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  • loftydreams101 4d

    Tomorrow's Plains of Glory

    Burning on the brink of annihilation
    Of the blast
    Of calamity
    Of sweet savagery
    As the angels of denial
    Sing tolls of affection
    To delude our hot blood
    Surging forward to war
    Pushed and prodded by our gods
    Over mountainous years
    The fight has only begun
    In our pain-stricken eyes
    Our fatal stares will live
    Beyond the course of our stars
    In the cold hearts of kin
    Marching to their own plains
    Of sure destruction  

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • ambivertquki 13w

    Soul that has been pretended
    from a long time, Really? Why?

    doing well or not
    I don't believe humans
    their humanity
    they aren't really
    all the time
    they pretended
    to be human
    even they are
    where to go?
    how to do?
    why to?
    what for?
    all goes in vain
    and makes you insane

    ~Ambivert Quki

  • ofsparklesandwords 16w

    I just saw my home turn to dust,
    Saw the stone pillars that I used to play hide and seek behind,
    Come down, broken, as a machine swung at it
    The machine's sounds, my sisters cries,
    Mama's whispered prayers, Baba's loud shouts,
    All combined, as I stood there confused.

    I looked around,
    I heard my friend, Salah, scream as his room shattered into pieces,
    I remembered the time we fought over a board game in that room,
    I won fair and square, but Salah didn't think so,
    I remember Salah and I refused to play for two days.

    A house came down completely,
    It was a tiny house, but I remember at times when we passed by,
    We could smell the freshly baked smell of Knafeh,
    Somedays it would be the smell of sweet Tamriyeh,
    The lady in there would make them for events in the neighbourhood.

    She was always so gentle and so sweet,
    Sometimes she would give some Knafeh and Tamriyeh to us for free,
    When we used to pass her house when walking back from school,
    But today, she was crying angry tears and being forcefully held by those soldiers,
    She kept saying "Let go of me, stop breaking my house!"

    Even my Baba was saying that,
    Many around were shouting that,
    But no matter how loud our voices were, it went unheard,
    It was as if we do not exist,
    For them, us, our land, our heritage- it never existed.

    They pretend we are the settlers,
    They break our homes,
    But little did they know, that my Sidi's Baba was a doctor,
    Part of my house was his clinic,
    And he used to treat 'their' sick children, in that very front room they just demolished.


  • d33_with_f33lings 19w


    Sometimes when I look up, all I see is chao and fire trying to consume me. I know it is all in my head but it feels so real, terrifies me and makes me so damn mad that no one else can see it but me. No one else can see how I am trying so hard to hold it all within me.

  • litrazor 20w

    Buzzing fly; dear buzzing bullet wheezing near by,
    buzzing fly of August
    come break lull
    don't let me sleep.

    Steel summer, sun smouldering serving an invincible heat
    somethering my chest somehow I freeze.
    Buzzing butterfly born to bear the brunt
    burning terracotta tantalizing red tumult rising, tell us what to keep?

    And what to leave for flames to consume.
    Coloniser! Coloniser colonizing my lungs
    concertinizing streets, choking me to death
    lobbing chilly and pepper grenades, gas, I give in myself, lose hope
    let our vigils keep

    alive hope. It is brewing inside a beaker
    burning, rumbling sounds, thousands sloganeering; cardamom, cinnamon and pepper saviours coming to rescue, soon
    they'll get down through my throat,
    tempest rising in a beaker
    come destroy the coloniser
    make a tumultuous sweep.

    #kashmir #writersnetwork #mirakee #poem #poets #conflict #covid

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    Boiling Kehwa Pot

    Boiling Kehwa Pot

  • idrisyeverdd 20w

    Wish I'm good for you

    It was a typical sunny day, classes were off,
    I was sitting alone in the park, reading my book.
    You walked past me, with your friends,
    It took a moment to turn your head to me,
    I pretend to never saw you,
    You felt the spark, you want to lit,
    That's your greatest mistake.

    I'm not the girl whom you think    
    I keep wishing that you never saw me.
    I keep pushing you away from me,
    But you always find a way to me,
    Why don't you forget me, and leave me?
    I'm not good for you,
    Don't run after me,
    I'm not the one for you

    It wasn't a good day, I was off,
    Locked me in the bedroom,  crying on the floor.
    You knocked on the door, you wanna change my mood,
    It took all my strength to shut you out,
    I pretended to hate you,
    You knew I was lying, you wanted to comfort me,
    That's the biggest mistake,

    I'm not the girl whom you think    
    I keep wishing that you never saw me.
    I keep pushing you away from me,
    But you always find a way to me,
    Why don't you forget me, and leave me?
    I'm not good for you,
    Don't run after me,
    I'm not the one for you

    You kept coming to me, Baby, you don't know me,
    I will only hurt you,
    And I don't want to see you (hurting)
    I beg you to go away..
    I'm not the girl whom you think    
    I keep wishing that you never saw me.
    I keep pushing you away from me,
    But you always find a way to me,
    Why don't you forget me, and leave me?
    I'm not good for you,
    Don't run after me,
    I'm not the one for you

    I would want you to stay with me,
    If I didn't love you like I do,
    It's so sad, so hard, so bad
    that I'm not good for you....


