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  • cosmicpoet 5d

    It's just relative

    You believe in forever that
    lasts for a second,
    In this huge world we are
    infinitesimally small,
    how small then a second
    would be,
    Is it enough to feel everything?
    I fear if it would'd feel nothing.

    Why a second spent whirls in
    mind for lifetime?
    Why the memories are locked
    The heart sits at attic and cry,
    the moment is gone long ago
    but is still felt...why??
    I couldn't answer and neither

    the atoms are tiny,
    tiniest are the electrons,
    protons, quarks n positrons.
    we see ourselves magnified
    but the universe says it wrong.

    Everything is true if applied
    everything is relative and so
    not absolute.
    So you talk about your problems?
    relate them...they are soo minute.


  • herteddy 1w

    It can't just only be
    A coincidence that we meet
    It's a blessing for
    Remembering you with every breathe
    There was a reason
    For why we feel lost sometimes
    It is to find ourselves in each other
    In a universe full of things
    Which is full of darkness
    But you and I
    Are the lights of life
    Illuminating love in this
    Dull dark cosmos

  • rockingpoet 2w

    Cosmic Cycle

    Cosmic clouds cluster
    circling central celebrity,
    countless centuries.

    Creators calling cracks
    curtailed cosmic cocoon,
    commencing crimson celestial candy.

    Ceaseless centurion concludes,
    cyan clouds cries cheerfully
    chanelling chemical cocktail.

    Chemosynthesis commences
    codons capsules coalesce,
    carbon coding coils
    commutes cellular cycle .

    Cells combines
    constructing creative
    cosmic civilians.

    Civilizations cradle,
    complex community

    Changes cascades;
    cranial capacity convoluted
    crafting creative cultures.

    Civilization corrodes
    cybernates ,criminalise
    concludes catastrophically
    compacting cosmic crunch.

    Creation -crunch
    cosmic cycle
    coexist ceaselessly .


  • aachiram 3w

    Let me adorn those flaws,
    Let me fill life within them,
    Let me drown in those eyes,
    Let me touch your face ..��

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    #flaws #scars #cosmos
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    Let me touch

    that face with hidden scars, and fill them with the dust of life and adorn with stars in my cosmos..


  • ashnoom 3w

    Why can’t u think of nothing?

    You cannot think of nothing because
    Nothing Is Everything.

    Getting rid of thinking is impossible because each neurons firing are the big bangs that keeps us alive.

    Where do these big bangs originate? Not in a dimension we can access yet.

    Big Bang keeps the cosmos alive, we are tiny little part of bigger self, that is the Cosmos.

    Nothing may be possible if you freeze time. (Is this what happens when you die? Time stops to Nothing?)

    And, isn’t that everything we living upto, mukti (Nirvana)?


  • musings26as 3w

    Even a small room
    feels like a cosmos
    If you are there.


  • subashini 3w

    There are parallel universes out there , where this didnt happen❤

    Where I was with you and you were with me❤

    And whatever universe that is , thats the one, where my heart lives in❤❤

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    Miss You

  • sonu99 3w

    Anicca or Anitya or Impermanence in Life

    The animate or the inanimate
    The heavenly or the earthly
    Undergoes evolution and transformation
    Takes rebirth and experience regeneration
    In the whole cosmos
    There is impermanence.

  • vhelmont 5w

    "I always like the space, is like the sea but made of stars"

  • pragatigarg 5w

    We all are chaotic fools chasing perfection not knowing that the very first law of the universe is that nothing is perfect and what we do only increases entropy, nothing else

  • puranidiary 5w

    @writersnetwork ����❤thanku for liking the post (10th) (≧∇≦)/


    Pole star shining bright in gloomy night
    Pious mother holding her son too tight
    Chromatic rainbow scattered in rainy day
    Amidst chaos your silence finding my way
    Two lunatic hearts beating for each other
    Darling me, you and this story its all spectacular!!

    Cameras capturing crazy young smiles
    Wrinkled hands reminsinscing them all fragile
    Sun bringing the light to moon in vast sky
    Vague memories of yours chasing the firefly
    Holding my hands taking vow, walking together
    Darling me, you and that love its all spectacular!

    Birds humming sweetly at break of dawn
    Broken souls carrying off mask of clown
    Artist glittering the canvas of erratic life
    Reading your lies over again making me alive
    In the warmth of your arms sleeping forever
    Darling me, you and that memories its all spectacular!

    Cosmos witnessing the heartbreaks under stars
    Letting go of emotions,tears healing the scars
    Waking up from illusion accepting the verity
    Searching metaphors in crumbled pages of serenity
    Lost love and pain splashed in form of my poetry
    Darling me, you and that journey its all spectacular!!

    Just thought of adding some crazy captions for my two favs here��
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    ��������������,������ �������� ������ �������� �������������� ������ ������ ����������������������!

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  • aachiram 6w

    I'm better busy
    In working for what I dream,
    Beauty can wait,
    Knowledge cannot ...


  • sunset_in_autumn 6w

    Arcane Amorist

    Leaves jewelled by drops of dew
    Night slumbered, twilight wizened
    fading silhouette, sky changing hues.
    As sun leisurely rises from heart of horizon.
    Greets the ocean, kisses orangish hill
    Birds chirp, trees begin to work.
    New hope, new start is nature's will.

