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    Diamond ��

    Can't...we.. become.....diamonds
    Might....be.....laden....with........layers......of...dust It's...the......Diamond.....hard...to...find..All...hardn
    ess....and....beauty....inside....it...makes.it shine
    Gems....are......thousands....in... ...this......world
    But... why... only... A... Diamond.. is... as.. the
    Best.. preferred.. Miners..... have.. to.. dig
    with... all.....hardwork... and.... strength
    Diamond.. shines..though..is..ha
    rd..and..has.. fought..alone..th
    e..dark..Taking.. tough..dec
    .... Dreams....... A...
    R E B I R T H
    @taniya_9124 (My inspiration for the concrete post. We all love �� u and miss u too����❤️Credits to make me a member of such a beautiful family ��)

    Divine like a diamond ��
    I want to shine and spark
    Yes I will have to struggle with the darks
    Roads of my dreams are far away to go
    I need to gear up for my soul to glow
    Tough decision in life I have to make
    To live my dreams fully and celebrate.

    ••A SMALL LETTER TO @mirakee and my dear Mirakee Mates
    (With all love and respect)
    Not even completed here an year probably but still I have got so much connected and mixed with all my mirakee mates. They all always motivated me and appreciated for whatever I posted , corrected me wherever I was wrong. New challenges and prompts amazed me . I loved to read the posts and took back a lot of learnings from each of them.
    Also this year because of mirakee I have got my most memorable birthday celebration ever. Post dedicated to me made me cry tears of joy and dance with happiness. I would like to thank everyone who wished me and showered the blessing of love and care through there lovely posts.
    I want to be here for forever but it's not possible now. The reason of this leaving is my goals and dreams calling upon me to do more hard-work and tickling me to achieve them.
    Not leaving forever will be back after attaining something in life and make all of you proud.
    I will miss you all��❤️

    Thank you so much ❤️ Amazing people around here

    Take care everyone!!
    See you.

    .................... Keep inking............ (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤Mirakeeans
    ❤️❤️@mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay❤️❤️
    #concrete #mirakee #writersnetwork #diamond #blessings #letme #gems #wod #pod

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    Become a Rare one Become a Diamond.

    Verses of beauty and life
    Carved here with all love
    Away from the deserted papers
    I have found the greenery of inks here
    Mirakee is love and
    My mirakee mates have my heart.

  • samswan 5w

    // Only if you knew I was a silhouette of you//

    A gift of scarf am I
    from the shops of Prophet.
    Embracing your curious head
    like sky over earth,
    stitched to you inseparably.
    Never rusted or dusted
    in the racks of almirah
    but shining in glitters of silk,
    for you keep me treasured
    as your mother's last memory.

    The songs of innocence
    and your radiant smile
    keep the quest of love unempty.
    You were a five year old seed
    of your mother, when inquisitively
    you asked " what is a hijab Umi?"
    Her trembling fingers touched your head softly
    as if searching for the answer on my fabric.
    I whispered softly with the tunes of wind
    and she replied "a hat of your faith".

    Oh women of all age
    don't condemn me
    and the embroidery of gulmohars
    in red weaved,
    as a hindrance to womanhood
    or your marches of liberty and freedom.
    I will be a companion from
    cradle to grave,
    a protective halo
    and a crown of ethereal ethics.
    When you will be a 'wandering lonely cloud'
    I will be your 'golden daffodil'
    'fluttering and dancing in the breeze'
    Not a chain of patriarchy
    but a bliss of feminism am I.

    No offence to any body ��
    Have I had more time may be I could have portrayed better. Will read to my mirakee friends amazing composition soon. See you all soon today! #concrete my first attempt of concrete, if not clear it's a hijab ( a covering scarf for head)
    #clothing #wod #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    A halo above you!
    From the heat of
    summer to the fr
    -eezi I will
    -ng be a
    win scarf
    -ters. of
    your faith,
    ~ laughing along you
    ~ in sweet winds
    ~ wiping your tears
    ~ in despair

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 8w

    You plucked me
    With all your strength,
    Your palm clenched into a fist.
    But don't you know,
    Wildflowers like us
    Grow within the cracks of concrete,
    Amongst jagged rocks,
    Amidst shattered vases,
    On the corners of your windowsill
    And your broken heart.

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 8w

    How delusional I feel to be a daisy within a world of cement.

