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  • pisces_corner 11w

    Sometimes you don't need an answer,
    Just a pure embrace
    that she could feel
    the most comfortable place ever.
    Being with her, pitching and caring
    doesn't mean she's delighted,
    She need a heart to appreciate
    to be with her
    in everything other than decease.
    Good or bad,
    she just need that person aside.
    Once if she felt
    that it was a blunder
    you have ruined her life.
    Adjustments are fine
    but in every action
    it's fruitless.
    Be with one,
    the one who stoles your soul
    not your elegance.

  • nightpen 13w

    Paradigm City

    Too many struggle to live
    Hope in short supply, with little forgiveness
    Step into their shoes, their desire to live
    Or into the shoes of the wisest of the rich
    Wealthy and empty, no value in their money

    No need exists for this insanity to persist
    Why is it change that so many seem to resist?

    How is equality and new normality wrong?

    Why fight against a brighter future?

    Becoming shameless in perceived differences..
    Denying value of a beneficial paradigm shift..

    We forget the value of an important miracle..

    We all exist..

    A fact that no one should be able to devalue
    The fact you were born without a choice
    It should allow you to have a vital voice..

    No matter who you are 
    No matter where you came from
    No matter what your preferences..

    No one should ever suffer..
    Due to differences..

    Humanity can never be humane
    Not without change..

    It is the opposite of impossible..

    Earth is a stage and nothing more
    We're lucky to even exist here at all

    It's our global City

    Our assumptions and expectations are ancient
    They are obsolete..

    We need a new paradigm
    A new way to live

    A way to stop dying..

    We need to think..
    We need to forgive..

    We need to change..

    If it will save lives..

    Why would you want anything else?


  • vijivg1708 20w

    Need You

    Care Me Back!!
    If you Really Felt My Love
    Protect Me Back!!
    If You Really Care Myself
    Do Share Your Love with me
    Without Expect Anything,
    If You Really Love me ❣️❣️

  • beensn 27w


    Growing starts from day one,
    Physically, mentally and emotionally a ton.
    It's so natural and expected by all,
    Stoppage of growth means, you are ill.
    We grow taller, fater, stronger and muscular,
    The all round growth makes us look spectacular.
    The size, the mindset, the actions change with growth,
    The maturity grows along with our growth is the truth.
    The intelligence, the spirituality and the social concern,
    Are affected by the adversities and makes us to take a turn.
    Grow to become a teacher, a doctor, a parent or simply a man,
    But never forget to grow to be a HUMAN.
    © beensN

  • lollipop71 28w


    The days run together,
    Like the ocean to the sand.
    Like paint to a canvas.
    Like a boat to the shore.
    This is of no concern to her
    As she simply does not care.
    She is numb to everything
    And everyone around her.

  • mrspectacular 32w


    Thirty minutes later, 'Alright, alright. Everyone into the bus immediately', Henderson screams. 'We do not have time on our hands. Everyone gets into the space bus and Henderson takes the driver's seat and they leave together to begin the day. Henderson is so excited about the day that even his wife, Sandra is quite surprised that a man who had woken up earlier this morning with a terrified face would become so happy all of sudden but she is happy for him as well believing he has heeded her advice. In his eyes, she could see so much positivity and optimism.
    Dropping everyone else off at their various stations, he zooms off to his in a big hurry. Easing his car into the parking lot of Gilford Holdings, he sits in it for a full hour before one of the security men comes knocking on the right side of the car window to ascertain the reason he is taking so long to get down from the car just in case, it is an emergency situation.
    'Don't worry', Henderson replies.'I'm fine, I'm fine...I will be out in a minute'. He sits in again for another five minutes and when he notices another security personnel approaching his car, he quickly alights from the vehicle and heads inside to his office, 'Nothing to see here'
    He quickly signs in with his ID card and sees himself to his office for another session with the dreamworld.
    First of all to avoid any disturbance, he looks out into the corridor of his office to detect if anyone is coming. His eyes light up seeing that there is no one that would pose a disturbance to his plan. Everyone seems really neck deep in work, each one trying to beat a deadline so they would definitely be oblivious of him. A young man gets up from his seat to go use the bathroom. It is an unexpected occurrence for Henderson. In all his planning on how to return to the dreamworld that he had woken up out of this morning, he never envisaged an obstruction as this. Realizing his helplessness in the face of chance, he does a little work while waiting for the young man to return. Ten minutes later, the young man returns to his seat to continue his work. Unwilling to take any chances with unexpected occurrence, he waits another five minutes to ascertain if there would be any one standing up for a bathroom break again. Realizing no one would possibly disturb his transit into dreamworld, he eases himself into his swivel chair more comfortably and with another peek around the vicinity, lays his head on his table in the space between his computer and his wireline in his office.
    Having slipped into sleep mode, he is delivered into dreamworld landing this time in an office, Henderson Bros Int'l. Sitting in an a white swivel chair wearing a white suit and all white office, he imagines he is dead and in Heaven so he begins to panic but his panic is interrupted when one of his staff enters in with a chequebook saying,
    'Sir, Gilford Holdings is asking for a sell-off at six point seven billion dollars. Now, there are three other companies willing to pay this amount but we believe if Henderson Bros can make a huger offer, we can buy them off easily', Deloris, Henderson's Secretary says holding out the cheque book to him.
    'Alright...We will offer fourteen billion dollars for it', Henderson says as he takes the cheque book from Deloris, signs a fourteen billion dollars transaction and hands it over to Deloris to give to the Henderson Bros' accountant to act on it.

