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    Happiness treasure

    Happiness is a treasure. Most of the people keep chasing it for their entire life, but they don't get an iota of it. On the contrary, a poor farmer is happy because he knows how to control his desires or wants.

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    'You there, have you seen the king's sceptre?', the chief of gaurds for the king cried as he went around with flyers of the king's sceptre in his hand. He looked very vexed like it were something very valuable to him that was stolen. Well, it was His Majesty's Sceptre, His Majesty's symbol of office that was missing. It was a kingdom problem and as a royal gaurd, it was definitely a deafening slap across his face.
    His majesty, Sir Fidelis Warren has a countenance so gloomy on the issue at hand that he would neither eat nor drink anything. He would not even speak to anyone but just stared up at the fine ceiling embellishments. He wondered how he would recover the stolen sceptre from whoever it was that had stolen it. The sceptre was quite a find, expensive and very precious. Without it, the town of Lugwid could not referred to as a people. All around the town, news filters about the occurrence and everyone is sent into panic mode wondering how they would live without a king. Sir Fidelis was not dead but he was not a king without his sceptre. Sure he had his regalia of a crown and a royal garment but all of that meant nothing without the sceptre. Without the sceptre, it was all just a cloth and crown that anyone could just walk into any supermarket in Lugwid or beyond and purchase cheaply but the sceptre was more precious than gold. This was a situation that had never occured in the history of the town of Lugwid but the palace had become more porous security-wise and flexible, privacy-wise that anyone could enter any part of the place without any special protocol since a number of people had brought petitions claiming that the king was far away from and very inaccessible to the people. Now this happened.
    His majesty, Sir Fidelis Warren could only imagine how stiff he would make the palace immediately he was able to recover his staff of office, there would be six gruelling stages one would need to go through before one could gain access again to him because he believed it is a matter of overfamiliarity that brought this shame upon the royal palace and the entire town of Lugwid.

    There was no reason for anyone within the town to steal the staff of office because he made sure he had implemented enough policies to make sure everyone lived comfortably and without as much as a single want so who could have done this act. Immediately, he commanded the arrest and detention of every foreigner in the town to ascertain which of them is behind the theft. Rounding them off and realizing they were so many, he narrows the list down to those who had accessed the palace which brought the list down to two person. Everyone followed closely the proceedings like their lives depended on it, eager to know who would be squashed by the winepress of the law and served as wine to the throats of its penitentiary for the lesson of his life which he would only be so lucky to live to relay.
    Jonah and Deval were the names of the two foreigners standing trial on the matter after the others had been cleared by the government on having nothing to do with the missing staff of office. If only they could know the truth by looking them in their eyes and recognizing the truly Innocent and the vilely guilty but that was impossible so investigations continued.
    A few of the citizens came up with an accusation against Jonah claiming to have seen him earlier with the staff of office and claimed to have questioned him on why he had committed such an abomination but he defiantly ignored their questions and told them the king was not suitable for kingship and that was the reason he had purposed by the theft of the staff of office to commandeer the town for himself but it was all balderdash. Deval was the real criminal and had planned with the accusers to pin the crime on Jonah for the fact that they had their own personal scores to settle.
    Jonah was innocent of all charges but what prompted Sir Fidelis' suspicion of his being perpetrator of the heinous crime against the state was his silence in the midst of Deval's heated defense being which Sir Fidelis and his committee of investigators took for admission to the crime. Deval's argument seemed to really sway the king and his investigators so much so that without any further investigation, Jonah was sentenced to death by hanging particularly because he would not show the king and his investigators to the place where he had hid the staff of office.