  • scarletheart_moonlovers 10w

    #firstpost #concrete #tears #writersbay @writersnetwork thanks for the heart ❤

    Pains plunged my tears
    As chaos clouded it
    Sharing those u told statements
    Sowing the seeds of tranquility

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    ns p-
    d my te-
    ars as cha-
    os clouded it
    Sharing those u-
    ntold statemen-
    ts ,sowing the
    seeds of tran-


  • fatema_sayyed00 12w

    Ik its not perfect, but its my very first attempt for concrete!!!
    Just to let you know, issa champagne glass!��

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #wod #concrete

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    ................ Darling, pour me
    the drink of your lo
    ve & let the sorrows fa
    de away.Feed me the wor
    ds of august & let the demons
    fly away.Walk me to the woods
    of fall & let me feel your warmth.Ta
    ke me to world of yours, where the
    moon descends with the shine of
    glory & the sun ascends with
    the promise of hope. Fly
    me to the wide blue
    sky of your pain
    ts, here i'd be
    flying with
    the wings
    you carv
    ed for m
    e, where
    i'd be dr
    all my
    with fi
    of colo
    urs fro
    m your
    i'd be
    with the
    touch of
    your love in my
    eyes. So darling, pour
    me the drink of your love
    & let the sorrows fade away.


  • taniya_9124 12w

    ...❤️//Shed some tears of joy too...
    For the blessings that also flow with you//

    ... Let me be,...
    your shadow,I will absorb...
    all yo- ur darkness and will
    make you shine brighter... Let me restore your broken pieces and com
    plete yo- ur puzzle.Let me become your..
    wings and take you to the high- est...
    heights. Let me be your moon.,I w- ilI su-
    rely shine in your dark nigh. -ts.Aha,
    Give me your tears dear,.. I would
    give you my unending love awhile.
    Let me be your tears of joy,
    ..and drop like
    in your
    smile. May
    the nature bl-
    ess you with ev-
    erything you wa-
    nt. You would
    be blessed

    Why to always drop tears of pain,
    When you always have chance to flow the tears of joy?

    "There are many ways to be happy:)
    It depends whether you want to be or not��"

    For the first time..
    It's concrete poetry��(Eye and a tear of joy)
    #concrete #tearsofjoy #tears #writersnetwork
    #mirakee #letme #blessing #joy

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    Thank you so much for my first repost.❤️��
    It was really unexpected����

    *(Please check the comment box)*
    If possible...it has one information there.

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  • asmita_chakraborty 14w

    . I
    am a
    Soul in the
    planet. of lives
    Washed by rains and
    lights. I dangle on the twigs
    that hold me tight sensing all of
    the nature's plight I have known my
    mother for all life,my father works in
    an outer horizons and that he cares.
    My Siblings are all so filled with life
    Thousands blossoming over night
    I have learned to cooking dishes of
    Beautiful taste and love feeding
    My friends. I move myself to
    Breeze the world. Wilt when
    I am depressed and mad
    I cry during twilight
    When everyone's
    Sleeping. The
    Dew drops
    Being the
    only wit

    A leaf is also afraid of being plucked!

    I tried to make a concrete poetry.But I am afraid of how it comes out to be, I need guidance about how to make it.please help me.
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the repost,it means a lot and also all others who supported my views, Thank you all for your encouragement!❤️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #storyofaleaf #wod #pod #concrete #leaf #autobiography

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    I Am A Leaf

    In this planet of life
    I am a little soul
    Struggling for life when
    To be here more.
    I can not speak
    But i have thoughts.
    This colour of mine
    Is beautiful indeed
    I am so afraid of losing it.
    My life is very dear to me
    And when I fade I might lose it.

  • anjaliverma__ 14w

    soft drops
    fall by. Edges of
    the leaves become
    soon dry. The reflections
    of beauty all around It makes
    me blissfully dance though I carry
    a wound. The soft petals are left by
    them so easily .But the leaves don't
    mind but wait silently. The nature loves
    to shower again on them. Might it get late
    but gonna come again. Nourised by the
    pure drops the leaves came alive.
    Soon they leave with. the. unspoken
    words drive. Biding a good. bye they
    move away. Vapours of contentment
    they become and fly away. Hope
    is still embarked in those .
    Making me end. the
    lovely prose.
    My first concrete post ��❤️
    I hope u can see a structure of a drop above.������
    I don't know the written part inside is meaningful or not����
    But hope it is readable ����#Anj_poetries

    #drops #hope #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #concrete #dewdrops

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    The Relinquished Drops

    Drops are transparent and pure
    Nourished by the nature and endured.

  • inara__ 16w

    31st december, 2020.

