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  • uttkarsh_15 1w

    I don't want to drown,
    But to sail in your crystal seas
    rowing our heartbeats to
    To the place
    Where I kiss cosmogyral thoughts
    That we weaved together
    Laying on the grass
    Embracing each other
    I was shocked
    Hearing that
    You love to put your head
    On my chest
    Just to feel my heartbeat
    And connect it to yours
    And I remember
    we were gazing the stars
    Hoping that no star should die ,
    Because we don't believe
    In making a wish
    From a dying star
    As we want us to be together
    Till the stars shine to the eternity
    However It is meant to be forever. ✨

    #love #poem #unrhymed
    #cosmic #interstellar #seas

    *Crystal seas - her eyes.

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    Stars and you


  • eyeenma 2w

    My eyes want to see you

    Every day
    At least once ,
    I yearn a look at your
    Blissful face.

    I can't explain the peace
    That transcends into my soul
    At the sight of you

    Oh My lord,
    Though you prevail everywhere
    You are omnipresent
    I still yearn to see you
    Every single day.

    And when I dont
    I can't seem to breathe,
    I can't seem to Get any thing done
    I feel my energy begone.

    When I feel you,
    I am whole again
    When eat with you
    I am full again
    The sleep in your arms
    Are better than the best mattress

    For you behold all that is good in me
    You see my potential and encourage me
    For you feel like home
    To me.

  • david_evare 3w

    Sometimes You Seek New Highs And Sometimes You Seek New Depths.

    Understanding That Both Are Infinite And Beautiful.


  • uttkarsh_15 5w

    Science aur space thoda zyaada hi ho gaya
    I guess ��
    #cosmic #interstellar #poem #hearts

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    Your presence smells like the beautiful redroses ,
    More beautiful than my poems and proses,
    You're words tastes
    Just like the sweet nectar,
    Even the universe loves it
    In betwixt infinite vector
    You look so pretty and naughty
    Like the sweet n sour
    sugar and limes
    I fall short of words
    When I try to weave you in
    My rom rhymes
    I hear your sounds through my heart and soul,
    I mesmerise the moments talking to you
    I feel us as the soulmates and a whole
    We never felt our skins ,
    But we have a soul touch
    Our cosmic souls are intertwined in the
    As The supernovas and the stardust such

  • ericajean 6w

    #cosmic #strong #activist #hair #sun

    I am a love locked monster
    In a landlocked voice of consciousness
    An outcast-
    Swimming upstream in a battered mind
    Full of tenderloin tenderheaded-ness

    Bloated with dead water,
    Smoothed in the fragrance of
    Blue fire
    My hands are held high
    I praise the invisible

    Raise the temporary socio-eco

    With iron-wings and heated hate
    I look for light that cuts the ignorance

    Knives of steel
    Blank words my Achilles heel

    Beautiful notes are crunched
    In vocal c(h)ords from
    Screams in defiance
    While sexy, while dexy while Pro
    Black Gold

    This could be why my hair is coily,
    This could be why my hair is kinky
    This could be why my comb’s teeth break
    This could be why my strands extol

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    My kinky strands are soft wires kissing Ra's warm face


  • daisy_pens 17w


    //My father
    implanted in me
    seeds of sublime honesty

    Transcending his cosmic shade
    in ambrosial fragrance of perpetuity
    My father taught me to fly
    Fly like a seagull !

    Amidst the bedlam of perplexities
    He introduced me with calmness
    Like Silence after Hurricanes
    And Rainbows after storms

    Starting from him to me
    Is the prism of Humanity
    Rhythming in unfathomable bliss

    And reverberating again from my heart
    To thousands of strangers
    being the downpour of heavenly solace ! //

    By: @daisy_pens

    (I will remain ever indebted to my father for endless reasons...❤️)
    Dedicated to my father ,all the fathers of the Globe,and single mothers who showers their love with unfathomable grace )

    Lots of love ����
    From ~ Himakshi Saud .

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @readwriteunite
    #mirakeeassistant #father #fathersday #love #life #cosmic
    #wod #pod

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    Transcending his cosmic shade
    In ambrosial fragrance of perpetuity
    My father taught me to fly
    Fly like a sea-gull !
    Starting from him to me
    Is the prism of Humanity
    Rhythming in unfathomable bliss

    And reverberating again from my heart
    To thousands of strangers
    Being the downpour of heavenly solace !


  • _fallen_angel_ 17w

    Lost in the abyss,
    my poetic soul.
    In a parallel universe,
    Or maybe a black hole.

    Or maybe a black hole,
    Discovering new versions of me.
    An entity unsung,
    An alternate reality.

    An alternate reality,
    the truth be told.
    Wholesome space, time & matter
    A multiverse to behold.

    A multiverse to behold.
    Where me & myself parallelly glide.
    As infinity unfolds,
    Me & Myself as tiny specs, may eventually collide.