    Within seconds, a section of the king's sentry, in green military combat wears and solid shiny black boots take him up by his arms in theirs and drag him away to the prison to await execution the next day. They had some very hard hands, rugged and stony they would almost crush anyone they held in them. Jonah wept in the pains of their clutches but consoled himself that by his death, his pain would soon be over. He would have been all happy at the putting him out of the misery of the false accusations but the pains of torture filtered into his porous skin for the rest of the day and into the next morning.
    By the next morning, the day of his execution, he is woken up by the whiplash from a soldier gaurd at the prison where he is held. Jerking up his feet, he let out some tears. Looking very weak, he is beaten regardless to pick up the pace to the place of execution pulling behind him his element of execution- a board with nails-he would hoisted up in a parachute and thrown down onto it, killing him instantly or if he were lucky- a few minutes in gruelling pain before giving up the ghost.
    Reconsidering the idea of dropping him unto a board of nails after hoisting him 200 feet above the ground, His Majesty, Sir Fidelis Warren orders that he be pardoned for the crime positing that although the crime is abominable, it should be pardoned or judgement less stifer for something as insignificant as a staff but the people would not have it instead they agitated even more for his execution.
    Sir Fidelis unwilling to pursue any further the proceedings orders that he be kept out of whatever decision they decide to take on the matter seeing that they would not rest until Jonah's blood gushed out from him like a tap for their drinking pleasure.
    Quick to see to Jonah's death, the people rustle up an arena at a tree for his hanging. Each of them would later wonder why exactly they decided to support his death against all opposite indications. Dragging him to the tree, a rope is rung around his neck while mocking him for being so powerless against them at that moment whereas having the guts to have stolen the royal sceptre.
    Finally hung to die on the tree and certified dead, they all leave the venue in the surprising darkness as they could all swear that it was as bright as midday only a few minutes ago but here they were, staring at a darkness they could almost touch. Finding the occurrence very strange, they rush back to their homes to stay away from whatever danger may follow.
    ..Some hours later, he is brought down from the tree by his Majesty's soldiers, someone from amidst the crowd remarked 'Maybe this man was innocent and did not really steal the Sceptre. We probably murdered, in the name of justified execution, the wrong person'.
    Obtaining Jonah's body from the royal house, he was laid to final rest or so they thought. Deval thought to himself that in a little while when the heat of Jonah's death and missing sceptre dies down, he would overthrow the king and rule Lugwid permanently but he had no idea of what lay wait for him ahead.
    Three days after, news reaches Deval that Jonah had been spotted in three different locations at different times but he would not believing it maintaining that he had seen him and confirmed him dead and buried completely but hearing the stories continuously from different quarters of Lugwid, he knew it was something to panic about because he had barely started his tatkeover plan but this would put a spanner in his progress, he imagined.
    His Royal Majesty, Sir Warren would probably hand over the kingdom to Jonah seeing that he was unjustly punished even after telling the truth. The king as expected orders a manhunt for Deval. One Monday morning, Deval is taking a stroll around the town while devising a plan to forestall and foil the enthronement of Jonah as king when he is spotted by some members of the royal sentry. He is chased for a few minutes until he loses them in an alley. Realising the failure of his plan, Deval flees the town seeking asylum wherever he can find it believing that running now would be the best so that one day when the people of Ludwig least expect it, he will strike back and take the throne but as usual, he knows little.


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    Of our lives they took the wheel,
    was any of our love stories real?
    Maybe we trust too much what we feel,
    forgetting chemicals bend us to their will

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    Just think about it...
    09/20/2019 12.59am

    Not all problems gives you
    One makes you strong..
    Another teaches you a lesson..

    First you might fail on your problems
    Face it out makes you good at handling THEM..
    Then now it's in your control..

    Facing problems is like learn to drive bicycle..
    At start you don't know what it is..
    How to ride.. How much speed to get..
    How to turn.. How to break..
    When to accelerate... when to stop...
    When to cling the bell..


    you are well taught by your guide
    Whether you think confident now...
    Absolutely not..
    You have do it alone..
    Face it alone every situations..
    Then only you felt confident
    About you on bicycle drive...

    The thing is that first of all
    You have to learn things
    Whether it's about bicycle or life's problem
    You have to ask question to
    Whether I am OK to forward.. I am OK to face the problem an its consequences...

