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  • laus_deo 9w

    the coffee flushed pages
    of my journal reeks the
    relics of a medieval castle,
    the cramming words scribbled
    in a downpouring hush looks
    like a bombarded battlefield
    wincing at the blood-breathing war,
    a hefty snowstorm flicks out
    of the ocean liquidated pen
    when I hold its neck untying
    the monstrous story buried
    down inside my chest,
    thumping indecisively at
    the autumn dripping sun.
    they think they can understand
    but they fail every time to
    sneak cautiously at it's
    calloused edges from the
    corners of my lying eyes.

    a superstitious notion
    is as dangerous as a
    triggered phobia.

    a gratitude refilled heart
    is as lively as a
    newly bloomed hibiscus.

    a comforting positive self- talk
    is as surprising as an
    uninvited robbery.

    to thrive empathy and to unleash
    the magic taming in your heart,
    include your name while addressing
    yourself, catch the fireflies
    exclusively meant for you.

    what fires together wires together-
    don't let your negative way of thinking
    become an autonomous vehicle of your mind.



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    "Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion."


  • laus_deo 10w


    a dreaded dictator,
    a grazing goat,
    a trotting tourist guide,
    an abandoned poet,
    a lopsided maniac,
    a withstanding criminal case,
    a rain of glittering confetti.

    Does the shivering sky split open it's cracks
    to reveal its rain-soaked eyes?
    How am I supposed to recognize it's fraternal twin
    living miles apart, perhaps?

    Somewhere in the woods, a ferocious brawl
    simmers the winter eaten air.

    Somewhere in the closet, the hidden vintage
    skeletons guards your crumbling fortress.

    Somewhere in the town, a peppy-eyed child
    shuffles the coins lying in ironed pockets.

    Somewhere in the dead of the night, wearied fingers fumble for keychain tucked in old leather bag.

    On assembling our priorities
    and prioritizing our happiness,
    what remains behind are broken
    palanquins of sickening tendencies.

    Do you compromise on relationships that
    tolls your sanity on the pretendence of
    blood is thicker than water?
    Well, I don't.

    If you don't like me, that's fine because my lungs
    aren't stifling to buy your validation and
    hollow appreciation.


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  • laus_deo 12w

    It's difficult to be different in a world that remains active 24/7 to discard your dreams and push you in the perpetual rat race while constantly reminding you of the overflowing canisters of worthlessness if you don't fit in or abide by the expectations set by the society for you. Instead you choose a different path that recognizes your uniqueness and honors your happiness. You ought to resist them and emerge undefeated, much stronger than your initial self as an unexplored terrorty lies within you that you can claim with conviction. Don't accommodate when you can create your own space. Celebrate your uniqueness and sharp the edges of your talents and special abilities that sets you apart and makes you distinctively beautiful. You are much more than they know about you and sometimes even more than what you think about yourself.

  • laus_deo 12w

    Fear has a monstrous face but it's face resembles your reflection. It plagues your mind and paralyzes your strength. It becomes a crucial weapon for other people to take advantage of and weaken you before your own eyes so conquer them and shredder them because
    you are your own savior.

  • laus_deo 72w

    My heart plummets down the platinum ribcage
    rolling like a magnetic ball towards the graveyard
    settling near the corpse of self love like a helpless child
    after I stamped approved on the passports of criticism issued in my name
    and betrayed my existence with false expectations and comparisons with all the 7 billion people in this world
    not realizing that everyone can't be the same,
    I played table tennis with my self esteem
    when I labeled myself ugly and unwanted before the mirror wall
    thereby adhering to certain beauty standards
    like those of runaway models with cherry blossom cheeks and glittery eyes,
    and considered flashy magazines to tell me how to lose weight
    while I abandoned calories glazed chips and my favorite cheesecake in pursuit of a perfect body,
    I betrayed my self worth and commited an oath of loyalty to self doubt
    when I overlooked everything I am good at
    and addressed all my flaws like a trained coach,
    others were deciding the script for me
    and I was busy playing a side role in my own life,
    I treated my heart so badly
    when I gave up too early all the hopes to succeed
    on the snoozing of my past blunders constantly
    pouring gallons of guilt upon my forehead,
    acceptance felt like an unknown territory
    when my merry heart turned to a cracked glass.
    Accept my apology dear heart for not believing
    it's okay to make mistakes and forgive myself,
    it's okay to be different and embrace myself,
    it's okay to walk away from toxic relationships to save myself from emotional torture,
    it's okay to laugh like a child without thinking about the looks,
    it's okay to do what I love without the fear of being judged,
    it's okay to be grateful for my existence in this imperfect world.

    the mystique daylight today
    slipped under my pocket delivering a postcard -


    To the rest of the world, God gave you the shoes
    That fit you, so put em on and wear 'em
    And be yourself man, be proud of who you are
    Even if it sounds corny
    Don't ever let no one tell you, you ain't beautiful.

    ©Eminem - Beautiful [ Relapse,2009 ]


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