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  • crescent_corner 2w

    Those who experience setbacks
    Only they can create new setmarks....

  • benny_lambchop 22w

    Love of Liquor

    Ain't nothing like the love of liquor
    The elixir that will make me sicker
    Drop into the drink
    To depths never imagined
    In-between the blissful void
    My fears have been packaged
    Bottled inside
    Ignited by pain
    Fear has consumed me
    A coffin of my own
    Propped up on top of garbage
    Drunk off my own shame
    Ain't nothing like the liquor of love
    The elixir that will set me free

  • sins_of_creation 27w

    What is this
    You speak of
    The ache in the torso
    Ghosts in the night
    Pulling at the strings


  • restless_nib 29w

    Functioning with grief isn’t easy. The need to be strong fights with the need to be breakdown every day. Those blessed with friends and family also know that the deepest depths of grief are swum through alone. The light of the day and love brings shared joy and hopes. Yet, for sure those moments before elusive sleep comes are yours alone.
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    Hello morning. Hello night.

    Hello morning
    Time to add back the layers of happiness
    And the top coat of bravery that gets me through each day

    A now practised move
    Putting the lid back on the dark deep
    That threatens to engulf me but somehow doesn’t

    It will be night before long
    And those moments before sleep
    Will never fail to visit me in the dark

    Regret coexists with hope
    Fear tinges forward thinking
    Tears flow, with pause but never to stop

    Grief that has descended low
    Not seen outside but coiled in layers below the surface
    I know it is sharp for it has splintered me inside

    I now exist within myself in many parts
    She who will never move on
    She who can laugh and be merry

    She who can be a fun mother
    She who dreads being a single parent
    Each of those she's is now me

    This too shall pass
    I repeat unconvincingly
    Hello night


  • restless_nib 29w

    In losing my life partner I lost not only my husband, but my best friend, my soul mate, my co parent and my champion.
    It isn’t easy to let go and for months and even now more than 5 years since he passed, I feel his presence. This poem written a few months after he passed was my way of coping by expressing how I felt.
    #grief #loss #mourning #moving-forward #love #coping

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    My Phantom Husband

    I see the word ‘Widowed’ on a form
    Doesn't seem to apply to me though
    Am I still not your wife?

    I know I am sane
    For I work, I parent, I meet friends
    But that feeling you're still with me

    Is it madness
    Is it my version of grief
    Like a severed limb you linger on

    They may call me mad
    If I tell them I still feel you
    On the other side of our bed

    I wonder if I am mad
    When my projection of you
    Talks to my own mind voice

    I reach out for your lycra-clad being
    Walking across my bed as I wake up
    How was your ride today?

    I read a political headline
    I ask you did you see this
    You answer, not here but in my head

    When she does something, our little girl,
    I look to where you should be standing
    And I know you're smiling that smile

    When I do something stupid
    It is your voice that chides me
    Asking me questions I can’t answer

    I sit at a function and I swear
    I know what you're wearing as you sit next to me
    Your chuckle, your shouts to friends, I hear you

    Over13 years, I gave you a piece of me
    And a part of you seems fused in my brain
    Removing the physical you, doesn't change that

    Someone asks, are you able to move on
    How do I answer honestly
    I am moving forward yes, but moving on?

    They who comfort me
    Only know you are dead
    Not that you linger for me

    Denial or coping? This sense of you
    Forced to leave, you somehow remain
    Forever with me, my phantom husband


  • nikolina 37w


    I inhale and all your harsh words and lies,
    the injustice and criticism,
    infuse my body with heaviness and sadness
    I exhale with regret:
    what if I did things differently?
    I inhale and self-doubt fills my veins with questions of worthiness
    In emptiness of silence
    I start to hear the tender voice of love approaching
    I cover my ears in disbelief
    Love persists through the sounds of familiar faces
    I exhale with shy tenderness and calm
    I inhale the acceptance
    and exhale a burst of tears
    I inhale and determination raises my temperature
    I exhale a scream


  • queenwillow 42w

    Music was my first love and I mean that in all seriousness. It has always been that coping mechanism for me and I think that's why I write. Well I mean I know that's why I write. I have so many musical influences both here and gone and seriously I am so thankful for them all. Their words in their songs found a way to heal what needed to be, when I couldn't do it myself. If you don't like music I'm sorry but you're not right. ��

    #musicalinfluencers #idols #music #writing #poets #the27club #musicalangels #december2020 #healers #coping #art #passion #spirit #soul

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    My Musical Angels

    Not in any particular order:

    Jim Morrison
    Kurt Cobain
    Mac Miller
    Bob Marley
    Jimi Hendrix
    Janis Joplin
    Axel Rose
    John Lennon
    Syd Barrett
    Tom Petty
    Marvin Gaye
    Michael Jackson
    Chris Cornell

    Oh my gosh I know there's more but I can't think properly right now . . . .

    REST IN PEACE BEAUTIFUL ANGELS. I love you all so much ❤

  • adunbar 43w


    There is no pattern here
    nothing solid to lash my mind to
    to get used to
    the idea of

    Her face is a diffusion
    of traumatized pixels
    blown into something unrecognizable
    not for her sake but for mine
    for the sake of my freedom
    for the sake of my soul
    for the chance to welcome
    that little boy home
    for him to know that we survived
    with dignity and honour eventually

    So her face her name her person remains
    I cannot destroy what I can't see
    can't seek vengeance on what I can't I.D.
    can't kill what remains unknown to me

  • mentally_till 52w

    Admit It

    The other night during a breakdown I admitted that I knew you weren't real. That I knew that I've been talking to no one this entire time. Not a ghost, absolutely no one.