    Happy birthday, Miss Selenophile!


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    . A true selenop
    hile she is. Clasp
    ing t h e moon in
    her hands she can
    cajole the galaxies to
    p o u r nebulas on your
    fate with verve. Whisper
    ing with moon, adoring the
    stars, she puts t h e mascara
    of glitters. Constellations drop
    when she blinks, orbs rise when
    she breathes, tides rebel when
    she sores. Moonbow bows whe
    n she walks through the manga
    ta of warmth spreading her love
    a s stardust from h e r cosmic
    basket. She strolls on sombre ni
    ghts, bare foot. The embers of c
    louds exalt her presence and th
    e sleek fur of her ardour keeps yo
    ur zeal alive. She carols sagas of
    moon and the moon sings lullabies
    for her.Moonchild they call her with
    t h e same zodiac sign, she turns
    the gloom into gleam with her glis
    ter smile. She wears her heart on
    her fingertips, sprinkles the cry
    stals of joy on your wounds wi
    th a smile as keen as lavender.
    Ask her about m o o n, she
    will write you ballads of
    heavenly fascinations.


  • ridhiiii 20w

    I tried making a wolf but failed tremendously, hence added a background to the text. :p
    My first at #concrete but idk, might improvise later :")

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    The kind of howl which sets you free.

  • zeee_zephyrs 20w

    In the afternoon of the autumn
    I sat gazing through the window panel
    At the yellow faded leaf,
    The almost dead withered,
    Hanging on fragile brown branch,
    Lightly floating, sliding on the lap of air
    Enjoying the gelid weather.
    It was the last one left
    The two others fell off a day before
    Leaving the last one
    Enjoying its solitary.
    Its veins were visible
    Notifying, its fell off is at hand.
    Me who blames my loneliness
    was stimulated
    By this little consequence.

    The lost reminiscences
    Of once my special someone
    Left me probing
    In those unperformed faults,
    Analysing what diverged our path.
    But in this process
    I forgot my present
    Lost in the past,
    Unintentionally harmed my future
    Yes, memories were woven
    To hold on forever
    But the strings entangled to each other
    And can't be refurbished.
    I threw those knots
    To not entangle my present in them.

    //The mere act of nature
    Enforced a change in me
    To leave lose to past
    And adore my loneliness//

    First time tried #concrete ( I hope you are getting the structure, it's a leaf)
    #zeelong #WNrepost_Z
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Thanks a lot WN(my first repost)❤����

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    . In
    lonely state the
    bygone dead memories
    become alive. The feelings
    inexplicable, once pulchritudinous
    moments have become the cicatrix,
    turning to the souvenir of our heartbreaks
    and we were blended to become callous.
    But instead of hurting the past wounds
    in present, we have to cherish the colorful
    days of now. Brooding at the lost gone days
    of past, we inadvertently keep on loosing
    the present jiffies. Past gets caged in us
    & we are the prisoners of future, only
    a time for ourselves is present to
    to be joyous. If it gets lost
    in the entangled knots
    of thrown memories
    the whole affairs
    of losing will
    again pave

  • inara__ 21w

    Inspired by "Dust Of Snow" - Robert Frost

    Tried making a snowflake❄
    #concrete for the first time.

    @sangfroid_soul @say_me_krish @felix__anima
    Thank you so much guys!

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much. My first one. Also never knew you comment too.(._.)

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    ~I feel like an icicle~

    . I feel
    like a
    n icic
    le han
    ging in bru mous
    nights when t here's
    a scintilla of gray frosts
    rushing in my wits.
    Malefic air runs
    thro ugh my heart and
    m y h e a d turns
    dolent a n d a sud den in cipient
    urge to g e t astray murkl i n s.
    I remem ber e ach of my halycon
    was evanescent and how my venal acquaintances
    absquatulated. But in a flash a
    quiddity of amusem ent arises
    w h e n a flake of snow
    through my hair
    and abruptly the wooly
    darkness twirls into eternal
    euphora and my leaden
    musings turn i n t o
    gy rev


  • say_me_krish 25w

    I have tried to compare vase with love here. Love is called sacred and antique, and is said to hold Priceless auras. But the very reality is that Love is a bittersweet feeling, a coffee bean in a meal for a lifetime. It is all broken at the end with sharp ends of sorrows piercing every fragment of yours. Love has lost it vibes as a dandelion to the wind these days.

