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  • hansikasr 26w

    They said...

    They said, don't fall for his poetries and I fell,
    Little did I know, it was his conspiracy to
    Kill everything that was praised there!!

  • raman_writes 33w


    शर्त लगी थी उनसे नाराज़गी की हद तक जाने की ।

    फिर किया यूँ के उन्होंने के हमसे रिश्ता तोड़ लिया ।।


  • voices_as_thoughts 38w


    And again back into my head
    Intentionally keeping away from you to feel your absence and need you the more.
    Well, so far reality sucks and it's pretty much over-populated.
    Here, it seems the public is a white noise to privacy
    there is no love without a partner
    and there is no true love with a partner.
    Here, alot of conspiracy is going on about you,
    some say you are influenced by drugs?, depression?, past?, fantasies?
    Pfffff all from the normal fiddled mind that only sees what's below the nose.

  • sarahrachelea 41w

    The survivors will be smart enough to stay alive
    And stay away from the things that can make them die
    They are capable to protect themselves and others

    It's so easy to be fooled
    By conspiracy theories
    And power-hungry political nonsense

    Don't be so stupid
    You ignore health protocols
    And think that the mask is just "a kind of hype"

    This is not even a trend
    This is a deadly pandemic

    Stay alive
    Be smart and make sure you'll live longer
    Have a faith always
    But don't be a dead meat fool

    ~ full of faith, faith of fool

  • theroartales 49w


    Poverty is a sickening, dark addiction rich and influential have.

  • ray_madhusmita 51w

    the road was great in the past..
    there were no thorns in the soles of the feet..
    even though walked without seeing..
    but now a days you see and walk..
    why thorns are there in the soles..
    who's to blame..
    eyes or this road..
    or to that conspiracy..
    who sows flowers..
    hiding thorns ..
    in center of pedicles..

  • _harsingar_ 52w

    इस्बात =साक्ष्य ,प्रमाण

    ये क्या दौर-ए-जहां अब चलाया गया है
    शिकार को ही मुजरिम बनाया गया है

    तेरी दुनिया से ऐ मेरे मालिक
    भरोसा कब संभाला गया है

    समझते थे जिस जगह को महफूज़ हम
    वहीं हम पे खन्ज़र चलाया गया है

    करते थे जो ढोंग अज़ीज़ होने का हम से
    सुना है के गवाह उन्हीं को बनाया गया है

    किया करते थे गुफ्तगू जहां मिल के हम सब
    नक़ली इस्बात वहीं पर बनाया गया है।

    डॉ सीमा अधिकारी

  • abhishekkamble 53w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @theultimateinsane( ^_^)

    @cosines @ckfilvan

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    From troubled CEO ©abhishekkamble (in between the chapters) ' a never thought raid'

    Image credit to unsplash.com
    Photo by ©Peternguyen

    He was taken to an echoing room where in the middle hung a light bulb swaying with every annoyed breathe and a smash on the weakened wooden table. Everything around was the space searching answers that probably were his or of him. With hands locked under cuffs, it couldn't move to justify, he could only be torn apart to not be written forcefully upon someone's writings. Why did the conspiracy theories prove wrong and take favour of wrong side?
    The news flow had spread a tarnished reputation of the company he founded, it meant to be rusted under unwanted weathering of behavioural mistake of someone else, the lines struck his memory cells like a tape recorder on repeat.

    So the breaking news this evening, the investors interest at stake and a......... The anchor was playing his mind in a way it could burst him out, suddenly he remembered the song he used to hear in distress releasing unconfirmed nostalgia upon the blood's stream.
    Snapping him back to the situation, the interrogator laughed at his nervousness bubbled in a nutshell asking a mercy, putting his leg on chair's arm, he spoke out in a rogue manner.