    For that all you need is 'CONTROL'
    it's the mother key..
    First you don't know what it is
    So that you are not In Control..
    You felt down.. Fail.. Unworthy...

    Now you failed once or enough
    It doesn't matters to you..
    You need to analyze your problems..
    Why it occurs.. How it occurs..
    Then only you could solve it..

    To succeed over your problems
    All you need is control
    To control your problems
    All you need is Analysis
    Then only you could solve it..

    So just simple..
    While in storm you have to wait..
    While stuck into problem
    Don't take any stupid decision
    Take your time
    Analyze it
    Know it completely...

    So be calm
    That makes you to see
    More clearly than often
    And now
    Ask simple questions..

    Why & How it happened..?
    How to solve it..?

    Then you know the answer..
    Do it..

    If you even fail at it
    Don't lose yourself
    And keep it in mind
    Those struggles and problems
    You faced earlier
    Makes you unstoppable...


  • deadlittlesongbird 3w

    No Control

    Some people are capable,
    The others clawing at
    Your hands on their throats.

    Submissive, some might say pathetic
    I was born sensitive,
    A doomed empathetic.

    Vulnerability is bitter,
    Your heart: the chasm
    My sweet usual self
    Has been consumed by pleasure.

    Chocolate and gin
    Smell the explosive mix,
    Drink in the revolting sin.

  • nosnaejwrites 3w

    What is it about things we can't control?
    It is alluring and exhilarating.
    I often stress over the idea.
    Yet that is the answer isn't it.
    Control and lack of it.
    My generation was told since young
    "You are special".
    Clearly a setup for entitled children who spazz out when things don't go our way.
    Do I feel spoiled by society these days?
    No, but back then surely I was the master of my destiny.
    In reality I shudder at responsibility,
    I am debilitated by anxiety,
    Held down by overwhelming sorrow
    And yes, exhausted about what I can't control.
    Seems like focusing on the external hides the internal turmoil..

  • yalangiqueeny 4w

    Always keep your emotions in control to get less hurt !


  • keithallencovell 4w

    (Looking To Skies)

    Man relies on man too much when we should be looking to skies for comfort and security. We get in our own ways because we want to control everything and allow fear of loss to bring us to reckless actions.


  • arshu_inks 4w

    It was when the time slowed down,
    The beauty of what I felt, learned and experienced,
    Was in the darkness of dawn,
    I saw you,
    With the ray of hope,
    You, As the angel in my eye,
    I controlled my breath,
    Which was like an explosion,
    I ran to you,
    To get closer to you,
    To make a sight into your black iris,
    I ran to you,
    I was irresistible,
    And I blindly knew you felt the same,
    As an evidence of your eyes,
    I realized,
    I fell in love with you,
    Irresistible I was,
    To see you,
    In you, with you,
    With the promise to stay, FOREVER,
    I confess that,
    I love you!

    #love #him #miss #you #loveyou #missyou #him #her #dawn #angel #eye #eyes #blind #realize #irresistible #loveletter #promise #see #sight #ran #forever #near #darkness #evidence #confess #confession #iloveyou #breath #explosion #control #black #iris #fell #felt #experience #beauty #rays #hope #time #slow #down #evidence

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    Love letter

    Irresistible I was to confess YOU!
    With the evidence of your black iris,
    I say,
    I love you!