    Leafy hands wake up the sleeping lily
    With scented eyes I watch stilly.
    Fragile, delicate yet boundless beauty it holds,
    Embracing what's inside, gracefully it unfolds.
    Lush, colourful blooms and fervent smell.
    I know who is casting the divine spell.

    Above, dark pregnant clouds swirls
    Rain pitter patters on humid emotions.
    Quenches thirst of oysters in oceans
    Transforms forlorn souls into pearls.
    Tender breeze relaying petrichor
    Undusting the dusted heart.
    Dispersion begins playing it's part
    As sky tastes the rainbow's piquant flavour.
    Few saw, many missed as it quickly departed
    But a plain philosophy it imparted.
    "Missing chances and delaying is rife,
    Time is less, live fully in the evanescent life."

    After the day's impalpable rot
    Slowly creeping up the chasm, it is dusk
    Clouds fragmented with sunset's musk.
    Apollo sketches scenaries with
    Alluring strokes of abendrot.
    With no hurry, no worry
    Sun calmly hangs at the horizon in peace.
    In complete fulfilment, solace it release.
    Embracing the ending, it smiles at the earth.
    In burning redamancy,
    Blessed us with moon's birth.
    Sun closed his eyes, and took the last breath.
    For the first time, I fell in love with death.

    Departure made the twilight fonder.
    Dusk's cordolium transformed
    into aesthetic aurora light.
    Nubivagant thoughts with moon ponder
    On mellifluous silence of the silvery night.
    "Falling is inevitable, but fall with grace.
    We shine not in bright but in dark space."
    Whispered shooting stars
    While kissing my scars.
    I travel cosmos and skies,
    As poetry of night I adore.
    Preserving a fainted lily and two fireflies
    On my heart's stoned shore.

    //Darling, every single scene of today
    Reminded me of you.
    For where there is divine display
    My heart knows it is you.
    For you are a mosaic of all those ethereal views
    That I walked through//


  • puranidiary 7w


    Chaos in the cosmos smothered her fierce rage
    Deadly ink splitted her story in crumbled page!!

  • sonu99 7w

    Truth is the real beauty of the cosmos.

  • musings26as 9w

    We're all stars
    from galaxy
    finding our way
    back home.


  • aachiram 9w

    You might find thousand ways to hurt a wise person,
    But you simply can't....


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    #club #people #beauty #intelligence
    #hardwork #determined #rare

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    One percent club...

    When they don't feel beautiful,
    They feed their intelligence.
    When they don't feel cheered up,
    They start meditation.
    When they don't feel rich,
    They find smarter processes.
    When they don't feel winning,
    They think like a learner.
    When they don't feel strong,
    They can embrace that weakness.
    When they don't feel loved,
    They love themselves.
    When they feel helpless,
    They feed the improvements.
    When they don't feel perfect,
    They master over mistakes ..


  • weirdowriter 9w

    The CoSmOs

    Amongst the chaos, my eyes quest for the one who would show me the ethereal beauty,
    the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxy within me, and holds me like gravity.
    Assuage the perplexion,
    Unraveling the mystery,
    The 'CoSmOs' in the chaos..

  • rhythmic_beats 10w

    Come! Today, let's bake poetry together my love.
    Let's hold the hands tight and lock our soul
    In the kitchen of writing.
    But first walk with me to
    The fields of freshly ripening words,
    Growing in the sunshine of your smiles
    And see the rain drops dripping
    After your down pour of sapphire affection,
    How mirthfully rainbows blossoming
    And making the air alluringly
    Contagious like spring and drenching
    Time in the hues of life.

    Let's pluck the exquisite metaphors,
    Melodious alliterations,
    Majestic hyperboles,
    Metonymy with reddish skin after
    Substituting "me" with "you" as a
    Symbol of twin flame,
    Onomatopoeia blossoming like
    Cherry blossoms echoing our heart's lub-dub,
    Three pinky sweet Haikus like
    Strawberries to decorate it finally,
    Let's gently place all the ingredients
    In the basket of blessings.

    Let's walk backwards to the kitchen
    And and collect the treasure of memories
    To make the delicacy more delicious.
    Give me all ingredients submerged
    In your gentleness to blend it to
    Fine flowing ink,
    Let me whisk it with the whisker of metaphors
    To make the batter of words fluffy and foamy
    And pour it in peaceful white tray of book
    Buttered with cuddles
    And put it in the oven of our heart
    To let it bake in our warmth.

    Taking it out when the background has
    Dropped its curtain as sun is waving
    His twilight colours,
    Inviting the night to light the sky.
    Aromatic poetry is now glazed
    With tides sea blue waves
    As the effulgent moon is the
    Candle of our poetry.
    Finally garnishing and decorating
    The poetry with twinkling stars from
    The navy blue sky leaving behind
    Shades of red in the night sky,
    Spilling from our ocean of love!

    Melted bodies to one soul,
    One as heart and the other as its heartbeat
    With purest ingredients of love,
    Without any artificial colours of life
    Is the best recipe of poetry.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Sorry. Don't know what I have written!

    Image: Instagram, edited by me.

    #recipe #poetry #love #life
    #metaphors #cosmos #beauty #beloved #wod
    #rhythmic_beats @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • james_taumas 10w

    Cosmic dance

    Darkness banished
    The stage cleared
    Spotlight explodes
    Nebulae waltz
    Stars sparkle
    Planets in a pirouette
    Moons in a ring
    Orchestra In a vacuum
    Concert for eldritch gods
    Galaxies glittering spindles
    The endless show.