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  • ascetic_amenuensis 1w


    I'm bisexual.
    I always crush over gay guys and straight girls.
    I hope that I'm not alone.

  • starkanonymous 1w

    However Temporary

    the sound of your voice once soothed me

    now it holds a bitter edge

    calm, comfy pacifier now

    pushing me towards the ledge

    you're just like an angel of death

    here to care, at my despair

    chasing the breath right from my lungs

    until I'm gasping for air

    what changed you, I sometimes wonder

    eyes of storms, piercing, thunderous

    that used to set a thousand suns

    now sets only Arcturus

    you're closed off and narrow minded

    thinking you've seen divine light

    thinking you've reached epiphany

    to set your teeth for a fight

    you try to show that you do care

    allowing me betwixt you

    I think it's your one solution

    (however temporary)

    to indecision, what to do?

    you say that you'll always love me

    right before breaking my heart

    I think it's your one position

    (your only foot to stand on)

    that blinds yourself from your own scars

    you are the poison I'm drinking

    the acrid smoke in my lungs

    poised to kill with not a warning

    (when my life becomes death)

    I'll gladly give it and be done

    to end this strife, my suffering

    to shut out this, all my pain

    cutting off all my confusion

    (cause you have surely all but)

    temporarily gone insane

    "However Temporary"

  • manazscorpio 2w


    Say by a lot people often
    A Book signifies
    Blend of knowledge and minute experience.
    A few even refer
    A book as a realm of opinions.
    In some cases
    It is even instrumental for writers
    To manipulate the readers.
    Gets buried under such a critical juncture
    Being trapped in a dynamic view cage.
    Turn the knob and entered finally
    Into this dynamic world
    Along with a bag full of dilemmas.
    But got astonished after analysing
    Each and every leaf bars of this cage.
    First unfold leads to second
    And second leads to third
    And this process goes on and on.
    Now it feels like
    Prior to enter the cage
    I was a stranger to it,
    But now it treats me
    Like its own son.

  • mrspectacular 2w


    Williams cannot believe what is happening. He does not know what to think as he walks into the Sylvester Donnigan College hallway. He never thought people see him in such a manner. He runs through the crowd as he hears their voices but their lips unmoved. It is like his worse nightmare. Running to the ones he called friends, he cannot believe his eyes either. They seem to despise even more than the others. He wishes to die at this point.
    'No....no, stop it', he screams out loud as he runs off leaving everyone confused as to what his issue is exactly. Unknown to him, he can hear all their thoughts by just looking at them. It leaves him so distraught, he goes to sit somewhere secluded so the voices can stop.
    'What's going on with this kid? Why is he here?', Williams hears the janitor's thought as he walks into the supplies' closet where Williams sits feeling gloomy.
    'The entire school hates me, that's what's going on and I cannot face it. That's why I am here', Williams responds to the Janitor shocking him.
    'How did he hear that?', the Janitor thinks to himself. 'It was just a thought...'
    'Because you said it', Williams blurts out.
    'Said what, Williams', the Janitor asks Williams surprised that he heard what he was only thinking. The Janitor is astonished at what is going on. He begins to sweat before Williams who is seated on a mopping bucket.
    'You want me to read people's mind for you, right?', he asks already knowing the janitor would ask him to do that but what he does not know is that he can only read people's thought about him and not about other people.
    'Yes', the janitor says with an outburst as he pulls him in for a hug. The janitor is grateful that finally he could not only clean out the physical environment of the school as is always left to him but could understand why these student behave the way they do. He could be an untrained psychologist.
    'I'm not quite sure about that', Williams says dismissing the Janitor's dreams as far-fetched.
    Ignoring what Williams says, the Janitor drags him into the hallway so Williams can read their minds and tell him what people are saying about him. Unfortunately Williams powers can only read thoughts directly associated with him and not thoughts about other people. Pulling Williams out before everyone in the hallway, the janitor asks to be intimated on what people are thinking about him in their minds but Williams cannot as he only has powers for people's thought about himself and nothing more.
    'They are not saying anything about you', Williams says to the Janitor innocently but the janitor would not have it as he feels Williams is lying and only obscures what they are thinking about him in order to escape telling what he also feels about the janitor and to protect his personal interest.
    Infuriated, he warns that if Williams does not tell him what he wants to know, he would tell everyone that he is possessed by a demon hence the reason he has been acting strange, running away from everyone and hiding in the janitor's closet but Williams still maintains they are not saying anything about the janitor. Holding his head in pain and screaming so loudly in pain as he hears the thoughts of over a thousand people who crowd the hallway to listen to the janitor, he pleads for the voices to stop,
    'Stop it, please', he yells. 'No more thoughts. I cannot take it anymore.
    'This is what I was about to tell you all. He is possessed by a demon and the only way we can keep from bringing any harm to any of us is to burn him alive lest he calls a thousand legions to come possess us too', the Janitor says suggesting the killing of Williams.
    The Dean of Students, Dr. Thumble Rooseblue appears behind the mob on the stairway as they drag poor Williams to be murdered and buried in a fiery grave. 'What is going on here? Unhand this minute,' Dr. Rooseblue asks a little terrified although he does not show it. Williams is thankful that the dean has shown up just in the nick of time to prevent his murder. He makes to catch some relief from the time they would use to talk to the dean.
    'He is possessed by a demon. We want to burn him before the demon in him conscripts some other legion to come posses the rest of the school', the Janitor says without an iota of remorse.
    The Dean of Students is worried about the spectacle. He wonders if par-adventure he has not shown up when he did, it may have escalated and he would have had a dead roasted student on his hands. He decides to get to the bottom of the matter. But he would later join the rest of the school to have him burnt alive. The Dean orders that Williams be brought to his office immediately.
    'Bring him to my office immediately', he says to the two students, holding him like a common criminal, sternly. Getting to his office, 'Leave us this minute', he says to the two students who had assisted in bringing him in for the meeting with the dean.
    Pacing around for a few minutes, he does not say anything but only paces around wondering what he would do with Williams.
    'Just let me go. I'm innocent', Williams replies to the Dean's thought.
    'What?', the Dean asks for a clarification.
    'You asked what you should do with me. Didn't you, sir?' Williams asks
    'Yes', the Dean replies. 'But how did you know that?'
    'Because you said it'
    Putting the dots together, the Dean realizes that the janitor was actually telling the truth. Williams is really possessed. Handing him over to the janitor, the dean says,
    'He is yours now. You have my full support to burn him alive. We can't have him contaminate our institution with his evil powers'.
    Dragging Williams away into the field, they drench him in gasoline as he pleads to their deafened ears to be spared but they will have none of it as they only pound him with kicks and blows while pouring on as much gasoline as they can lay their hands on and without further ado, they light him up like a candle watching him scream for help as he burns painfully and helplessly to death.


