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  • just_laugh 2d

    तमाम क़ायनात में एक क़ातिल बीमारी की हवा हो गई...,
    वक़्त ने कैसा सितम ढाया, दूरियां ही दवा हो गई...|

  • barbad 4d

    #please find the writer for me

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    मुझे कब्रों से डर नहीं लगता
    मेरे बाबा वहीं पर रहते है

  • barbad 4d

    मैं! खो जाऊँगा, मिल के
    मुझसे! बात करा कर...!

  • manaswitasen 4d

    #copied @mirakee @ mirakee_assistant @writersnetwork #war #poetry #reality
    By unknown writer

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    By a soilder...

    If I die in a war zone,
    Box me up and send me home.

    Put my medals on my chest,
    Tell my mom I did my best.

    Tell my dad not to bow,
    He won't get tension from me now.

    Tell my brother to study perfectly,
    Key of my bike will be his permanently.

    Tell my sister not to be upset,
    Her bro will not rise after sunset.

    Tell my nation not to cry,
    "Because I'm a soilder born to die".

    It's a poem by a soilder.

  • rim_gor 1w

    By unknown writer
    Sketch credit: me

    उपासना- प्रेम था मीरा का,
    कृष्ण को आराध्य बना दिया।

    दाम्पत्य- प्रेम था रुक्मिणी का,
    कृष्ण को पति बना दिया।

    उन्मुक्त- प्रेम था राधा का,
    कृष्ण को कृष्ण ही रहने दिया।

    राधे राधे ����

    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork

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    राधे कृष्ण

  • laughter_to_spread07 2w


    Stop looking at people on social media thinking their lives are perfect..
    We all struggle.
    We all cry..
    We all use filters.

  • rim_gor 3w

    #copied from pintrest

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  • arun_g 3w

    हमारी नफ़रतो की आग मे,
    सब कुछ न जल जाए,
    इस बस्ती मे हम दोनों को,
    आइंदा भी रहना है

  • dee1998 3w

    Rational thinking and emotional intelligence only exist in tandem.

  • laughter_to_spread07 4w


    All children dream.
    Some dream of fairies & dancing with them.
    Some dream of growing wings & flying in blue skies.
    Some dream of marrying a prince or a princess.
    Some dream of becoming an Astronaut or a firefighter.
    Some dream of warm cookies & a glass of cold Milk.

    And all I ever dreamt was...

    For my nightmares to Stop.

  • itz_kas 6w

    //A faint clap of thunder Even if rain comes not I will stay here - Garden of words: a tanka
    Together with you//

    I tickle your feet lovingly like an incoming wave that washes against the shore, you giggle heartily before whispering incomplete sentences in my ear and then you pull away, your eyes questioning mine and I can't help but smile back because now my mind knows how to comprehend your words whether on the tip of your tongue or at the back of your mind.

    The sound of waves crashing against the shore, the vast ocean before us, everything ushers me back to your eyes, back to you; I quickly draw a vague comparison between the past and the present, without even thinking about the foreseeable future, we are together, unscathed, afloat and I am thankful to be alive and next to you.

  • kelvin_mathew98 6w

    #copied കടമെടുത്ത വാക്കുകൾ #malayalam

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    പെട്ടന്നു വിളിച്ചു കരയാൻ ഒരു ബെസ്റ്റ് ഫ്രണ്ടിനെ നോക്കുന്നു.....

    വെറുതെ അടുത്തിരുന്നു കരയാൻ സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യമുള്ളവരോട് (വളരെ കുറച്ചു പേർ)
    ഞാൻ തന്നെയാണ് അകന്നതെന്ന് തിരിച്ചറിയുന്നു.....

    ഒറ്റക്ക് കാരയാനാവില്ലെന്ന് തിരിച്ചറിയുന്നു.....
    കടപ്പാട് :സച്ചിൻ ചേട്ടായി

  • intiza 7w

    We don't think about the terror of one person, aching in one place alone, untouched, unspoken to, watering a plant, being without a telephone that will never ring bacause there isn't one.

  • intiza 7w

    جی ڑھونڈھتا ہے گھد کوی دونون جھاں سے دور
    اس آپ کی زمین سے الگ آسماں سے دور ۔

    I am in search of a home far away from this world
    Apart from this earth of yours , away from sky

  • barbad 8w

    ख़ाक हो जायेंगे हम
    तुमको ख़बर होने तक

    #i can't remember the writer's name

    #Here is the remix

    ख़ाक हो जायेंगे हम
    तुमको ख़बर होने तक

    इश़्क में तुमको सबर होने तक


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    मैं अगर कहूँ के
    तुम भी हमको
    अच्छे लगते हो
    तो क्या मैं गलत हूँ?
    गलती तुम्हारी भी
    बराबरी की है
    के तुम हमको
    अच्छे लगते हो

  • tooli_singh 8w

    इश्क़ पहला, दूसरा या तीसरा नहीं होता,
    इश्क़ वही है जिसके बाद कभी इश्क़ ना हो।

  • mrmayankmishraa 10w

    ये जो मोहब्बत तुम्हारी मुरझा गई सायद फूल जैसी मोहब्बत थी तेरी।
    ये जो तुम अब बदले बदले नजर आ रहे हो सायद मौसम जैसी मोहब्बत थी तेरी ।

  • tny_agr_wal 10w

    My feelings get their home in some lines ......so yeah #copied but #FELT

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    Tere sath na sahi hum chalke dekhenge ......
    Tere bina hi sahi hum jee ke dekhenge....
    Tu sath ho na ho , hum raah takte rahenge ....
    Tere bina hi sahi hum jee ke dekhenge .....................

  • arun_g 11w

    By unknown writer

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    क़िताब-ए-दिल का कोई भी स़फा
    ख़ाली नहीं होता...

    दोस्त वहाँ भी हाल पढ़ लेते हैं,
    जहाँ कुछ लिखा नहीं होता...

  • happy_soul9 11w

    i’m a call away, i promise.

    i know you’re going through something. and you’re right when you say i don’t understand because i haven’t been through it, but i don’t want you to go through it all alone.

    just know, you’ve me. you can always turn to me to talk about things that hurt you. i may not know how to solve your problems, but i can always share that burden.

    i like how very few people know what you’re going through. you put on this smile and unfazed attitude – no one seems to notice that there’s something wrong. i believed it, too, you know? until one evening, you told me the truth.

    you said you regret it – but i hope you didn’t. you wondered if you made the right decision by showing your bad parts. i wish i could make you believe.

    i’m sorry that the world was unkind to you, but this does not define the kind of person you are, and it makes me feel bad if this world is making you question your worth.

    i need you to know that you aren’t alone, even if it might feel this way right now. you don’t have to run away from what you’re feeling, just don’t let it consume you.

    like i said, i’m a call away, i promise.


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