  • scaredycat 25w


    It's those posts on social media referencing undying devotion
    To that one special person in your life,
    u know the ones that start with
    "he's a real man if..." Or "loving u was beyond my control..."
    That simultaneously
    make me wanna heave
    and miss u all over again.
    It's those little reminders
    Reminding me That I'm all alone
    and that you're not all alone
    That dig into me something fierce.
    Sometimes I take a good long look at where I'm right now
    and become all consumed thinking
    for what's propably a foolishly long time about what you might be doing
    right now.
    It's already knowing
    That if you were to catch me,
    Right where you left me,
    Sitting in my car at 2am
    smoking a cigarette in the dark,
    My makeup all done up,
    boots still neglegently untied that i still have absolutely know where to be,
    You''d greet me with that look of disgust youd get when you were reminded that I didn't turn out to be all you had dreamed me to be.
    You''d hesitate cause inside you'd be struggling with feelings of pity
    That I never wanted you to feel,
    and guilt that you will always believe you don't deserve to feel.
    It's the completely ridiculous fact that
    Im still missing you like yesterday you And I were good and you would insist I call youl my own,
    And today Is the first day I'm forced to on without you because you Decided that your life would be better off without me in it And no matter what I promised you, your mind was made up.
    The only promise you wanted me to keep was to let you go.
    It's the words I hear with my inner ear still spoken in your voice
    In that tone I never got to hear you use again and accepting that in between each time I get to hear my mind speak to me in your voice it's becoming a little bit harder to hear despite my efforts to pack them away safely, or so I thought, into that box of memories that when remembered will always hurt me the most.
    I hope you're good.
    I really do hope you're doing really good.
    I'm not saying that because I truly mean it,
    honestly I just say that cause those stupid posts on social media
    About heartbreak and moving on
    Said i should.

  • madalasa 26w


  • absynth 33w

    romance to love

    Romance is a road to love
    Love with its fragile forevers
    Forevers like potholes on the road
    Road on which drunk hearts walk
    Walk till they start to run
    Run till they trip over theirs heads
    Heads that are shaken by the brains
    Brains that always try to explain
    Explain the dangers lurking at the horizon
    Horizon with an illusionist sun
    Sun which blinds the hearts with colors
    Colors that heal the pain
    Pain which the hearts will feel again
    Again when they trip and bleed
    Bleed to know that they can still feel
    Feel the touch of romance
    Romance in search of love.

  • _ashes 33w

    It's a simple conflict
    But with no right answer..

    Do you listen to the brain or your heart ?

  • randomvariable 34w


    I am young,I am old
    I am ugly,I am beautiful
    I am bold, I am shy
    I am sad,I am happy
    I am weird,I am normal
    I have been bought,I have been sold
    I am hard-faced, I am gone
    I am hate, I am love
    I am nightmare,I am dream
    I am like you,I am like me
    Sometimes it's normal to be vulnerable
    Sometimes it's normal to be insecure
    Be yourself, Be truthful
    Just say what's in your mind.

  • antarraal 34w

    It always start with an irrelevant thing
    a conflict between two hearts or two nations,
    but the result changes the world forever.


  • sketcher 35w

    (Un)Kiss my problems away

    Every conflict is resolved with our bodies pressed together
    Silencing our words to breathless dancing of our tongues
    Working our sweet nothings to push away the matter of the time
    Breathe hitting our ears
    Hand curling our hairs
    We scratch every problem clean
    With my nails on your back
    Patterns of rough love
    With the smell our sweats together
    The high of our intertwined hands, pressed bodies
    The wave of pain coursing through the want of pleasure
    We always find a way out of the problem
    Through our souls mixed inside out
    Words of sorry and excuses muttered against our lips
    Us eating eachother words and replacing them with cry of want and need
    The need of this high
    For I don't know the tomorrow
    But this right now is scaring me
    For I want words to solve our problems
    Not the waves of pleasure, not the desperate acceptance against our skins
    But with delicate love of words
    Than aggressive expression of need to forget the conflict


  • theshatteredpiecess 38w

    I guess I'm just to lazy to write.
    For my mind is like a home
    to so many thoughts and emotions.
    Sometimes I'm too busy in the moment
    And sometimes I'm just trapped in my head.
    Writing to me has become a trigger I guess.
    It makes me wander my dark thoughts at times,
    And other times I feel like drowning in chaos.
    My head feels like a mess,
    And my emotions a blur.
    They are like a collage with pictures Overlaid.
    Sometimes just too much.
    So much that despite all the emotions in me,
    I just stand there numb.
    Screaming so loud with no one to hear.
    Trying to find an escape that probably doesn't exist.
    I guess I'm just to lazy to write,
    Because writing is like the tomb to my emotions.
    Emotions that are buried deep inside,
    And are supposed to stay that way.