    P.S: I have not used even a single unnecessary space to keep the shape intact, and so I'm happy :D

    @writersnetwork THANKS FOR REPOSTING (50, 6)
    @writersbay @athena__ @romanichel
    #skp_writes #dustyc #concretepoetry #concrete

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    There rests the prized possession-
    a heirloom porcelain amphora
    holding charismatic rouge
    tinted flowers making
    love with the wind
    which flows only to see
    beams and blooms on those
    salmon lips. The wooden teapoy
    holds all memories inside its shelves
    for it knows that smiles will meet glooms
    one fine day, and flowers will wilt with the moon
    for phases of voids, together. Fresh paints upon the
    pulchritudinous piece has now found dusty tints within.
    Once adored by every guest, it is now a derelict, sleepin'
    in the corner of the room which none entered recently.
    The smooth hands which cleansed filth has drowned
    inside those illusionary satisfying games involving
    checkmates of shattering the king of hearts into
    bruised pawns, smaller than the bijou protons
    whose living feels pointless, yet prominent.
    The rose bouquets gifted with affections,
    concerns and varietal auras of flying
    butterflies have frozen n' drooped
    with time's rays of disgrace on
    the head making straight n'
    direct contacts; souls are
    im(mortal) existences.
    Those who say love
    is a magic forget
    to add on that
    prefix called
    aphotic. Vases
    are meant to shatter
    and mark their departures.

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S | Oct 29, 2020.

  • redolent_smile 30w

    Desiccated earth
    Radiating with longing,
    For moist pecks from
    Bulky door of paradise,
    In calming rain, finds
    the heart's belonging
    Releasing the saccharine
    aroma //petrichor//.

    The mist of mellow moist
    wafting whimsically,
    Kissing and engulfing
    in an elusive ethereal spin.
    A feeling ensnared by the
    clenches of fond remembrance.
    Like the rhythm of your breaths
    upon my shrivelled skin.

    A taste of your valedictory dance
    on my fervent lips,
    Aroused with each droplet,
    still makes me yearny.
    I left my head,
    enchanted by memory's grips,
    Craving you again, to make my heart explode.

    Here again,
    Two drenched hearts
    encaged in a glass,
    Quiescent spirits amalgamated
    together like before,
    Promises swaddled and
    Tied to the gaits of each other,
    In eternal dance, laced with
    redolent sempiternal //petrichor//.

    H e
    hor make
    my soul alive.
    I am a pluviophile.
    When the drizzle
    comes, I become so
    Ecstatic. Leaving behind all
    My agitations, I sway with full
    Of joy.The rain always makes
    Child who is busy building
    her own fantasyland.

    #pod #wn #rain #petrichorc #concretepoetry #concretepoem #writersnetwork #ceesrepost #sadri_writes
    #concrete #raindrops #tears #daadigotyourback #sumptuousseptember #bluethemeofsadri

    @mirakee @writersbay

    @writersnetwork thanks for the like :'') ♡

    P. S: This concrete poem is inspired by many writers of
    mirakee ��

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    ~Sadrita || 24.09.2020

  • fleeing_fossil 32w

    #ebullientc #concrete? @writersbay
    @writersnetwork you really liked this??
    @mirakee #pod #cologne

    Don't know if it makes any sense -.-

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    astral buds
    to ensnare
    her soul

    Still, it's the cologne of the moon, she coveted to drink in. //A moon paramour she was.//- Advita

  • fleeing_fossil 32w

    Always remember, whatever the phase you're going through, it shall pass. Try to realize the worth of lovely moments of life and relieve yourself from the pain of miserable days as they will be followed by delightful ones.

    Life isn't that bad!

    #beauty @mirakee
    @writersnetwork thank you ^.^

    a teardrop, does it look like one?! :p

    (Main bhi gyaan dene lagii hoon Xd)

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    not scared
    of miseries,
    not ever since
    she has mastered
    the art of stringing
    pearls of her tears &
    donning them on,
    with elegance.

    After all, the beauty of life lies in "falling onto the grounds and rising up the skies."