    "So Christian huh, now that you are into an interrogation room, can you feel the hall of fame slowly encapsulating into a tiny matchstick spark?"
    Rahul Asked in a sarcastic excitement.
    The anger and egoistic head couldn't tolerate anymore and instead he slammed the daunting fear and grinned over to his face to only say.

    "You will be exposed soon".

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  • wifey_suicide 53w


    Anything that is true, is labeled a conspiracy
    Which leaves life nothing but a mystery
    You can have thousands of sources
    And still have a theory
    Not because nobody wants to hear it
    It’s because all of it is in bits and pieces
    Nothing makes sense
    Life is nothing but a evil joke
    And you have to put the puzzle together
    Without looking at the picture

    The devil wants nothing but your throat
    He’s the greatest of all time, that’s why he’s a goat
    He makes you believe money is the only way for hope and change
    While you spend it all on pizza
    Even that has a story of it’s own

    But truth to be told
    Nobody even holds family close
    They rather be the lonely lost sheep, than the pack of the wolf
    To keep us all protected

    The devil mocks on all creation
    While we all forget about the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    While the devil creates a new app, united we fall into hatred and confusion
    Normalizing what is wrong, so we hate on the things that are right

    Selling sexual body parts to pedophilia without being labeled prostitution while overdosing on drugs, while being told it would help mental health, before seeking actual help, while the neighbor’s kid goes missing, while we stay stuck inside losing our minds to a disease so deadly, that only a mask can save us this time.

    That’s only one percent of it.

    Open your third eye.

    The devil is brilliant for ruining our lives.

  • james_taumas 56w


    Venom flows
    Steals away emotion
    Leaves only one
    A poison
    Cancerous and debilitating
    Weighs down the heart
    Fills it with dark
    Cannot think
    Everything conspiracy tinged
    Rip away the parasite
    Love dawns.


  • raman_writes 63w

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    वो वक़्त नहीं निकाल पाए हमारे लिए तो हमे ज़िंदगी से निकाल दिया ।

    फिर किसी और शामिल कर के उसके लिए वक़्त कैसे निकाल लिया ।।


  • babby554 63w

    These days I feel like ; this world ,
    This fu...ng life ,
    The whole systems are;
    Conpiracing against me.

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  • ablaze_anie 86w

    The Conspiracy

    ..."and when you think it's all over, it always finds it's way back to you," said Ann to herself.

    "Did you say something to me?" Ryan asked abruptly removing his headphones while still getting the opponent in an absurd mobile phone battle game. "No, I didn't say anything."

    Apparently Ann ran through his phone a few hours back as she was getting bored. She knew it wasn't right and that she was invading his privacy. But she just thought what is the harm. Ryan's a loyal boyfriend. They've moved together since last 2 yrs and it was pretty obvious that they were very much into each other, or where they? Quite a mystery.

    She found a text to a common friend, Evelyn. It was her birthday. He had sent her a text saying how he tried to call her multiple times and how her number was not reachable every time and once he found her number busy too. And Evelyn's reply was, "sorry was busy talking to a friend, bored for to the lockdown." As we all know that there is a virus lingering around the whole world killing hundreds and thousands of people. Well, coming back to the texts. Ann also found that somehow Evelyn never saved her number on WhatsApp. Because she could see Evelyn's profile picture from Ryan's phone but not from her own phone. That's quite weird. Why would Evelyn not save Ann's number. Was she trying to hide something?

    3 months back......

    Ann planned a trip to California. Ryan, Evelyn, Eva (Ryan's best friend), Danny (Ann's best friend) and Leena (Danny's girlfriend) were included in this trip. It seemed to be happen that Danny saw something that was not right. Something that had happened between Evelyn and Ryan. Being Ann's best friend. He told her everything. But since Ann and Danny didn't have any proof, they let it go. But on the way back, when there were only Ryan and Ann on the flight. Ann quietly sent a text to Evelyn from Ryan's Instagram and WhatsApp stating "I think Ann knows everything, should I confess or wait till she confronts me, reply ASAP." And she deleted those texts from his phone and also logged into Ryan's Instagram account from her own phone in order to be the first one to check her reply. But, Alas!! Evelyn never replied to that text.