    #multiverse #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #wordporn #poetry
    #poetrycommunity #cosmic #paralleluniverse #alternatereality

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    @writersnetwork Thanks a lot for your like ❤

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  • rhythmic_beats 22w

    Lavender field: poetry
    Walking galaxy: poet
    Lavender sparkling stars: words

    Art dances to the tunes of life
    Crowned by cascade of expressions.
    Like moon glows in the night when
    The sun leaves a warm kiss
    On the craters to rise, when
    Melody of twilight zephyrs the sky,
    Lavender field sings the
    Rhythmic metaphors by
    Incarnating them to vivid ballads,
    When a walking galaxy sprinkles
    Some lavender sparkling stars
    To the vast peaceful white island.
    Saturn rings couple up to
    Streaming syllables of a sonnet.
    Lavender field drapes to butterfly nebula
    Embracing pulchritudinous concrete silhouettes.
    When moon plays hide and seek
    Lavenders dye the pages to elegy;
    Moon absorbs those grey lavender fields
    And sobs the vulnerability.
    Lavender fields mirror themselves to
    Palindrome verses as life travels
    A palindrome journey between
    Life and death.
    Most lavender fields blossom
    When moon gazes sitting in
    The audience seat, where the navy sky
    Plays the music of emotional tides
    And lavenders swim in the ocean of white sea.
    Cosmic beauty are melodious metaphors
    Who add sonority to the art of poetry.

    When moon gazes the lavender field
    Sitting in the audience chair,
    The cosmic metaphors applause
    Its sublimity.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Today is #astronomyday. And I believe #universe is our eternal audience who listens and adds beauty to our poetries. So yes, I love my audience especially moon and stars and they love me too��✨

    Will respond soon. Not well.

    #audience #cosmic #metaphors
    #poetry #beauty #wod
    #rhythmic_beats @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    When moon gazes the lavender field
    Sitting in the audience chair,
    The cosmic metaphors applause
    Its sublimity.

  • dawnflorish 24w

    Hello! Eveyone
    I'm new here, show some love and support.♡
    If you like what i write.✒

    #spark #dawnflorish #dawn
    #cosmic #newbae

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    Stars spark the cosmic beauty,
    within the darkness. ~♥~


  • rodney 25w

    24th April, 2021.
    10:16 p.m.

    I mentioned Bazzi's Cosmic because I've been listening to it in a loop. ��
    One Hella album!

    #bazzi #cosmic #bazzicosmic

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    Singer's symphony.

    Yes, I can sing.
    Yes, I'm willing to bet my vocals against your claim of throwing insults.

    Yes, I'd do it all over again,
    Over and all over again.

    If you're given with a voice to express your emotions,
    But is forced to restrain underneath the opinions of a few civilians—
    Would I be a testament to my resilience?
    Or, a mockingbird to your influence?

    As long as I breathe,
    And as long as my life keeps happening—
    I'll keep singing.

    I'll keep singing,
    Shouting out my lungs to bleed in your ears.

    As long as the earth rustles the autumn leaves on its face,

    As long as my lover's hands splashes water on her face to clear my skin,

    I'll keep writing stories,
    Songs and screenplays to the music we keep listening to.

    Over and all over again.
    (Bazzi's Cosmic)


  • james_taumas 25w


    Ancient god
    Gas titan prison
    On Europa
    Under freezing seas
    Sunken eldritch city
    Sister to Atlantis
    Name in alien tongue
    It's populace devolved
    Punished for devotion
    Tentacle horrors now
    They pray to Jupiter.


  • pari_phrasis 25w


    His tongue in to and fro motion
    devouring the salty tang of her galaxy.
    Her mouth simultaneously, bestowing him
    with warm cosmic ecstasy.


  • by2_coffee 29w

    Befriend Thy Shadow

    If not for dark,
    Light wouldn't be.
    Much of light,
    Can also be blinding.
    Balance is the key;
    Thus, Cosmos breathes.


  • aachiram 30w

    My consciousness
    doesn't let me sleep,
    My subconscious realm
    doesn't let me wake up.
    But that adds the spice to what I think,
    Coz thats where
    I see things coming up,

    From Wondering why I exist,
    To where I gotta go.
    Feeling those cosmic rays striking my head,
    I wonder
    why I wonder
    over wonders
    for what I wonder!!

    Huh! Kinda weirdo (≧▽≦)

    #Me #cosmic #fever #curious
    #cosmos #world #weird
    #mirakeee #love #him

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    With the rising sun
    And a new day,
    The conscious me wakes up
    wandering and try to cope up with "dreams" where my subconscious mind tried to show me
    The glimpses of
    some parallel timelines,
    probable events,
    town of paradoxes,
    Infinite grounds,
    horrible past, and
    A weird world with absurd laws of physics.