  • gopithupakula 3w


    Confusion is the only word ,it makes our mind diverted , so don't be confused at any instant

  • mrspectacular 3w


    Are we doing this again?
    Are you really taking me back to that dark part in my brain?
    I don't mean to complain
    But how could you put me back on the chain
    When the tears I cried from the first is still fresh in the drain?
    Please do kindly explain
    Tell me what do you stand to gain
    Where do you stand to gain by watching me in agony, lain
    Why are you deliberate on causing me pain
    Does it give you some sort of enjoyment to watch my strain
    Because I fail to understand these delays train
    Making my entire existence feel very vain

    Can you let me progress without obstructing me, God
    Is that obstruction too much for you to avoid?


  • dkurup_03 3w

    I was moving with no command
    And the sea stretched outside my vision;
    I realized I am a wave far from the rocky land,
    As I kept staring at the sun with confusion

    And to my surprise I woke up,
    With a jerk that pushed me ahead
    And I looked down in search of void,
    But found the land instead

    Except this time it was miles away
    From the cloud for a body that is me
    I yelled, "Take me away! I can't stay!
    I wanna leave this mess of a dream!"

    I opened my eyes hoping for a change
    But found myself surrounded with stars
    And this time it didn't feel so strange,
    It felt usual in the world of bizarre....
    I apologize for the delay, but I will be posting Part 3 (final part) tomorrow. Hope you guys enjoy this one till then!!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #poems #journey #ride #confusion #ajourneytoremember

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    A journey to remember (Part 2)

    I looked down in search of void,
    But found the land instead
    Except this time it was miles away
    From the cloud for a body that is me...

  • parablesbyrohanarora 4w

    Boards Exam

    Clarity, clarity is all we ask
    Wait some time is all they say
    Keeping the students hooked at bay
    Health of future a priority is what they claim
    If that future's parents die, who is to blame?

    Uncertainty, uncertainty is all we feel,
    With peace, we can't even eat one meal,
    As there is a hell lot of stuff to deal,
    And we are somehow supposed to kneel.

    Decision, decision is all we await,
    Waiting for that one certain date,
    When we'd focus without worry as our mate,
    Many of us have left it all up to fate.

    Chaos, chaos is all we see around,
    Making us feel stuck and bound,
    Don't know when we'd stop going that round,
    Of having a high-level meeting but nothing concrete to be found.

    Confused, confused is all we are,
    Don't know how long this will go and how far,
    Don't wanna be wandering around as a star,
    Minds are messed up leaving tormented scar.

    Rohan Kumar Arora

  • _cryptic_soul_ 4w

    अजब कशमकश भरी जिंदगी
    जो चुनेंगे, वही बनेंगे।
    #life #thoughts #confusion #staystrong #believe.
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    नफरत करें या प्यार से मना लें
    खुदा पर छोड़ दें या खुद संवार लें
    थोड़ा इंतज़ार करें या चले जाने दे
    सफर जारी रखें या बस थम जाएं
    झूठ बोलें या सच पर कायम रहें
    बोलें भी या खामोश हो जाएं
    होशियार बनें या बचपना रहने दें
    बगावत कर दें या यूं ही सहते जाएं
    फिराक हो जाएं या अपनों में खुशी ढूंढ ले
    ज़ार ज़ार रो लें या बस मुस्कुराते जाएं...

