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  • iniyavalsree 5d

    Juggling between the classic & modern attires��, we find it hard to wider our perspective towards our life. The main crux of being educated �� is the power to behold the contemporary thoughts.
    The nub of the problem lies elsewhere , being intellectual & beholding contemporary thoughts has nothing to do with our education, It lies in the ability of processing our thoughts, analysing the issue , implementing the driven knowledge & bringing out insightful solutions. Knowledge is power�� having been said breaking down the preconceived thoughts & widering the perspectives towards life is the real essence of 14 years of basic education.
    Being ignorant reduces the power of acceptance. Being constructive towards our perspective helps to wider our thoughts. Knowing A-Z of life is much more important than knowing A-Z of a language.

    Before leading a perfect classic life....
    question yourself.... ❓❓❓❓
    make mistakes .... ❌❌❌
    unlearn the lessons.....��️��️��️
    bash your fears .... ������
    focus on growing ....������
    relearn the ways to process thoughts... ✨✨✨

    If in case you possess different perspective towards life donot feel hard on yourself , assure yourself that you are different & it's absolutely okay������. Breaking the preconceived myths & expanding your boundries is the real victory������ of the education you accquired.


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    Unleash your modern thoughts

  • lovely_rachana 7w

    On 21st century - II

    Broken was uplifted by social media
    Justice got the loudness of news media
    Humanity arrived from across the world
    Beauty could be seen in even the curved
    Education was not stopped despite an epidemic
    Digital learning reached the banks like a creek
    Freedom and equality spread like wildfire
    Societal norms were changed when there was require
    Technology developed to bring the world closer
    Medicine evolved to bring death rates lower
    Acceptance was preached in society
    On 21st century beauty brought duty

  • childauthor_345 7w

    #contemporary good morning������

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    Burried hurried seed grown upto the greed
    Kicking , hitting , tricking to fullfill the need
    Laying pains of clouds look clouds began to cry
    The cramps on the will left beings unwilling to try .

    From care to share every service is available if you've heavy wallets
    Climaxes are wonderful but morals vanished from sonnets

  • diplomaticqueen_ 7w

    The 21st Century
    We hide behind our small screens
    Suppressing loud screams
    Our strong Facades.
    Which shatter like glass
    With the slightest drop

    Happiness finds us at odd places
    In a Like, a comment :
    Tombstones replaced by trolls
    Love letters by a right swipe

    We trap petrichor in a bottle
    and forget about the rain
    We confine moments in frames
    And don't look at them again

    Buttons are our salvation
    Too much information?
    Abbreviations are our thing
    Until they sting you on the wing

    To be or not to be: Shakespeare said
    He'd be on the phone in his bed
    If Frost took the road not taken now,
    Well, He'd end up in the future how?
    #wod #contemporary

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    We fuse into trends
    and neglect to make amends
    Our eyes look empty and vain
    With billion thoughts in our brain

  • writerwithin 7w


    Digitalization is the need of hour.
    Computers occupy immense power.
    We don't savor our lives any more.
    It's only technology that we devour.

    Love & kindness have lost their worth.
    Life is but a road to death from birth.
    We don't even try to gel together,
    Are we the brightest creature on earth?


  • q_abdoul 7w

    Parched tongues chant silent prayers
    For the dawn of a better tomorrow that never seems to come
    Teary eyes, sleep deprived, embellished with dark circles
    Opened or closed to behold said prayers as they clutch tightly to the firmament
    Refusing to acquiesce over to the great beyond
    We read the words of our antecedents as history in books telling us of who we are and what we stand to achieve in the world
    But what would we call ourselves today? A generation still on the course of success or a failed generation?

    In our formative years, the skies were bright with hues of azure, where the sun shined with rays that spoke of hope and glory.
    But Alas today, glory seems to immortalize the heroes of yore and hope is like a meal to salivate over but never really have (a feeling that holds sway only in the mind).
    Our present existence captures our entire essence and feeds us with slivers of who we are meant to be.
    They say you could have had that dream job or perhaps have attained better grades... If only you pushed harder,
    "But I did try my best sir",
    "Then perhaps your best wasn't good enough!"

