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  • beautybunny 17w


    Be shocked and amazed
    That I keep pressing on.
    With every stumble I smile
    And make it into a hit song.

    With every discouraging thought
    Comes TEN acts of kindness
    With every motive that's questioned
    Leaves others stuck in silence.

    Be shocked and amazed
    As I give you a piece
    Not a piece of my mind
    But the peace I have within me

    We're taking the world by storm
    But they can't hear the thunder
    Cause their blind, deaf, and mute
    And walking around in a slumber.

    We're shocking and amazing
    Fourteen prophecies at a time
    It's only so much damage left to do
    Before our Creator draws the line.

    The anticipation is driving us
    In and out of focus
    Despite the spirit of the air
    We're putting the world on notice

    So let's Shock and Amaze
    As God's Great Day comes
    Cause while their life course is ending
    Ours has only just BEGUN!!!

  • beautybunny 17w


    You slay me, you pull me
    You throw me to the ground.

    You think you can taunt me
    By muffling my sound.

    You think you can win me
    By removing my soul mates.

    And Making me feel like
    I'm drenched In my mistakes.

    And the way things are looking
    You're getting your way.

    Cause I can't see through my eyes
    How I'm gonna stay.

    Stay focused, stay determined
    And fight till the death.

    Cause I'm panting and moaning
    And losing my breath.

    But here I am running
    And playing tug-a-war

    And I'm tugging and waring
    And tryna stay abreast.

    What is it with you anyway
    Why don't you give me peace?

    You follow me everywhere
    And you won't let me sleep.

    Constantly badgering me
    With words of weakness.

    And Constantly telling me
    That I will never be nothing.

    I use God’s gifts
    To silence your doubts

    Cause for me I don't see
    Any other way out.

    His gifts remind me
    Of the things You can't see

    So I throw fear aside
    Because You are ME!!!