    Isn't that enough to stay curious?


  • orfayus 34w

    Cicada Sings Sorrow

    Mystic smuldering 
    in miasma of time,
    primed in tomes 
    sequestered with ag'ed
    passing pages 

    Razing around ag'ed
    rhythms singeing soft 
    dy'ng wilting leaves 
    tilted now pass'ed along
    well trodden trail
    swimming in



  • by2_coffee 35w

    'Without God, nothing in this world will satisfy you. And it is significant that God tries to tempt us away from Him with material lures; He wants to know whether we want the Giver, or only His gifts.'

    -Paramahansa Yogananda

  • the_village_poet 38w

    Scatter The Stars

    In a state of cosmosis
    Riding the wings of a soul
    Words fly by
    At the speed of light
    Time is swallowed
    In black holes
    On a runaway train
    I scatter the stars
    Pack up my past
    Inside cosmic cars
    Tagged by the ghosts
    From each grave in my mind
    All inscribed with keywords
    Found in fairytales, tragedies
    The demonic and the divine.

    A ride so unforgettable
    The train
    Is winding down
    Around the bands
    Of a galaxy
    Just beyond the midnight clouds
    A destination imagined
    Inspired only by a dream
    Stepping onto the platform
    A path of stars sparkle
    Stretch out beneath my feet
    I skip across them in wonder
    Like stones across a creek
    Leading me to the other side
    To the dream where you wait.

    © Stacey Welsh ☘️
    - Scatter The Stars -
    January 16, 2021

  • sapphire_scribe 40w


    We had our own language
    Our own special magic
    Between us
    Sizzling like a firefly
    Something so pure
    A rare cosmic intimacy we've shared
    That no one else could ever dream of....

  • randomvariable 42w


    A billion lights, twinkling among themselves.
    Centuries wait, drowning themselves into a flash of bright light.
    Is this the day one of them will embark on an adventure?
    A journey made by their fathers and forefathers before.
    A journey to the distant blue dot.
    Look a shooting star, she pointed it out.
    I stare at it thinking for hours;
    With my head pressed hard to the earth.
    The sky is so tragically beautiful;
    A graveyard of stars.

  • normancrane 44w

    As I Lay Decaying

    I remember sharp morning light piercing the trees.

    Glacial wind.

    The voluminous silence.

    I remember the heaviness of my backpack, the crunch of the undiscovered under my boots, and the awe of solitude in the mountains.


    Sudden emptiness underfoot—

    My body descending while my mind lingers, immobile for a few more sensations of its final landscape, as my soul, or whatever binds mind to body, stretches like an elastic...

    Until the downward pressure is irresistible and my mind snaps back:

    The unfathomable sensation of impact.

    The horrid pain.

    Followed by the merciful snapping of the neck. Audible, echoing…


    The coarse sound of my own breathing.

    No feeling below the jaw.

    No mobility except the eyes, through which the darkness slowly dissipates, revealing the grey sky of an autumn afternoon across which scatter the black crows of despair.

    When you've nothing but thoughts, thoughts achieve a terrifying dimension.

    I should have told someone where I was hiking.

    They won't find me in time.

    I expect to die because such is the rational expectation. If not coldness, dehydration, or eventually starvation. Perhaps an animal ripping apart my throat. Perhaps madness.

    But my body does not die. My cognition endures.

    The minutes fall away.


    A rain shower passes, moistening my face and throat. Although I have no voice, my mouth must be open.

    Night chills me.

    I hear ruthless nocturnal predation.

    I persist.

    On the break of the seventh day, a bird perches on my weathered face and drops a split worm into my mouth.

    Insects follow, and I imagine them as a parade of nourishment marching single-file within me.

    My broken body begins to decay.

    At night, wolves tear away the dead and dying flesh.

    Ants eat skin off my face.

    Autumn cocoons me in her fallen leaves.

    But always a creature drags them from my eyes, so that I see the clouds, the fluid sky, the surpassing of time by time. Months. Human legs step over without stopping, without identification. The leaves disintegrate. Snow accumulates like dust. Spring reveals dirt, moss and a mound with eyes. Years. I must be consciousness in a skull by now. I remember:

    As I lay decaying, the wolf with the woman's eyes would not close my eyes as I descended into Hades.

    I lose time.

    So many skies have passed.

    When the she-wolf gazes down upon me as if at her own reflection—

    I understand.

    That night I prowl through her eyes.

    I learn to bend my fingers: roots, branches; my arms: trunks; and feel through my antennae: swaying grass…

    How good the first taste of human meat, lashed by vines and ripped apart, consumed in the darkest caves. But humanity is mere appetizer. What I crave is civilization. To grind flesh and skyscrapers into sludge, to spear tanks and eviscerate data centers, to pull down airliners as effortlessly as a frog catches flies. But I am young, and long shall on your decaying world I feast.