    Who do we praise? who do we abhor? who are those to look up to? who are those to hold in contempt?
    Everyone is out for something...
    An ulterior motive lurks within. In the hearts of the young or aged as we are all connected in twisted and unfathomable ways.
    Do you ever think of what our world would have been if the universe were to be a century or two younger? Would it have been better? Or perhaps the same as now? Or ironically worst than it is today?

    Well, It is rather uncertain because the truth is we as humans, are built to enshroud our numerous imperfections with perfect coatings and exteriors.
    We are the most ambiguous of all social beings.
    We crave for companionship, thrive in unity, yet still sever ties and enjoy our existence in utmost solitude.
    The world remains the same, undeterred and unchanged but those living in it try to alter desires that mask life in different forms.

    Then perhaps when all is said and done, I'd still close my eyes and chant silent prayers, for my present to be worthy of a better future which I still, can only hope to come.
    Since they said life is what we make of it so what would we make of the life we live in the 21st century?
    #contemporary #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Perhaps our constant change has forced the world to alter itself in ways we may or may not be able to sustain


  • rebeccaniz2 7w

    In the end

    A soul can wander
    Wander till it finds the one
    The one that makes us happy
    Happiness that lasts forever
    Forever to begin with
    To begin with a journey
    Journey to lose ourselves
    To forget who we are
    Without limitation that link us to this world
    For this world will fade away
    Fade away from our memories
    Memories that we made together
    And in the end it will all make sense


  • hoorbanu98 7w

    In 21st century

    Nobody is Great
    Nobody is Straight
    Nobody can create
    Nobody can wait
    Nobody can fate
    Nobody depends on date
    Nobody can await
    What everbody can do best
    Is ate well
    And forward
    Yours company
    in 21st century
    Through Digital Era update.

  • john_solomon 7w

    #contemporary #wod

    The 21st century

    I recall the eve
    Of the new millennium
    I could barely contain my glee
    How fortunate was our generation

    Not many throughout history
    Have experienced this billow
    When the calendar achieves
    A crest of three zeros

    Then shortly thereafter
    The war drums were beating
    In the wake of a disaster
    Politicians were conspiring

    They sold us all on a lie
    So many willingly bought it
    Louder echoed the war cries
    After all, the intelligence was "solid"

    The spoils of this particular war
    Were not just about rebuilding contracts
    Our own citizens we now monitor
    They call it "The Patriot Act"

    Anytime my government declares
    This is for your own good, so adhere
    You've just been the victim of psychological warfare
    For nothing motivates like fear

    I recall the morning of the new millennium
    I recall how a surveillance state was born
    The calendar swears it's 2021
    But it's really just "1984"

    Copyright John Solomon

    Most of the rebuilding contracts for the country of Iraq after the war went to a company named Halliburton, it just happened to be a company that the vice president at the time, Dick Cheney, used to be the CEO of. I tried to explain some of these facts to a few people that always reply, "yes but he ( Saddam Hussein ) was a really bad guy Jack", they miss the entire point. Of course he was an awful murderous dictator, but the only weapons of mass destruction that were ever in Iraq at the time of the war were the ones that we brought with us to destroy a country. And now we have a camera everywhere all the time watching and recording our every move without a warrant in my country.

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    The 21st century

    // it's not the technology, it's how it's being used, it's not the chronology, it's the privacy we continue to lose //

  • sproutedseeds 7w


    Virtual_ digital_facilities
    is the essence of
    21st century.

    was the story of
    the previous centuries.

  • hoorbanu98 7w

    21st century
    depends on energy of Memory

    21st century heartly welcomes
    Likes, Unlike,
    Subscribe, comment,
    Upload, Download,
    Delete, Upgrade,
    Reply, Share,
    Call, connect
    Follow, And allow
    digital platform
    To update...

  • san_wordzz 7w

    Senseless :(

    I have got the best bunch of people at this place , showing their love and concern❤ Thank you so much everyone .
    PS :- I am not feeling well.
    Also I noted a grammatical error
    rn. It's 'camouflaged'

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #wod #contemporary
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • the_world_is_unknown 7w

    They question us but they just want an answer coz the answer is known to nobody.