    Now you tell me guys, if this happened to you. If you were texted by someone stating "My partner knows what we did, should I confess or wait till s/he confronts me," what would have been your reaction? This is a straight question to all the people who are reading this.

    Ann told me that she would have replied in 2 ways : -
    1. If she was guilty - "How did she know? What do we do now? Call me whenever you can to see what we can do about it."

    2. If she wasn't guilty - "What the fuck are you talking about? What does she know? What confession? Please explain. I'm lost. I don't understand."

    Will be waiting for some real replies on this one. And I'll make sure I get back to you with what happened after this in a short while. In the meanwhile you guys can send me your replies and what do you think about this situation. Will appreciate criticism as well. Thank you. See y'all in the next chapter. Till then Adios!

  • ankitj 87w

    Youth Leaders

    In this grave situation of COVID-19 outbreak, Jamia Milia Islamia University student activist Ladeeda Farzana accused Doordarshan of spreading Hindutva ideology with regard to the telecasting of "Ramayana" and alarms government conspiracy against Muslims similar to "Babri-Masjid" and persecution related to CAA.

    But Didi, the "Ramayana" you are alleging to be of Hindutva Ideology was actually telecasted in 80s to divert the massive outrage against INC Rajiv Gandhi government, which bypassed justice provided by Judiciary in;

    "Mohd. Ahmed Khan v. Shah Bano Begum" 1985 regarding alimony and passed;

    The Muslims Women (Protection of Rights and Divorce) Act, 1986. to appease Muslim votebank.

  • angels_halo_shines 88w


    Most of ya'll believe the propaganda the news want report. The things that draw your attention from all of the real BIG issue. The facts, aren't out out there to the public. If the facts were pretty they surely would. Another fact is everything isn't always so pretty. The truth can be ugly at times. It's better than sugar coated lies, stretching across their mouths. Reporting all the things we can careless about. We need to know the facts. They need to start being real with us. People don't like real though, so I suppose the real issues lie within the public. Facts.

  • aleasha 92w

    False Flag Attacks

    If wars create vast sums of money for the global elite
    It is very painful
    In the beginning to get a sense of what he was doing
    Although 9-11 is disguised and interpreted by the government and media as an act if terrorism carried out by Islamic fanatics
    Hellerstein and Chertoff have both facilitated the 9/11 cover up and obstructed justice for the families of the victims with their improper conduct
    They did it

  • reetism_ 93w

    संसद में पूजा करना भी अतंकवाद कहलाता है।
    #rss_betrayed_इंडिया #conspiracy

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    जो प्यार के प्रतिक थें
    उन्हें हिंसा दिखा दिया ।

    अब आप असमंजस में हैं
    उसने आपको गुमराह किया ।

    जो रक्षक थे
    उन्हें हथियार बना लिया।

    अपनी बेमानी को
    उनके अमरता से छिपा लिया ।

    सब कहने लगे गांधी गलत थे
    उसने हार चढ़ा दिया।

    पर जो अफ़वाह फैलाए थे
    उन्हें हमने विकास बना दिया ।

    हर साज़िश को हराएंगे
    जब हम सब फूलवामा में शहीद जवानों के कातिल कहायेंगे।

    कोई ना लिखता ये हिंसा के दास्तां
    अगर सोची समझी साजिश ना होती।

    एक बार ज़रूर कोशिश करना
    वेलेंटाइन के दिन ये साज़िश क्यों हुई।

    आप हमे ही देख लीजिए
    आज प्यार के नगमे नगमे लिखने थे
    हिंसा के वारदात बुझा रहे हैं।।

  • hiteshrathod 96w


    Conspiracy is a trick to defeat someone when straightforward healthy fight is at stake.