  • rahulkashyap123 39w

    Ramayana lesson

    ❝ रामायण में, लक्ष्मण ने सुपर्णखा की नाक काट दी थी। अगर यह आज के समय में किया होता, तो वह जेल में होता।
    और फिर यह कहना कि रावण गलत है। रावण ने क्या गलती करी ? सीता को हाथ तक नहीं लगाया।
    ये गलत है! उनको हाथ नहीं उठाना चाहिए था ना, बात कर लेता ❞ ..

  • loftydreams101 40w

    Death on the Eve of Battle

    We were there,
    For the final heave of her chest,
    To see a dynasty fall
    Glittering, reclaimed by the dark
    Her many sons and daughters
    Some mourned from afar
    Some quaked to avenge
    Some hurried her collapse
    Some fell by her side
    From here on she’s a stranger
    Bruised and hollow
    Her cracked bones serrated
    Clawing from the inside
    From here on the ungrateful
    Will sing of our loss,
    Young fools in revolt
    Against the source of their breath

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • emily_cjw 40w

    Conversational Burnout

    Crackle... Crackle... Hiss—
    Hearing the fire in her heart go out.
    The negative feelings pouring down,
    Yet another round of burnout.

    Watching her turn away,
    My voice drier than the summer drought.
    Her eyes full of things she wants to say,
    As I stood frozen feeding doubt.


  • thesagacontinues07 41w

    Internal fight

    These weeks and days seemingly pass by,
    Easily within a blink of an eye.
    Everyday is stagnant, each second is adamant,
    To not go in a second, but to stay and reckon,
    The peaceful thoughts, it has erupted fine,
    Within the painful slots of corrupted times,

    Waking up in the morning just to go to bed
    Rather than living this way I'd prefer death instead
    When the silence speaks, the violence becomes obsolete
    The license to squeal gets rather inutile completely.

    I'm fighting myself, writing dichotomous stories,
    One where I'm well, while the other version is enraged in fury.
    It's tough to decide, who wins inside,
    It's rough to determine, do I live or die.

    Starting again from scratch,
    I can't believe I'm again on this track,
    I let myself go down,
    Non intentionally but knowingly somehow.

    I'm tired of running away,
    Thought I had it all figured out,
    I've stopped to chase,
    The dreams that I was once mad about.

    Maybe I am my own enemy, I kill myself obnoxiously,
    I have grown sick of the heavenly feeling that I've chased tirelessly.
    In the entirety, I am the flower that dies early,
    This garden of Life discarded me, maybe in my fate I had fatality.

    In a forest field, my branch of thoughts get mixed between them.
    Which of the trunk is mine, I fail to root back to the stem.
    The trees of hope I grow and let them die in self loathing,
    Proves to be annoyingly difficult everytime, because it's disappointing.

    The only difference is that I wish myself hell and well and life with good intentions,
    We both wish for the same, but one never could come right back with new conventions..
    It's only a how's town and not goes' town, coming back from there is never an option for any being.
    Like the house towns seen as ghost towns as the exact same thing.


  • theshatteredpiecess 43w

    Strange how I'm sure,
    I'll hate love because I'll have to unlove you.
    It's not that I don't want you, now or always;
    But the fact about how we're.
    Our relation is like that of some unharnessed
    It can be so pure yet so destructive.
    Like that of a chemical
    That may go unstable with the difference of a single variable.
    It's strange because love like ours,
    Is rare to witness.
    But we're so close and yet so distant.
    You're mine and still you're not mine.
    We say we love each other,
    In ways we can't even think of,
    But why can't I feel it?
    Love is about uncertainties,
    But uncertainties that make you question your value in someone's life?
    Funny, how I believe in words more.
    Because every time you look at me ,
    And say you're sorry; I tend to believe.
    For each time I've let you in,
    You've let me down.
    And as much as I hate to agree,
    Maybe we're not meant to be.
    I always said you were my safe place,
    My home.
    But why do I feel like I'm a guest each time I enter now.
    The feeling that I don't belong.
    I love you with all my heart.
    But Strange how I'm sure,
    I'll hate love because I'll have to unlove you.

  • meline18_hk 50w

    Most people are conflicted
    even if they know the answer.
    “Is this better? or will that be better?”
    “Should I do this? or should I do that?”

    Well...That’s not being conflicted.
    That’s greed.