    I've been alone all this time. I must forget and go back into denial. You're still my best friend.

  • mentally_till 52w


    I wouldn't have minded growing old with you. Growing old alone is horrifying. It won't stop, won't slow down.

    I remember when we were kids. Feels like just a few months ago that we were teenagers. 21 now, but soon I'll be old. I wonder what our lives would have looked like.

  • universalsoul_rohit 56w

    Doesn’t stopped seeking
    I just keeping writing when my soul gets wet whenI lose my heart


  • tardigrade 65w

    If portals could lead

    An old friend had once declared,
    there were portals to the next world unseen
    There's a piece of me that has held on to this knowledge imparted at thirteen

    If portals could lead
    I would love to meet
    my friends and my family
    Who live on in my memory.
    Meet my first nanny
    Who'd talk slightly funny
    tell her about her granddaughter
    How they share the same laughter..

    I'd meet Nitin and finally go out to eat
    Talk about his family giving us a birthday treat
    Ask Guru why he chose such a violent end
    What were the things together we couldn't mend.
    I'd cry to Robin, until he'd make me laugh
    On a starter cap, would get an autograph.
    Meet Winu's Mom and watch her eyes smile ,
    As I tell how her kid made Saya his wife.

    If portals could lead
    I'd take a trip with my future kid
    Take them to meet their old mans dad
    Who'd make'em laugh until their minds go mad.
    I'd also meet my long lost uncle
    My mother thinks of him as a guardian angel.
    Then finally gruntled, I'd make an early start
    Full of memories and a heavy heart
    For the last time explain to them their worth
    And then ask for directions back to earth.

    I'd go back for their birthdays
    and other times I would need
    If portals could
    really lead

  • wespadeshere 69w

    By now
    I've mastered the art
    Of forgetting who I am
    Again and again.
    When did I become so good
    At not being good?


  • raindropsoncacti 71w

    Full Face/Made Up

    Foundation to cover foundations of trauma.
    Concealer to conceal that I'm entirely drained.
    Highlighter to project a highlights reel instead.
    Eye shadow to hide dark memories that left me pained.

    Rosy cheeks, as thoguh all is sunshine and roses.
    Clear mascara, as it doesn't show lines from my tears.
    A sweet fragrance, as if "all is sweet", to reach their noses
    So nobody sniffs out the agony I've endured for years.

    All this make-up so I can make up that all is well.
    Hair done up, because I'm done, laced with perfume.
    That's what it takes for me to step outside at late
    Rather than curl up in a ball in my room.

    Don't think for a moment if you see me
    That I'm feeling glamourous or prioritising vanity.
    This full-face facade is the mask I wear
    To get through today with a semblance of sanity.


  • tumwesigye 75w


    I held you right and just.
    You were the light in my day everyday.
    I did hold you high and never brought you down at any point even though the dynamics changed.
    But you made a decision that it wasn't enough.
    And that's okay. Anything for your happiness.
    Afterall, it better to love and lose than to never have loved at all.


  • thehiddenkitten 79w

    Wasted my stories on you.
    Wasted my spirit on you.

    Wasted my time on you.
    Wasted my light on you.


  • thehiddenkitten 79w

    I still have me

    The human mind is capable of reconstructing pain into art, translating damage to beauty. Sadness can be magnificent. In times like this, my idealism is a blessing, a perfect balance to my vulnerable heart. I will have faith. The me that I love is still here. I still have her❤


  • skyblaster 82w


    I sat by the river that stared n steered in infinite greens
    Damn i felt i m looking outside of me
    After the urban life runnin day n night
    There was blankness of mind
    With nothin goin inside ,just a blankspace
    As i kept staring in the wild

  • legacy_love 83w

    "Sometimes I just want to get away from the world then come back when I'm ready to cope with Toxicity "

  • saturn_poet 83w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #coping #together #community
    Right now I'm sure many of us feel like this may very well be the beginning of the end of the world and it's hard to feel okay when everything is so wrong, but it's important to remember that for some people things have always been wrong. Even after this hardship is over, things will still be going wrong. Maybe not for you, your family, or your friends, but somewhere.
    The world is always going wrong for some and right for others. Somewhere out there, someone is rejoicing one of the happiest days of their lives while someone else is living their last.
    The hugeness of our diverse world means that every day is always the apocalypse and the beginning of something new at the same time, for all of us.
    It's part of what it means to be human to acknowledge and accept this fact of life and learn to live with it. For myself as a new writer, sometimes I have to work hard to find my center amidst all of this chaos. Not every day, but it still takes dedication to center myself enough to still be able to create my poetry. This is part of who I am.
    But during these troubling times, please don't forget what it means to be human. Be kind, even when others aren't looking. Be generous with your time for the ones that matter most. Be loving towards those that may need it right now. Be mindful to those around you. We're all counting on each other's willingness to cooperate and work together to get through this.

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    - keep going

    even though
    right now it
    feels like we're
    all going
    through hell
    please keep
    after all
    why would
    you want to
    stop when
    you're stuck
    in hell?