    It took an hour for me to put my thoughts and emotions in this peice. I don't know what kind of style is this but I tried to write something different and heartfelt for today's pod #contemporary
    #wod #ceesreposts #mirakee #writersbay #pod #society

    @mirakee thank you soo much for these amazing topics that open my mind a lot...
    @writersnetwork thank you for all the likes

    @tamanna3 @the_frozenn_heart @fromwitchpen

    #forests #burnt #betray #pod #wod #ceesreposts #mirakee

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    Bleeding relations- Exsanguine minds

    Whispers behind
    Making her traumatized.
    Walking being care free,
    Few provocations that make her dreams to flee.

    Those beseeching eyes,
    With the dream to fly,
    Gets hatred everywhere
    The dreamy tears get dry.

    Still she needs to use a concealer,
    To cover her blemishes.
    Still she needs to put some blush,
    To look cheerful though
    She is getting killed from the inside everyday.

    Hides his tears amidst his napkin,
    Can't reveal it to the society
    Coz people would snatch his
    Indentity and would question
    His purity.

    Stopped by those maculate hands,
    She finds herself incapacitated.
    Tears of losing her purity
    Blurs her eyes.

    Scribbles few rough thoughts
    On his aimless palm
    Not with a pen
    But with his eonian pain.

    She still tries to get out
    From those debased hands.
    People hear her cries
    Filled with the feeling of her soul that dies.

    He drops his palm and moves ahead.
    He still hides his tears
    In the absence of
    Those so called 'perfects'.

    Runs away without any tears,
    Her ears bleed
    With the questions
    Of being nondescript.

    His ears bleed
    With the questions
    Of being capable to fight,
    To stand in the storm without any fright.

    Smashes the doors,
    And lets her soul to bleed
    Leading to an exsanguine body
    Null and void.

    Stands on the barrier,
    Sees the world ending ahead.
    Gives a crooked smile
    With the feelings that cannot be said.

    Ties her neck full of hue and cry
    With a rope of insecurities.
    Finds a proper edge to hang
    Her insecurities and questions.

    She and he:
    All of a sudden silence intrudes the place. One dives down in the unceasing river of questions while the other hangs herself from the clift of questions.

    (Today, people say that destiny did so wrong with them but they don't realise that their destiny was written in red by those 'perfects' who make their place in hell.
    Destiny took away their life but preserved their gloomy souls who are still on a voyage to discover some answers to the questions of life and purity.
    They may not be together but their bodies lie beneath the warm, cosy soil that is yet to be alloyed.)

  • itsgammynotgrammy 7w

    My generation is,
    a dream waiting to be realised
    some unrealised,
    a wish unfulfilled
    some unspoken,
    a passion hidden
    some forgotten,
    a doctor and engineer in the make
    cloaking a performer and painter in the wake,
    a face so vibrant and smile so bright
    with pillows drenched in tears all night,
    a depressed mind
    written in a journal bind,
    a body full of insecurities
    forgotten to love its own beauties,
    a failed society
    in the name of democracy,
    a bunch of intellectual beings
    striving for world peace reigning,
    a determined united force of diversity
    working towards finding humanity.

    The 21st century. My generation. It's a millennial.

    #wod #contemporary #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • absynth 7w


    We are millenials
    With lives both analog and digital.
    We have a sparkle in our eyes
    that hides the landscapes of changing times
    Strewn with pixels and polaroids.
    We have seen our childhood friends being replaced
    by millions of followers online,
    We have seen our favorite box of crayons
    and the walls we scrawled on
    Being replaced by a monitor then a flat screen
    and watched those sakura shades blending
    In with the neon lights.
    We have nostalgic memories of shopping at Archie's
    for greeting cards and gifts
    Which fast forwarded too soon to the present times
    Where birthday wishes were replaced with animated GIFs.
    We watched the soapy bubbles we blew as kids
    turn into the toxic smoke of cigarettes,
    We watched as our hopes and dreams got tired of reality
    and sought solace in simulation instead.
    We watched as the love letters we once wrote on fancy paper
    got swapped for a right swipe on tinder,
    We knew a time when liking someone
    was more than the click of a button.
    We tread precariously between the tradition and the modern
    Millenials we are, still figuring out fame from freedom.