  • preranarathi 4w

    बदल गया हूँ मैं

    हाँ, बदल गया हूँ मैं ,

    खुद के ही नए हिस्से से मिला हूँ मैं | 

    नहीं जानता था कल तक मैं इसे ,

    पर वक्त और हालात ने मिला दिया मुझे इससे | 

    मानू या ना मानू, ये मेरा ही हिस्सा हैं ,

    मेरी कहानी का ये भी एक किस्सा हैं | 

    खुद को ही जानने कि कोशिश कर रहा हूँ ,

    नए आज को समझने कि कोशिश कर रहा हूँ | 

    प्यार है अगर मुझसे, तो तु भी इसको जान ले ,

    मोहब्बत है अगर मुझसे, तो तु भी इसको मान ले | 

    तुने मुझे बदलते हुए देखा हैं ,

    और शायद इसी का तुझे गिला है | 

    पर इस पर मेरा कोई जोर नहीं ,

    वक्त और हालात ने मुझे यहाँ धकेला है | 

    जाना है तो रोकूँगा नहीं मैं तुझे ,

    मगर आज भी है मुझे मोहब्बत तुझसे | 

    वक्त के साथ शायद तुझे भी भूल जाऊँगा ,

    बदले जो हालात, तो शायद फिर बदल जाऊँगा | 

    पर पहले जैसे भी हूँ मैं ,

    मगर हाँ, बदल गया हूँ मैं | 

                                     - प्रेरणा राठी 

  • prakash_singh23 5w

    Sometimes we break our own heart by
    those things Which is not in our


  • ichangl 6w

    Of course, you already know, you can't control everything that happens in your life.
    But it doesn't mean you can't control how to react to it.

  • overly_thinking 6w

    This entire poem is a walking squeaking metaphor.

    It's about domestic abuse.

    #control #robot #abuse

    It's funny how I wrote this hours before being verbally abused by my lecturer today...

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    You made me into your robot
    I'm marched to your beat -
    Your commands.

    I want to be free from your desires
    I want to be free from your shackles.

    Let me go
    Even though I don't know;
    I don't know how to live without you.

    But I need know how to live
    Without you oiling my rust
    Without you ensuring I won't squeak everytime I walk.

    I Promise I won't squeak.
    Even if you oil me one more time.
    I Promise I won't squeak.


  • kauthar 8w

    Find a suitable and effective way that you can be able to control your mind and put it to action...if it doesn't help try again and try to find it.
    Be positive

    #bekind #bekindtooneanother #bekindalways #control #controlyourself #mirakee

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    Control your anger

    Anger doesn't ruin a thing...it ruins everything
    Our minds go wild...we forget the word kind,
    And we end up getting hurt...and hurting others too
    So bear this in mind...and in ur heart at all time
    Be kind to all kind...don't let anger control you this time
    ...and everything will be ALL fine

  • jiyakhurana_ 8w


    Don't let your emotions control you
    You have to control them to be successful

  • undefined_visionary69 9w

    It’s You

    No One Has Control Over
    Your Happiness
    No One Can Make You
    Feel Secure
    No One Can Be The First
    To Stimulate Your Sexuality
    No One Can Be Your Voice
    No One Can Be Your Strength
    Courage And Acceptance
    Is From Within........
    That’s Inside You


  • mute_my_mind 10w

    The mind has no control over lying
    And the heart knows no limit over believing it

  • deepflowsoul 10w

    Here I am

    I'm a dreamer who hopes to heal the world.
    They love to nibble on my soul,
    Until I'm empty and left with eerie hurt.
    Knock knock the new me is here.
    I will dream, I will love,
    I know my faults you cannot control my fear.

  • yashvibansal 10w

    I echo slowly
    I repeat things when I can't remember them.
    Like History.
    There's power, there's prestige
    But I have forgotten that there's pride, and tyranny, and an ultimate downfall.
    And since I have forgotten these crucial parts,
    I take the class again,
    This time with me being the central character
    Rather than Robespierre or Hitler.
    They were only one
    I am many
    They were glib speakers
    And I a silent screamer.
    They ruled humans
    I ride them.
    But there's a similarity too
    We believe ourselves to be unlikely heroes
    Despite appearing as villains through and through.
    27 January 2021

    This is the perspective of the new villain,
    Covid 19.

    #covid #covid19 #coronavirus #corona #terror #villain #history #pandemic #lockdown #power #prestige #pride #tyranny #downfall #center #character #control #fear #human #scream #speaker #hero #unlikely #free #wod
    #fear #wod
    Image credit to rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.


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    The New Villain

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