  • fari_tales 4w

    The day I meet you❤

    The day I finally meet you, I know you won't be someone who confuses me more. Rather you would be the one clears out all these over-crowded thoughts.
    You'll be the one who makes every single cloud disappear with your presence or maybe you'll have answers to all my questions...
    Who knows?



  • jpwriter 4w

    Learn to Let Go...

    Don't hold on to a world that's passing
    What good is keeping a bad feeling lasting?
    Is it internal control that overcomes you...
    Or are you powerless to what really runs you
    The ego nags making us think it will matter
    When we can't let go we end up even madder
    Making our life sadder & even depressed
    Focus on the now and let go of the rest
    Life is a test to those that don't know
    Being able to let go is having the real control
    What is the point holding on to the past
    Mean while your real life is going to pass
    In the present is the only now
    To live with no regret is the only way how
    To be content and accept our lives
    Is the best feeling you can have in your life
    When we can accept life & it's outcomes
    The universe teaches those that doubt tons
    Life about fun, enjoyment and bliss
    You'll never know if you don't let go
    & Be able to come about this


  • heyoka_warrior 4w

    Regular dreams, prophetic dreams, visions...
    And then there are nightmares, delusions...

    Regular dreams are feelings, state of mind
    In the waking hours buried subconsciously;
    Prophetic dreams are divine revelations
    Just like visions foreseeing glimpses of the future.

    Nightmares usually are haunted dreams
    Visited by demons, ghosts, and death;
    Delusions they stir paranoia, madness—
    Avoid anxiety, fear, and confusion.


  • kemella 4w


    You roll on your bed
    You are confused
    You've got questions in your head
    You don't know what to do
    But then, you actually do know what to do
    You know what's right
    But there's just that side of you, that wants to do what is wrong
    You know what to expect, from him, from her
    But stupidly, you let hope take over
    Hoping to be surprised
    Or is it trust
    You're aware of the dangers
    But decide to trust
    You're hoping it's going to be different this time
    But it's not
    And again, you're hurt
    Maybe you're not stupid
    You just like the thrill
    Maybe you're not stupid
    It's just emotions you feel
    You're an overthinker
    You're only seeking an answer.

  • dkurup_03 4w

    It was a rocky ride till there
    I opened my eyes to a garden,
    Don't know if my ride was a plane or a fare,
    But realized a difference as my skin hardened

    Looked around to find I can't walk,
    Looked down to find roots where I stand,
    Leaves surrounding me as my locks
    And branches instead of hands

    I asked and yelled in my mind,
    "Where am I? What am I?"
    Just a minute later to find
    Myself staring at the sky.......
    So this is a three-part poem I've written and I've never done anything like this before so I hope you enjoy reading it!!!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #poems #journey #ride #confusion #ajourneytoremember

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    A journey to remember (Part 1)

    Looked around to find I can't walk,
    Looked down to find roots where I stand,
    Leaves surrounding me as my locks
    And branches instead of hands....

  • binmiftahuddeen 4w

    I remember nothing

    It was a feeling
    One I dreaded
    With every tear drop
    I feel I secured
    Seeing how lonely I am
    I was stood by the door
    Arms folded on my chest
    Moaning and whining silently
    What have I lost
    I thought with a shiver
    A deleterious moment I caused?
    I remember nothing.

    I've lost track of time
    Did I commit a crime?
    Why am I amidst darkness?
    Why does it feel so perilous?
    I remember nothing

  • navya_writes 4w

    When are we even free from the state of confusion?
    Our minds are always occupied with questions of:
    Whether this or that?
    Right or wrong?
    Now or later?
    Yes or no?


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    Confusion is a relentless tenant in our mind.
    At times constructive.
    At times destructive.
    However, constant at all times.


  • prateekjoshi_ryan 4w


    Kya Likhoon Kuchh Samajh Nahi Aata,
    Tere Siwa Kuchh Aur Yaad Nahi Aata...

  • realnotreel 5w


    Will he put a full stop to it
    Or a ring on it...

  • realnotreel 5w

    Wrote myself a letter,
    Just a single question...

    "When you finally get this,
    Where will you be?
    Will you be a shipwreck or a star.

    Now rewind the tape back to the start,
    Said I'd never leave you but here we are.

    I haven't changed, I'm still the same,
    But you can't look at me now,
    A hand grenade to throw away.

    Have you not been sleeping?"
    How could I be?
    Tryna find the light switch in the dark.

    I can't run anymore,
    Gotta stay right here and face the storm,
    Where the wake up call is all I know,
    I can't run anymore...

    @pic credit: Pinterest. ❣️
    @Lyrics Find: Caroline Polachek. ❣️

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    Look At Me Now


  • deki_y 200w


    Disrupted voices in my head
    Now compete my sanity.

    Refused dreams and
    Misunderstood intentions
    Have out grown me.

    My troubled heart
    Now weighs heavier than my body.