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  • puzzledgirl 33w


    "It's gonna rain soon! Let's get inside! "
    "But what if we go out, what if we don't hide?"

    "What are you taking about? Are you mad? "
    "I just wanna see the raindrops on the lily pad.
    I wanna see the grasses turning dewy green,
    Wanna soak in the drizzle, please don't intervene. "

    "The flash of the lightening will blind our sight,
    The voltage of thunder will turn our blood white,
    Even if we get past those what about the cold?
    Why are you being so stubborn, don't make me scold! "

    "I'm not scared of scolding, I'm not scared of death,
    I just wanna feel the mizzle, holding my excited breath!
    I wanna see the lightening blazing a trail in the sky
    I wanna hear the thunderstorm roar 'The end is nigh'!

    Maybe the voltage will burn me
    Or the sound will make me deaf
    But I'll still dance to the tune of
    It's dwindling pitter patter clef.
    Don't look at what can go wrong
    Believe in the right and rid the sigh!
    Let's just breathe and live just a little
    before time catches us and we finally die! "

  • myscribbles79 34w

    A depressed soul

    Wake up,yet another day has come,
    With no dreams to pursue,no hopes in hand,
    No one beside,lonely as always
    Days were never like this,before!

    Messy hair, ugly teeth,with no charm on face,
    With no peace of mind,
    Locked up in the darkness of these walls,
    Lazy and lost,
    I was never like this before!

    Hiding from crowd,away from talks, away from friends,away from God,
    With anger in words,and madness in mind,
    A burden for loved ones,who suffered a lot,
    My deeds were never like these before!

    Beautiful like a flower,charming with a smile,
    Fresh and creative,confident within,
    Happy and peaceful with all I have,with only love and care for all around,
    With faith in God,and self love in abundance,
    This is whom I used to be before!
    This is whom I used to be before!


  • aparna_11 34w

    From me,
    To me

    I thought life's all about us and we,
    then I realized it's all about me.

    Somebody said even our shadow leaves when it gets dark,
    that's the spark.

    You win, you fail.
    You cry, you smile.
    You live, you die.
    Rest everything's a lie.

    Onething's right,
    All are in their own fight.
    In that way you are right,
    We are alike.


  • imdesire_ofrain 34w

    My self:

    Oh you are just an extension of who
    I am,Like how I'm just an extension of
    who you are..


  • _writer_at_heart_ 34w

    Self talk

    I stepped out from my den,
    Went to have some delicious food in a restaurant.
    On my way,i saw a beggar,
    Asking for money or some supper.

    I have had seen people in pain and distress,
    People who need attention and quick help.
    I have had seen many miseries,
    On my way, of many ways!
    Above was just an example that i conveyed.

    I have had seen people losing hope, facing undesirable situations,
    I have had seen myself too like one of them.
    Even when i said motivational things or words of wisdom,
    I often forget myself to stick to them!

    Actually all this is in our brain,
    Sadness and happiness are mere illusions, our brain diminish and create.

    The best thing to recall to get all these answer is , " it's part of life " or that, "it too shall pass".
    How we react, see and feel,
    All comes from our brain,
    And that's all where sadness and happiness lies.

    I have had seen mind living in discontent,
    And the people failing, falling and breaking, which none would imagine to face for oneself.
    We all want life to be easy and kind,
    Correct me, if there's something wrong, i said, i won't mind..!

    I met temporary people and selfish ones,
    I too met cruel and rude natured human.
    I met the opposite of what above i said,
    Some kind, some pure and some really good ones!

    Good or bad what actually it is ?
    What is right according to me, may be wrong according to you.

    What i felt wrong,may be nothing for them,
    They did what they follow and how they actually are as a human.

    Who decides what and how someone or something is ?
    What is defination of goodness,
    Where is its complete list, which can vary under everyone's prospects and wish ?

    I consider something right and fine.
    May be there will be people for them my right would be wrong which i can deny.
    And so on goes the infinte talk,
    I often do and search for apt answers for my myriad questions to haul.

    My topics are many,
    I am such a thinker and at times an over thinker,
    that let me do a self talk often and few here i sprinkled.

  • imdesire_ofrain 34w

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    (shall we talk )

    I know presently that most people are so closely concerned with themselves they are not aware of their individuality, including me as well I can see myself, she has helped me to say what I  wanted to say a long ago... 

    It's 1 am I found myself sleepless I went inside of me and find myself viewing the sky Looking at her I asked where you lost…… 

    by an aggressive look, she teased me wow now you're asking me where you been Lost if I'm right you're the one who lost me, madam
     after hearing this expected words by her with my sweet words I tried to make her clam Ok chill baby cool while with a confused manner she questioned me again by the way what are you doing here??

    I'm surprised to see you here.
    Her each word makes me blank 

    Surprised?? For  What?? She remains silence by staring at me 

      Its almost 2.00 am why are you still sleepless I asked

    by giggling, she whispered noting just enjoying the view what about you??

    Me: Im here for you…hmm If you don’t mind kadhaippoma (shall we talk )

    Myself: Yeah sure and we have to talk… because.. you're the one who tears me apart dragged me down even not taken care of me I got hurt its bleeding but you not even bandaged on it how painful is it do you know that but its doesn't matter for me I loved this pain and I can love even more because it caused by you.

    Me: I'm sorry  when a joyful and sorrows come together to attack me even sometimes I doubted you so I thought instead of making you suffer  why should I not make you free by these pain But again and again you keep  defeating me

    Myself:  my dear, you been a kite which is controlled by these worlds hand instead of making me free give me one chance Do you know once a boat at midnight sent alone to drift upon the moonless sea a lute whose leading chord is gone a wounded bird that hath but one imperfect wing to soar upon is like what you're without thee

    Me:  by keeping diamond within me I searched all over… my dear, I live in dreams my world is separate and strange when I dare to be powerful to use my strength in service of my vision then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid yes I am afraid of these humans world always I just want to runway…….

    Myself:  Ok let's go to all that place where ever you wanna go will run together and keep running by forgetting these world, by getting lost in our dreams but not on backward we run in the opposite direction by fighting the reality will overcome your fear just hold my hand let me come in your front to fight with you it's time for you to move, realizing that the thing you are seeking is also seeking you…. 


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    (shall we talk )