  • distilled_thoughts 7w

    What I want

    Don't put me on a pedestal,
    I am not a goddess.
    Don't treat me like a doormat,
    I'm human too.

    My anatomy sure is different,
    My voice has a different pitch,
    My body has a bond with nature,
    Linked by blood, renewed every month.

    All these differences,
    Need not mark me alien,
    I too belong to this species,
    Technically, I'm homo sapien too.

    Someone gave me a name,
    Categorized me woman,
    Stripped me of basic rights,
    Before slowly returning them again.

    Still I have a lot more to regain,
    For which I'll have to protest,
    Shout in the streets, hold placards,
    Named a feminist.

    I don't want these titles you give,
    All I ask for is most rudimentary,
    The treatment I'm entitled to as a human,
    It's equality and nothing special.

    Some recognition for my merit,
    Mutual respect for a fellow being,
    Some courtesy every day,
    Just enough to breathe free.

    I don't want to raise my voice and scream,
    My sisters do that often enough,
    I don't want to hold a placard and stomp,
    I prefer calmer streets, not protests.

    I hope you understand,
    After all these years of evolution,
    All these decades of enlightenment,
    After all, this is twenty first century.


  • prakashinin 7w

    Man Vs nature

  • onemayhem 7w

    #contemporary #wod
    I didn't want to write but okay, I wanted to too.
    This challenge had me totally so I had to.
    ( I finally managed to write a poem of an acceptable length XD )
    Thank you ♡ @writersnetwork ( seems like the length intimidates you making you refrain yourself from a repost XD)

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    The Century of Extremes

    She is infinite with both signs
    Sitting on ends that never meet
    For she sees insatiable desires
    Or hunger barely sleeping on streets

    She leaves the dish smelling peace
    She eats bullets, she feeds on wars
    For docile debates are hushed here
    But cat fight is a lion that roars

    He grows with grace at one end
    Gets bruised at the end falling free
    Questioning the use of "he" this time
    Still so stereotypic, aren't we?

    She is gradual metamorphosis
    Resembling eras that never collide
    She is all people's for name sake
    But ask me, she's a perfidious plight

    His hobby is misusing miseries
    Shifting skin and shifting sides
    For poor are easy to manipulate
    And who's right? Who decides!

    Her tongue twists in dollars
    Oh dollar not ruling this time,is he?
    The dragon emitting viral fire
    Writing cheap poems here, aren't we?

    He's a lesson loitering but timely
    That we will remember but forget
    For "move on" is spelled so much
    And when to believe, we never get

    She is riots rotting recklessly
    For fire is cheap, burning easier
    Sewing takes endless threads
    And winds have never been breezier

    He is all questions unanswered or
    doubts churning in starving stomachs
    For freedom of speech is a world tour
    And the insecure always out of bucks

    She is still the sky smiling in hope
    That the sun knows when to shine
    We are hypocrites, together yet apart
    Speak and act before humanity's dwine


  • wordgeek____ 7w

    Look into this time spread so vast
    Is it all good or all bad time so fast

    A cry here a laugh there all along
    How can one decide where life will belong

    With sadness at one point down the road
    Equally do we get joy that life can afford

    Even when there is hatred all around
    We do find love in the sweet little ground

    So what do we say how this time has gone??
    A song here a prayer there for the heart's lawn....!!!


  • love_whispererr 7w

    She opened a photo album where she was bent and broken. Her feathers were slashed by a deceitful circle and kneeling down on the centre of that circle, she was portraying a dark night with some black crayons. Like an alone bird, without wings, she was scratching the purdah of humanity with her splintered nails and questioning on the petals of kindness with her defeated voice.

    But on the corner of that circle, a tiny plant was blooming named as "hope" ; like the last raindrop of summer, like the last candle of a tenebrous night, like the rising sun of winter, like the breath of her puzzled November and like the colourful rainbow behind the soaring mountains.

    "Hope" bloomed, hope blooms, hope will bloom ; amid of some forgotten breaths and amid of a crowded street, it blooms with a nudge of strength and courage. It blooms, neither crawls nor questions.

    ©Bidya B.

    #contemporary #wod

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    I have been bent and broken,
    but I hope, into a better shape.

    Charles Dickens