  • simran2315 37w


  • daffodilpearlzz 37w

    Thank for your help dears : @xiaoko and @petrichor_tales

    ��DO SUPPORT��������

    Please forgive the flaws in grammar and spacing, made intentionally for the alignment ��
    PS: Title is an oxymoron

    Tags : @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod #concretepoetry #concrete


    On the laps of life when seated,
    The night appears in front as a camera,
    The stars seem like piercing sadness.
    Numerous and pointing.
    They pierce a lost heart so strongly,
    and tears of blood bleeds in mourning,
    Viscous: they, for long,
    then slowly and steadily
    flow through the dismay.
    They create a nude shade of lost memories.
    Scarlet red droplets of blood,
    form the stars of the sky.
    Smiles on this face,
    is a joke on their vision.
    Lips wave happiness, while eye cries tears.
    Within is a burning piece of coal;
    Still, burning hot fire,
    furiuos and frustrated.
    For how long will the smile try to hide my tears?
    For how long will smile be distracting?
    Like a black hole grasping in all the sorrows!!!
    when the world is left with happiness.
    And their sorrows that this black hole of smile ate.
    They make fun of this life,
    and their jokes are but only terrific.
    It percolates slowly and slowly into the heart.
    It rust the roots of the arteries,
    eats them: like white ants.


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    . on the
    laps of life
    when seated
    the night appears
    in front as a camera
    thestars seem like pie-
    rcing sadness numerous
    pointing they pierce
    a lost heart so strongly
    and tearsofbloodbleeds
    in mourning; viscous they
    for long thenslowly and
    = steadily flow through
    the dismay they create
    nude shade
    of lost mem-
    ories scarlet
    red droplets of
    blood form the stars
    of the sky, smiles on this
    face is a joke on their vision
    lips wave happiness while eye
    cries tears. Within is a burning
    piece of coal, still burning hot
    fire; furious and frustrated for
    lo ng, will the smile try to hide my
    tears for how long will smile be distr
    acting like a black hole grasping in all
    the sor rows when the world is left with
    happiness and their sorrows that this
    black hole of smile ate, they make fun
    of life. The jokes are but only terrific
    It percolates slowly and slowly into
    the heart. It rusts the roots of the
    arteries and eats them: white ants


  • say_me_krish 38w

    @petrichor_tales @aaditya @manasaa @veloc1ty_ @diyabedi ����

    @writersnetwork 2nd one, thank you������
    @mirakee Thanks for this mind- boggling surprise!!
    My first ever pod❤️������

    I've done good compromise with grammar and punctuations so as to keep the shape firm.
    And, do read the complete version of the piece below.
    (The shape I tried was a streetlight)


    I love the towns on rainy nights;
    The pleasing aroma of the petrichor,
    The pattering sounds on roofs
    When hit by those minuscule droplets
    of soothing pluvios,
    The bliss zephyr that warms your soul
    Along with those soft kisses of the azure rains,
    Perfectly tuned with a coffee cup in hands n'
    Favourite lyrics whispered
    by the sweet watermelon lips.

    Citylights seem to glisten the diamonds-
    The captivating drops of mizzles.
    For they do scatter light by themselves-
    The light of grace and rejoice,
    The light which reflects my spectrum of emotions.
    //Rains in citylights look more attractive
    Than prisms dispersing spectrum bands//

    Drizzles in the voice seem to speak a lot to me,
    For they do have similar senses to me,
    For their eyes long to meet their love- the grounds.
    They hug themselves bosom tight,
    Making me remember my saga,
    A lorn book of my life.
    //But they do make differences,
    As I never regained and never enjoyed,
    But they do meet and enjoy//

    The paved asphalt roads now look
    Like wide pearl chains, with crystals close.
    Footpaths are mere gardens with a sight,
    Where leaves seem charming with dewdrops,
    And flowers longing for sun to bloom.
    //Every vision here is rejoicing,
    Except one mere fact-
    Towns can never completely personify
    My nature's beauty and aura//

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S

    ~Penned and Posted on July 29, 2020.

    #PoetryWednesday #skp_writes #concretepoetry #concrete
    #readwritersbay !!

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    the towns
    on rainy nights;
    The pleasing aroma of
    the petrichor, the pattering sounds
    on roofs, when hit by those minuscule
    droplets of soothing pluvios, the
    bliss zephyr that warms your
    soul along with those soft
    kisses of the azure rains,
    Perfectly tuned with a-
    coffee cup in hands n'
    favourite lyrics whis
    pered by the sweet
    watermelon lips...
    in the
    to sp
    eak a
    lot to
    me, f
    or th
    eir e
    to m
    eet t
    ms ti
    ght t
    es m
    g me
    my sa
    ga, a lor
    n one fro
    m my life..
    The paved asphalt roads
    now seem more radiant like a wide chain of pearls arranged close to each other. Footpaths are mere rows of gardens having scenic views with leaves having dewdrops and weeds seemingly merrier. Every sight is rejoicing except the mere fact that towns aren't completely personifying the beauty of the sight and the aura of the nature.