  • roopa7 33w


    When I was in 2nd yr of my graduation I bang the college topper...,dad smiles and said" congratulations you're a big girl now...
    ....then hold my hand to cross the road...
    ... concern...caring.....just


  • beensn 34w

    Values and worth

    There were days, when values were valued,
    People were ready to sacrifice anything to safeguard.
    It was by the values, one's worth used to be measured,
    Therefore, they were highly treasured.
    Values used to be passed from generation to generations,
    The elders and the Gurus took charge as guardians.
    Where are those days gone?
    Why these days values are of no concern?
    The most valued values are all sold out?
    Just for temporary pleasure, in the market?
    Values are the mother roots, keep watering them often,
    Let fresh shoots come out before they are totally forgotten.

  • hanshu 36w

    a strom in a tea cup

    your overthinking i must say nothing..,
    but just a strom in a tea cup..,
    you should wear your heart on your sleeve..,
    and stand with a new hope..,

    you are all good and suddenly a blast from the past..,
    pack you again in the same bag..,
    and not just for a sudden time but until the cow comes home its nag..,

    you have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea..,
    you are now be in dutch..,
    and its now go haywire..,
    you can't do anything much..,

    but you feel glad when you can deal with it and..,
    be in your element , thick as theives with yourself ,
    sometimes your heart is heavy and sometimes you stiches caught between two stools..,
    then get a grip on yourself..

  • shazis 38w

    A bit of concern is necessary to absorb the true essence of reality.

    To keep ourselves motivated towards gratitude and understand the true nature of life we have to concentrate on our obstacles too, inorder to balance the outcomes and learn from them. With a little concern we can see our flaws and rectify them,and be attentive towards our blessings.
    ©shazis synergies

  • enokem 42w


    A "Realistic poet" is not the one who
    only write for himself or on himself, but also who writes for 'others', their reality and the present actions of the people.
    If god has given us ability and talent to write in such a manner which is very unique in nature.
    We should be writing for those who can not Express their feelings in words but, we as a human being should observe their actions and put them on an empty page, not only to fill it but also for the coming generations to read and learn through our past actions.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 43w

    All I Want

    Things were getting too romantic,
    And she wasnt happy about it.
    That ended up concerning me a lot,
    For her happiness is all I wanted.


  • beensn 44w


    It's an age with lot of changes,
    Full of fears, doubts and confusions,
    Lots and lots of unanswered questions.
    Whom to consult, with whom to share,
    Who will help, who will care,
    How to make things clear?
    This is the age one require lot of concern,
    A soul to care and a chance to learn,
    More time to understand and grin.
    If not dealt properly and on time,
    The curiosity may lead to a crime,
    All that is required is, a listening heart to make the teenager sublime.

  • passion_pearl 49w


    In a world full of fake concern
    Kindly love yourself with passion

  • saloni_04 52w

    Show love, get love! It's as simple as that. Be kind, stay positive, and spread happiness. #mentalhealth #love #concern #strength #hopeulikeit #pod.

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    When you see someone confused or in distress, embrace them in your arms and say, "be strong". Don't run away, refusing to offer an open ear to listen to their negative thoughts and stories in which they are living. After all, even they want to feel happy and loved, and they don't pile up negativity on a purpose. Don't judge them for their thinking. Don't place your opinions. Just embrace them tightly. Let them feel the warmth of love and concern. This fills them with hope and helps them to heal and face life in a joyful manner.

    - Saloni Shetty.

  • quotescribe 56w

    नया ज़माना

    शादी नहीं करना लेकिन गर्लफ्रेंड चाहिए।
    वादे नहीं करना लेकिन ऐतबार चाहिये।।

    अदब नहीं करना लेकिन इज्जत चाहिए।
    आमदनी नहीं है लेकिन खर्चा चाहिए।।

    सहारा नहीं बनना लेकिन दोस्त चाहिए।
    जिम्मेदार नहीं बनना लेकिन आशिकी चाहिए।।

    हिम्मत नहीं करना लेकिन आजादी चाहिये।
    दागा नहीं देना लेकिन रिश्वत चाहिए।।

  • quotescribe 57w

    Too much #lag in #decision between #mind and #heart, always put you in #dilemma of #concern #irfan

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    much lag in
    decision between
    mind and heart,
    always put you in
    dilemma of

  • quotescribe 57w

    Too much #lag in #decision between #mind and #heart, always put you in #dilemma of #concern #irfan

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    much lag in
    decision between
    mind and heart,
    always put you in
    dilemma of

  • raman_writes 59w

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    तेरी याद ना आई तो एक अरसे के बाद हम चैन से सोये थे ।

    फिर हुआ यूँ के तेरी याद नहीं आई इस फ़िक्र ने उठा दिया ।।


  • loftydreams101 64w

    The Watchful Guards

    Unspoken agony weighs him down
    Still he trudges along
    Their son,
    Seldom stalling
    In their arms for warmth

    A slight passing glare
    Sets their minds afire
    As a day’s madness settles
    In their boiling stomachs

    “Have patience, dear son
    We’ll be with you all the way
    Beyond tomorrow’s cruel bends
    Where old world’s fall silent”

    © 2020 William Wright, Jr.