leave, whenever they feel like. Be your own companion, don't leave yourself.
    Even the minutest part of a mirror reflects, the smallest fragment of a paper can be used to write, be it a small line or a single dot. So, even if everything is lost, until the last breath, you have the chances of finding something more precious than what's lost.
    If your hands don't cease to struggle, for sure, under your feet, success is bound to snuggle.
    Yours sincerely,
    Struggler like you.

    #struggler #smile #happiness #courage #love #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #writerscommunity

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  • mysteroric_persona22 8w

    एक बात हमेशा याद रखना, जबतक सांस है तब तक आस रखनी चाहिए ।


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    जानते हो,
    समय की मार खा कर,
    अक्सर लोग हिम्मत और
    उम्मीद छोड़ देते है ।
    और यह उनके चेहरे हाव भाव,
    बोल चाल, चाल- चलन से साफ साफ
    पता चल जाता है ।

    लेकिन फिर भी आपको हिम्मत और
    उम्मीद का दामन नही छोड़ना चाहिए ।


  • poetrani 8w

    A clown

    I see them dressed up to see the clown,
    All excited, to laugh over someone's frown.
    How are they so rude, so inhumane,
    Just see the well dressed fake smile
    And not the ugly pain.
    That's how they are, that's how they're meant to be,
    Yes, I live in a hell, named society
    They're too fast to judge,
    Too slow to understand,
    What pain one has to go through,
    And what situations they have to withstand.

  • therapisttales 9w


    Being able to say no to unwanted, gives you courage to do what you truely wanted.


  • poetrani 9w

    Courageous fist

    Beneath the smiling faces,
    Are the unseen scars,
    And stories best left untold,
    Yet fingers fold in fists,
    And strong strides forward,
    Courageously facing each day,
    With renewed strength and hope.

  • porcupine 9w

    Consistent persistence

    You are smarter
    Than they think

    You know more
    Than they see you show

    You're stronger
    Than they think they know

  • bliss__ 9w

    There's no point in fearing the unknown
    For what is to happen will happen
    It's better to see what comes your way rather than hiding from it..
    P.S face your fear

  • greywolf 9w


    Taking risks;
    The decision.
    The goal
    you will reach
    because you took
    the risks

  • dr__aditi 9w


    Sometimes I only wish to have courage
    to say "not interested" to interrupt
    a conversation I don't want to be the part of anymore.
    The heavy flow of information unwillingly shoved down into me feels exactly as torment
    I would endure from hell, for sins if i ever committed any.
    Only if love would not bound me and
    make me obliged to be polite to the person
    I only want to skip all the non-important events
    and happenings being told to me.
    Help me, please. Stop. I don't want to know
    any of it. I want something serene to talk about and I wish if only I were brave enough to say no to this.

  • bliss__ 9w

    Never sink into your sadness
    For it is a black hole
    Rather, step over it to get over it
    And keep moving forward ❤️

  • maevee 9w

    You believed in them when you saw the light,
    But remember not everyone chooses the light.

    They fail to see what you're born to see,
    But they're not even willing to choose what's right.

    The dark is so tempting and full of addictions.
    They say it takes courage to step out but really? Does it?

    Courage is to choose the right, to rationalize and confront ourselves.
    And we merely choose the darkness out of curiosity.

    The question remains what's even right or wrong?
    Why would any men do anything wrong at all?

    We all are perfect rights on the sheets of white which are turning black and blacker.
    Then we claim to love the black because it consumes our dirty souls, hides the shadows of the monsters within while the white remains ignored because it's purity calls out for our souls.

    You're not born to be a savior, you can't save them when they refuse to choose the light within.

    Yes, you believed in them when you saw a light but remember not everyone chooses the light stop when they start pulling you in the dark, slowly, steadily engulfing you.
    They fail to see what you're born to see but you can save yourself and that should be enough.

    #light #dark #beyourownlight #savior #life #love #letgo #crazy #addictions #temptations #courage #perfection #rightorwrong #blackorwhite #forevergrey #iluminatedpath
    @mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork @writerofmirakee

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    We all are perfect
    rights on the sheets
    of white which are
    turning black and blacker.


  • miss_sunshine1909 9w

    With the deepest respect and eternal gratitude, we salute the Indian Heroes. Happy 75th India Independence Day!

  • aishuu 9w

    Home isn't a place, its a feeling.
    Its feeling you get , when someone makes you feel safe and secured...
    Never let those people go ❤️

  • wanowak 9w

    Flight of Courage

    Living is having that pit in our stomach but moving forward anyways and going after what scares us the most.

    Not knowing how it shall turn out; we tell ourselves that we would rather fail greatly than live in the comfort of the mundane and familiar.
    No longer held back by past ghosts.

    Oh, how it feels so amazing to be alive.
    Not each day waiting to simply die.
    So we jump off the cliff, determined to build our wings on the way down.
    Mightily we shall fly.

    And, if for some reason our wings do not grow and we land on the rocks below,
    we shall still just smile and not complain to anyone that is near.
    Instead, we dust ourselves, rest, then keep moving forward.
    Using the light of our internal fortitude to shine bright on the uncharted path we go.

    For only rising again, undeterred, to conquer whatever we must on the path unfamiliar to all except our soul, shall we truly live for ourselves and the ones we love so dear.


  • liepa_malijauskaite 9w

    If you want to get better, first try to help yourself, yourself, others will be able to help only if you will be ready to let them.
    #poem #courage #will #depression #poetic #advice #liepa_malijauskaite

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    When the sounds go silent,
    And your voice is lost,
    When the problems your facing,
    Are just going to worst.

    Do remember the rhyme,
    That you made so fine,
    Do remember the time,
    When the sun shined bright.

    Maybe it's not a power,
    Maybe it's not a cure,
    But no doctor will help you,
    When your lost in your room.


  • mysoulspeaks 10w


    The first time -
    You trust a person blindly,
    Believe every word he says,
    Cherish every little moment.
    You never know you are being manipulate;
    That your feelings are being taken for a ride.

    Ironically, the next time -
    With someone else,
    You just cannot trust them.
    You feel that everything they tell you,
    Though it might be genuine,
    Are only words -
    That you wish to hear,
    Not an iota of it even matters.
    You can never show the courage to...

    For you know the pain,
    For you know life after betrayal,
    For you know that you will lose yourself,
    In trying to justify his actions towards you.
    Let go.
    Take courage dear heart.
    You matter on your own,
    Not in relation to a man.
    Women are not made whole by men.
    Women are made whole the moment they enter this world.